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Julia Smith

I'm just a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a- Ah forget it, it's just not worth it.

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a character in “Until Dawn”, as played by sandyrahrah



"So the girl I hate and love most in life decided to die and wake back up. She then proceeded to try and bite me, wonderful, just wonderful."


Name: Julia Marie Smith l Age: Nineteen l Sex: Female l


Sadly I'm strangely short, I'm 5'4, and sometimes I think I'm adopted or something. Both of my parents are tall and I'm just here's the weather up there? I have this huge scar on the side of my leg and I find it quite attractive if I do say so myself. I actually got it when I was messing around with my friends at John Bentley Public Park, it was my favorite hangout spot. I fell, pretty hard, to make a long story short. I've often been told I have average eyes, just because they're hazel. Rude, I know. I'm bored easily, which results in me coloring my hair a lot, though it's originally a chocolate brown. I've always been on the skinny side, a lot skinnier than you would expect someone my age to be.

"Spending my whole life in Aurora has not been kind to me."

Back Story

My life was pretty great, I had two loving parents and a little sister. I didn't really have anything to complain about, unless you counted the fact that me and my best friend fought all the time. It was a love hate kind of friendship, she made my life hell, yet somehow she could always put my heart back together. I can only recall one memory that hurt me most and that memory is when my grandmother died and the days that followed. I was a wreck, I wouldn't eat and I stayed locked in my room for a month, she was my rock. Maybe my past would be most memorable if my life had been more epic like those Jersey Shore people.

"I really need a taco right now, I just miss my tacos."

Special Skills

I've been cooking since I was little, because my mom taught me early on. I can identify what can be consumed and what can't, because my mom knew I wanted to live in the woods somewhere, far away from Aurora.

I was on the softball team and known as one of the best batters. Using blunt objects would be my best bet in a zombie apocalypse, but it's not like that would ever happen.


Don't let my sarcastic mouth fool you, I'm actually a decent person. While I'm not close with all of my friends, I'd still give my life for them. I'm not the most trusting person, but that doesn't mean I hate everyone before getting to know them. I believe everyone is equal and even on those rough days, I don't feel like I have it worse than anyone else. I can be sarcastic to the point that people dislike me and sure, sometimes it hurts, but I wouldn't change my attitude for them. I'm quite proud at times and I can be stubborn when it comes to accepting when I'm wrong. If I disagree with someone and I find out I'm the one who's wrong, it annoys me, but I won't keep the argument going. I'll simply pout.


"I'm such a dull person, Bella Swan would be so proud."

So begins...

Julia Smith's Story


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Heels clicked against the hard floor of Julia's kitchen, as she put water in the coffee machine. She turned on the coffee pot and turned to greet her friend with a smile. "Hungry?" She asked the girl, while tilting her head to the side. Jenny shook her head no and sat down at the table, picking up a magazine. "'Course not, gotta watch that size zero figure of yours, right?" She asked, a smirk playing on her lips.

"You know it," Jenny mumbled, flipping to the next page. "Hey, you remember Jake?" She asked, glancing at Julia, one eyebrow raised. How could she not? Jake was her ex boyfriend, the guy she gave everything to. Jenny knew that, so her question was pretty invalid. "Apparently he's dating Sharon, the girl who broke the two of you up," she said and Julia rolled her eyes before laughing.

"And I care because? Seriously, he can't date whoever he wants. If the person he chooses looks like a troll, so be it," she told her, plopping down on the chair opposite her. "'Sides, I've had eight months to think about the crap he put me through. I've decided becoming single is the best decision I've ever made." Julia explained, grabbing the magazine Jenny slid to her.

Minutes passed and Julia grew bored of reading, so she jumped up from her seat. She grabbed herself a cup of coffee and headed to the living-room. "You do realize you'll be late for school, right?" Jenny asked, walking in behind her.

"School is for losers. I'm so done with that place, with all it's learning and what not," Julia said, before laughing at the look on Jenny's face. "I have the day off, besides, it's college, you're allowed to miss classes," she told her, shaking her head.

"Well, I'm not going to be late, so I'll see you later. Oh and don't wait up, I'm going to stay at Todd's tonight," Jenny said and winked before grabbing her purse.

Shortly after Jenny left, Julia went to the kitchen and pulled out her cook-books, sighing. She had to at least practice, if she wanted to become a top chef. She pulled out the pots and pans, taking a deep breath. How could she feel nervous about cooking in her own home? Was she seriously that dumb? It's not like she was going to get graded on it, but then again, she was bound to grade herself.

