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Felix Adna Matteo

Top of the class, and social hierarchy

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a character in “Us Against Them”, as played by Poisoned-Tears


Image "Your choices should reflect your hopes, not your fears."


Felix Adna Matteo
Fix-it Felix
Matteo (commonly for when she gets in trouble)
(Anymore are welcome to be given)


November 24th, 1999



Felix is a walking tumblr aesthetic. She likes to wear anything that is currently in style and visually pleasing. Wether it consists of baggy shirts and shorts, or denim all over, Felix's style ranges from anything to everything, as long as it looks like something out of a tumblr blog post.
Felix is a 5'6 natural brunette that has a problem with always dying her hair. She is fair skinned and enjoys wearing makeup most of the time. It's a shocker her face doesn't break out from out. Her eyes are a green-hazel but they tend to look like a darker brown in most lighting. Felix has a petite everything, from a small chest, to a small butt, but is still a good-looking girl. She likes to embrace her body and doesn't care much at all if people look at her differently for it.


Stubborn ❖ Sarcastic ❖ Easy-going ❖
Free-spirited ❖ Impulsive ❖ Amiable ❖ Intelligent


Growing up, Felix was dubbed the "princess" of her school. Being dubbed with this nickname, people always figured she was dumb, but she is actually very intelligent. She is always putting her schooling before anything else, saying it's the most important thing a girl can work for. She normally ranks at the top of her class, which most find surprising, but she doesn't care, at least, not anymore she doesn't. Felix found she enjoyed being a sarcastic asshole. She wasn't always that way, but over the past years, she stopped caring what people thought of her. She found that being at the top of the social ladder was no different than being at the bottom, she still enjoyed being at the top of it though. Being the princess of the social ladder at her school brought her a feeling of belonging. Like she served a purpose to be the princess of her school. Felix soon came to find out that her sarcastic attitude was liked by many, for whatever reason. Not that she minded, she was a very friendly person and enjoyed talking and making friends, she never had an issue with making friends. Felix makes a point of talking to everyone and being nice to everyone, no one has ever caught her "mean" side, which is almost non-existent. In this sense, she is a pretty easy-going person. If you don't annoy her and try to pester her with nonsense, you'll get along just fine with her. She's pretty tolerant when it comes to most people, especially those who can bare with her constant need to do whatever the hell she pleases. Not that it's an issue, but she isn't one to normally follow all the rules. It makes her feel restricted. Which she doesn't like at all. Felix likes to be free and make her own choices, not be held back by something or someone. Of course she has some friends who will always hold her back from some things, which she appreciates because sometimes she needs to be kept in check. If someone else doesn't remind her to be careful, or weary of what she's doing, Felix won't think twice about it.


(Major WIP)


      -DOES EVERYTHING IN PAIRS: Felix has an OCD disorder which in her book, means she does everything in pairs of two. If she's speaking she'll start with repeating the first word twice, which people commonly mistake for a stutter. Or any sequence of things she doing, she always has to run through it twice. For instance, turning the light on and off has to be done twice before she can leave it off. Or locking and unlocking her door twice before entering, or leaving her house.
      -CAN ONLY SLEEP IN HER HOUSE: Felix already has a hard enough time as it is falling asleep, but if she's not at her house, she can't fall asleep for the life of her. The task if almost impossible. She feels out of place, and uncomfortable if she's not sleeping in her own home. If this means driving to her house at three in the morning just to get some rest, she will.
      -DOESN'T EAT WHITE MEAT: It's not that she's trying to be healthy, or be a picky eater, she doesn't like the taste of white meat. She thinks it's dry and has no flavor to it.
      -ALWAYS HAS TO TAKE THINGS APART AND PUT THEM BACK TOGETHER: Felix is very curious, and out of that curiosity comes the need to wanting to know how things operate and function together. She is always pulling things apart, analyzing how they work or fit with other components and trying to make them more efficient.






Felix lives in a simple two bedroom apartment accompanied with a full bath and kitchen. She knocked down one of the walls that separated the kitchen and bedroom so she could make a living room. Apart from that she made sure to heavily decorate her room to her liking, with many photographs and fairy lights around the trim. She moved into this apartment 6 months after she turned 16 when she got emancipated.


To be configured

-Self dependent
-Loyal friend
-Good with mechanics

-Is heavily affected by people leaving her
-High paranoia




Kelsey Calemine



So begins...

Felix Adna Matteo's Story


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ImageIt's been a long year and nobody knows that better than the kids at the Dalton School. Between the fights for hierarchy between the most popular kids at Dalton and the most popular kids who used to go to Overbrook, the literal fist fights, the drama, and the new relationships, this first semester has been pretty fucking wild. And with mid terms behind us, what better way to celebrate and let off some steam then a rager! So that's what we're going to do.

Everyone is invited to the mid year bash being held at the Taylor home a.k.a the big blue house on the Hill hosted by none other than our darling Lola Taylor. Drinks will be provided but there will only be hard liquor (a.k.a tequila, vodka, scotch, and rum) and it's BYOB (buy your own blunt). This party doesn't have a theme, besides losing your mind, instead the only thing Lola asks is that you come dressed in your sexiest outfit, ready to make some mistakes.

The party will "officially" start at nine but anybody who knows Lola knows she'll probably have everything set up by nine and the doors will be unlocked at nine fifteen but she won't even be dressed until ten and the house won't get full until ten thirty or so so it'll mainly be her friends and the unfriendly popular kids at first because most of them live within fifteen minutes away, while the kids who live at the Bottom probably live thirty minutes away or so.

Either way get ready for a night of debouchery, illegal activity, mistakes, and of course fun. Keep your snapchats open and your drinks close.


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The party was raging when Opie arrived. He opened the door, and it was unlocked just as he’d asked for. He slipped in with everyone dancing, crumping, grinding, sipping, and drinking. It was a full on rager, all right.

Almost everyone at the party was from Dalton. Nevermind that Lola invited the whole damn town, these rich spoiled brats were the only ones who answered the call. I guess there was something to be said about that Dalton/Overbrook rivalry. Opie was sure that the Overbrook kids wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to throw an even bigger rager sometime next week, just to show these Dalton kids, what’s up. Opie was hoping for it. It’d mean he’d have another party to sell at.

He looked around for an area to pass out weed. It’d need to be disclosed enough for him to be secretive, but accessible enough that everybody could get to him. Usually that’d be in the backyard. One of the benefits of setting up his operation in the backyard was that he got away from all the sweat, musk, and humidity of all the Dalton kids grinding up on each other. It was practically an orgy in there. That, and it gave him a quick escape route. If the cops came, he could always hop the back gate and hoof it away. This wasn’t his first rodeo.

He pulled out his phone and texted Lola again.

<I’m here. Setting up shop in your backyard. Spread da word. The weed has landed. Get it while it’s hot.>

Opie was never close to any Dalton kids. In fact, he hated most of their guts. To him, they were all nothing more than spoiled rich kids who needed daddy and mommy do everything for them. None of them had to work in their life. None of them knew what it was like being out on the streets. He was certain he’d never get along with them. But, they were his number one clients.

And, Lola was alright, he guessed. She was as spoiled and as rich as they come, but she kept it pretty real. If anything, she kept it a bit too real. God knows he probably knew more about her sex life than he ever wanted to know. He couldn’t help but have a soft spot for her. No, not in that way. More like how an older brother treats his kid sister. He wouldn’t ever admit that to her, but he didn’t dislike the girl.

He thought back to himself for a moment, then texted Lola again. <Btw, I got a bag waiting for you. On the house.>