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Carlotta Depaul

0 · 306 views · located in New York City - 1897

a character in “"Up She Goes" The Expedition”, as played by diabolicalxdamsel


Marvels of Science and Steampunk by Jon Hodgson

Name: Carlotta Depaul

Age: 26

Occupation: Second greatest airship racer in America

Appearance: Carlotta is a short, petite woman no taller than about 5'4 with long reddish-brown hair and peering gray eyes. She has long found men's attire to be more practical and functional for her needs, and can usually be seen donning knee-length sailor's breeches, tall leather boots, a pressed white shirt, and vest. Her idea of "dressing up" means nothing more than wearing her hair a little higher and tying a cravat around her neck. The only "feminine" element to her ensemble is the bright red ribbon she uses to tie up her hair.

Personality: Carlotta is often met with loathing, admiration or both. She is blunt, abrasive, impatient, demanding, and crass. Her tremendous wealth and family fame are what keep public society tolerant of her behavior. She knows that any conflict with a person can be eased with a fist full of dollars. She strictly adheres to her own personal code of conduct, and stays faithful to her individualism despite the alienation it often brings. As a result, she has little patience for people who put on airs. She finds societal proprieties to be largely a hassle that do nothing but slow progress. She has found the most genuine of people to reside in saloons and seedy taverns, and spends much of her time with the "blue-collar" populace of the city. She is well-educated, but speaks and carries herself with the roughness of a sailor. She feels most comfortable at the helm of an airship. She keeps her crewmates constantly on their toes, but she is fiercely dedicated to them.

History: Carlotta was born in Normandy, France in April of 1871. Her father, Antione Depaul, was already making a name for himself in his scientific advances. Her mother, Sabine, was from an old, once-affluent family that married her to Depaul to help regain their depleting fortune. Despite a rocky beginning, Sabine and Antoine developed a passionate romance and a mutual admiration for each other. At the age of ten, Sabine succumbed to tuberculosis. Devastated, Depaul poured all of his energy into his work. Looking to expand his efforts, he immigrated to New York with his daughter. He soon became an integral part of improving the city's new power grid system and creating sources of energy in lower class areas. His inventions made him a household name and his wealth grew to even rival that of some of the great American oligarchs. Carlotta spent much of her childhood in numerous boarding schools. She often stirred trouble and her father encouraged much of her behavior under the notion that no ill-conceived society was going to turn his daughter into "another one of those fretting ninnies". She has been dismissed from schools for such offences as: bloodying the nose of the Spanish ambassador's daughter, stabbing an instructor with her embroidery needles, and shoving a boy down a flight of stairs for making fun of her broken English. She fell in love with flying after seeing her first airshow as a young teenager. She grew obsessed with the mechanics of flying, and her father happily paid for an education in flying as well as three of her own ships. The vessel that propelled her fame was L'esprit de Normandie which stands as her current racing vessel. She won many regional races before taking her place among the national champions. She has climbed her way to second place, falling just below the man that has held the coveted first place title for five consecutive years: Marshall Boone. Their heated rivalry and mutual hatred for one another has been a staple in airship tabloids for a few years. Carlotta has been away from the racing world since the death of her father and only rumor and speculation have offered any explanations to her absence. The "Mean Queen of the Sky" has essentially disappeared from the spotlight as she has dedicated herself to building a new vessel. The Scalawag , named in memory of her father, has been her passion over the past year, and she has worked herself to madness assembling the perfect ship and perfect crew for finding out answers behind her father's murder.

So begins...

Carlotta Depaul's Story