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Ellis Vargas

major major wip.

0 · 232 views · located in New York

a character in “Uptown Living”, originally authored by la.lune, as played by RolePlayGateway



{ Stronger : Kanye West | Waiting For My Moment : Donald Glover | Do You Want It All? : Two Door Cinema Club }


Ellis Julián Vargas

El | occasionally used by friends | tolerated.
Ellie | used either patronisingly or mockingly | disliked.



50% African American, 50% Dominican

Pittsburgh, PA [0-11]
Manhattan (Upper East Side), NY [11-present day]

{Character Role}
'The Underdog'


Ellis is, above all else, a people pleaser. He'd do anything for a friend if they asked, and move heaven and earth for his family.

{Future Plans}
Ellis has found himself in a world he'd never have imagined being in as a little kid, growing up in Pittsburgh. Now due to his athletic capabilities, and social standing of his foster parents - Ellis' future has never looked brighter. Currently he is hoping to get a scholarship - either swimming or football - to Ohio State, after hearing many great things about their athletics teams and facilities.

{Academic Career}
At school, Ellis truly shines. He's never been the best when it comes to academics but makes sure to always keep his grades around a B/B+ so that he can continue to participate in all of the sporting activities he currently does. As it stands, Ellis is on the football and swim team - competing regularly and showing himself as quite clearly, one of the best sportsmen St. Judes has to offer. He also participates in a few other sports casually, but not competitively, such as soccer that he loves playing because it reminds him of home and playing with his cousin Gabriel, or running track.

{Likes & Dislikes}
▲ Football ▲ Swimming ▲ Being Active ▲ Making People Proud ▲ Winning ▲ Spending Time With Friends ▲ Old-school Music ▲ Cooking ▲ Giving Gifts ▲ Affection ▲ Praise ▲ Grilled Cheese ▲ Big Dogs ▲ Sport (Generally) ▲ Video-games ▲ Snacks ▲ Horror Movies ▲ Sunny Days ▲ Working Out ▲ Looking After People ▲ Rootbeer
▼ Laziness ▼ Failing ▼ Letting People Down ▼ Being Manipulated/Messed With ▼ Ignorant People ▼ Rainy Days ▼ Doing Nothing ▼ Bigots ▼ Elitists ▼ Peanuts (Allergies) ▼ Math ▼ Being Alone ▼ Sketchy People ▼ Drugs ▼ Getting Too Drunk ▼ Apples ▼ Beetles ▼ Pop Music ▼ Tiny Yappy Dogs ▼ Maliciousness


Carmen Vargas | Mother | Unknown
Achille Ezekwe | Father | Deceased

There's not much to say about Ellis' relationship with his parents. Achille died before Ellis was born and Carmen, devastated by her loss, left her son with her sister Camila and disappeared. Not even Camila knows where she went to, or even if she's still alive. Ellis would be lying if he said he wasn't curious, but having never known either of his parents, he's never realised what he's been missing.

Camila Vargas | Aunt | Living
Marcos Vargas | Cousin | Living
Lola Vargas | Cousin | Living
Gabriel Vargas | Cousin | Living

Ellis will never have anything but love for his aunt and her family, they gave him a home and new life when he had no one else. After his mother left, Camlia took Ellis in with no hesitation and tried her hardest to raise him right, but with three children of her own to look after and with the rampant crime in Pittsburgh keeping them out of trouble was a struggle. Camila may not have been able to keep Ellis but what she did do was install a strong sense of Dominican pride in him, and despite being one of few Black people within Manhattan's elite, Ellis will never let himself be ashamed of his heritage. All thanks to his aunt teaching him to love who he is.

Marcos [18] is the eldest of Ellis' aunts three children, and definitely the troublemaker out of the bunch. He'd always try and get Ellis involved in the shady activities him and 'his boys' were up to. Typically he had more sense than to go along with Marcos and would go and play soccer with his younger cousin, Gabriel [10] or play with little Lola [5] who always had him dressing up in funny outfit or letting her do his makeup. It just took one weak moment for him to join Marcos and get busted by the police. That was enough for his aunt, and social services, to think he needs to be placed within the system - in their eyes, it was better for him than being in Pittsburgh - he still misses them dearly though.



Tall with lean muscles from participating in so many sports activities.

Black, always kept short and neat.

{Eye Color}
Dark brown.

{Portrayed By}

So begins...

Ellis Vargas's Story


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#, as written by royals
It was September 3rd, a Thursday, and the first official day of school at St. Jude's, and its sister school, Constance Billard. The day before had been orientation day, a day that was mostly scheduled for freshman, but technically required for all students. Most juniors and seniors were finished with orientation day by noon, or so, after sitting through short introductions to each of their classes, while following that, the freshman had to sit through a presentation about their school, that always seemed to drag on. Hunter could still remember how he had nearly fallen asleep during his freshman year presentation. Not even the jitters and excitement of attending a new school could keep him from quickly growing uninterested when the dean of students took the stage and began to lecture on and on about St. Jude's history. It got to a point where most kids actually preferred the real first day of school, even though that entailed doing actual work and assignments, over orientation day. It was easier to appreciate the first day of school though, when the week started on a Thursday, and after that day of classes, and Friday's, the students were treated to a long holiday weekend, thanks to Labor Day. Even if you weren't one of the students invited to Sydney Persson's annual Labor Day white party in the Hamptons, Labor Day was likely something you looked forward to. If you didn't have an event to attend, at least it was like you were given one extra day to finish up any missed summer plans. Hunter was one of those students who did have Sydney's party to look forward to on Sunday, but additionally, he was planning to throw a big, impromptu party on Friday night. Like most of Hunter's parties, it wouldn't be anything official, like what Sydney would be hosting over the weekend. There wouldn't be any fancy decorations or little finger sandwiches, or wait staff there to keep guests happy. Hunter would simply wait until his parents left for their own Hamptons weekend, have his friends haul the kegs up to his apartment, bring in the bottles, and maybe some weed or party drugs, if anyone wanted, and then in would come all of his friends and guests. It wouldn't be anything fancy, but in a world where everything had to be fancy to be socially acceptable, sometimes it was nice to act like normal high school kids, just trying to get away with a house party... even if that "house" the party was being thrown in wasn't some shabby house in the suburbs, but a penthouse apartment in the Upper East Side.

Right now, Hunter knew that he needed to put the focus of his party on the back burner, for the time being. He had an hour, or so, until he needed to leave for school, and he had only just rolled out of bed. Before hopping into the shower, he sent out a few text messages to some friends. Though he had seen most of his guy friends the day before at orientation, he hadn't stuck around for long enough to socialize with any of the Constance Billard girls, so he texted a few of them, as well as Liam Koch.

To: Liam
Gonna stop for a BLT on the way. Want me to bring u anything or you good?

To: Lani, Adeline, Sydney
Keep your schedule clear for Friday, ladies

To: Ness
So... since you came to my final party of last year, I expect to see you at my first of this year, on Friday. No excuses ;)