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Anaïs Chevrier

"Are you not entertained?"

0 · 367 views · located in Uta Academy ; Japan

a character in “Uta Academy”, as played by kiran-sama




Anaïs Chevrier

16 and a half


5' 7"

129 lbs

Anaïs has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and has been showing symptoms of Bipolar Disorder as of late, as well.

"Pfff... That's not important! Jeez!"

Romantic Interest:


"Still looking... Agh!"

Type of Singer:
Anaïs likes to sing in French (duh), although she'll do English and Japanese every so often, because she thinks those languages are pretty. But nothing too out there, or hip-hop-esque. Nothing overly-energetic, which is rather perplexing, given her personality. Soft pop is more her cup of tea, nothing too loud or too fast. Laid-back, easy-going, that's the way she likes to sing. However, RARELY, if she thinks up a tune she likes, and it's more... upbeat and energetic than what she's typically comfortable with, she'll sing it. These songs are typically her Japanese ones.

Cello, Drum set
"Not very... eh... skilled though. At the cello anyways. Stupid glorified violin! Eheh..."


Anaïs has always been energetic. But, she's an odd type of energetic. She could be bursting with excitement or curiosity, and her face and tone would remain as even and composed as ever. The tone she keeps is rather casual, and heck, even a little bit tired, if one could go so far. But, on the inside and in her words, she's hyper as can be. Always wondering about all sorts of things, Anaïs is never out of things to say, be it questions or statements or whatever. Speaking of her questions, Anaïs can be a little dense sometimes, well really dense, and this causes her to ask some... inappropriate questions every so often, questions that could be considered offensive or some such thing. It's not like she's trying to offend anyone or anything, but the thing with Anaïs is, she can't always stop herself from saying the first thing that comes to her mind. Her talking, since it's hard for her to stop, can sometimes be considered annoying. Well, most of the time, actually. Not that it stops her or anything. It's like that with statements that offend others too. She doesn't see anything wrong with it, so, as far as she's concerned, why should anyone else? Now, this is all just normal Anaïs. She rarely ever gets upset, but when she does, it's rather... explosive. She's broken a lot of things (and people) in the past due to sudden fits of anger. These are always triggered by someone calling her stupid or the like. It bothers her. She's bubbly and hyper, yes. But she's not stupid. Not to herself, anyways. Another thing with Anaïs: she tends to get carried off into her own world sometimes. It's mostly due to her rampant imagination, and her childish inner self. When she's not talking and staring off into space, one could definitely assume that she's enjoying her own company. It's best not to disturb her then, unless you'd like to be bombarded with all of her inner musings. Anaïs can be quite the deep thinker, even for someone who appears not to think much at all. One would be surprised at the things Anaïs is capable of, especially for one of her mental state and demeanor.

-Calm music-
-Talking to herself-
-Interacting with others-
-People in general-
-Making friends-
-Asking questions-
-English and Japanese-
-Her family (...sorta)-
-Video games-
-Playing the drums-
-Action movies-

-Her family (...sorta)-
-Unnecessary violence-
-Being ignored-
-Her questions remaining unanswered-
-People getting offensive-
-The cello-
-Basically all string instruments-
-The flute (She doesn't like the way it sounds)-
-Being called stupid-

-Large crowds (oddly enough, even she has a limit to how many people she can be around)-
-Horror movies-

-She can talk. Forever. And ever. If that's considered a talent-

-Her constant questions and talking can be annoying at times-
-She has very little consideration for others' feelings-
-She's sensitive about her intelligence and flies off the handle if it's called into question-
-When she's given the time, she uses it to overanalyze things-
-It's hard for her to shut up sometimes-



"So, uh, is this the part where I tell my life story? Heh, that sounds weird. But, since you're already here... 'Kay. Ah... where am I supposed to start? Well, I guess I could start with my family, but... Nah, actually. That's a good idea. Uh... What to say...

