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Faye Solice.

"Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll."

0 · 293 views · located in Aurora

a character in “Until Dawn”, as played by MayKinz



Age: 21

Sex: Female



Lets start from top to bottom her hair is a vibrant blue seeing as she happens to prefer her style to be quite alternative and being a gamer she enjoys standing out. Her eyebrows are a average black and her eyes are an extremely dark blue giving the affect that her eyes are all black, her lips are quite a deep red but that is given the affect from make-up which will quickly run out in the surviving world of zombies. Faye is a slightly curvy figure with her top half being thin and her hips being slightly unusually sized for the body type. She is 5'5 and 110lbs.

As for her clothing Faye will usually go straight for her causal leather jacket which is slightly larger than her giving a nice comfortable effect, goggles ((stylishly placed on top of her head.)). Underneath her jacket she will usually go for a plain black strap top since she doesn't bother to dress up at most times, around her neck she wears a nice black lace choker with a little metal emblem of a controller. As for her bottom half Faye wears casual jeans that are slightly worn in so they are comfortable and shape around Faye perfectly, and for her shoes she opts for some large combat boots which come up to her knees her jeans are usually tucked within them. Faye will also carry with her a backpack slung to her side casually as always containing the essentials for her day.

Contents of Bag: Her roller-skates which she would often get out to use to travel faster, usually a bag of sweets stuffed somewhere within the bag, her coding and hacking equipment.

How long you have been in Aurora:

Faye moved to Aurora around 2 years ago when she decided to start her career as a writer/competitive gamer, choosing a nice secluded town for her base of operations she brought a nice house within the secluded parts of the forest with a lovely long driveway. The house is two floors with one bedroom,one bathroom,a kitchen,a den and the living room, she owns a pink mini cooper which is parked rather diagonally in her driveway. Faye loves the seclusion and usually on a normal day will only interact with her postman who gives her, her gaming shipments from the post but apart from that Faye doesn't really know her surrounding inhabitants of the town, she avoids going out during the day and when she needs food she opts to run out in the mid of night to the store to grab supplies for her nice little homestead she will often buy enough food for months at a time.

[i]Back Story:

Faye lived in the bustling city of New York for the first fifteen years of her life her mother and father were travelling business correspondents so she was often left alone in the large studio apartment, apart from the poorly hired babysitter who only really carried out her job to a sub par level the first five years of Fayes life after that the babysitter would gradually perform her duties by sitting in front of the TV all day eating and drinking everything out of the fridge. Faye didn't particularly care though she soon learned to be independent, she would feed herself maintaining a fun diet of snacks and weird combinations of bizarre foods, she would bathe herself when she was messy or needed to wash, she would clothe herself in costumes and generally funky outfits posing in-front of the mirror and playing as a young child would do. As time went on she would also spend the vast majority of her childhood playing video games she became very good at them and she enjoyed so much to spend all day in-front of the screen, although she didn't particularly care for other people she adored the characters that she encountered within her games shaping herself around how she saw them.

When Faye left home at eighteen for Aurora she had been offered a job as a witty video game reviewer, since Faye had managed to grow into quite a humorous and unique young lady the reviewers had found she had a certain appeal to their audience. Their terms were clear they would send Faye a certain amount of games a month she would review them with her funny and enjoyable tone and then she would send it the review to the reviewers and she would get to keep the games , it was like a dream come true for Faye she couldn't think of anything better than being paid to do what she loved most. Her parents didn't seemed to fazed by her moving out either, since they really hadn't taken the time to get to know her through childhood aside from a few awkward talks in the kitchen and a forced hug every now and then.

Special Skills:

As mentioned above Faye is especially skilled in the arts of coding and hacking carrying around her hacking gear is great for locks and other mechanical or electrical devices.

Faye being rather an adventurous child is a distinguished parkourer she is able to climb leap off and slip into places that others might not as her flexible nature allows her to do but if she is not concentrating she may fall and cause herself quite the injury.

