Tabitha 'Tabbi' Silverstone

'Go then - there are other worlds than these'

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a character in “Untamed Spirits”, as played by Waste.


Tabbi has long black hair, her skin is pale and her eyes are a silvery grey. She dresses in a sort of cross between girly and boyish, with dresses and baggy hoodies with heavy boots. She has a rather delicate frame and is quite small for her age, looking more 15 than 19. She has a sprinkle of freckles across her cheeks and her lips are rose red, often mistaken for having lipstick on.


Tabbi is quite small, petite. Her size forces her to try and be a lot stronger than she actually is and she often acts rashly to try and prove herself. Tabbi usually believes that she is right and will argue with anyone who thinks otherwise, she often has a problem with authority and will get herself into a mess because of it. A mess that she is perfectly capable to get out of, she may look small but she has some strength in her and a certain amount of wit. She lives in the present and refuses to think into her future or drag up the past. Now is all that matters, as long as it is moving fast and keeping her interested. She is a hopeless romantic and always gets what she wants.


Her preferred weapon is a hand gun but she is trained in most as well as hand to hand combat.


ImageHer first memory is of James. He comes to her from the darkness and pulls her tiny frame into his arms. Holding her close. He took her to a warm home and brought her up, feeding her, protecting her, teaching her and singing her to sleep at night, he’d disappear often but like everything else it was normal to her.

He had looked after her for three years before he told her what she was and what he was. He then began to train her in combat, their bond made them strong against pretty much anyone who came up against them. As Tabbi grew older she began having flash backs of a time she just didn’t remember, seeing a family she never knew she had who called her by a name she did not recognise.

She saw her parents deaths through the flashbacks, a dark shadow hung over them as she hid and she knew what it was. A banished spirit, it had to be. Now the reason behind the deaths she had been investigating became clear, the same feeling hung around the bodies she had found, she made if her goal to stop these spirits from orphaning another child.

Her Spirit.
His name is James Silverstone, he is a bear spirit. This does not mean that he is cute and cuddly, in fact he is rather the opposite. He was drawn to Tabbi when she was very young and took her in as his own, he is a strong spirit so he was able to stay for long periods of time. Even though he'd always been known in the spirit world as more of a malicious fellow, with a dark sense of humour and a dislike for most things cute and cuddly. Since taking in Tabbi he has changed a little, well at least towards Tabbi he is a different person, to most others he is still a bit of a bastard. Being a Bear spirit he has great strength and a very protective streak, his nails extend into claws and his senses are heightened. He can also climb trees rather well.

So begins...

Tabitha 'Tabbi' Silverstone's Story