Okay, so... I have a mom, like, uh, a lot of other people do. Yeah, apparently she's pretty smart. She's a doctor, you know. But she had this issue, where she was like, this giant bitch all the time. I think there's a disease for that, isn't there? There so is. I just know it. Anyways, colossal bitch, blah blah blah. I have a dad, too. Somewhere. According to Maman, he was a, uh... what'd she say? "Good-for-nothing ne'er-do-well drunk-ass son of a bitch"? Ah, something like that. Anyways, she was constantly yelling about stuff. I never really knew what, especially when I was a kid. Hell, she used to yell at me nonstop when I was little. Still not sure what her deal was. I'm pretty sure I was the only one she'd yell at too, which is totally unfair and stuff. Oh yeah, I've got two siblings. Sisters. We're all triplets, too. We're kinda hard to tell apart. Amélie and Aurélie are their names. Yup. Thaaaat's the three of us. Amélie, Aurélie, and Anaïs. I think I kinda get why I was the only one Maman yelled at. Amélie and Aurélie were always obedient. I wasn't, so much. Yeeeaaaaah, I think that's where I might've gone wrong there.

Hey, but at least Maman wasn't the only adult figure I had. She has this friend, Tadashi (he's from Japan). I don't know how they're friends at all, really. They're so damn different. Tadashi's always smiling and laughing and he's really fun and he never calls me stupid or anything. He was also the one who taught me Japanese! I like it a lot. It's very pretty. Like English, but harder, see. He started teaching me when I was around ten. It was reaaallly difficult at first, but then it got a lot... harder. Its very hard to speak Japanese correctly when you grow up having a French accent. But now I can speak it, so it's okay!

Tadashi was one of my only friends when I was a kid, though, and that's pretty depressing if you think about it, so don't think about it, okay? Amélie and Aurélie had all the friends. Heck, sometimes, I think they might've forgotten that I existed. I wouldn't be surprised. They probably would've been better suited as twins, anyway. Three's a crowd, as they say. Us three as triplets, I think, wasn't meant to happen. I wasn't lonely though. Gosh, no. I had (and still have) lots of friends. But... they're all in my head, see, so there's the problem. Oh well. Just 'cause we can't play games or go out places and double date like normal friends doesn't mean we're not friends, see? I'd get teased every once in a while, but not for long, cause, see, they'd always slip up and call me stupid, and then, well, I'd beat 'em up. That didn't start until a few years ago, though. And, yeah, it didn't really help my home situation all that much.

I only discovered the singing and stuff a few years ago, too. Maman had been kinda forcing me into the cello (which is a shitty instrument, by the way), and Tadashi had been teaching me the drums on the side (totally not shitty at all okay?). Well, then, I heard my sisters singing (they were in chorus at our school, see), and, well, I saw the way Maman seemed to approve of it, and, well, I decided that, uh, if they can sing, I can sing too. So, I just kinda... interrupted them and sang, to all three of them. They seemed to like it, but they didn't really like liking it, in my opinion. And, well, I hate to be so brutally honest, but, simply put, my sisters can't sing very well. Kinda weird how that's the only thing I'm better than them at. Well, whether she liked it or not, Maman was impressed, and, well, long story short, Tadashi said something about Uta, and... Here I am, I guess."


Character Thoughts On Others:

Sample of Voice/Instrument:
*=Audition Piece




So begins...

Anaïs Chevrier's Story

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When his father's alarm clock began sounding off its repetitive, annoying-beyond-all-reason BEEP BEEP BEEP, he almost snapped his pencil in half in his surprise. Once he'd recovered from the initial shock, he sighed irritably, eye twitching in visual annoyance. His dad was the only one out of the two of them to suffer from jet lag, though it seemed to Dameon that he was the only one paying the price. This wasn't like his dad at all. Usually, his dad would've been up at the crack of dawn, coffee in hand, watching the sun rise. Nope. Not today. Not in Japan. When jet lag hit the man, it had hit him hard; this was the third day in a row that the man had slept in, and Dameon was downright sick of it by that point. He was not a patient lad. At least, from that point on, he'd be living in a dormitory, and his father would (hopefully) hop on the first flight home.

Again, he sighed, sliding his pencil between the rings of his spiral notebook and slipping it into his bag. Damn the time! He'd been writing a random story that had come to his mind, and he'd been on a roll, too! Of course, the main character was in the process of being horribly killed, but he'd still been on a roll nonetheless! Shit happened, in the real world or otherwise, he told himself. The real world is just a bunch of rubbish.