Personality: (Brief description)

Faye is an extreme introvert she doesn't like talking to people when she is forced to she may be able to manage a smile and some pleasantries but apart from that she pretty much despises humanity whether they be man,woman or child. Keeping to herself she is mostly able to go about her business unnoticed often choosing to climb up onto rooftops instead of walking across streets, she also as her job entails is quite the bundle of humour although she is incredibly cynical and morbid it works for her appeal of humour. When it comes to Faye she is most certainly a night-owl being out in the day is a hassle for her and she enjoys the presence of the silence and the moon. Although her downfall is that she is incredibly childish she will never take anything seriously even in the face of death she will still crack an immature joke, which can became a nuisance for nearby souls. She is also obsessed with her fixation of video games meaning she will often use that sort of lingo in her ordinary life, often referring to people as "players" or "pixels." she doesn't do anything to hide this obsession because she is oblivious that she even does it since she was raised on games it comes only natural to her to act that way. Faye doesn't have a very accurate moral compass and she is often only looking out for herself so people may find her hard to get to terms with but when you get to the raw material of her she is just a wild-child at heart.

So begins...

Faye Solice.'s Story


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#, as written by MayKinz
Faye shook herself up rising from the keyboard as she caught herself in the reflection of the blank computer screen she knew what had happened "Again?! Really I wasn't even tired. She detached the microphone attached to her face and threw it down to the desk as she climbed back up she skipped over to the kitchen she was starving..swinging open the door she was hit with a cruel reminder she was completely out of food, and the dreaded trip into town came rushing back to the front of her mind she hopped up she couldn't live without her comfort food.

Once she had quick changed into her usual outfit her causal leather jacket it was nice but laughable big on her, but it made for better comfort. She had her goggles stylishly placed on top of her head. Underneath her jacket she wore a plain black strap top, around her neck she donned a nice black lace choker with a little metal emblem of a controller. As for her bottom half Faye pulled on her casual jeans that were slightly worn in so they shaped around Faye perfectly, her shoes large combat boots which come up to her knees her jeans tucked casually within them. She also slung her backpack on to her side casually as it always contained the essentials for her day.

As soon as she stepped outside the air hit her in the face she felt annoyed that she had to be outside this early it was only 4pm after all she usually wasn't up till 8pm, she didn't even feel like driving so as usual in those situations she kicked on the button of her heel springing the roller skates from the bottom of her boots..she often enjoyed being in the technology industry always getting the cool stuff first. Plus roller skating was one of the fun ways to get around a boring town.

As she got into town she noticed some kind of weird creepy atmosphere she thought that small little chicken cope towns like this were always suppose to be busy with the neighbour parties and perfect families etc..apparently not it seemed completely empty. There was no one anywhere. As she went forward she tried to look for the store it had been so long since she had even been here that she had completely forgotten where everything was placed looking up she recognised the obnoxious red truck doubled parked outside, and began skating faster she wanted to be in and out quick judging by the lack of people that was going to be easy.

When she swung round the corner she hit into something.."OH MY GOD! a person I-i am so sorry are you okay?" leaning back so that she was sitting upright she saw that they had ripped a whole through her jacket inspecting it she was not in a good mood, how the hell does someone rip through a premium leather jacket? "Look here you asshole this jacket is worth more than your house! and you think its okay to just go ripping shit up like its yours?" She paused as the person started to groan has she really hit them that hard? It was merely a bump at most. As the person turned towards her she saw that half their face had caved in revealing a rotted inside, she crawled back in fear..what the hell was that whatever this thing was it was not human. She scattered as it tried to come closer ramming her heel against the pavement the skates reclined back into her boots she made a run for the supermarket doors slamming them shut as she got inside.

As she ran through the aisles she noticed a lot of the food was gone she rammed as many cans as she could into her bag if no one was here she was not paying for anything, she decided to run into the back of the store stopping in the managers office she checked it before locking the doors and pulling the blinds shut of the large office room. She took out her equipment from her bag and began setting up there was something going on here and she didn't like it...


