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Esmeralda Farcaley

"Don't mistake me for a kid. I'm a lot fiercer then you would think!"

0 · 523 views · located in Uta Academy ; Japan

a character in “Uta Academy”, as played by Kura Ravengade



Name: Esmeralda Everett Farcaley
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115lbs
Oddity: She seems to have ADHD, for she's always seen running around and screaming. She has far too much energy for her small body, and puts it to use whenever she is given the chance, which is explained in her history. She also has an extreme fear of cutting her hair and of water. She is perfectly alright when it comes to showers and bathtubs, but with pools, lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans, and the like, cause her to stiffen up, and when threatened to be pushed or thrown into one, she becomes a helluva banshee to deal with.
Sexuality: Straight
Romantic Interest: None at the moment; she doesn't really fawn over guys. "Oh, that guy over there? Yeah, he's cute, I guess, but he's probably a knuckle-butt!"
Nationality: Caucasian; Great Britain
Job: Journalist in Training
Type of Singer: Having always been a fast, upbeat type of person, Esme tends to sway more to Rock and Pop Rock, both in English and Japanese, for sh adores both, and her voice is well-suited for both. At times, she enjoys singing American Country - not the hick type, but the type that's words actually mean something.
Instrument(s): She's played the guitar since she was very little, but struggles at singing and playing at the same time. She also can play the drums, violin, and the piano, but the last two are her best, and she is quite skilled at singing and playing the piano at the same time.


Personality: Having been unable to live the life that she wanted to growing up, she instead began to live it out in her teenage years, once she was released from the hospital. She is a complete spit-fire, full of energy at nearly all times, and extremely immature. She enjoys rough-housing and can easily take down quite a few opponents who underestimated her due to her height. However, she still had very sensitive bones and muscles, and if she were to do anything drastic, could shatter a bone very easily. Although she hates her disadvantages, she doesn't allow them to keep her from doing what she wants, and is often yelled at by the school nurse, her brother, or her parents for overdoing it.

Despite all of this, Esme is an adorable young lady who looks like she's twelve, but is four years older, in actuality. She adores cute things, and if someone were to see her room, it would be exactly as they would have pictured it; littered with stuffed animals, and would look as though a unicorn threw up on it. Her pink hair often makes people stare at her, but as long as they don't say anything about it, she's fine with them staring. Hair teasing was her and her brother's thing, and no one else's, which is precisely why she is so afraid of cutting her hair, which is what gives it it's long length,

Despite all of this, also, she is extremely loyal and a great friend. She listens to other's problems and never whines about her own, and has a happy outlook on life. She can be serious when it is absolutely needed, and often says some very deep quotes that one would think a famous person had once said, but in actuality, she made up on the spot. Although she may seem to be ditsy, she's extremely bright, and has an IQ of 158.

Likes: ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ Fears:
~ Sugar ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Spiders
~ Cake ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Heights
~ Candy ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Water
~ Jokes ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Planes
~ Cats ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Cars
~ Music ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ The Dark
~ English Class ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Her hair being cut
~ Art ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Hatred
~ Love ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Being Ostracized
~ Sports ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Dogs

Talents: ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ Dislikes:
~ Writing ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ The Dark
~ Sports ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Water
~ Multilingual ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Cars
~ She is extremely good with children and animals ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Planes
~ Making people laugh ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Heights
~ Singing ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Sour Tastes
~ Playing violin and guitar ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Hatred
~ English Class ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Bullies
~ Puzzles ~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~'.'~ ~ Losing

~ She is often found to be unable to be serious about really anything, and it upsets people quite often
~ She is terrible at mathematics and sciences
~ She can be quite immature at times
~ Writing (Creative and Journalism)
~ Singing
~ Guitar and Violin
~ Fashion
~ Softball, Cheerleading, Soccer, Volleyball


Bio: If one were to look at Esme, they would never believe that she had a past such as hers. Yes, she came from a good home. Two loving parents, a protective older brother who doted upon her, and loving relatives, such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles. However, if one were to dig deeper beneath thee surface of her past, they would reveal the ugly truth of the ordeals she had gone through.

It was nothing to do with abuse of any kind. In fact, her entire family positively adored the radiant, pink-fluff of a child that was the youngest in the family. She was, in short terms, spoiled.

She never took this to her advantage, however, and only asked for the things that she absolutely needed.

At the age of four, however, she was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Although rare in females, it occurs in one out of every 3,600 males, and only occurs in children. It can last throughout teenage years and into adulthood, however, and often results in death. A child's muscles gradually become weaker, and it first spreads throughout the legs and pelvis, to the arms and other important limbs. It causes frequent falls and inability to balance correctly, often causing the child to fall and hurt themselves, or to walk awkwardly.

Although Esme's case was serious, and she was eventually hospitalized by the age of eight, her family never once stopped fawning over her. Her brother even managed to sneak into her hospital room to bring her a ball of snow, for she loved the snow as a child.

