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"Touch my master, and you will die a slow and very painful death..Anyone care for something to eat?"

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a character in “Untold Nightmares”, as played by Arekkusu



Name: Lucifer
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Powers: Speed & Invisibility (May add a third later on)
Weaknesses: Demons & Women (Lucifer won't harm them. At all)
Skills: Hunting, stalking, swordplay, fighting, cooking, & cleaning


Lucifer is a hard headed, stubborn person. He regrets ever making a deal with Collin's father, saying he didn't want to have to watch a snob nosed brat all his life. But he has a kind side. Lucifer is very loyal to Collin, and will defend him at all costs. He can be pretty sarcastic and a smart ass at times, but it's a darker sense of humor. When his good side comes out, he becomes very caring and compassionate, making sure everyone around him is safe. But for the most part, Lucifer is rather blunt and uncaring.


Not much is known about his past. All Lucifer remembers is waking up one day, and being told by Brissiana that he had fallen from heaven. Since then, he has wandered the earth, doing various things, making certain deals with people. But he has never made such a deal as protecting a child all his life. It was a last minute decision, because that night Lucifer was supposed to be in Hong Kong, fulfilling his end of another deal. But it went south, so instead of staying around, he left and ended up striking an agreement with Damien Reemes. Since that night, Lucifer has stayed close to Collin, watching over him and protecting him. He has picked up a thing or too about cooking, and has become a rather incredible chef.

So begins...

Lucifer's Story