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Hunter Ahrens

"There's two ways of seeing it, I just chose the happy way."

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a character in “Untamed Things”, as played by xxtensionxx




Full Name
Hunter Chandler Ahrens

20, nearly 21

Heterosexual, though he's not totally against bisexuality


180 lbs

Bar's door staff/Favor Boy


Taught by his sister's how to treat a girl, Hunter is similar to his brother to everyone. He's kind and friendly, but straight forward and honest. He has a tendency to make everyone around him as happy and comfortable as he is. There's not really a specific reason why, but he gets very comfortable around people easily. He is known for both being very friendly and funny, and doing ridiculous things, without thinking through the consequences. His warm and inviting nature makes people want to be friends with him in general, whether it be because he's always straight forward and honest with them or because he's so friendly. He isn't judgmental in the slightest, and isn't likely to be sexist, having grown up in a house with sisters. Hunter looks to make friends with a girl rather than trying to get in their pants, and if that happens as a part of it, he's not complaining. But if you are rude to someone, he won't hold back in calling you out. He doesn't like bullying, and always rides for the under dog.

But the truth is, most people don't really know him. This happy, friendly, laughing exterior is only one of show to hide how he really feels. He's angry- all the time about things that should no longer matter, but for some reason do. His emotions are hyped higher than the average person, thanks to his meds, and he seems to take things harder, though he doesn't let it show. To his friends and the people around him, it seems as though nothing can pennontrate his bubble of perfect happiness, but if you get to know him, you'll realize there is no bubble.


Hunter was born into a family with more love than the average family. His mother and father had been high school sweet hearts and stayed together with hardly any fighting, having their first two children within two years. Both were girls, Hannah and Hadley. Two years later, the couple had a third and fourth child, twins, Hunter and Haley. Hunter was pushed to start as many sports as possible, football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, rugby, while his sisters all started swimming. When he was four, his parents had another daughter, and a year after, a fifth. Many boys in his situation may complain or hate it, but he learned how to work with it.

Instead of pushing away all the femininity they offered, he learnt from it. He went from one of the random boys who played every sport that girls thought was cute, but never someone they were interested in to the boy they all wanted to be best friends with. He was sweet, caring, kind, and embraced everything that girls needed in a friend. He went from being a huge jock to being someone everyone wanted to know, and he was still kickass at sports.

And then tragedy struck. At age sixteen, one sister in college, one in senior year, one a sophomore, like him, and one a sixth grader, his parents, on their way to a game he was in and his sisters were cheering in, they got in a car crash. The car went off road, flipped, then caught fire. Both were dead before they got to the hospital.

Since, Hunter has tried his hardest to earn money. He does anything, earning him many nicknames, one of which is favor boy, trying to help out with his family as much as he can.


So begins...

Hunter Ahrens's Story

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Maybe if it hadn't rung so many time Madigan would still be sleeping, but after the phone rang unanswered for what must've been five minutes, the awaken girl couldn't help but answer. Untangling herself from a mass of sheets, comforters, and pillows, she stood, blinking a few times to clear her vision as her eyes adjusted to the bring light. Her lanky figure took rough, uneven steps to the phone, her arm outstretched and ready to grab whatever it came in contact with, which at first was an apple, and then the phone. Without looking, she pressed talk, plopping into a stool and pushing it up to her ear, shoving her maine of hair back, and out of her face.

"Hello?" She questioned, even the sound of her own voice seeming loud for whatever early morning hour it was. The shrill, perky voice was recognizable the second she heard the reply of, 'Eat, drink, shower, get ready, dress, and go. Not only are you working, but there will be people there. Big people. And I'll be there. You have four hours. Go."

Though the average person would likely be confused and shocked by the rude awakening and bombardment of commands, Madigan was used to it. It was her boss, and had been for the past 3 years, and she'd learnt to do as she was told without question. Checking her phone for the time, she thought about how four hours till the event meant about three hours till she was meant to be there and bartend.