"Buck up, Jules, it's the only way you'll make it. Stop acting like a child and most of all, stop talking to yourself like a crazy person," she muttered, laughing as she wiped her hand over her forehead. She took a deep breath and got started with her future. She would become the best chef possible and make her family proud. She wanted to provide for them like they provided for her. She would make them as happy as they made her.

Even if she failed, all she needed to do was stand back up and try again. And again. And...again.


The loud clanging of old junk filled the air and Aiden sighed in annoyance. Why hadn't Josh found what he was looking for? Was it really that hard to find a gear? He would help search, but that would include getting his interview outfit dirty. He sighed again and propped his feet on an old wooden stool, leaning back in the chair he had just cleaned up. He watched his best friend and glared, he was always oblivious when it came to his art. Aiden started to sigh again, when a deep voice interrupted him.

"Would you stop sighing? I need peace!" Josh yelled, narrowing his eyes.

"Well I need fun, but I'm not getting any, am I?" Aiden retorted, raising a brow.

"Then help me find the damn gear, it's the last thing on the list," Josh said and stood to his feet, turning to face the brown haired man.

"I can't get this outfit dirty, I wouldn't make a good first impression," he replied, shrugging his shoulders. He then stood up and stretched, making a roaring noise as he did. It was early, way too early. He just wanted to lay in his bed and sleep, or go to a party and dance. Which ever came first, he guessed.

"Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?" Josh asked, slowly looking Aiden up and down.

"What're you talking about?"

"You're acting serious and it's scaring me," he replied, his eyes wide. That's what Aiden loved about Josh, he knew how to have fun and play around. He was a serious person, but he loosened up when he and Aiden were together. It made Aiden proud to know he brought that out in the man he loved. It was his pride mostly, but he believed only he could bring that side of Josh out.

"You know I need this job, or I'll lost my apartment. If I lose my apartment, that means I would have to move in with you. You and I both know I can't handle that," he said and Josh glanced away, before nodding his head. Josh knew how Aiden felt about him, he didn't feel the same, but he respected the feelings of his best friend. Aiden knew that much, even if his friend hadn't voiced it out loud.

They both grew silent and when Aiden glanced at his watch, he almost jumped out of his skin. He grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and said goodbye to Josh, before running out of 'Aleckzandur's Junk Yard' and getting into his car. If he didn't get the job, he would let his parents down and that was the last thing he wanted to do. They didn't believe he could be serious enough for a job and he needed to prove them wrong, he didn't want to disappoint them. He wanted everyone to know that you could be serious, all the while having fun.


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Julia was forced awake by Jenny at the crack of dawn, and she wasn't happy about it. Just because Jenny was eager about seeing their mutual friend, she thought Julia would feel the same. She wasn't of course, the other girl was just delusional. Their friend was in a coma, it's not like he would notice if they were there or not. It may have been heartless of her, but when someone interrupted her sleep, she was allowed to be as heartless as she wanted.

"Why?" Julia asked, sitting up in her bed.

"Why what?" Jenny asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Why must you barge in here and act like you own it?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Because I'm your best friend and I'm allowed," The other girl stated, before walking from the room. Julia watched her through narrowed eyes, and then stood up to get ready for the day.

One hour later, they were at the hospital, visiting their friend. He was in a coma, so they were the ones doing the talking. They told him about their day and then let him in on all the things they had planned for when he woke up. Julia felt bad by then, she shouldn't have thought those things. It didn't hurt her to wake up early and visit one of her best friends in the hospital. Maybe it was true, she was heartless and needed to learn a nicer approach.

Hours went by and Julia sighed when she glanced at her watch. "Sorry buddy, but we have to go. We'll come back sometime tomorrow," She told the sleeping man and leaned up to kiss his forehead. She would be lying if she said she never had a crush on him. She'd also be lying if she said the accident wasn't her fault. Putting those thoughts to the side, Julia stood to her feet and walked toward the door.

"Give me a minute with him?" Jenny asked and Julia nodded, quietly exiting the room. She stood there and sighed, it wasn't lost on her that Jenny was in love with him. Timmy was in love with her too, she wasn't stupid. She was okay with it though, her crush on him long since vanished.

She twisted left and right and once she spotted the bathroom, she rushed toward it. She was stopped along the way, when someone grabbed her. She let out a scream and spun around, knocking the man back. The man just launched forward again and latched onto her. She tried to brush him off, he was older and she didn't want to hurt him. But when he tried to bite her, she pulled her fist back and punched him.

