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Opie Reyes


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a character in “Us Against Them”, as played by Haribofu



"Everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold."


FULL NAME: Opie Reyes


AGE: 17

DATE OF BIRTH: December 18th, 1998

SCHOOL: Overbrook



ETHNICITY: Filipino/Black



STYLE: Urban


WEIGHT: 171 lbs.

He dresses in traditional urban street wear. He's an intercity kid through and through. No tattoos, scars, birthmarks, or notable skin blemishes of any kind. But he rocks some hard abs.




Opie Reyes doesn't speak much. He's actually soft spoken and demure, despite what everybody thinks of him. He's not a gangster, stone cold killer, drug addict, or criminal; but he is a pot dealer. Opie sells pot in order to take care of his little sister, Evelyn. He's her only family, and loves her to pieces. He'd do anything for her. Unfortunately, that means he must do whatever it takes, just to get by -- and has no time for anything else.

Being the only man of the house, Opie takes care of everything. From fixing, cleaning, cooking, caretaking, you name it, he does it. He's mature and responsible to a fault. He's had no choice in the matter. His mother was a dope fiend that overdosed on heroin, and his father was a gangster who got himself shot up by police in a shootout, leaving just him and his sister alone. He had to grow up fast, just to survive in the world.

Academically, Opie's an outstanding student. He's smart, inquisitive, and studious, but he has no plans to go to college. Secretly, Opie writes poetry on the side and loves to sing. He's got a beautiful voice and a pure hearted soul, but he's embarrassed by them, and would refuse to share his talents with anyone but his sister.

He's self-aware enough to understand there are rumors going around about him, but he does nothing to correct them, because he prefers being alone, even if he sometimes gets lonely. He doesn't think he fits in with the rest of the kids, most especially the rich snooty Dalton kids. They've lived a cherry life, and know nothing about what it means to actually struggle. They'd never understand him, and it's better that they don't. All he needs is their money.

Deep down, Opie's a romantic at heart. A kind old soul. He's a huge sap and adores love stories. That being said, he fronts a cold hard exterior in public. He doesn't allow many people to get close to him, and he has a tendency to push people away that try to. He keeps his personal life and his professional life very separate, and he considers his school life part of his profession.


Opie's father was a street thug. His mother was a drug addict. His father died when he was young, and his mother was incapable of taking care of him and his sister, so it was up to him to do so. Opie's mother relied on him to do everything for her, including get her drugs. That's how Opie got his foot in the door to become a drug dealer.

He got in close with his mother's drug dealer, and the drug dealer started cutting him in on his business. He became the drug runner throughout all the high schools in the area. However, after his mother overdosed on heroin 2 years ago, he made a vow to himself, that he'd never sell anything harder than pot to anyone, for any reason.

In fact, his younger sister, Evelyn, has no idea he still sells drugs. She thinks he's working hard at a part time job. It'd destroy her to find out he's still dealing.

Can't say no to his sister.
Sings when he's doing mindless tasks.
Shakes his leg when he's nervous.

Love Stories
Disney movies

Drug addicts
Rich people


Opie lives in a 1 bedroom apartment in the worst part of town. He sleeps on the floor, while his sister sleeps on their only mattress. It's the cheapest accommodations around, but Opie can barely afford it.

Writes poetry and loves to sing

(I'm not sure if there will be a page to discuss relations so just keep this simple like mary jane (ally) | Beth Ann (enemy) | Joe Schmo (enemy) or you could go more in depth like mary jane (best friend) | Beth Ann (ex best friend) | Joe Schmo (ex boyfriend) I'd love explanations but honestly I'll leave that up to you )



Evelyn Reyes -- His little sister, aged 12.

(again optional)

(I don't know let's just leave this open)

Ronnie Banks


So begins...

Opie Reyes's Story


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ImageIt's been a long year and nobody knows that better than the kids at the Dalton School. Between the fights for hierarchy between the most popular kids at Dalton and the most popular kids who used to go to Overbrook, the literal fist fights, the drama, and the new relationships, this first semester has been pretty fucking wild. And with mid terms behind us, what better way to celebrate and let off some steam then a rager! So that's what we're going to do.

Everyone is invited to the mid year bash being held at the Taylor home a.k.a the big blue house on the Hill hosted by none other than our darling Lola Taylor. Drinks will be provided but there will only be hard liquor (a.k.a tequila, vodka, scotch, and rum) and it's BYOB (buy your own blunt). This party doesn't have a theme, besides losing your mind, instead the only thing Lola asks is that you come dressed in your sexiest outfit, ready to make some mistakes.

