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Until Dawn



a part of Until Dawn, by shadowseductress.


shadowseductress holds sovereignty over Aurora, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Aurora is a part of Until Dawn.

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Victoria Bell [6] Behind these eyes, deception lies.
Owen Chambers [5] "I'm fluent in english and sarcasm"
Samuel Tarik [5] "Hola. Meet my fist."
Joanna Wilson [4] "This research is vital to fighting this virus."
Faye Solice. [3] "Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll."
Andrew Bell [3] "Take a picture it last longer. Now get lost...geez I hate people."
Julia Smith [3] I'm just a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a- Ah forget it, it's just not worth it.
Aiden Triff [3] Live while you can, you're not promised tomorrow.

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She was beautiful on the floor, majestic almost. Her body was designed for this, it was as if some higher power made her specifically for this. She nailed the jumps, perfected the flips, stuck every landing with expert grace. Being a child prodigy was over, but it didn't take away from the beauty that was Victoria Bell doing an acrobatics routine. When she was done, she went over to the bleachers and wiped her now sweaty face with a towel. She quickly drank down some of her water and sat down to rest a while.

It was routine of hers. Go to class in the morning, teach class after, and then rap it up with practicing herself. She refused to be one of those acrobats that lost everything and got lazy once reverting to teacher. Vicky had thought many times about possibly auditioning for the Olympics, or going pro in some way, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She didn't know if it was a fear or rejection, or just that she had gotten attached to this little town. She loved it, she finally felt the breath of freedom finally being out from underneath her father's ever pressing thumb.

Plus she was still going to school, did she want to jeopardize her degree by going pro? She shook the thoughts away and collected her gym bag. She took one look back at the gym and sighed. She would think about it another time. For now, she would being her slow walk back to the dorm.

The sun was setting, seeming to set the world on fire as she set her pace homeward. The air was cool, fall finally setting in and taking summer by force. The cool air felt good on her hot skin. She sighed as she saw the boys approaching her. Jared and his friends had been giving her a hard time almost every day. They seemed to catch on to her routine.

“Hey Vicky!” He yelled over to her. Vicky mustered a sweet smile.

“Jared, how nice to see you.” She said sweetly.

Have you thought about my offer?” He was close to her now, leaning against the fence, blocking her path.

“As sweet as it is Jared, my answer is still no.” He had been trying to get her to go out with him for the last 6 months. Unfortunately he just was not Vicky's type.

“Come on Vicky, you wouldn't regret it.” She could see the lust in his eyes, it gave her chills, she shivered involuntarily.

“I'm sure I wouldn't, but sadly, my answer is still no. Now if you will please excuse me, it is rather cold out here and I'm not dressed for it.” She quickly walked past him, her yoga pants flapping against her calves in the wind as she did.

“You'll come around!” Jared yelled after her, his friends snickering in the background.

Once she was safely in the warmth of her dorm room, she let out a deep sigh. She dropped her bag on the floor and flopped on her bed. Almost, as if on cue, her cell phone rang,. She looked at the caller ID and saw her mom's picture.

“Hey mom,” she answered

“Hey sweetie! I was just calling to check in on you, how are you doing?”

“Good,” Vicky laughed “You ask that every day.”

“I know I just worry about you, part of being a mother and all.”

“How are things at work? Still working hard?” Vicky asked.

“Oh yeah, we just got another patient from a neighboring town, I guess their hospital couldn't care for him. He has our doctors baffled, we have been in a tizzy all day.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“Have you heard from your brother?” It was a loaded question. Owen didn't speak to his mother, but did in fact keep in touch with his little sister. He had some hard feelings toward his parents.

“He's fine Mom.”

“Good. Good. Well, I'm on break at work, so I have to get back, I love you. Don't study too hard.” She said sweetly, covering the hurt in her voice.

“Okay thanks mom, take care.. Love you too.” With that she hung up and went hunting for her psychology text book.


“So, if you are free after your shift maybe we could grab a burger or something?” The cute brunette at the counter inquired. Owen smirked, even covered in a dusty hardware store apron he managed to bring in the cuties. She seemed nice enough, but Owen worked too much to really have time to be serious with any one, and he wasn't the type to lead someone on.

“Sorry, I stay pretty busy. But I seriously appreciate the offer,”He said with a handsome smile. He brushed his red hair from his forehead and with a grunt, lifted the heavy bag of feed off the pallet and moved it to the shelf.

“Can I get your number?” her voice was sweet and endearing. Owen regretted not being able to go out with her. “Maybe, you will have some free time soon.”

With a resigned sigh he pulled out his phone to exchange numbers, but instead there was a missed call. Vicky never bothered him unless it was something important.

“Sorry I need to take a call real quick,” He said before running to the back room to call Vicky back. It rang so long that Owen was convinced it was going to go to voicemail, but finally a watery voice answered the phone.

“Vicky what is it?” He asked his obviously crying sister.

“Sorry it took so long, the cops just left my dorm,” She said weakly.

“Cops? What is going on?” Owen said already getting ready to leave. Thankfully Mr. Hermit was pretty understanding.

“Nothing it's okay now Owen, I was just a little shaken up,” his sister tried to comfort him.

“Vicky what happened?” he asked worriedly.

“Some idiot from school. He showed up at my dorm and it just shook me up. The cops just took him away. It's all okay now...”

“Stay there. I am on my way,” Owen commanded.

“No Owen! I'm fine... I just said...” Owen hung up and quickly found Mr. Hermit. He gave him an apologetic explanation and Mr. Hermit told him to go.

“You never ask to leave early Owen, go on. It's okay.” That was all the encouragement Owen needed. He jumped in his beat up truck and was on the way to the college. Whoever was messing with Vicky had better be grateful that the cops took him away. Because if Owen got a hold of him his fate would have been a lot worse.

It wasn't long before he was knocking on Vicky's door. He heard Vicky talking to him before she ever even let him in.

“What are you doing here? You had work today. I told you not to come.” Vicky said hurriedly. She angled her body, obviously trying to block something from view. Owen pushed past her, and stopped in his tracks. He could smell a metallic smell, small blood stains on Vicky's white carpet.

“What happened? Are you hurt?” Owen grabbed Vicky's face looking her over.

“I'm fine!” Vicky said loudly, pulling free.

“What happened?” her brother asked firmly, obviously not letting this go.

“I...” her emerald eyes began to well up again. “...I don't really know Owen” Owen grabbed her and pulled him into her chest as she began to sob. He knew about her black outs. He knew that sometimes she did things she couldn't explain.

“What do you remember?” the ginger asked. They had never really talked about her lapses of memory, he wasn't even sure if she knew that he knew about them.

“This guy, he's been hitting on me all semester and I just blow him off. I don't know how but he found my dorm and he forced his way in. I think he was drinking. I kept trying to get him to leave, but he wouldn't. I screamed for help. And then....” She dropped off. Owen gave her a meaningful look.

“It's okay. You can tell me anything. You know that.” His voice low and soothing.

“The next thing I know he was bleeding a little, and the cops came and took him away. His arm was broken Owen!” She started sobbing to the point that the rest of her sentence was totally indistinguishable. He thought he heard her say 'I thought I was done with this' but he wasn't sure and he didn't ask.

“Shhh it's okay,” he said rubbing her back in small circles. [color=#4E9258]“It's late you have school tomorrow. Go to sleep. I'll crash in the arm chair to make sure everything stays mellow tonight okay?” Vicky nodded and made her way to her bed.

Owen flopped in the chair and began flipping through his phone, knowing all to well that he would sleep very little tonight.


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#, as written by MayKinz

Faye started the morning as she usually did she woke up around 2pm still fairly exhausted from the night before as she sat up on her messy sofa she looked around in a daze not really sure where to start, as she started to wake up more she emerged from the sofa standing carefully and making her way over to the kitchen. The large t-shirt she was wearing fell to her knees and swayed slightly as she made her way to the fridge.

