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Chihaya Ogiwara


0 · 225 views · located in Uta Academy ; Japan

a character in “Uta Academy”, as played by Leej10100


Chihaya Ogiwara

| Name | "...Chi is fine..."
Chihaya Ogiwara

| Age | "...19...such a big number..."

| Gender | "..."

| Height | "...Short..."

| Weight | "...I only eat sweets..."

| Oddities | "...I have...a few..."
He has narcoleptic, so he's prone to falling asleep or collapsing at random moments now and then. Not that he really minds, though. Another one is he constantly stares at the sky, during the day and at night, he usually trips over things and hurts himself whenever he goes somewhere. It isn't perfect pitch, because to Chi it doesn't matter if it's perfect or not, so it's more like he has an ear for music. Chi can see a musical score in his head, and wherever he goes it has some musical instrument playing along with the notes inside his brain. He will memorize the notes and whenever the song finishes, he will stop what he's doing and will start playing it, no matter what. You could say that the only thing Chi thinks about and hears is music, which he does. Every musical score usually lasts about 5 to 10 minutes each.

| Sexuality | "...I like both..."

| Romantic Interest | "...Love?..."
The only thing Chi has ever loved was his instruments, anything else wasn't important.

| Nationality | "...Three..."
1/3 Japanese | 1/3 American | 1/3 Australian

| Job | "...Enjoyable..."
Has a part-time job after-school teaching children from ages 5 to 13 how to play instruments.

| Type of Singer | "...Don't typically like I don't do it..."
Chi's singing voice is a wide vocal range that includes notes typical of both male and female voice types. His voice is naturally able to sing both vocal ranges, so he never has to strain it to hit a certain note. The type of songs he sings derive from the genres of: Electropop, J-pop, Pop Rock, Classical, and English. He doesn't mind other genres of singing, but it's not really his style to sing anything other than those five things. He is a very talented singer though he doesn't often sing, because of the fact he doesn't want to. His laziness gets in the way of him singing, so the end result is that he just doesn't sing all together. Though when you go deeper into the subject you start to figure out, it has more to do with something, other than laziness...something much deeper. So it is a rare moment when you hear Chi sing, other than him singing at random moments when alone.

| Instrument(s) | "...I rather play than sing..."
Chi likes instruments that produce clam and gentle sounds, but at the same time fast and energetic. The types of music he plays with his instruments are different than the song he sings. He will play any thing from covers to original instrumental music. It never mattered to him, as long as he could play his instruments and hear music. Chi isn't limited on how many instruments he can play, since his Father was a famous musician who played a number of instruments, it was only natural for him to teach Chi all the instruments he knew how to play. Chi learnt them all, but he only chose seven out of the instruments he learnt to pursue, than out of those seven picked four which he truly enjoyed and that is what he plays on a normal bases. Though there are moments that he may step out of those four instruments and play other ones that aren't on the list, but that is rare.

Violinist | Cellist | Pianist/Keyboardist | Flutist | Drummer {Isn't really fond of Drums, but will play if needed} | Guitarist {Again another instrument Chi rarely uses} | Bassist {Another rarely used instrument}


| Personality | "...Don't try to change me..."
Chi came from a sheltered family. Butlers and Maids at his beak and call; some would think he is a spoiled prince that only cares for himself, and in some ways that is true. Chi is an lethargic musician whose life revolves around music. At school, he can only be seen either sleeping outside of class, studying music, stare gazing or playing his instruments. He likes to do things at his own pace. When awake, he is drowsy all the time and often seems confused or in a daze. Chi speaks slowly and politely, in a quiet voice, and can be found sleeping anywhere, anytime. When he was young, many of the maids and butlers would call him “Sleeping Beauty” because of his handsome looks and his habit of sleeping at random places. Outside of sleeping, Chi absorbs himself in music by often attending concerts and musical events, going to the library to read about music, studying the history of music and structures of instruments, teaching other children how to use instruments, and playing his own instruments. Because of this lifestyle, he doesn't seem to have many friends. Because of his drowsy manner many people think of him as arrogant and rude at first glance, which he never corrects so the impression stays. Honestly, Chi could care less if anyone likes him or not. He doesn't believe that he has to prove himself to others, just to get attention from them. Though this way of thinking probably came from his Father who, always forced Chi to be the best in everything. His father was a very arrogant man, which Chi could never stand. This is why Chi can't stand gaudy people who play or sing just to show off, instead of actually playing or singing just for the enjoyment and for their own comfort.

Chi isn't a socially awkward person, he can actually start a conversation if he truly desired, but it would only be about star gazing and music. Chi is a easy-going, amicable kind of person, despite his drowsy demeanor, he usually seems to be in good spirits regardless of the situation, as long as whatever he is doing has to do with music. Due to his condition and rather laid back disposition in general, he doesn't care much for appearances and prefers to dress as comfortably as he can for whenever (and wherever) he does suddenly fall asleep. He isn't the most attentive person because of these spells, but he likes listening and being around others long as they are talking about music or star gazing. He doesn't care for people who like to talk, but he doesn't mind them either. He is a more peace and quiet kind of guy. He enjoys sky gazing if he has absolutely nothing else to do, usually tripping over something cause he isn't paying attention. It isn't Chi's fault, but he can only think and hear music, wherever he goes. He has a musical score inside his brain which shows him notes, and actually how the instrument would sound once playing the tune. Be it bad or good Chi will drop everything he is doing and will test it out in reality to see the results. He has this mindset that if you aren't talking about music or sky gazing he won't listen to you, usually tuning you out.

Chi has a very passive, calm and seemingly apathetic attitude toward everything other than music. Along with his passive and sluggish demeanor, Chi has a fetish for "conserving energy" and never uses energy unless absolutely necessary; thus he comes off as lazy...which he is. Though people like his quiet and peaceful manner, they try to test him by doing things to get him upset. There has only been one incident where he blew up...but he rather not talk about. Even though Chi is slow in manner, he is surprisingly wise and clever, accordingly, he's unbelievably good at solving mysteries and seems to be able to always find a solution if he gives it a thought.

| Likes | "...Are we done yet?..."

| Dislikes | "...I guess not..."

| Fears | "...I rather not talk about this..."

| Talents | "...I don't like this either..."

| Flaws | "...I'm okay with this..."

| Hobbies | "...This is my favorite..."


| Bio | "...Just because I grew up rich financially...doesn't mean I grew up rich physically...or mentally..."

| Other | "...WIP..."

| Character Thoughts On Others | "...WIP..."

| Sample of Voice/Instrument| "...WIP..."

| Voice | "...WIP..."

Tears In | Piko
Rollin' Merry Go Round | Piko
Invisible | Piko

| Violin | "...WIP..."
Adele | Skyfall | Jun Sung Ahn Violin Cover
Written in the stars (Electric Violin Cover by Cait Lin) | Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner
Christina Perri | Jar of Hearts | Jun Sung Ahn Violin Cover

| Piano & Cello | "...WIP.."

| Flute | "...WIP..."

So begins...

Chihaya Ogiwara's Story