Stretching luxuriously as he stood, Dameon then walked over to his still-snoring dad. He lifted up his leg and gave the man a rough, well-placed kick to the side, which almost ended up knocking him off the bed. At least it roused him, or started to, at least. His father grunted and rubbed his eyes, but his lack of sitting up or showing any other signs of moving irked his son further. I've had enough of this... If the old man wants to say goodbye, he'd better do it! "Wake up yeh boggin' old gobshite!" he yelled. On the inside, he was yelling at himself shortly after, however, for letting his carefully-constructed normal accent slip, and the Irish shine right through. Swearing all sorts of unseemly things in his head, he prepared to attempt to wake up his dad again, when the man suddenly shot up in his bed.

"Dameon, boy! Yer leavin' today, ain't yeh?"

"Yes, Dad!" he replied, exasperated.

Surprisingly, his dad chuckled before pulling him into a tight hug, one only a father could give to his son. When he let the boy go, he pushed him away playfully. "Well, away an' pull yer wire, then! Got yer, eh, Jap language down, do ya?"

To spite the man, he responded entirely in Japanese. "Yeah, Dad, now shut up! If I get any more of your Irish stuck in my brain, everyone will think I'm some invalid!" Smirking in triumph at the blatant confusion upon his father's face, Dameon switched to Irish one last time, hand clutching the doorknob and bag slung over his shoulder. "Bye, Dad," he said with a smile before opening the door and leaving.


After what had to have been the longest ride on any public transportation vehicle Dameon had ever been on (and ever wanted to be on), and a short walk, he found himself at what, according to his map, was Uta. He stood just in front of the gate for a minute to collect himself, although he really was only thinking one thing. Aliliú! This school is fockin' huge! And it was. It was at least twice as big as any school he'd ever been to. He almost got pushed over a few times by students milling about as he stood there and just... looked at it. It took a lot of effort to get a move on. Get your arse in gear, Louis! You look like a peasant! That was one thing his pride wouldn't allow.

It was when he was almost inside the school itself that he realized that he had absolutely no idea where the hell he was going.

He stepped over to the side to stay out of the way of others, and took a good look around. A whole lot of people seemed to be outside. Did that mean that he was supposed to stay outside, then? Was there something he was supposed to be doing? Japanese schools were weird. So damn weird. He began to feel a bit nervous, and paled slightly. Where was he supposed to go? What was he supposed to do? On the verge of frantic, his gaze found a crowd of students doing... something. It looked rather organized, though, for a crowd. Hello, dumbass, it's a line. Oh.

What the line was for, he could only guess, but he forced his feet into motion and began to wander towards it. The kids in the line looked pretty lost, too. That was a good thing. That meant that he wasn't the only one, thank God. He entered the line, although due its crowd-esque nature, he ended up farther in than he'd thought he'd be able to, though not of his own volition. He was being pushed by people shifting and shuffling this way and that. It was really starting to get on his nerves, but what took the cake was when he was knocked into hard enough to bump (quite roughly, unfortunately) into someone else- that someone else, he found when he turned to gruffly apologize, was an... emo kid?

Dameon blinked at the person he'd been pushed into. His hair pretty much covered an entire side of his face. It was tough work keeping his face from morphing into an expression of 'What-the-hell-am-I-looking-at-here?'. He quickly convinced himself that it was probably a cultural difference, something he just wasn't used to. Maybe the Japanese were fond of peek-a-boo bangs.

"Uh..." Wow, it was harder than he'd have thought to keep from staring. "Sorry?" It came out like more of a question than a statement, and for that, he started kicking himself on the inside. Hooray for starting off the day on the right foot.


"Rise and shine, Princess! School today, remember?"

Anaïs groaned loudly into her pillow, signalling to the other person to leave. But, he didn't. Soon, she felt herself being shaken, and she, on reflex, jumped out of bed immediately, going into a sort of mediocre combat position. She exclaimed in surprise as she did so, and the Japanese man who'd awoken her just stood there and laughed. Soon, she started laughing, too, a lazy, tired, good-humored laugh. They stayed like this for a minute or two, before her mother's friend, Tadashi was his name, told her to get ready to leave. With a sluggish "Aye aye, cap'n", she set about doing so, dressing in something appropriate (er, in the most appropriate clothing this French girl owned, at least). Things went relatively quick after that; a quick debate about her clothes, an equally quick breakfast, and then, the pair climbed into the elder's car and sped off, in the direction of Uta Academy. Time seemed to fly by, and the teenage girl amused herself in the car by watching the scenery pass. It was all very pretty, but nothing like home. Maybe that was what made it so enticing. Sadly, the next thing she knew, they were at the school.