Peering in she couldn't see much left she sighed in a rather annoyed way at the thought that she would soon have to venture into town to refill her supplies.
Ill go tomorrow...
she promised herself as she slowly looked over the remains in her fridge taking a swipe at the most appetising ready meal left, she wondered over to the microwave with her small package of lasagne it was her favourite after all.

While waiting for the countdown to go from 4:00-0:00 she perched herself on the counter rubbing her hands over her eyes to finally be able to wake up properly. She spotted her reflection in the oven panel from across the kitchen and she absent mindedly began to try and fix her blue hair into a acceptable ponytail using a small hairband she had left on her left wrist. *Beep* *Beep* She heard the noise of the microwave finishing and with a light smile she breathed in the appetising smell of her favourite dish.

She travelled back to the sofa slumping back into her original spot with a fork in her right hand and the steaming hot plastic container in her left placing the container in her lap carefully she used her free hand to grab the remote turning on some morning cartoons she had always been fairly childish she would still laugh at the pathetic kids jokes and find general enjoyment in watching the shows she once had when she was ten.

When she was done she dumped the container onto the coffee table in front of the sofa and jumped up in preparation for the long trek down her drive way to retrieve the latest games that the postman had brought for her. As she pull on her boots and found her biggest coat to cover up the fact that she was just wearing a shirt she took a deep breath before opening the door and sprinting to the post box down the drive, quickly taking all the games and shoving them inside her coat torso she ran back the cold slightly catching her chest she hated the cold..or even more she hated the outside.

Once she had stripped off all her outside clothing she trotted into the den just across from the front door she couldn't wait to see what the games her boss had sent for her to review this time, putting the three cases on the table she began unwrapping them one by one reading them out as she went.
Left 4 dead..
Dead Island..
and finally Resident Evil.
She chuckled to herself oh goody she thought an all zombie line up she enjoyed zombie games a lot for some reason the break down of society really appealed to her being the fact that she never participated with other members of humanity anyway.

As she began installing the games onto her state of the art gaming PC she read through the recent comments of her last review she got the usual compliments that always lightened up her day, and then the basic spam that always happened as her eyes scanned she generally saw a good reaction from her fans. Leaning back in her chair she dipped her hand into the lolly pop jar that she had placed to the right of her computer fishing out a nice red one, and gently popping it into her mouth lolly pops always helped her manage the stress of games and concentrate she didn't know why but it was just another habit she got into at a young age that had managed to stick with her. As the first game booted up she leaned forward into a ready gaming stance and equipped her microphone so that she could record any good points about the game, most probably she would be playing this to 2am tonight but she didn't care..this was her ideal life.


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An alarm blared incessantly, noise drowning out the peaceful thoughts of pseudo-sleep. Jerking upright, he smashed his hand onto the small electronic peace, cutting out the noise violently. He never did understand why he kept the thing despite all the pains it caused. Swiveling so that his legs hung off the side of the bed, he threw the covers back, neglecting to fix their state. Looking at the vibrant red numbers on the clock's display, he saw it was 5:00 a.m. Perfect, he thought, just enough time to make a damned bagel and get out of here. Groaning as he stretched out the soreness that had settled in his body after going to the gym last night, he dressed quickly yet immaculately, finding time to quickly polish his medals and cuffs before donning his police uniform.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he smiled. The suit fit him, as if Samuel was born to be an enforcer of the law. A handsomely dressed one at that. A badge rested on his shoulder, identifying him as a Sergeant Major of the Aurora Police Department. Despite being offered promotion to captain, Samuel had declined the offer, believing he could do more good out in the streets than in a cubicle.

Looking down at the watch on his wrist, an expensive affair passed down through his family since his grandfather gave it to Samuel's own father. Seeing the time, he bolted to the microwave where a slightly steaming bagel rested, grabbing it before securing his service weapon, a Heckler&Koch HK45, a weapon he had spent a long time procuring. Hopping into his police cruiser, he began dashing through the fairly empty streets. It just wouldn't do to be late.

"Secure the bastard!" Samuel yelled at the three officers wrangling with Jared. Blood dripped from his face and his arm seemed to be broken, a vacant look in his eyes. Despite the apparent unawareness, he struggled viciously against the officers attempting to restrain him. Lashing out, one of the men cursed as his hand was bitten by the boy, drawing blood.

Unhooking his tazer, Samuel shot Jared, causing him to spasm as thousands of volts coursed through his body. Slumping, handcuffs quickly secured his hands while a rag was tied around the boys mouth to prevent him from biting anyone else. Samuel grimaced as he removed the pins of the tazer, stuffing them in the cartridge until he could rearm it later. Jared had been reported wandering around the streets, seemingly in a craze. With nothing else to do, several police units had come to the location where he had last been seen. Following a girl's scream, they found him in Victoria's room and quickly took him away.

Watching as Jared was shoved into the back of one of the cruisers, Samuel shuddered as he looked into Jared's eyes. A cold, blank stare gazed back at him, crazed. Jumping into his own cruiser, he made his way back home. By that time, it was already 9:00 p.m. Forgoing a serious dinner, he heated up left-overs from yesterday before setting to work on paperwork. There was always paperwork. At least it took his mind off of what had happened at the apartment complex.


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Heels clicked against the hard floor of Julia's kitchen, as she put water in the coffee machine. She turned on the coffee pot and turned to greet her friend with a smile. "Hungry?" She asked the girl, while tilting her head to the side. Jenny shook her head no and sat down at the table, picking up a magazine. "'Course not, gotta watch that size zero figure of yours, right?" She asked, a smirk playing on her lips.

"You know it," Jenny mumbled, flipping to the next page. "Hey, you remember Jake?" She asked, glancing at Julia, one eyebrow raised. How could she not? Jake was her ex boyfriend, the guy she gave everything to. Jenny knew that, so her question was pretty invalid. "Apparently he's dating Sharon, the girl who broke the two of you up," she said and Julia rolled her eyes before laughing.

"And I care because? Seriously, he can't date whoever he wants. If the person he chooses looks like a troll, so be it," she told her, plopping down on the chair opposite her. "'Sides, I've had eight months to think about the crap he put me through. I've decided becoming single is the best decision I've ever made." Julia explained, grabbing the magazine Jenny slid to her.

Minutes passed and Julia grew bored of reading, so she jumped up from her seat. She grabbed herself a cup of coffee and headed to the living-room. "You do realize you'll be late for school, right?" Jenny asked, walking in behind her.

"School is for losers. I'm so done with that place, with all it's learning and what not," Julia said, before laughing at the look on Jenny's face. "I have the day off, besides, it's college, you're allowed to miss classes," she told her, shaking her head.

"Well, I'm not going to be late, so I'll see you later. Oh and don't wait up, I'm going to stay at Todd's tonight," Jenny said and winked before grabbing her purse.

Shortly after Jenny left, Julia went to the kitchen and pulled out her cook-books, sighing. She had to at least practice, if she wanted to become a top chef. She pulled out the pots and pans, taking a deep breath. How could she feel nervous about cooking in her own home? Was she seriously that dumb? It's not like she was going to get graded on it, but then again, she was bound to grade herself.

"Buck up, Jules, it's the only way you'll make it. Stop acting like a child and most of all, stop talking to yourself like a crazy person," she muttered, laughing as she wiped her hand over her forehead. She took a deep breath and got started with her future. She would become the best chef possible and make her family proud. She wanted to provide for them like they provided for her. She would make them as happy as they made her.

Even if she failed, all she needed to do was stand back up and try again. And again. And...again.


The loud clanging of old junk filled the air and Aiden sighed in annoyance. Why hadn't Josh found what he was looking for? Was it really that hard to find a gear? He would help search, but that would include getting his interview outfit dirty. He sighed again and propped his feet on an old wooden stool, leaning back in the chair he had just cleaned up. He watched his best friend and glared, he was always oblivious when it came to his art. Aiden started to sigh again, when a deep voice interrupted him.