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The entire city seemed to be in an uproar as Owen spread down the streets toward the middle school. His car practically skid into the parking lot as he arrived and he exited the cars. Cops were everywhere and Owen could almost feel the fear that rolled off of the city.

“Owen!” he heard Vicky yell for him. It took him a while to spot her, but eventually he saw her face poking out of a small window near the ground.

“Are you okay?” He asked in a rush.

“Yeah we are okay for now. What is going on?” She asked. Owen could hear the worried children crying from within the locker room below.

“I have no idea. Can you get out of there?” He gestured to the small window.

“Uh...probably. But I'm not going to leave the kids.” Owen rolled his eyes, his sister was ever the bleeding heart.

“Okay, okay. How many do you have down there?” He asked.

“Ten.” Vicky replied with a quick look back to be sure.

“Hold tight,” Owen said with a grunt.

“Like I have a choice?” She asked lightly. Owen made his way to the group of people at the door of the school, most of them looked like worried parents. If he could get the kids away from Vicky he could get his sister to safety.

“Hey!” He yelled over the crowd. When they quieted down he suddenly felt kind of nervous. Talking in front of people was not his strong suit.

My sister is in there with some children. How many of you have kids in the acrobatics program?” A few raised their hands. Owen nodded. “Good come over here for a moment?” He regretted it as soon as he said it because the small hoard of parents immediately started bombarding him with questions.

“Are they alright?”

“What is going on in there?”

“Woah! You're kids are fine. I'm about to return them to you!” Owen said hushing the crowd. He counted nine. There were nine parents here which still left one kid without a parent. Owen cursed, it looks like he would be giving a kid a ride home.

“Stay here for a bit, I'm going to go get your kids.” Owen said. He rushed over to Vicky's window.


The locked door behind them started to move. Something was pushing against it. Vicky was suddenly very glad her brother was coming to their rescue. It didn't take a rocket scientist to decide that something was amiss. Suddenly the sounds became more violent outside the door, loud bangs and moans.

“Vicky!” He heard Owen shout. Vicky climbed back up the lockers to look out the window.

“Yeah?” She called.

“Most of the parents are out here. Let's get the kids out of there.” Owen explained. Vicky sighed. That sounded good.

“Yeah. I'll boost them up, you pull them out.” Vicky commanded. She explained what was going on to her kids and began to hoist them up on the lockers. With Owen's help she had all of them out in just minutes.

“Alright, your turn sis,” Owen said offering his hand. Vicky took a breath and scaled the lockers. It was going to take some flexibility to get out. The window was narrow and some of the children had a hard time squeezing through.

“Get them to their parents and get out of my way, it's going to take me a minute.” Owen nodded and soon was out of view. Vicky let most of the air out of her lungs and got her head through the window. She pulled her right arm through and her shoulder, hearing her bones pop. Fully exhaling she got her other arm and part of her chest through. Her waist made it through rather easily. She could hear the bangs on the doors grow in volume.

Slowly she wiggled her hips through, the sides scraping her skin to the point of broken flesh. If she could get her hips through she would be sold. They were the widest part of her body.

“How are you doing?” Owen's voice called

“Slowly, but I'll make it.” Vicky called back. She heard the doors groaning and she could feel her heartbeat quicken. There was something unnatural about the door. If it was an intruder wouldn't they had just shot through it or unscrewed the door knob? Or at the very least left to bother another part of the school? She couldn't see through the window at all, her hips taking up most of the narrow space.

There was a loud groan and a thud. The door had broken free.

“Owen!” Vicky screamed. Owen didn't hesitate, he grabbed her around her chest, under her arms and pulled with all of his strength. She felt something grab her ankle and she began to panic. What was going on? She asked herself for the millionth time. Vicky cried out in pain as the window squeezed her, but she was able to break free, all put her left shoe which was left in the assailant’s hands.

“Someone grabbed me. We have to go.” Vicky said pushing her brother away from the window. She was pretty confident no one but her and the children would have been able to squeeze out of it.