Anaïs rather slowly and (as it would appear) unexcitedly slipped out of her "Uncle's" car, lazily waving goodbye to her mother's Japanese friend once she had. Tadashi smiled and waved back to her, and, after she closed the door, he sped off, leaving her in front of the gate of the school.

Ah yes, the school. She blinked, slowly, and turned around to face it in the same manner. Oh wow, she thought, and a smile came to her face. What a nice place! Gosh, I wonder if I'll make any friends here. I think I will. I hope I will! It'd suck if I didn't... Maybe there'll be kids from France here, too! Maybe I'll become friends with them! Maybe best friends! Gosh, that'd be just awesome! I hope they're not jerks... that wouldn't be awesome. That'd suck. It'd suck a lot. Beaucoup de suckage.

Slowly, lackadaisically, she began to move towards the gate. It was here that someone caught her eye: a girl, a girl with a mask. But it wasn't a cool mask, like in that movie Anaïs really liked, Friday the Thirteenth. It was like a... surgical mask. Why the heck was she wearing a surgical mask? Was she a doctor? But if she was a doctor, what was she doing at a school for singing? It didn't make much sense to Anaïs. She narrowed her eyes in her puzzlement, and, without even realizing, began to walk towards this girl in the surgical mask.

Once she was standing right behind the girl, Anaïs tapped her on the arm to make sure she had her attention. "Hey," she said, in that tired voice of hers. "Heeeey," she repeated, just in case the girl still wasn't paying attention. "Heya, are you... are you a doctor? Because, if you are, that's cool. Like, eh, really cool. Reeeeaaaally cool. Hey, do you have a... oh gosh... uh... forgot what they're called... uh..." She clapped her hands together suddenly. "Oh! Ohhhh! Yeah. Yeah, do you have a scalp...el? Scalpel? Yeah, do you have one of those? If you do, can I see it? I think those are cool. Heeeeeey, what're you doing at a singing school if you're a doctor?" Anaïs tilted her head to one side curiously. "Don't you have... doctor things to do?"

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Sora Minami | Ren Allegretto


"H-Hey! Slow down! Can't you take some time to actually look at what's around you! I mean, come on! This place it huuuuge!" Ren exclaimed, pulling his younger brother by his hood which Sora paid no mind to while he kept on walking forward, being a bunch stronger than his weak older brother.

"Don't need to... We need to find our dorms. I don't like going through crowds and all these people..." Sora said, taking glanced at all the students around him. He put on a bit of a disgusted face, but that's mostly just because he hated crowds and felt uncomfortable around that at all times.

Even with being half brothers, Ren didn't seem to notice as he walked up towards a blonde haired young man, though he was a little short for his age if that was true, and another who had black hair which covered one of his eyes. The older brother immediately suspected he was either a kid walking around, while Sora predicted he was just a short student. We all know who was right in the end, but before he could be stopped, Ren ran up to him, dragging Sora behind him, and shouted, "Heyyyy, do you guys know where the instructions to the dorms are? We're new to this school so we have no clue where anything is unfortunately." He laughed.

Sora was right behind his brother, still listening to music, but had an annoyed look on his face, only taking a single look at the strangers and then ignoring them right afterwards, 'Damn it... why can't we just look on our own?' It was a bit obvious from his aura that he didn't like being around people.

A moment later, though, the two brothers also noticed a girl beside that blonde haired guy, and, as usual, Ren was the first to speak, "Oh, am I... interrupting something?" He asked innocently, not meaning to be offensive in any way, though it didn't sound like it anyways.

"Yes, you are." Sora stated to his brother before grumbling and walking off on his own, deciding to find his dorm by himself rather than stay with a group of strangers. Unlike his brother, Sora was antisocial and just couldn't stand the groups. Especially if he didn't know them.

While he walked towards the dorms, he saw a girl with an odd white and pink hair. He even stopped for a moment just to stare at her, not in one of those perverted, adoring, or romantic types of ways, but more like he was curious, or saw something different, "Strange..." He let the words slip from his tongue, but it wasn't in a bad way, or annoyed way. Sora was just... curious, you could put it, and his way of stating it out loud was saying something that sounded negative, but wasn't meant for that reason.