"Would you stop sighing? I need peace!" Josh yelled, narrowing his eyes.

"Well I need fun, but I'm not getting any, am I?" Aiden retorted, raising a brow.

"Then help me find the damn gear, it's the last thing on the list," Josh said and stood to his feet, turning to face the brown haired man.

"I can't get this outfit dirty, I wouldn't make a good first impression," he replied, shrugging his shoulders. He then stood up and stretched, making a roaring noise as he did. It was early, way too early. He just wanted to lay in his bed and sleep, or go to a party and dance. Which ever came first, he guessed.

"Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?" Josh asked, slowly looking Aiden up and down.

"What're you talking about?"

"You're acting serious and it's scaring me," he replied, his eyes wide. That's what Aiden loved about Josh, he knew how to have fun and play around. He was a serious person, but he loosened up when he and Aiden were together. It made Aiden proud to know he brought that out in the man he loved. It was his pride mostly, but he believed only he could bring that side of Josh out.

"You know I need this job, or I'll lost my apartment. If I lose my apartment, that means I would have to move in with you. You and I both know I can't handle that," he said and Josh glanced away, before nodding his head. Josh knew how Aiden felt about him, he didn't feel the same, but he respected the feelings of his best friend. Aiden knew that much, even if his friend hadn't voiced it out loud.

They both grew silent and when Aiden glanced at his watch, he almost jumped out of his skin. He grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair and said goodbye to Josh, before running out of 'Aleckzandur's Junk Yard' and getting into his car. If he didn't get the job, he would let his parents down and that was the last thing he wanted to do. They didn't believe he could be serious enough for a job and he needed to prove them wrong, he didn't want to disappoint them. He wanted everyone to know that you could be serious, all the while having fun.


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Andrew silently flicked through the channels on the tv, waiting for his shift at Aleckzandur's junk yard to roll around. A bored sigh escaped his lips as his eyes traveled around the mess that he called his house. Beer cans from his mother's obnoxious boyfriend littered the floor along with pizza boxes and anything else imaginable. Andrew shook his head.

What am I still doing here? In this place? The familiar thoughts that seemed to rule Drew's mind came up once again. He had made a pact with himself, when he was fifteen that he would get out of this lame town and away from the troll of a mother he had. Yet everytime he made a shot at leaving, the image of soft brown curls and strawberry perfume made him stop.


There was no way he could leave her, she seemed like the only person in the world who understood him. Plus she loved this town, she told him she was done with moving that was all she had ever done, and for once in her life she was staying, and that place just happened to be right here. Drew fingered the gold chain that usually rested on his chest, the one with the E on it. A friendship necklace she called it, he could wear the first letter of her name and she would wear his. Drew let out a soft chuckle. Friends. That was all they would ever be and he needed to get over her.

Pushing himself off the couch Drew made his way to the door grabbing his leather jacket, it would take a minute to walk there so leaving now would be a good idea. The door was suddenly pulled open though and he came face to face with the witch who had been ruining his life.

"Hello mom." Andrew hissed his lips forming a tight straight line at the end of his sentence. He really wasn't in the mood for another screaming match.

"Hello asshole." She laughed finding her comment hilarious. Drew rolled his eyes and tried to push past her. She blocked his path with her hand. "I need some money."

"What? I gave you my paycheck last week I'm keeping this one." Andrew retorted in disbelief. There was no way he was giving her anymore money all she did was give it to Jeff who bought beers and then left the cans on the floor like it was a garbage.

His mother's blue eyes stared up at him angrily. "You ungrateful prick." She spat before digging through her purse and shoving the piece of paper she had retrieved into Andrew's face.

Andrew glared at her his light blue eyes seeming to grow a shade darker with hatetred. He snatched the paper from her and read it. It was bill. An overdue one at that. He glanced back up at his mom.

"Now do you want a roof over your head or not?" She asked holding her hand out. Drew shook his head, bitting down hard on his lip. It was her job to pay the morgage, he had the water and electricity. Now he would have to work a few extra shifts to get the money back. Digging into his back pocket to get his wallet he handed over the money. His mother smilled at him patting hi shoulder before steeping aside so he could leave.

"Bitch!" He called over he shoulder as he began his walk towards his job. Sure that was a horrid thing to call the women who gave birth to you, but to Drew it was almost like a second nature now.

By the time he arrived at Aleckzandur's Junk Yard the scowl that had taken over his features on account of his mother still hadn't left his face.

Andrew kicked at a rock, looking up just in time to see a man with clothes that seemed to be too nice to be hanging around here and brown hair running towards him.

Not being able to move fast enough his shoulder slightly hit the other man's causing Andrew to stumble before regaining his balance. "Dick!" He yelled after him watching as he got into his car. Shaking his head he continued his trek, letting out a gruff of a hello to Josh, with that he made his way to his project. A car he had been working in for a month now. He had spray painted the design of a towering tree with vines spreading across the car on himself. He wasn't quite sure why he chose to do it, but he did. He went to work on the engine after checking to make sure he didn't have to work on a client's car


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Vicky woke before her alarm as usual. She nudged her brother's sleeping form and he stirred immediately, ready for the attack. He took a breath, seeing his messy haired sister and sighed, flopping back in the chair.

“You should probably get home,” Vicky said with a smile. Owen gave a sleepy nod and sat up, holding his back and stretched. Sleeping in the arm chair could not have been too cozy.

“Hey,” Owen said with a yawn. “Keep your phone on you today, if anything happens call me. Seriously Vicky, you are all I have left. I wont let anything happen to you.” Vicky nodded, and tousled her brother's ginger hair.

“Okay, okay, now go home and shower. You left wood shavings all over my chair,” She teased. Owen waved her off and threw his jacket on and left.

Vicky began her normal routine, shower, dress, breakfast, brush teeth, makeup, and then out the door. The brisk air was refreshing as she walked to class and she was sad when she had to enter the building. Classes went by in a blur, the normal book reading, note taking rut. She was happy when she got out of class, because she had her junior team to teach after. Vicky absolutely loved teaching, depending on how her class behaved she might even say she liked it better than doing routines herself. Something about being able to watch her little ones grow and improve, it gave her a sense of purpose unlike anything else she did.

She got to the gym before the kids and decided to work out a new routine for her champion team. It was a simple but pretty routine, something easy enough for her class to memorize. She was hard at work, sweat pouring from her brow when the kids started filing in. She said hello to the parents that came to drop their children off.

“Okay guys!” Vicky said as she entered the gym, slinging her book bag against the wall. “Let's go ahead and start warming up. We are going to work on our competition routine today.” She went through the warm up stretches with her class. It was mostly girls, a few boys all ages 8-12. She loved all of them. Class went pretty smoothly, they worked on an old routine until it was time for them to leave. They did well, and Vicky was feeling exponentially better by the time they were done.

“Okay kiddos!” Vicky called over the chatter. “We are done for the day, those of you staying for my championship team please take a seat on the bleachers.” The kids that were not staying filed out leaving only about ten children. She let them breath for a little bit before she made them get down to business.

“Alright, I have a new routine for us to learn before the big competition next week. I know it is last minute, but I feel like we might need a back up...” She was quickly cut off buy the alarms blaring. Vicky gave the flashing lights a quizzical look.

“Are we having a fire drill Miss Vicky?” asked one of the girls.

“No,” Vicky answered.“That is the lock-down code” Sure enough, the intercom started up.

“We are now in lock-down.” the woman said over the loudspeaker, her voice was panicked and shaky.

“Okay guys, to the locker rooms, come on...” She herded them, her own heart pounding in her chest.

“Is this a drill?” one of the ten girls asked.

“It's okay,” Vicky dodged the question, “Just head into the locker room okay?” They followed her instructions, although not silently, despite Vicky's attempts to shush them.