Cursing lightly below her breath, Madigan trotted to the bathroom, turning on her shower all the way to hot, before running back and looking in the fridge. It was rather empty, the only items inside a small milk carton, a few lemons, two raw chicken breasts, arugula salad and a premade salad she had made the night before. Grabbing that, she sat down on her couch, in front of the tv, her salad in her lap. A bottle of water was on the table already, and as she flipped on the tv, she began eating. After each bite, she would count fifteen chews, swallow, then drink two sips of water. From the outside, she may seem like an extremely OCD girl, but it was actually a part of her diet. What little calories the chewing did burn actually made a difference, as did the water. She'd finished in about six minutes, having watched the gossip channel, finding it ridiculous, then put her dishes in the sink and went to the shower.

She stuck her finger into the water, finding it was almost hot, and closed the door behind her, stripping off her clothing and dropping on the ground. She entered the water, loving the heat and pressure her new shower head provided. Working fast, she shampooed her hair, putting in conditioner, and letting it sit while she washed her body and face. Finishing up, she reluctantly turned off the shower, getting out as fast as she could, and grabbing a towel.

Getting ready was pretty easy. Put some product in her hair, some lotion on her face, some simple makeup, blowdry her hair, and get dressed. Well, easy would be a bit of a stretch, but it was a routine Madigan was accustomed to, and she was used to it. Looking in the mirror, she let out a sigh. She didn't look bad, but she could tell something was off. She released another huff, grabbing a random thing from her makeup drawer. It was... a red lipstick. A smirk hit her face as she applied it, and she dropped it back in the drawer, shut it, and exited the bathroom. She grabbed her bag, phone, and knee length coat. On the way down the stairs, she pulled on the coat, buttoning it all the way down. It was logical to cover yourself up when wearing something as she was, a tight, flattering top and a loose, but short skirt, especially with heels.

Madigan pulled out her phone, keeping it close to her body as she texted her manager a quick, I'm on my way, before going underground, and hopping on the subway.

She arrived at the bar shortly after, a time check revealing to her that it was 7:15. Knowing the band would go on in just over an hour, she hustled, entering, conversing quickly with Hunter, another staff there, and heading over to the bar. Spotting Juliet, another worker there, she made her way over.

Madigan didn't go to interact with Juliet until the band had started up, but when they did, he went to her. "Hey," she said, getting a quick bearings before starting to take orders.

Hunter stood at the bar's door, his hands in his pockets, as he leaned against the wall behind him. He'd been there for about an hour, and though the bar had not opened yet, he currently had nothing better to do. Besides, the bouncers he worked with were quite oafs, and they had no idea what to do without him. So, for the past hour or so, he'd been humoring the big guys. Currently, two of the four who worked were there. They laughed at anything Hunter convinced them was funny, and that was very easy to do. Checking his watch for the third time in the past four minutes, when he saw Rick, the second in command walk past, he waved him over.

"What, Ahrens?" He barked, giving him a look. "Can I grab some coffee? I'll be back soon." He asked, a pleading, hopeful look in his eyes. The man looked him up and down, about to say no by the look in his eyes, but he must've had a change of heart and shrugged, rolling his eyes. "You have half an hour." The man said, waving him off.

With a happy look, he gave the bafoons a salute, before leaving, a gigantic smile plastered on his face. It wasn't every day that he got to leave work early, so he was surprised his boss let him go on a night as big as it was. But it's not like there would be an issue. Everyone at the joint worked together well, and it was a pretty well functioning place.

Hunter made his way to the coffee shop a few blocks away, ordering a large hot black coffee, and sitting down to read the paper while he could. When he finished his coffee, he tossed the cup, and headed back. By then, it wasn't that long till opening, and as he took his place at the door, Madigan showed up. "Hello handsome," she said, grinning cheekily at him as usual. He grinned back, replying with a, "You don't look too bad yourself. Though you're a bit late." Madigan had laughed, undoing her jacket and handing it to him to keep in her usual place, before entering, walking past the boys as fast as possible.

Smirking more, he leaned against the wall, closing his eyes and basically napping while standing up, until people arrived. And when they did, he started checking I.Ds, signalling the bouncers to throw out anyone who was too young. Tonight was going to be a long night.