The party will "officially" start at nine but anybody who knows Lola knows she'll probably have everything set up by nine and the doors will be unlocked at nine fifteen but she won't even be dressed until ten and the house won't get full until ten thirty or so so it'll mainly be her friends and the unfriendly popular kids at first because most of them live within fifteen minutes away, while the kids who live at the Bottom probably live thirty minutes away or so.

Either way get ready for a night of debouchery, illegal activity, mistakes, and of course fun. Keep your snapchats open and your drinks close.


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It was ten past nine. 9:10pm to be exact. Opie had just finished cooking dinner for his little sister, Evelyn, and was cleaning the dishes. He was rushing the job, trying to get out of there as quick as possible. Not because he didn’t want to be around his little sister, but because he had a job waiting for him. A party was being held by Lola, one of his biggest clients, and there was a lot of money to be had.

Evelyn watched Opie, from their one single mattress. Their one bedroom apartment barely fit the both of them, and it was in the worst part of town, but it was all Opie could afford. He was the breadwinner of the family, and his family only consisted of him and Evelyn.

She was only twelve, but acted like she were twenty. Too mature for Opie’s liking. “Are you going somewhere?” Evelyn asked, innocently. “Just somewhere I need to be,” replied Opie, not wanting to get into it more than that. She smiled at him, mischievously. “Is it a girl?” her legs kicked excitedly, hoping for some juicy gossip. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to play with her whims tonight. Opie turned to Evelyn, and gave her that, shouldn’t you be going to bed look.

“Alright, alright. Just asking.” She rolled over, unsatisfied with his response. She was bored and wanted to play with her older brother. She assumed he was probably going to one of his many jobs, but what she didn’t know was that his job entailed selling pot to spoiled rich kids. Something he intended to keep from her at all costs.

He turned the faucet off, and flung dried his hands. Bending down, he put a hand on his sister’s head and looked her in the eyes. “I’m going to go out for a bit. Make sure you don’t open the door for anyone. Call 911, if there’s any trouble, alright?” She rolled her eyes at him. “I know already. I’m not ten you know.” Opie smiled warmly at her.

Then he went over and checked his backpack. He opened it up. Instead of books, notepads, and homework, like you’d expect from a regular high school student, his was filled with grams upon grams upon grams of every sort of weed strain there was. He made a quick mental inventory check, going through everything he had: Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Og Kush, White Widow, Gorilla Glue, AK-47, Trainwreck, Pineapple Express, Headband, Purple Kush, Maui Wowie, Afghan Kush, God’s Gift, Skywalker, Lemon Kush, Purple Urkle, Golden Goat, and White Rhino.

Then he picked up the baggies, to look under it. A Glock 19 was right where it was supposed to be. He never needed to use it before, but it was always better being safe than sorry in his line of work. Sorry meant you were dead.

He slung the backpack over his shoulder and left the room. He flipped open his burner phone. A piece of shit flip phone from the stone ages. Then he texted Lola. “On my way. Leave the back gate open. Supplies are bumpin 2nite.”


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As Lola emerged on her room she suddenly became aware of how crowded her house was. Girls leaned against the stairway railing leading to the guest bathroom, most of them chattering absently but some of them looked sick and she silently thanked god that she planned this party the day before the cleaning crew that came on Sunday afternoons came. She maneuvered her way past the people leaning on the walls upstairs and brushed past the couple damn near having sex on her brothers bedroom door. She wasn't worried about the bedrooms though, her parents door was locked, as was her siblings and nobody was dumb enough, drunk or not, to have sex in her room, or even enter it for that matter. She pulled her phone out of her shirt with her right hand, the left hand was holding Danny's over her shoulder, and responded to the text from Opie.

As they came down the stairs, someone rushed past her causing her to fall, thank god for Danny though, who recovered quicker than her and let go of her hand to steady her by putting his hands on either sides of her hips. She sucked in a breath at the contact of his index and middle finger on her naked skin but she quickly brushed it off. Her and Danny were forever ago... I mean if you don't count the summer, but that only happened once. Also, mind you, it only happened before she started dating Levi. So all you bitches who want to accuse her of cheating can suck it.