Vicky pulled out her cellphone, looking for answers. Her mother didn't answer her cell. When that didn't work she started Googleling things on her phone. Thank god, for technology. She didn't find much, just news that Freeman Medical Center had an incident. The hospital was also in lock down.

She started to panic that her mother hadn't gotten back to her and instead decided to call and check on Owen.


Owen stared out the window as a large quantity of sirens filled the air. It seemed the cops and the firefighters were all headed somewhere. Owen shook his head, and got back to work. He had a lot to do because he had left early the day before.

“Do you know what's going on Owen?” Mr. Hermit called to him. Owen shook his head.

“I can't see anything,” Owen said with a shrug.

“I bet it's some thugs over at Bert's!” Hermit said with a grunt. Owen rolled his eyes. According to Hermit, there was always some thugs over at Bert N' Ernie's.

His phone rang, it was his mother. Owen rolled his eyes she knew better than to call him. She knew he wasn't going to answer. He silenced the phone and put it back in his pocket, disgruntled. A few minutes later it rang again, Owen pulled the phone out in a grump but instead it was Vicky's number.

“What's wrong?” Owen said hurriedly. The chances of both his mother and Vicky calling him for nothing weren't good.

“Do you know what is going on?” Vicky asked worriedly. “They have us on lock down,”

“Lock down?” He thought back to the cop cars. “No, I've been at work I haven't heard a thing.”

“All I can find out online is that something happened at the hospital, me and my team are locked in the locker rooms.” Owen felt a numbness wash over him. Something had happened at the hospital. His mother had just tried to call him, maybe she was working.

“I'll call you in a sec Vicky. Call me if something changes.” He didn't wait for her reply. He hung up and immediately dialed his mother back for the first time in several years. The phone rang for an eternity and finally went to voice mail. The same thing happened no matter how many times he called.

“Mr. Hermit?”Owen called, a shakiness to his voice. Hermit just waved him on understanding. Owen fled from the store with vigor in his step.


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Andrew stretched wiping his oily hands on a nearby cloth as he got up from his stool. Clocking out and checking off that he had fixed the black van that he had been working on for nearly his entire shift, Drew began his walk home in the dark.

It felt eerie out tonight and he could barely make out the road in front of him as he walked. The only thing that seemed to stand out was the hospital. It stood tall and gave Andrew the worst feeling. He narrowed his eyes at it while he passed it. Shaking his head, he continued his walk come in silence the hairs on the back of his neck continuing to stay up until he was in the "safety" of his own home.

Closing the door behind him Andrew was able to make it to his small room without coming in contact with his mom.

The sun creeped into Andrew's room through his blinds acting as an alarm clock as it landed on the sleeping boy. Rolling over in his bed, the blonde sleepily rubbed his eyes pulling the covers tightly around him in attempt to fall back asleep. Letting out a slow sigh Andrew finally threw his feet over the side of the bed, the soft carpet meeting his bare feet, as he realized he wouldn't be getting back to sleep anytime soon.

Throwing on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt Drew made his way down the stairs only to stop in his tracks at seeing Jeff. The man who Drew's mother believed she was in love with, sipping on a beer.

"Really man, you're drinking this early. " Andrew shook his head as he headed towards the fridge'.

"Oh shut up idiot." His mother spat coming into kitchen. Skipping over to the man who was starting to bald she placed a slobbery kiss on his mouth. "He can do whatever he wants."

Jeff smiled up at her before turning his attention to the arm he had been cradling tightly to his chest.

"Get me the first aid kit will ya kid." Jeff stated not proposing what he said as a question, but a command. Andrew shot a glare at him before tossing him the kit.

"How did that happen again?" His mother asked beginning to clean and bandage the wound.

"I was just at the hospital visiting my Ma, you know she broke her hip and everything she's going into surgery, I thought I should be there. Anyway all of a sudden this crazy old woman comes out of nowhere and bites me. Literally bites me. The doctors had to restrain her. The crazy thing is she didn't try to stop biting people the whole time, and I swear if they hadn't had got her off of me she would have ate me." Jeff paused to laugh and take a swig of beer. "Lucky for me I left right after that, and not five minutes later the hospital went on lock down. I'm just happy I got out of there, I would hate to be locked in there with crazy and sick people."

"Well I'm happy you made it out." His mother replied smiling, going in for another kiss. Andrew rolled his eyes abandoning the banana he was eating to go back to his room. There was no way he was going to stay and watch them make out. Closing the door behind him. He turned on the small tv that lay situated in the corner of his room. The only thing that seemed to be on was the raging news about how the hospital had shut down and how people were running around crazily in almost a possessed state.


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Samuel's eyes opened, vision blurred as his mind adjusted to a wakeful state. Groaning, he picked his head off the desk which he had been working at. Looking down, he saw a pile of police reports. Slightly damaged police reports, but that was no matter. He also had a splitting migraine. I haven't had one of these in a while, he thought. Memories of yesterday came crashing back and he shuddered. He had seen people on drugs quite often when he was in Indianapolis and Chicago, the effects they had on the person. Never had he seen something like that.

Walking around the house, he prepared himself for the day at the police station. Same old uniform, same old gun. Not much changed his routine. Picking up his phone, he saw that there were five missed calls from Jack, the officer who had been bitten by Jared. Brows furrowed in concern as he redialed. Jack would never call so many times if it wasn't an emergency. The line rang for a few seconds before being picked up.

"Oh, hey Samuel. I already checked in with the station. Won't be coming in today," a raspy voice came through. That was definitely not how he was supposed to sound.

"What happened, man? Bad case of the flu?" Samuel responded.

"Don't think so. My hand is pretty bad, black and purple, leaking pus. The hell was that kid on?"

"No idea. I'll check at the station and get back to you. Take care man." Hanging up, Samuel pondered the situation. It was certainly strange that Jack's hand had deteriorated in condition so quickly. He didn't know of any diseases that could do that to someone. Taking out his phone again, he sent Jack a message to go to the hospital. He didn't expect a response and none he got. Poor guy was probably asleep again. Strolling out to his police cruiser, he hopped in and made his way to the station.

Dropping off his gun at the armory, Samuel headed over to the cells. Standing outside was one of the newer officers, one whose name Samuel had not yet remembered. He was guarding Jared who currently appeared to be in some catatonic state. Skin was an ashen gray, certainly not a normal color.

"Did a doctor come to check him out?" asked Samuel. Was Jared's current condition related to Jack's? He thought so, but he was no doctor.

"Yeah. Came in late yesterday, checked him out. His vitals indicated some sort of deep sleep or coma, almost as if he was dead. Must have been some strong stuff he was snorting."

Shaking his head, Samuel kept peering at the body. A hand twitched but so briefly that he discarded it as imagination. About to head to his office, an announcement came over the PA system.

"All available officers, please report to the Freeman Medical Center. We have a 10-34 in progress, reported deaths. all available..." The message kept looping as the office suddenly burst into action. Police officers rushed to retrieve their weapons before heading to their vehicles. Samuel was one of the first out. As far as he knew, there had never been a riot in Aurora. Certainly strange that it would happen now.

As he arrived, he saw that there were already many police cars there. A cordon was being established around the area, the force waiting for the SWAT team to arrive. Officers were guiding screaming people out of the building, some bleeding, a few with bite marks that looked strangely human.

The SWAT team arrived, the unit quickly moving into the building with supporting officers. There were still dozens trapped inside the building, if not a few hundred. Pushing through, Samuel followed the team as they made their way through the building. Floor by floor, the area was cleared. Medical personnel were told to stay in the building if they had emergencies to take care of, otherwise they were to vacate the premises.

By this point, there were about a dozen police officers plus the SWAT team clearing the building. Hearing a scream, Samuel rushed with another member to find a woman cornered by a man.