The man staggered back and a sharp pain shot through her hand. Her face scrunched and she held it to her chest, before she took off down the hall. She was caught along the way and screamed, but once she saw that it was Jenny, she calmed down. Her body was shaking and she took a deep breath, grabbing her best friend's hand.

"We need to go," she muttered and then pulled the girl along. She was yanked back before she could get too far and heard Jenny yelp behind her. Julia turned around just in time to see her best friend being scratched by the man who attacked her. While pushing the man away, she noticed a man being bitten by a woman down the hall.

She grabbed Jenny again and they both ran out of the hospital. Once they were in the safety of the car, Julia noticed that the hospital was going on lock down and she tilted her head.

"You sure you don't want to get back in there? That man scratched you," Julia asked and Jenny shook her head. That was the end of that conversation, it was pointless to argue with Jenny. So Julia dropped it and sighed. She was sure it was nothing, things like that happened all the time in the hospital. At least she hoped it would be alright.

As she and Jenny drove through the city, she noticed that people were starting to act crazy. She looked around, confused. They hadn't left the hospital that long ago and yet it only took that time for everyone to start freaking out. She shook her head and was about to say something snarky, but cut herself off when she saw Jenny.

"Pull into that store parking lot, now." She ordered, her best friend looked like she was about to pass out. Once they were out of the car, Julia glanced around, noting that no one was around. With the way people were acting, she believed they would be safer in the store. She held onto her best friend and lead her. Once they were in, she sat her down and ran a hand through her hair. She would drive, but she didn't have her license.

She didn't notice that another person was in the store, all she could focus on was the fact that her best friend looked like she was about to die. She had heard something when she entered, but she didn't pay it much mind. She thought that if it were anyone, they wouldn't harm her.

She crouched in front of Jenny and was about to say something, but stopped when she heard a voice. She turned her head to see a little girl, a young woman with red hair and a guy with a gun. She gulped when her eyes landed on the weapon, she didn't like the looks of that. By what the shelves in the store looked like, they could have been looters as well.

"Don't shoot, please. There's something wrong with my friend and I'm just trying to find a way home," she said, taking a deep breath. She stood to her feet and took a couple of steps forward, praying that he wouldn't shoot.


Aiden sat in his living-room, resting his feet on the coffee table. He was flipping through channels when his eyes caught site of the hospital and then the city on screen. The woman talking in the foreground said that the hospital was on lock-down and the city in chaos. His brow raised and he rolled his eyes. Another government scam, he was sure. Scare the little people into doing more for them, even though they do most of the work. He didn't know how it was connected, but he was sure that it was.

After turning off the T.V, Aiden called Josh and asked if he knew that guys name. The one he bumped into at the junk yard. He didn't want karma to get him, just because he didn't stop to apologize. Luckily, Josh heard the owner of the junk yard say his name a couple of times. Andrew was his name, he would have to pay a visit and apologize, he just didn't want to at that moment. He wanted to have fun, so he asked Josh over to play video-games.

His thoughts went back to the hospital and he sighed. He was kind of worried about it, but he didn't want to be. If he worried about it, he would seem old and he didn't want that. So he decided to call his mom, who would ease his mind and all the while, he could break the news that he didn't get the job. He dialed her number and waited through the rings, glancing toward his T.V as he did.

"Hey, dear," his mom answered and he grinned.

"Hey ma, what're you doing?" He asked, turning the television back on and then turning down the volume. He turned it on a random channel and then turned his attention back on his mom.

"I'm not doing anything, I was sleeping, but you woke me. That's not what matters, what matters is the reason you're calling. I'm guessing you didn't get it?" She asked and he laughed, shaking his head.

"You know me so well," he said and his mom laughed.

"Hon, don't freat too much. One job isn't so bad, we would love for you to have one, but you will and I know it." She stated, and Aiden smiled.

"Thanks mom," he said and then remembered the hospital. "Don't worry too much if you hear something about the hospital or the city," he explained and when he heard his mom gasp and shook his head. "I said don't worry, ma. I'm not in the hospital, it's just on lock down. The city is kind of freaking out about it or something. And if something really is wrong, they'll have it cleared in no time," he said and his mom sighed from the other end.

"All right, don't scare me like that. I have to go, but call me if something happens, please?"

"I will, ma. Don't worry, now enjoy your vacation," Aiden said and once his mom hung up, he put his phone down and laid on the couch. His eyes drooped and within a minute, he was sleeping.

He really didn't have a care in the world.