Wotamin Yori

(It's hard to find images with Wotamin in a mask, so you probably won't see her with one in the pictures!)

Wotamin spaced out while staring at the large building in front of her, not hearing the stranger calling out to her the first time until she repeated, "Heeeey."

"H-Hmm?" Wotamin turned around and saw a girl, who looked young, yet also a bit mature, like she was an adult in some way. Wotamin began her judging a little too early, so she told herself to snap out of it and only listened to what this girl had to say, or ask, of her.

"Heya, are you... are you a doctor? Because, if you are, that's cool. Like, eh, really cool. Reeeeaaaally cool. Hey, do you have a... oh gosh... uh... forgot what they're called... uh..."

"Doc...tor?" Wotamin asked, tilting her head a bit, though she didn't remove her mask still. She'd ran into the situation a couple of times really. Some people noticed she was sick and was alright with it, but others thought she was a roaming and young doctor or something. Yet each time she was asked the same question, she always reacted like she was surprised, even though she's heard it over and over again.

"Oh! Ohhhh!" Wotamin almost jumped at her sudden increase in volume, but still listened, never the less, just a little shaken from her balance was all, "Yeah. Yeah, do you have a scalp...el? Scalpel? Yeah, do you have one of those? If you do, can I see it? I think those are cool. Heeeeeey, what're you doing at a singing school if you're a doctor? Don't you have... doctor things to do?"

For a while, Wotamin just watched this girl in front of her before letting out a gentle laugh. Her voice rang with maturity, sounding very much like a fully grown woman, especially with that height of hers which resembled one as well. Not to mention she even talk calmly and sweetly like a mother would to a child, "I'm not a doctor actually, dear. I'm just really sick is all." She didn't notice she might have sounded like she was trying to warn her, and she knew that if she did that, it'd be hard for her to get along with people, so she continued talking, hoping she didn't sound threatening with her illness, or because of how she sounded and looked like an adult, "I-I don't have a scalpel, in fact, I don't even have anything sharp on me at the moment. Unless you mean something like cooking utensils, then... I suppose that would count." She let out a slight childish giggle.

Then Wotamin looked at this girl again and a thought occurred to her, 'W-what if she's a teenager? I-I'm terrified of them... Oh dear... what am I supposed to do now...' She almost went stone cold after thinking this, having trouble dealing with older people or teenagers.

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"All right, mate?" the girl inquired, and, raising a brow, Dameon nodded slightly. "And you're an Irish ... No, Brit ... Hm, both!" the lass exclaimed, and Dameon blinked in surprise. Spot on, she was. But for all the odd flattering feelings he got from being identified, a part of him was disappointed. What good was talking through damn near clenched teeth and busting his ass to keep a straight tone if everyone could tell where he was from anyway? All his hard effort? Out the window! "That's quite blinding!" His inner feminine side wanted to wave his hand all daintily and say something along the lines of "Oh stop it, you!", but that would have been weird, so the rational part of his brain shut that down pretty damn quick. Why did he even have an inner woman? Wasn't that... counter productive? Christ, he was fucking weird.

"Esmeralda Farcaley, at your service, my darling! And who might you be?" the gal asked him, but he hardly had any time to answer before she spoke again. She seemed to do that a lot, from what he could tell. "Not a big moron, I hope." Same here. "Are you a big moron?" Christ, I hope not. "You don't look like one..." Aw, I'm flattered. "...but you might be!" ...Thanks. "You have really pretty eyes, and I like them, a lot." Gosh, don't make me start giggling. "Are they naturally that blue? Oh, wait, I shouldn't be asking that, when you're probably wondering if my hair and eyes are actually naturally pink ... Which they are!" Holyshithowdoesthatevenhappen? "I'm a hypocrite, aren't I? Anyways, it's nice to meet'cha! I'm a junior, sixteen years. How old are you? Oh! I'd bite your arm off for a friend like you, a fellow Brit. Care to be mates?" Here, he nodded once again, figuring it was a bit futile to try and slip a word in edgewise for the flood of words pouring from her mouth. Lo and behold, she wasn't even done yet. She waggled her fingers right up under his nose, causing him to take a small step backwards in his surprise. "By the way, how tall do you happen to be? You're a short fellow, aren't'cha? Taller then me, though, and that's what I can say!" Ain't no doubt about it. He tried not to blush. He was still growing, dammit!