"Put your hands up! I said put your hands up!" the other man yelled shrilly, panicking. Samuel was about to say the same thing, and then noticed his neck. Part of it was missing. It was as if something had bitten off part of his throat. Stunned, Samuel steeled his resolve and fired two shots into the 'man'. Horror seized him as the man simply turned around and began to walk their way. Crazed eyes gazed out, similar to Jared's the night before.

Backing away, he made to run but tripped over a discarded wheelchair. Falling, he saw the other officer was already fleeing from the scene. Turning back towards the man, he aimed his pistol and squeezed off another two shots. One struck his already destroyed throat, the other entered his skull. Dropping a few feet from Samuel, the body ceased to move. The woman was sobbing heavily in the corner, rocking back and forth. Getting up slowly, he made his way to the woman and picked her up. He made his way out of the building as other officers streamed in, depositing the woman with the rest of the civilians. Whatever else would happen in his life, he would always remember today.


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#, as written by MayKinz
Faye shook herself up rising from the keyboard as she caught herself in the reflection of the blank computer screen she knew what had happened "Again?! Really I wasn't even tired. She detached the microphone attached to her face and threw it down to the desk as she climbed back up she skipped over to the kitchen she was starving..swinging open the door she was hit with a cruel reminder she was completely out of food, and the dreaded trip into town came rushing back to the front of her mind she hopped up she couldn't live without her comfort food.

Once she had quick changed into her usual outfit her causal leather jacket it was nice but laughable big on her, but it made for better comfort. She had her goggles stylishly placed on top of her head. Underneath her jacket she wore a plain black strap top, around her neck she donned a nice black lace choker with a little metal emblem of a controller. As for her bottom half Faye pulled on her casual jeans that were slightly worn in so they shaped around Faye perfectly, her shoes large combat boots which come up to her knees her jeans tucked casually within them. She also slung her backpack on to her side casually as it always contained the essentials for her day.

As soon as she stepped outside the air hit her in the face she felt annoyed that she had to be outside this early it was only 4pm after all she usually wasn't up till 8pm, she didn't even feel like driving so as usual in those situations she kicked on the button of her heel springing the roller skates from the bottom of her boots..she often enjoyed being in the technology industry always getting the cool stuff first. Plus roller skating was one of the fun ways to get around a boring town.

As she got into town she noticed some kind of weird creepy atmosphere she thought that small little chicken cope towns like this were always suppose to be busy with the neighbour parties and perfect families etc..apparently not it seemed completely empty. There was no one anywhere. As she went forward she tried to look for the store it had been so long since she had even been here that she had completely forgotten where everything was placed looking up she recognised the obnoxious red truck doubled parked outside, and began skating faster she wanted to be in and out quick judging by the lack of people that was going to be easy.

When she swung round the corner she hit into something.."OH MY GOD! a person I-i am so sorry are you okay?" leaning back so that she was sitting upright she saw that they had ripped a whole through her jacket inspecting it she was not in a good mood, how the hell does someone rip through a premium leather jacket? "Look here you asshole this jacket is worth more than your house! and you think its okay to just go ripping shit up like its yours?" She paused as the person started to groan has she really hit them that hard? It was merely a bump at most. As the person turned towards her she saw that half their face had caved in revealing a rotted inside, she crawled back in fear..what the hell was that whatever this thing was it was not human. She scattered as it tried to come closer ramming her heel against the pavement the skates reclined back into her boots she made a run for the supermarket doors slamming them shut as she got inside.

As she ran through the aisles she noticed a lot of the food was gone she rammed as many cans as she could into her bag if no one was here she was not paying for anything, she decided to run into the back of the store stopping in the managers office she checked it before locking the doors and pulling the blinds shut of the large office room. She took out her equipment from her bag and began setting up there was something going on here and she didn't like it...


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The entire city seemed to be in an uproar as Owen spread down the streets toward the middle school. His car practically skid into the parking lot as he arrived and he exited the cars. Cops were everywhere and Owen could almost feel the fear that rolled off of the city.

“Owen!” he heard Vicky yell for him. It took him a while to spot her, but eventually he saw her face poking out of a small window near the ground.

“Are you okay?” He asked in a rush.

“Yeah we are okay for now. What is going on?” She asked. Owen could hear the worried children crying from within the locker room below.

“I have no idea. Can you get out of there?” He gestured to the small window.

“Uh...probably. But I'm not going to leave the kids.” Owen rolled his eyes, his sister was ever the bleeding heart.

“Okay, okay. How many do you have down there?” He asked.

“Ten.” Vicky replied with a quick look back to be sure.

“Hold tight,” Owen said with a grunt.

“Like I have a choice?” She asked lightly. Owen made his way to the group of people at the door of the school, most of them looked like worried parents. If he could get the kids away from Vicky he could get his sister to safety.

“Hey!” He yelled over the crowd. When they quieted down he suddenly felt kind of nervous. Talking in front of people was not his strong suit.

My sister is in there with some children. How many of you have kids in the acrobatics program?” A few raised their hands. Owen nodded. “Good come over here for a moment?” He regretted it as soon as he said it because the small hoard of parents immediately started bombarding him with questions.

“Are they alright?”

“What is going on in there?”

“Woah! You're kids are fine. I'm about to return them to you!” Owen said hushing the crowd. He counted nine. There were nine parents here which still left one kid without a parent. Owen cursed, it looks like he would be giving a kid a ride home.

“Stay here for a bit, I'm going to go get your kids.” Owen said. He rushed over to Vicky's window.


The locked door behind them started to move. Something was pushing against it. Vicky was suddenly very glad her brother was coming to their rescue. It didn't take a rocket scientist to decide that something was amiss. Suddenly the sounds became more violent outside the door, loud bangs and moans.

“Vicky!” He heard Owen shout. Vicky climbed back up the lockers to look out the window.

“Yeah?” She called.

“Most of the parents are out here. Let's get the kids out of there.” Owen explained. Vicky sighed. That sounded good.

“Yeah. I'll boost them up, you pull them out.” Vicky commanded. She explained what was going on to her kids and began to hoist them up on the lockers. With Owen's help she had all of them out in just minutes.

“Alright, your turn sis,” Owen said offering his hand. Vicky took a breath and scaled the lockers. It was going to take some flexibility to get out. The window was narrow and some of the children had a hard time squeezing through.

“Get them to their parents and get out of my way, it's going to take me a minute.” Owen nodded and soon was out of view. Vicky let most of the air out of her lungs and got her head through the window. She pulled her right arm through and her shoulder, hearing her bones pop. Fully exhaling she got her other arm and part of her chest through. Her waist made it through rather easily. She could hear the bangs on the doors grow in volume.

Slowly she wiggled her hips through, the sides scraping her skin to the point of broken flesh. If she could get her hips through she would be sold. They were the widest part of her body.

“How are you doing?” Owen's voice called

“Slowly, but I'll make it.” Vicky called back. She heard the doors groaning and she could feel her heartbeat quicken. There was something unnatural about the door. If it was an intruder wouldn't they had just shot through it or unscrewed the door knob? Or at the very least left to bother another part of the school? She couldn't see through the window at all, her hips taking up most of the narrow space.

There was a loud groan and a thud. The door had broken free.

“Owen!” Vicky screamed. Owen didn't hesitate, he grabbed her around her chest, under her arms and pulled with all of his strength. She felt something grab her ankle and she began to panic. What was going on? She asked herself for the millionth time. Vicky cried out in pain as the window squeezed her, but she was able to break free, all put her left shoe which was left in the assailant’s hands.

“Someone grabbed me. We have to go.” Vicky said pushing her brother away from the window. She was pretty confident no one but her and the children would have been able to squeeze out of it.

“Someone was in there?” Owen asked in a panic.

“They broke in while I was pulling free.” Vicky explained. Owen quickly turned to one of the cops talking to the parents and told him about the intruder being in the locker room. He got on his radio and started talking to some cops she assumed were already in the building.

