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Friends, foes, rivals, lovers

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a character in “Urban Gods Down Under”, as played by FunnyGuy


Character Sheet

1. Morgan- Nicole’s rival and enemy. They despise one another silently, but it isn’t news to anyone. She has a bad track record with guys, and has her eyes set on the male exchange students, particularly Nicole’s. Morgan is a cheerleader for the Bond University football team. She is an Astrophysics major.

2. Karen- Nicole’s school mate and close friend. She’s outgoing, and is a reliable friend. She’s good with doing favors for her friends. She has an exchange student by the name of Tim

3. Daniel- Nicole’s school mate and friend. He’s very open and lacks a filter. Daniel is the clown of the group and possibly the most athletic since he hits the gym every day.

4. Tim- Karen’s very quiet foreign exchange student from Japan. He speaks little English. One of his favorite games is Mario Kart.

5. Patrick- Daniel’s outspoken French foreign exchange student.

6. Bec- Nicole’s outgoing and flirtatious friend. She is the life of the party, but sometimes it’s better to leave the party dead…

7. Chloe- Nicole’s friend. Tall with short brown hair.

8. Brenton- Nicole’s friend. Tall, skinny with blonde hair.

9. Amber- Nicole’s redheaded friend.

10. Sasha- Michael’s fiancée, whom he left back in New York City while he goes to study abroad. Michael is trying to be faithful to her while he’s away.

11. Mr. McKenzie- The Teacher/Professor in charge of the exchange student program at Bond University. He takes his program very seriously, and is very hot tempered towards his students.

12. Marc Wright- Star football player at Bond University.

13. Richard Brewer- HAZMAT Manager of PARAGON

14. Reese- Shipment Manager for PARAGON. He was fired from PARAGON due to the accident on the bridge that placed Mike, Nicole, and Rory in the hospital.

15. Mrs. Jackson- Basic Law professor at Bond University. Known for boring lectures.

16. Mr. Stevens- Philosophy professor. Very passionate for philosophy and is very helpful to students.

17. Anthony Miller- Bec's ex boyfriend who used to physically and mentally abuse her. He still antagonizes Bec and seems to be the only person who can make her feel uncomfortable.

18. Jessie- Drug dealer connection that Nicole and Karen have. He's a member of a local biker gang in Gold Coast.

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Richard Brewer, the HAZMAT manager of PARAGON sat at his desk across from his colleague, Reese. The room had fell silent for several seconds after Reese had taken his seat. There was heavy tension in the room, and though there were no words spoken at first, Reese felt like he knew what was coming. Reese was the shipment manager. He was in charge of getting the hazardous material from point A to point B, safely… That was something that did not happen a few days ago, and due to that incident, three college students almost lost their lives with others being injured. Now the branch dealing with hazardous material was going through investigation and auditing. Work wouldn’t be smooth for month because of Reese’s fuck up. Richard sighed before speaking.

“Did you watch the news today?” Richard asked with his raspy voice. “Did you?!” Richard exclaimed. Reese shook his head in silence before uttering.


“Oh well I guess I can tell you the good news then. Those uni students are alive and well. They got released from the hospital today? Ain’t that great?” Richard said with false enthusiasm. His anger was still lingering. “Ain’t it?” He repeated.

“Yes Mr.Brewer, it is.”

“Yeah it is… Because it means that they only have a bloody chance to sue the shit out of us! It means that there’s not blood on this company’s hands because you couldn’t keep that shipment secure! Also means that I get to keep my bloody job you cunt!” Richard roared, grateful that the door was shut though he was slightly sure that anyone with ears could hear him on the other side if they slipped past.

“Mr. Brewer… I-”

“What?! What can you say to me right now?! Sorry? Say sorry to yourself! Say sorry to your wife and kids! Say sorry when you go home without a fuckin job! Get the fuck outta my office!”

“But sir!” Reese said with his voice cracking. He knew he’d be in trouble, but he didn’t think they’d go this far. He didn’t believe this was in his control at all.

“Are you deaf?! Get the fuck out of my office!” Richard roared as he pointed to the door; fury in his eyes. Reese gulped before standing up and walking to the door. “Turn in your shit before you go. Security will escort you out of the building.” Richard said coldly as Reese exited. Reese began to tear up as he closed the door behind him, leaving Richard at his desk. The man kept the sharp glare on his face for a moment before taking a breath. A small smirk filled with dark intent surfaced before he made a call. “Hello… Yes… It went perfectly… Yeah, he’s finally out of the picture… The rest of the shipments should go perfectly now…”