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Andrew turned off the tv, tired of hearing the screaming anchor-woman on the other side of the screen. As silence finally took the place of the woman's scratchy voice, it was almost immediately interrupted by a scream. Andrew's head snapped towards his closed door, the feminine blood curling shouting making his insides turn. The scream continued and Andrew could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand as they took the hint from his gut, he could feel the feeling he had got last night return.

"Mom?" Drew shouted making his way towards his door. The screaming sounded an awfully a lot like his mother's, and if there's one thing he learned from his mom while living with her, was her scream. He quickly threw his bedroom door open and ran down the stairs, stooping at the bottom at the sight before him.

His mother lay on the floor, the first aid kit a few feet away from her, Jeff's beer bottle lay next to her head. The liquid from the bottle easing out from the cracks and seeping into her hair. Jeff sat on top of her his face buried in her neck, his skin looked a sick greenish color and a tearing sound coming from his mother's skin as he tore into it.

"Hey get off my mom!" Andrew yelled running over to the two. He grabbed the older man's shoulder and threw him off of his crying mother. His mother looked up at him, her blue eyes wide and watery. Blood covered most off her body and still continued to run out of the big whole in her neck. Andrew covered his hand over the wound in a weak attempt at stopping the blood. A tear fell from his mother's eye as she brought her hand up to cover his.

" Andy....I love you." She got out weakly her voice soft and almost non-existence. Her bloody hand left his and she raised it to touch his cheek. She softly patted it before her hand slid down his face, leaving a trail of blood before it dropped to her side limply. Andrew stared down at her in horror as she breath out for the last time.

"Mom? Mom?" The blonde headed boy shook his mother still keeping one hand placed on her neck, he could feel the blood slipping past his fingers. "Wake up." He whispered as she continued to lay still, her face looking peaceful for the first time in over a decade.

The sound of growling quickly brought him away from his newly deceased mother, and he turned around to face her murder as the man slowly made his way towards him. "You killed her!" Andrew yelled at him, his eyes scanning over the man, not missing his bold shot eyes and hair that fell out a he walked.

Jeff jumped on Andrew trying to scratch at him, Andrew pushed him off at him his arm barely missed the man's snapping jaw. Jumping up he backed away from the crazy man as he continued to stalk towards him. Looking around Andrew quickly picked up a baseball bat, one he was surprised was still in his house, it was from when he played baseball as a young kid.

"Stay away from me you bastard!" Drew yelled at him pointing the end of the bat at the crazed man. Jeff continued to move fowrad though. Andrew hit him in his stomach, but it didn't even seem to phase Jeff as he lunged at him. He locked his arms around Andrew his teeth trying desperately to latch on as Andre wiggled out of his grip. Andrew swung at his mother's boyfriend once again. The bat connected with Jeff's head and instantly sent him hitting the ground like a ton of bricks.

Andrew stared at the man he once knew waiting for him to get up, once he didn't the impact of everything finally hit him and he dropped to his knees squeezing his eyes shut. His hands went up to his hair and he tangled his fingers in it. What was going on? He glanced over at his mother a lump forming in his throat before looking over at Jeff who's brains were currently splattered against the walls. What the hell happened? Why did Jeff suddenly turn into a cannibal and kill his mom? why had the bat not fazed him until he hit him in the head?

Andrew looked down at himself noticing for the first time that he was covered in blood, both from his mother and a little from Jeff. He wiped furiously at his face trying to get rid of the fast drying blood on his check. Letting out a shaky breath of air, Drew finally stood, feeling the chain around his neck thump against his chest.

Evelyn. He needed to see her. Right now. She was th only one he could think to talk to, and the only he had. Andrew was pretty sure she had a shift at the grocery store today. Bolting out the front door Andrew sprinted towards the grocery store. Chaos roared around him as crazed people like Jeff ran after people. Cars lay turned over and he could smell smoke. Finally reaching the grocery story he skid into the it. Immediately noticing no one was working. The place looked like a dump and he was pretty sure a significant amount of stuff was missing.

"Don't shoot, please. There's something wrong with my friend and I'm just trying to find a way home." Andrew turned to see a girl with brown her standing close to a girl on the ground who looked like she was ready to collapse. Two girls and a guy stood in front of him, their backs were turned to him. He guessed the older girl and boy were brother and sister due to their matching ginger hair. Clearing his throat he spoke up.

"Have you seen a girl with brown hair about this tall." He pointed to about his shoulder as he made his way towards the two red- heads and the little girl, eyeing the gun in the guys hand. He clutched the bat he had in his hand tighter.