Vicky looked down at the scared child holding on to Owen's pant leg.

“Lilly? Where are your parents?” Vicky asked.

“I don't know,” She said with a whimper.

“We'll take her home.” Owen said to silence his sister.

“Miss Vicky, I don't feel well. I feel dizzy.” Lilly said weakly. Owen gave his sister a quizzical look.

“She has low blood sugar problems, her peanut butter crackers are in the locker room.” The ginger explained to her brother.

“Okay there is a grocery store across the street. Let's go get her something and then get the heck out of here.” Owen said pulling the two along. They hopped in Owen's truck and the drove to the grocery store. The place looked mostly abandoned which was weird after being at the school.

“Stay close to me,” Owen said lowly. “We don't know what is going on.” Vicky nodded and gave Lilly a comforting smile. The poor child was scared out of her wits.

Even the workers seemed to have abandoned the place. The aisles were a mess as if people had been in here looting. It seemed the whole city was in some sort of crisis.

“Hello?” Owen called, holding both Vicky and Lilly behind him. He pulled a gun from inside his jacket. Vicky stared at and made a mental note to ask her brother why he was carrying a gun at a later note.

“Anyone here?” He shouted.


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Julia was forced awake by Jenny at the crack of dawn, and she wasn't happy about it. Just because Jenny was eager about seeing their mutual friend, she thought Julia would feel the same. She wasn't of course, the other girl was just delusional. Their friend was in a coma, it's not like he would notice if they were there or not. It may have been heartless of her, but when someone interrupted her sleep, she was allowed to be as heartless as she wanted.

"Why?" Julia asked, sitting up in her bed.

"Why what?" Jenny asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Why must you barge in here and act like you own it?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Because I'm your best friend and I'm allowed," The other girl stated, before walking from the room. Julia watched her through narrowed eyes, and then stood up to get ready for the day.

One hour later, they were at the hospital, visiting their friend. He was in a coma, so they were the ones doing the talking. They told him about their day and then let him in on all the things they had planned for when he woke up. Julia felt bad by then, she shouldn't have thought those things. It didn't hurt her to wake up early and visit one of her best friends in the hospital. Maybe it was true, she was heartless and needed to learn a nicer approach.

Hours went by and Julia sighed when she glanced at her watch. "Sorry buddy, but we have to go. We'll come back sometime tomorrow," She told the sleeping man and leaned up to kiss his forehead. She would be lying if she said she never had a crush on him. She'd also be lying if she said the accident wasn't her fault. Putting those thoughts to the side, Julia stood to her feet and walked toward the door.

"Give me a minute with him?" Jenny asked and Julia nodded, quietly exiting the room. She stood there and sighed, it wasn't lost on her that Jenny was in love with him. Timmy was in love with her too, she wasn't stupid. She was okay with it though, her crush on him long since vanished.

She twisted left and right and once she spotted the bathroom, she rushed toward it. She was stopped along the way, when someone grabbed her. She let out a scream and spun around, knocking the man back. The man just launched forward again and latched onto her. She tried to brush him off, he was older and she didn't want to hurt him. But when he tried to bite her, she pulled her fist back and punched him.

The man staggered back and a sharp pain shot through her hand. Her face scrunched and she held it to her chest, before she took off down the hall. She was caught along the way and screamed, but once she saw that it was Jenny, she calmed down. Her body was shaking and she took a deep breath, grabbing her best friend's hand.

"We need to go," she muttered and then pulled the girl along. She was yanked back before she could get too far and heard Jenny yelp behind her. Julia turned around just in time to see her best friend being scratched by the man who attacked her. While pushing the man away, she noticed a man being bitten by a woman down the hall.

She grabbed Jenny again and they both ran out of the hospital. Once they were in the safety of the car, Julia noticed that the hospital was going on lock down and she tilted her head.

"You sure you don't want to get back in there? That man scratched you," Julia asked and Jenny shook her head. That was the end of that conversation, it was pointless to argue with Jenny. So Julia dropped it and sighed. She was sure it was nothing, things like that happened all the time in the hospital. At least she hoped it would be alright.

As she and Jenny drove through the city, she noticed that people were starting to act crazy. She looked around, confused. They hadn't left the hospital that long ago and yet it only took that time for everyone to start freaking out. She shook her head and was about to say something snarky, but cut herself off when she saw Jenny.

"Pull into that store parking lot, now." She ordered, her best friend looked like she was about to pass out. Once they were out of the car, Julia glanced around, noting that no one was around. With the way people were acting, she believed they would be safer in the store. She held onto her best friend and lead her. Once they were in, she sat her down and ran a hand through her hair. She would drive, but she didn't have her license.

She didn't notice that another person was in the store, all she could focus on was the fact that her best friend looked like she was about to die. She had heard something when she entered, but she didn't pay it much mind. She thought that if it were anyone, they wouldn't harm her.

She crouched in front of Jenny and was about to say something, but stopped when she heard a voice. She turned her head to see a little girl, a young woman with red hair and a guy with a gun. She gulped when her eyes landed on the weapon, she didn't like the looks of that. By what the shelves in the store looked like, they could have been looters as well.

"Don't shoot, please. There's something wrong with my friend and I'm just trying to find a way home," she said, taking a deep breath. She stood to her feet and took a couple of steps forward, praying that he wouldn't shoot.


Aiden sat in his living-room, resting his feet on the coffee table. He was flipping through channels when his eyes caught site of the hospital and then the city on screen. The woman talking in the foreground said that the hospital was on lock-down and the city in chaos. His brow raised and he rolled his eyes. Another government scam, he was sure. Scare the little people into doing more for them, even though they do most of the work. He didn't know how it was connected, but he was sure that it was.

After turning off the T.V, Aiden called Josh and asked if he knew that guys name. The one he bumped into at the junk yard. He didn't want karma to get him, just because he didn't stop to apologize. Luckily, Josh heard the owner of the junk yard say his name a couple of times. Andrew was his name, he would have to pay a visit and apologize, he just didn't want to at that moment. He wanted to have fun, so he asked Josh over to play video-games.

His thoughts went back to the hospital and he sighed. He was kind of worried about it, but he didn't want to be. If he worried about it, he would seem old and he didn't want that. So he decided to call his mom, who would ease his mind and all the while, he could break the news that he didn't get the job. He dialed her number and waited through the rings, glancing toward his T.V as he did.

"Hey, dear," his mom answered and he grinned.

"Hey ma, what're you doing?" He asked, turning the television back on and then turning down the volume. He turned it on a random channel and then turned his attention back on his mom.

"I'm not doing anything, I was sleeping, but you woke me. That's not what matters, what matters is the reason you're calling. I'm guessing you didn't get it?" She asked and he laughed, shaking his head.

"You know me so well," he said and his mom laughed.

"Hon, don't freat too much. One job isn't so bad, we would love for you to have one, but you will and I know it." She stated, and Aiden smiled.

"Thanks mom," he said and then remembered the hospital. "Don't worry too much if you hear something about the hospital or the city," he explained and when he heard his mom gasp and shook his head. "I said don't worry, ma. I'm not in the hospital, it's just on lock down. The city is kind of freaking out about it or something. And if something really is wrong, they'll have it cleared in no time," he said and his mom sighed from the other end.

"All right, don't scare me like that. I have to go, but call me if something happens, please?"

"I will, ma. Don't worry, now enjoy your vacation," Aiden said and once his mom hung up, he put his phone down and laid on the couch. His eyes drooped and within a minute, he was sleeping.

He really didn't have a care in the world.