As they made it to the bar outside in the basement she smiled at her cousin, "Hey hun, how's bartending going?" She asked as she leaned on the bar. Her cousin smiled at her as she handed some kid she didn't recognize two shots. He mumbled something in response and slapped a twenty down, when he moved Danny slid over to where he was but he his arm snaked around her and landed on her hips once again. Her cousin raised her eyes but shrugged and proceeded to shove the twenty in her pocket, "Awesome, you're friends think I'm a professional, and they don't know the drinks are free. I've made like $300 so far."

"So.. how's that best friend of yours?" Anna asked, Lola looked over her shoulder and shrugged, "She should be here soon, but while we wait..." She lead on. Her cousin let out a wide smile and placed seven shots on the bar and filled them up with tequila. Then pushed four in Lola's direction, two in Danny's and lifted her own. Lola, never one to back down lifted one of her own and Danny had already downed his two. One by one Lola took the shots and her cousin began making refills, this time giving Danny four too and skipping a shot for herself. The two quickly downed there's and Lola shook her head as Anna started making more. "Can you just make me and him a drink in two of those water bottles?" She asked pointing to two mini sports squirt bottles. Her cousin nodded and filled up the bottles with Rum, citrus vodka, and a bit of sprite. Danny took them from her and handed one to Lola before leading her upstairs.

As they made it to the top Lola spotted Moriah and squealed in delight. It was easy to spot her because crowds kinda just.. moved when she was around. Half of them admired Moriah because she took her fall from grace with stride but a good portion of them didn't like her because rather than hide in the shadows, she moved on and she was more notorious than ever. "Momo!" She called, rushing towards her. Once she reached her she threw her slender arms around the girl. "Hello darling, how are you?"

When Danny caught up to Lola he smirked and shrugged in Moriah's direction before reeling Lola, who was feeling those shots into him. He himself was feeling his shots and that drink, so he thought nothing of tucking her into his side and placing a kiss on the top of her head. "Damn Moriah, rebel looks good on you" He said, sending her a wink. Lola nodded enthusiastically, "You look super hot? Like if someone doesn't make out with you tonight, I will"

Danny looked past her and her friends and tilted his head to the side, "Where's Gio? I thought he was on his way."


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It was 7:00 on a Friday night, and of course, Felix had nothing to do. Ever since she was forced to go to Dalton high, many of her so called "friends" cut contact. They didn't want to pulled into the drama that could arise with messing with the Dalton kids. Felix sat atop her bed in a pretty casual outfit,scrolling through her Instagram feed, trying to find details about any parties going on later that night. She stumbled upon a post from a Dalton kid, one she hadn't talked to before but the post read there was a party later that night, open to all. The pastel pink haired girl smiled and slid off her bed, this could be a chance for her to see just how bad these Dalton kids were.

Looking into her closet, she pulled out different outfits that she might consider wearing that night. Of course, she would decide on something, then change her mind, and go back to her closet to find something new. That was of course before she found a cute pastel pink, strapless top, that went nicely with her black jeans, and white huaraches. Felix walked to her bathroom, and flicked on the light before rummaging through her bathroom cabinets to find her curling iron. While she was waiting for the iron to heat up, she turned on her radio and hooked up her phone. Through the speaker of the radio, she played her favorite song at the moment. The bass rung loudly through the house as she picked up her curling iron, tapped the metal part against her hand quickly two times to check the heat, and then took it to her hair.
It took her about 30 minutes to get her hair to quickly run through her hair so it fell in soft waves before she took a bobby pin and clipped two sections of her hair back. By this time it was 8:30, so she filled in her eyebrows quickly, did the rest of her face and left the bathroom.
Felix walked to her front door and grabbed her keys from the hooks by the frame and continued to exit her apartment. When she closed the door she made sure to lock and unlock her door twice, before leaving it locked and walking outside. Once outside she unlocked her car and started it up. Again, she had to start it, then shut it off, twice before she could carry on driving. When she pulled away from her apartment complex, Felix took her phone out and took a quick picture and posted it to snapchat before finally turning all her attention to arriving at this party.

When she finally got there it was around 10:00, which bugged her because she wanted to arrive on time but what more could you get from a girl who needed to be fashionably good looking always. Felix stepped out of her car and walked to the front door, it was wide open and when she peered inside she could see how many people were there. None of them she knew, at least not by the looks of it. She placed her phone in her back pocket, turned back to her car and made sure to press the lock button on her keys twice before stepping into the big house. "Here, here goes nothing..." she spoke quietly to herself.