“Someone was in there?” Owen asked in a panic.

“They broke in while I was pulling free.” Vicky explained. Owen quickly turned to one of the cops talking to the parents and told him about the intruder being in the locker room. He got on his radio and started talking to some cops she assumed were already in the building.

Vicky looked down at the scared child holding on to Owen's pant leg.

“Lilly? Where are your parents?” Vicky asked.

“I don't know,” She said with a whimper.

“We'll take her home.” Owen said to silence his sister.

“Miss Vicky, I don't feel well. I feel dizzy.” Lilly said weakly. Owen gave his sister a quizzical look.

“She has low blood sugar problems, her peanut butter crackers are in the locker room.” The ginger explained to her brother.

“Okay there is a grocery store across the street. Let's go get her something and then get the heck out of here.” Owen said pulling the two along. They hopped in Owen's truck and the drove to the grocery store. The place looked mostly abandoned which was weird after being at the school.

“Stay close to me,” Owen said lowly. “We don't know what is going on.” Vicky nodded and gave Lilly a comforting smile. The poor child was scared out of her wits.

Even the workers seemed to have abandoned the place. The aisles were a mess as if people had been in here looting. It seemed the whole city was in some sort of crisis.

“Hello?” Owen called, holding both Vicky and Lilly behind him. He pulled a gun from inside his jacket. Vicky stared at and made a mental note to ask her brother why he was carrying a gun at a later note.

“Anyone here?” He shouted.


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Julia was forced awake by Jenny at the crack of dawn, and she wasn't happy about it. Just because Jenny was eager about seeing their mutual friend, she thought Julia would feel the same. She wasn't of course, the other girl was just delusional. Their friend was in a coma, it's not like he would notice if they were there or not. It may have been heartless of her, but when someone interrupted her sleep, she was allowed to be as heartless as she wanted.

"Why?" Julia asked, sitting up in her bed.

"Why what?" Jenny asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Why must you barge in here and act like you own it?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Because I'm your best friend and I'm allowed," The other girl stated, before walking from the room. Julia watched her through narrowed eyes, and then stood up to get ready for the day.

One hour later, they were at the hospital, visiting their friend. He was in a coma, so they were the ones doing the talking. They told him about their day and then let him in on all the things they had planned for when he woke up. Julia felt bad by then, she shouldn't have thought those things. It didn't hurt her to wake up early and visit one of her best friends in the hospital. Maybe it was true, she was heartless and needed to learn a nicer approach.

Hours went by and Julia sighed when she glanced at her watch. "Sorry buddy, but we have to go. We'll come back sometime tomorrow," She told the sleeping man and leaned up to kiss his forehead. She would be lying if she said she never had a crush on him. She'd also be lying if she said the accident wasn't her fault. Putting those thoughts to the side, Julia stood to her feet and walked toward the door.

"Give me a minute with him?" Jenny asked and Julia nodded, quietly exiting the room. She stood there and sighed, it wasn't lost on her that Jenny was in love with him. Timmy was in love with her too, she wasn't stupid. She was okay with it though, her crush on him long since vanished.

She twisted left and right and once she spotted the bathroom, she rushed toward it. She was stopped along the way, when someone grabbed her. She let out a scream and spun around, knocking the man back. The man just launched forward again and latched onto her. She tried to brush him off, he was older and she didn't want to hurt him. But when he tried to bite her, she pulled her fist back and punched him.

The man staggered back and a sharp pain shot through her hand. Her face scrunched and she held it to her chest, before she took off down the hall. She was caught along the way and screamed, but once she saw that it was Jenny, she calmed down. Her body was shaking and she took a deep breath, grabbing her best friend's hand.

"We need to go," she muttered and then pulled the girl along. She was yanked back before she could get too far and heard Jenny yelp behind her. Julia turned around just in time to see her best friend being scratched by the man who attacked her. While pushing the man away, she noticed a man being bitten by a woman down the hall.