He sighed, but, once again, before he could say anything, Little Miss Fountain of Energy acted again. This time, though, she was looking right at the emo guy Dameon had encountered beforehand, her eyes narrowed in what could have been either apprehension or accusation. "You're scary-looking, y'know that? Why're you so creepy? Stop being so scary!" Well, damn. Esmerelda shifted to stand behind Dameon, and he turned his head around to look at her inquisitively. "Are you a bully or just a big moron?" Jeez. Harsh much?

He half expected the guy to flip out on her, for some reason, he wasn't sure what, exactly. But the guy only smiled. It didn't seem like a smile, though. It appears to be little more than superficial. "I'm not a bully, or a big moron. I'm sorry for being scary, but what's underneath is scarier. Especially if you hear the story behind it." God dammit. He was curious again. He wanted to know what was up with this guy! Dameon frowned, trying not to think about it. It was going to eat him up if he kept dwelling on it.

After that, though the emo guy was tapped on the shoulder. At this point, Dameon quit paying attention and as the emo guy moved ahead in the line, he moved ahead with it, turning around to look at his new acquaintance. Time for small talk? Time for small talk.

"So, eh, name's Dameon Louis. And, uh, you were damn well spot on about the nationality thing, you were. I'm an ungodly spawn of a Brit and an Irishman. Nice to meet yer- uh, you. Wasn't sure I was gonna meet a Brit out here. It's hella different from Europe, that's for fackin' sure."

It took him a few seconds to realize it was his turn to register. He stepped up to a real polite-looking lady, who handed him some papers and such. He stared at them for a minute, and his heartbeat took off. Fuck. Kanji. Fucking everywhere. In Japanese, Dameon had about the literacy level of a five-year-old. He understood about... three or four things on the papers each, give or take. So, he narrowed his eyes, put some epic battle music on in the back of his mind, and winged the hell out of those papers. He probably could've asked for help, but no. Pride and all.

In what seemed like no time, the forms were done, and he handed them back to the desk woman, cocky, confident grin bright upon his face. He bid her good day, and then, not wanting to hold up the line, turned quickly and tossed a friendly smile back at Esmerelda before shuffling off. He found himself stopping next to the emo guy. He looked up at Mr. Peek-A-Boo Bangs and put on his most charismatic, inviting smile. The more friends, the merrier. "Say," he said, casual as you please. "What's your name?"


"I'm not a doctor actually, dear. I'm just really sick is all." Anaïs frowned at the lady's answer. Her voice was nice and soothing, like the exact opposite of her maman's voice, cold and intimidating. This lady's was calm and warm, and Anaïs decided that she liked it. It was a shame that this lady was sick, though. A thought crossed her mind: What if it was contagious? Anaïs remembered the last time she was sick, and the mental image wasn't pretty in any sense of the word. But, she liked this lady, and really hoped that she wouldn't be sick for too long, or else, well, that'd suck.

"I-I don't have a scalpel, in fact, I don't even have anything sharp on me at the moment. Unless you mean something like cooking utensils, then... I suppose that would count." Anaïs blinked twice. Cooking... utensils? Her eyes brightened, yet her tone remained the same as she spoke immediately, hardly processing the words, just repeating thoughts.

"Cooking utensils? Like... a spatula? Do you have a spatula? Like, for flipping? Or one of those prong thingies that they stab steaks with?" To illustrate, she made a jabbing motion with her hand, piercing an imaginary slab of meat. Just as suddenly, though, she stopped her motion, returning her hands to her sides. She started rocking back and forth on her feet, like a child, as she continued to talk to her new-found acquaintance. "Hey, so, you're sick and all, right? Can't you just take some medicine and make it better? Oh, if I stood really close to you, could I get it to? It's not contagious, is it? Is it terminal?" Her eyes widened. "Zut alors! I hope it's not! Ohmygosh that would suck, like, so bad." She smiled again, brighter this time. "But if it's not, that's awesome. Hey, my name's Anaïs. I'm from France and stuff. What's your name? You look Japanese. Are you Japanese? I think you're Japanese. Yeah. That's what I think."

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Sora Minami | Ren Allegretto


While Ren spaced out again, thinking about his random thoughts as he always did before he heard his name get called and being grabbed from behind, "Ren!"