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Joanna was sat in her office, her eyes glued to the screen of her laptop, her mind was currently spilling out onto the word document in front of her, each word carefully spelled and used accurately. Whatever this man had, it was certainly something new and Joanna was determined to be the one to cure it, her research was vitally important to any bid to produce a cure. As she typed away, there was polite knock other door and Joanna called them in, a smile on her face.
"I got the magnification of the virus cells for you," A young nurse handed her a folder with several pictures in. "These are the ones from when he was first diagnosed, these were a few weeks ago and this one right here… just last night." Joanna studied the images, she could identify the viruses structure, it was similar in shape to HIV or Influenza, a ball shaped cell with spikes and envelope proteins protruding from it, however, from the first image the virus had evolved, there was a lot more spikes on it and they were now all attached to cell surfaces.
"Thank you, nurse." Joanna placed the photos back into the folder and placed them in her lockable drawn, just underneath her badge and gun, before returning to her laptop.

Not long after finishing her update, she heard an alarm ring followed by several screams and even a gun shot or two. "what the fuck?" Joanna stood from her desk and started for the door, but stopped herself. She ran back to her desk and grabbed her USB stick and then the badge and gun from the drawer, she didn't have any spare bullets just the 10 loaded in the magazine. Joanna stopped before opening the door, placing her ear against it she tried to listen to what was going on outside but she couldn't hear anything above the alarm, screaming and sirens. She took a chance, swinging the door open and running for it. If this was a hostage situation, she had to make her way out, no matter what her data was too vital for her to play hero.

Joanna tried to get to the main stairway, but it was blocked by everyone trying to escape at the same time. Joanna turned to run for the secondary fire exit, before she heard a nasty snarl and someone behind her screaming. She whipped her head back to see and another patient was on top of her, chewing through her frail flesh, the nearest to her watched in horror whilst the others simply panicked more, all trying to squeeze through the exit, no doubt some people were being trampled. Joanna had to pull herself away and make for another exit, she ran as fast as she could, she witnessed plenty more acts of cannibalism on her way there, fresh red blood dripping from people's mouths with bits of pink string flesh hanging from within their teeth.

Joanna had to keep pushing on, she eventually got to the fire escape and quickly closed the door behind her. She quickly made her way down the stairs, the alarm blaring even louder in the echoing stairwell. Near the bottom of one flight, she slipped on something and near tumbled to the bottom, had she not of caught herself on the railing. Looking back, she looked horrified at a trickling pool of blood, she followed it with her eyes and it led further down the stairs, Joanna's heart beat heavier now as she raised the gun and readied herself.

Near the bottom of the stairs, she could see the nurse sitting against the wall, she was clutching a wound and still breathing. "Oh my god, are you okay?" Joanna asked as she ran down to her.
"The patient… he… he died." Joanna looked at the girl with confusion. "And… and then he bit her, right in front me…"
"What's happening?"
"I held by best friend die and then she… she got back up and bit me." Joanna took a step back from the nurse, her eyes filled with fear and worry. The nurse looked up, her eyes were blood shot and her skin even had a grey hue to it. Joanna aimed her gun at the nurse and thought about firing… but she shook her head, she couldn't waste her bullets, she abandoned the nurse to her fate and continued running until she got out of the hospital.


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Andrew turned off the tv, tired of hearing the screaming anchor-woman on the other side of the screen. As silence finally took the place of the woman's scratchy voice, it was almost immediately interrupted by a scream. Andrew's head snapped towards his closed door, the feminine blood curling shouting making his insides turn. The scream continued and Andrew could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand as they took the hint from his gut, he could feel the feeling he had got last night return.

"Mom?" Drew shouted making his way towards his door. The screaming sounded an awfully a lot like his mother's, and if there's one thing he learned from his mom while living with her, was her scream. He quickly threw his bedroom door open and ran down the stairs, stooping at the bottom at the sight before him.

His mother lay on the floor, the first aid kit a few feet away from her, Jeff's beer bottle lay next to her head. The liquid from the bottle easing out from the cracks and seeping into her hair. Jeff sat on top of her his face buried in her neck, his skin looked a sick greenish color and a tearing sound coming from his mother's skin as he tore into it.

"Hey get off my mom!" Andrew yelled running over to the two. He grabbed the older man's shoulder and threw him off of his crying mother. His mother looked up at him, her blue eyes wide and watery. Blood covered most off her body and still continued to run out of the big whole in her neck. Andrew covered his hand over the wound in a weak attempt at stopping the blood. A tear fell from his mother's eye as she brought her hand up to cover his.

" Andy....I love you." She got out weakly her voice soft and almost non-existence. Her bloody hand left his and she raised it to touch his cheek. She softly patted it before her hand slid down his face, leaving a trail of blood before it dropped to her side limply. Andrew stared down at her in horror as she breath out for the last time.

"Mom? Mom?" The blonde headed boy shook his mother still keeping one hand placed on her neck, he could feel the blood slipping past his fingers. "Wake up." He whispered as she continued to lay still, her face looking peaceful for the first time in over a decade.

The sound of growling quickly brought him away from his newly deceased mother, and he turned around to face her murder as the man slowly made his way towards him. "You killed her!" Andrew yelled at him, his eyes scanning over the man, not missing his bold shot eyes and hair that fell out a he walked.

Jeff jumped on Andrew trying to scratch at him, Andrew pushed him off at him his arm barely missed the man's snapping jaw. Jumping up he backed away from the crazy man as he continued to stalk towards him. Looking around Andrew quickly picked up a baseball bat, one he was surprised was still in his house, it was from when he played baseball as a young kid.

"Stay away from me you bastard!" Drew yelled at him pointing the end of the bat at the crazed man. Jeff continued to move fowrad though. Andrew hit him in his stomach, but it didn't even seem to phase Jeff as he lunged at him. He locked his arms around Andrew his teeth trying desperately to latch on as Andre wiggled out of his grip. Andrew swung at his mother's boyfriend once again. The bat connected with Jeff's head and instantly sent him hitting the ground like a ton of bricks.

Andrew stared at the man he once knew waiting for him to get up, once he didn't the impact of everything finally hit him and he dropped to his knees squeezing his eyes shut. His hands went up to his hair and he tangled his fingers in it. What was going on? He glanced over at his mother a lump forming in his throat before looking over at Jeff who's brains were currently splattered against the walls. What the hell happened? Why did Jeff suddenly turn into a cannibal and kill his mom? why had the bat not fazed him until he hit him in the head?

Andrew looked down at himself noticing for the first time that he was covered in blood, both from his mother and a little from Jeff. He wiped furiously at his face trying to get rid of the fast drying blood on his check. Letting out a shaky breath of air, Drew finally stood, feeling the chain around his neck thump against his chest.

Evelyn. He needed to see her. Right now. She was th only one he could think to talk to, and the only he had. Andrew was pretty sure she had a shift at the grocery store today. Bolting out the front door Andrew sprinted towards the grocery store. Chaos roared around him as crazed people like Jeff ran after people. Cars lay turned over and he could smell smoke. Finally reaching the grocery story he skid into the it. Immediately noticing no one was working. The place looked like a dump and he was pretty sure a significant amount of stuff was missing.

"Don't shoot, please. There's something wrong with my friend and I'm just trying to find a way home." Andrew turned to see a girl with brown her standing close to a girl on the ground who looked like she was ready to collapse. Two girls and a guy stood in front of him, their backs were turned to him. He guessed the older girl and boy were brother and sister due to their matching ginger hair. Clearing his throat he spoke up.

"Have you seen a girl with brown hair about this tall." He pointed to about his shoulder as he made his way towards the two red- heads and the little girl, eyeing the gun in the guys hand. He clutched the bat he had in his hand tighter.


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Leaving the women with an attending officer, he made his way to the Chief of Police, a portly man that took his job as seriously as one could take it. Bellowing orders, Chief Emmanuel Rodriguez caught sight of Samuel out of the corner of his eye. Waving a hand, Rodriguez yelled, "Samuel, get over here man!"

Jogging over quickly, Samuel replaced the gun in its holster and saluted. Rodriguez moved his hand dismissively, not one to believe in formalities when there was work to be done. Bringing him closer to be heard over the sirens, screaming, and gunshots from inside the building, he announced, "We still got lots a people in there, Sam. Who knows how many are dead and injured, its impossible to tell from the blood covering most of the civilians. You have some on you as well, you all right man?"