She grabbed Jenny again and they both ran out of the hospital. Once they were in the safety of the car, Julia noticed that the hospital was going on lock down and she tilted her head.

"You sure you don't want to get back in there? That man scratched you," Julia asked and Jenny shook her head. That was the end of that conversation, it was pointless to argue with Jenny. So Julia dropped it and sighed. She was sure it was nothing, things like that happened all the time in the hospital. At least she hoped it would be alright.

As she and Jenny drove through the city, she noticed that people were starting to act crazy. She looked around, confused. They hadn't left the hospital that long ago and yet it only took that time for everyone to start freaking out. She shook her head and was about to say something snarky, but cut herself off when she saw Jenny.

"Pull into that store parking lot, now." She ordered, her best friend looked like she was about to pass out. Once they were out of the car, Julia glanced around, noting that no one was around. With the way people were acting, she believed they would be safer in the store. She held onto her best friend and lead her. Once they were in, she sat her down and ran a hand through her hair. She would drive, but she didn't have her license.

She didn't notice that another person was in the store, all she could focus on was the fact that her best friend looked like she was about to die. She had heard something when she entered, but she didn't pay it much mind. She thought that if it were anyone, they wouldn't harm her.

She crouched in front of Jenny and was about to say something, but stopped when she heard a voice. She turned her head to see a little girl, a young woman with red hair and a guy with a gun. She gulped when her eyes landed on the weapon, she didn't like the looks of that. By what the shelves in the store looked like, they could have been looters as well.

"Don't shoot, please. There's something wrong with my friend and I'm just trying to find a way home," she said, taking a deep breath. She stood to her feet and took a couple of steps forward, praying that he wouldn't shoot.


Aiden sat in his living-room, resting his feet on the coffee table. He was flipping through channels when his eyes caught site of the hospital and then the city on screen. The woman talking in the foreground said that the hospital was on lock-down and the city in chaos. His brow raised and he rolled his eyes. Another government scam, he was sure. Scare the little people into doing more for them, even though they do most of the work. He didn't know how it was connected, but he was sure that it was.

After turning off the T.V, Aiden called Josh and asked if he knew that guys name. The one he bumped into at the junk yard. He didn't want karma to get him, just because he didn't stop to apologize. Luckily, Josh heard the owner of the junk yard say his name a couple of times. Andrew was his name, he would have to pay a visit and apologize, he just didn't want to at that moment. He wanted to have fun, so he asked Josh over to play video-games.

His thoughts went back to the hospital and he sighed. He was kind of worried about it, but he didn't want to be. If he worried about it, he would seem old and he didn't want that. So he decided to call his mom, who would ease his mind and all the while, he could break the news that he didn't get the job. He dialed her number and waited through the rings, glancing toward his T.V as he did.

"Hey, dear," his mom answered and he grinned.

"Hey ma, what're you doing?" He asked, turning the television back on and then turning down the volume. He turned it on a random channel and then turned his attention back on his mom.

"I'm not doing anything, I was sleeping, but you woke me. That's not what matters, what matters is the reason you're calling. I'm guessing you didn't get it?" She asked and he laughed, shaking his head.

"You know me so well," he said and his mom laughed.

"Hon, don't freat too much. One job isn't so bad, we would love for you to have one, but you will and I know it." She stated, and Aiden smiled.

"Thanks mom," he said and then remembered the hospital. "Don't worry too much if you hear something about the hospital or the city," he explained and when he heard his mom gasp and shook his head. "I said don't worry, ma. I'm not in the hospital, it's just on lock down. The city is kind of freaking out about it or something. And if something really is wrong, they'll have it cleared in no time," he said and his mom sighed from the other end.

"All right, don't scare me like that. I have to go, but call me if something happens, please?"

"I will, ma. Don't worry, now enjoy your vacation," Aiden said and once his mom hung up, he put his phone down and laid on the couch. His eyes drooped and within a minute, he was sleeping.

He really didn't have a care in the world.