He turned around just in time to be bear hugged by someone he didn't realize at first because he was spacing out so much at the time until he finally heard her voice, "You're coming here, too? How come you never told me? Is Sora here, too?"

Immediately, Ren cracked a smile on his face, though it was a bit mischievous in some way. Unlike most people, who he was very friendly to, towards his close friends, like the one hanging on to him, he was able to be the mischievous and childish little him he always was on the inside, "Nice to see ya again, shorty! And yeah, obviously we're coming here! I just didn't tell you because I knew you'd be disappointed that you didn't get in either!" He stuck out his tongue teasingly. He almost seemed completely opposite all of a sudden, but that was because he was so good at acting and hiding his true nature.

"Yeah, Sora goes here too." Ren seemed to have sighed, "I'm surprised a expressionless idiot like him could get into such a classy academy... Honestly, and he doesn't seemed amazed or content with anything!" He exaggerated, since Sora was really alright with everything and actually very content, "Are you going here too, Hana?"

"I missed you this Summer. Where did you and Sora go this year?"

Ren chuckled a little as she put her chin on his shoulder and asked her question as he patted her head and said, "As did we. Honestly, we searched every where for you! But you were too short to find in such a crowd of tall people... Ah, where did we go? Well, as usual, Sora stayed indoors all summer long; you know how much he hates getting outside too much. I, on the other hand, went on a little trip to lovely France for a while and came back. Beautiful place really, reminds me of you, dear!" He teased, partially, "And my brother's here actually, don't worry! The little boy just left me was all, Sora! Come back here! A guest has come to visit us!" He called out to his brother.

Sora turned around slowly after hearing his name get called out loud by his brother. A slightly disgusted look came to his face as he saw the usual and daily grin of his older half-brother, "What the hell is it this time Ren-" He was suddenly cut off when he saw a long lost childhood friend of his; Hana.

A very, very surprised look came to his face as he asked, in his regular quiet tone, but being close enough for the two to hear, " What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?" He knew she was a great singer, but for some reason, didn't take in the thought of her going to the same school as them. But when he finally did, in his thoughts, a small smile appeared on his face. An actually, small, and genuine smile.

The thought of going to school with both his brother and his childhood friend again made him happy for some reason, as much as he had a sort of love-hate for his brother and an odd relationship with Hana. But it made him smile for once, but he quickly tried to wipe it away by coughing and waiting for her to respond.

Wotamin Yori


"Cooking utensils? Like... a spatula? Do you have a spatula? Like, for flipping? Or one of those prong thingies that they stab steaks with?"

Wotamin laughed a little, looking to the side and trying to conceal it by hushing herself to quiet down, though it was hard to keep in since it looked like the girl in front of her was very childish. Hoping not to look rude, she answered as she thought she should, "I-I suppose you could say that, dear."

"Hey, so, you're sick and all, right? Can't you just take some medicine and make it better? Oh, if I stood really close to you, could I get it to? It's not contagious, is it? Is it terminal? Zut alors! I hope it's not! Ohmygosh that would suck, like, so bad."

The sick looking woman thought about it for a while before then saying, "Yes, I am sick unfortunately. And... well... I don't know really! I tried to ask them what to do, but it seems like there's nothing that'll help so far." She said with a disappointed tone, yet went on after switching her emotion to a smile, "And don't worry! It's not terminal, no need to be concerned dear." Again, she let out a small chuckle.

Though, she kept on wondering if the girl was a teenager. She did act a little childish, which wasn't bad, but is made Wotamin think she was young. She always had trouble around younger people. But so far, if the girl in front of her, was actually quite young, then she wasn't feeling that bad around her, which was great.

"But if it's not, that's awesome. Hey, my name's Anaïs. I'm from France and stuff. What's your name? You look Japanese. Are you Japanese? I think you're Japanese. Yeah. That's what I think."

Wotamin held out her hand for a greeting and introduced herself, "Wotamin Yori, pleasure to meet you, Anaïs. And yes, I am from Japan, though my first name is a little odd since it was... in some way, made up by my parents. I could tell you were french from those two words I heard you say. Zut... alors, was it?" She tried to imitate her, but only knowing Japanese, it was hard to speak a foreign language, even though it was only two words.