Samuel nodded. "Blood isn't mine. Splattered on me from some bastard trying to attack a woman. Wouldn't listen to my commands. Bullets to the chest and throat didn't put him down. Any idea what these 'things' are, chief?"

Shaking his head in assent, he responded, "Some strange virus popped up a few weeks ago in some remote area. Been spreading like wild fire. Apparently causes those infected to go crazy or something, not affected by pain or exhaustion. We tried to keep it out, but looks like that failed for us. Didn't work great for anyone I've heard about. We need you to help direct people out. There's some CIA scientist in there, not sure if she's out of the building. A woman, about five foot four, five five. Make sure she's alive." Commands finished to Samuel, he strode away barking orders to civilians and emergency personnel alike, striving to make some sort of organization out of this chaos.

Taking his gun out again, he made his way back towards the building, pushing through the throng in panic. There were hundreds of people in the hospital, all scared. Whatever was happening, it was bad. Waving his pistol over the crowd did nothing to thin their press, making his advance towards the building a crawl. Keeping an eye out for a woman such as was described to him, he eventually found the CIA agent.

Bulling through, he eventually reached her side. Keeping his pistol low, he raised his badge and flashed the Sergeant's rank at her. "Ma'am, I'm Sergeant Samuel Tarik. I'm here to make sure you stay alive for the duration of the incident. Is there anywhere you need to get to?"


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As Joanna was running for the front door, still hoarded with people, all of whom were covered in blood, she stopped herself. All of those people have no doubt been attacked and bitten by one of those things, the virus spreads through contact with the blood and there was no way in hell, Joanna was going to run through them. Joanna noticed a large black man, covered in blood, stalking towards her, a gun in hand and a badge flashing, before he spoke up. "For a minute there I thought you were one of those things." She responded, with a relieved sigh. "Do you know if any of the other agents made it?" She asked him as she started to walk back towards an office, she looked back at him and sighed. "The virus spreads through contact with blood, much like HIV, and I'm not walking through a horde of people who may be infected and become one of those things at any moment, once we're outside seal the building, put it on lockdown." Joanna said it coldly, but it hurt her to say that, locking hundreds of people in a building to die was not something she was particularly proud of, but it would contain the threat for awhile.

Once in an office, Joanna quickly locked the door and barricaded it with the desk. Joanna turned to the giant and answered his earlier question, "I'm sure you're aware I'm a CIA scientist and I specialise in the field of Virology, I was sent her with 3 others to investigate the virus, 2 were sent to your men, they were to alert the CIA incase of an outbreak because Richard and myself would no doubt be dead or infected, yet here I am. Either way, this information needs to get to the CIA and the CDC so research for a cure can begin. So get me somewhere with working internet, or even a carrier pigeon." She told him, revealing the USB stick.

She approached the window and looked outside, there was a good number of people outside, all covered in blood except for some of the police men responding to the incident. She pushed the window as far open as she could, she would get out with little effort but the big man, there might be a bit of effort. Remembering her previous statement, she turned round to the policeman behind her. "Do you have any open wounds, like scratches, cuts, torn skin? Or did any of that blood get in your mouth?"


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Samuel nodded as Joanna quickly explained the nature of the virus, how it was transmitted. If the infection was spread by something as simple as blood, then a majority of the people that had been in the hospital were now infected. Whether or not that would induce them to become crazed was something else to be seen. An event Samuel wished to avoid. Shouts and gunfire blared from his radio, screams of anguish and terror as units inside the building attempted to deal with the ever-growing horde of infected. Running over to Chief Rodriguez, he quickly explained what Joanna had said.

"Emmanuel, we need to establish a cordon around the hospital as quickly as is possible. Whoever is left inside, tell them to get out. We need to keep the infection from spreading and that will be more easily accomplished from the outside of the building. Find someone to move the civies to a quarantine area, some are most likely infected and liable to turn any minute," he shouted over the pandemonium. It was not proper for him to give orders to the Chief of Police but now was not a time for formality. Formality would simply get them killed.

Rodriguez nodded, agreeing with Samuel's analysis. "I'll get that sorted out. Make sure the CIA chick stays alive, she apparently knows something important about the virus. Take care man." Saluting Samuel, he turned back towards the building and began to organize the scattered officers into a ring, covering all points of exit in case infected began spilling out of the building.

Jogging back to Joanna, he followed her as they went into an office. Helping push a desk into position, he listened grimly to the reports coming from the officers inside the building. The SWAT team had advanced quickly, ending up surrounded. Nothing had been heard from them for the past three minutes and many were beginning to assume all were KIA. Few officers were still inside the building, most on the first floor directing the traffic and attempting to subdue any infected. It was failing. There just weren't enough of them.

As Joanna explained her needs, he nodded and looked out the window as she pushed it open. He could spot his police cruiser nearby, remarkably undamaged considering the situation. "The police station has a generator so even if power goes out for the rest of the town, we'll still have internet access there. Might be trouble on the way, but there are still a few holding the fort. If the infection breaks out of the hospital, we'll need more people to stop the flood that's going to arrive. Hell, public buildings are going to be crowded, a death trap. We might need to lock others out, as much as it goes against what I believe."

Eying the small opening suspiciously, he jerked around as a thump sounded against the door followed by frantic scrabbling. A scream sounded and the sound of running feet receded followed by the sound of...something. Shaking his head, he turned back towards her as she asked her question. "No, no injuries on me. All the blood is from everyone else. I don't believe any entered my mouth or eyes. Now let's get out of here." Lowering his shoulder, he ran at the open window. Jumping, his body scraped by the frame, tearing parts of his uniform but leaving him uninjured. Drawing his gun, he took up a guard position as Joanna followed.

Striding quickly to the car, he unlocked the vehicle and hopped in, opening the passenger door for Joanna. Grief filled him as he saw people panicking, figures lying on the ground while others attacked each other. Officers were firing wildly, trying to kill the infected. It wouldn't last. Uncertain, he quickly put the cruiser into reverse and spun away, heading towards the police station.

Sitting silent for a few moments, Samuel muttered, "Is there any way we can stop this?"


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Joanna nodded in agreement, the police station would be the best place, not only for relaying her information but also for surviving if she had to hold off for a pick up. "I'm not particularly fond of locking people in her either but it has to be done, the needs of the many outweigh the few… I represent the many. If this infection isn't cleared, or spreads out from this city, the United States will be faced with…" Joanna was interrupted by the thump and loud screaming. "I can explain more later, let's just get out of here."

Whilst Samuel leapt through the window, Joanna gracefully slithered through, her skirt riding upwards as the friction moved the skirt up. She followed him to the car, her gun in hand, her heels were certainly impractical as they clacked against the tarmac, she heard a few groans behind her, looking back she could see a face half ripped open and blood soaked overalls, a patient from the hospital had gotten out. "No…" she whispered before running to the car and getting into the passenger seat. She watched as the policemen tried to contain the situation, but it most certainly wasn't looking good. Joanna looked away, she was going to have to order an immediate contagion and have the government quarantine the entire town.

After a few moments, Joanna heard Samuel speak up and she shook her head. "At this current moment, no. A cure was in development for patient zero but now it's mutated, the cure may have no effect at all… or worse." She was looking out the window, watching the town roll past her. "The information you are protecting may give us an edge, but I'll need fresher DNA to analyse and sent if a cure is to be developed within 5 months… Before you say that's a long time, the average time for cures and vaccines to be developed is 5 years." She tore her eyes away from the rolling scenery and looked at Samuel, her head resting on the chair. "What's happening at the hospital is the start of all this and I will have to order for an immediate Quarantine of the city, stopping me will endanger not only the US but its neighbouring countries. I hope you understand why I have to do this."