Esmeralda came close to dying four times from the time she was diagnosed, until she reached the age of thirteen. As soon as she reached that age, though, she suddenly began to improve in her condition. It was a miracle, the doctors had said, for they believed she would not live to see her fifteenth birthday.

At the age of fourteen, she was finally and truly released from the hospital.

As soon as she was out of the hospital and able to be a growing child again, she took on a child-like manner. Having been hospitalized at such a young age, the world was a new and wondrous place to her, and she couldn't seem to get enough of it. Yes, she missed the other children at the hospital, and the kind nurses, but she did not miss the actual hospital itself. She took up learning several sports in addition to her musical abilities, for she hadn't had much else over the five years that she was hospitalized. While in the hospital, she often entertained the younger children by singing or playing music for them.

When she managed to be accepted to Uta Academy in Japan, she jumped at the chance.

Her parents were both rich business people, and had taught her from a very young age of other countries and their history, culture, and language. Japan was one of the main countries that they ran business with, and on the rare occurrence that Esme was allowed to leave the hospital, Japan was one of the only countries they visited.

She fell in love with the cherry blossom trees the first time that she saw them, when she was six years old.

Her brother would always push her in her wheelchair throughout the town they would be staying in, just so she could see the beautiful cherry blossoms.

"Big brother, look-it! They're like my hair!"

A chuckle was her reply. "Yes, they are, Ezzy. They're just like your hair. All pink and cotton-candy-like," he would grin in response.

It was a game that they would play; both of them teasing the other about their hair colors. His blue, hers pink.

Ever since being released from the hospital and accepted into the Academy, she had become a young woman that embraced her inner child, just a bit too much.

Other: Esme is forced to take medication on a daily basis in order to ensure that she remains healthy, and must visit the school nurse every other day for a routine check-up, and once a week to receive a shot of steroids into each core muscle in her body. It keeps her healthy and surprisingly strong, but it's quite bothersome for her.

Also, when people aren't around, she is refined to a wheelchair, which she absolutely despises.

Esme is multilingual, for she speaks Japanese, Chinese, English, Gaelic, Russian, Italian, French, German, and Spanish, due to her having had so much time alone in the hospital, and her parents business travels.

ImageCharacter Thoughts On Others: N/A
Sample of Voice/Instrument:
Audition Song ~ Crow

There's a wall of shutters behind me.
My fingertips smell like steel.
Move ahead! Strum those strings! It's crowded, at any rate.
Find a way from here.
You'll find what you're looking for.
Let's rock out and play on.
Gaze into the distance
Inside this city where you can't even take a breather.

The starry sky is the best stage of them all. Image
The crows cry out, "Caw, caw," above me.
I'm always thinking of them. I wonder when they'll go to sleep.
Find a way - I will too,
In a song for me to sing out.
Rock out and let it echo.
With the crows, I'll sing out.

How long will I exist in this place?
I feel like there were people who once said that.
If you're only going to say annoying things,
Let the jet black wings carry you away and just disappear.

With all my power, I'm about to collapse.
My fingers are worn out and in pain,
But, still, I'll perform. Tonight will be a big story.
Find a way from here.
You'll find what you're looking for.
Let's rock out and play on.
I'll take my luck and sing it out.

No matter how long, I'll exist here
Within all the people who pass through.
On this stage enclosed in the darkness,
I sing my poem of hope right now.
Even you must also be tired.
I want to send this to that back of yours -
From within the pitch darkness,
The song of light that gleams with hope...
Yes, that song...

Her most recent song ~ Alchemy

I want to live forever and if I could live forever everything would come true
But everything I have keeps driving me
ImageDuring the time I have left to live where can I find my dreams?
Even though everything is precious to me
It’s no problem; I’ll just have a little snack right here
I took pride when I quit thinking like that

Looking back on the path I walked I’ve had enough of only having the things I hate
The things I have experienced brighten the path that I wanted to live

I want to live as much as I can; The days of only hurrying all vanish
But I try to skip even though I’m not completely exhausted; I had such contradictory thoughts
I guess I didn’t know that I got hit somewhere on the head
It’s okay; I’ll go to a nearby hospital for a bit
Could you give me medicine to keep me up forever?

Even if I just stand up I’m already turning into a fossil
Like being forgotten by everyone I’ll become a dusty existence

It’s no problem; I’ll show you a bit of my will-power
I slap my own face as proof of my existence

Not looking back on the path I walked even if it’s only the things I hate I’ll move forward
The things I have experienced brighten the existence that I’ll show you that I’ll become.

A Lullaby
Requiem day that
on which will arise from the burning coals
man accused to be judged.
therefore, O God, do Thou spare him,
faithful Lord Jesus,
grant them rest. Amen.



♥ = romantic || ☺= friends || ☠ = enemies || ◑ = neutral
Hyperactive, Crazy, Loyal
"Do you really want to call me short? Really?"

Sora Minami - "Who, the really lazy guy that eats a lot? He's a real weirdo! I guess he's nice though ... But he's still a big weirdo!"

Fate Sarutobi - "He's really scary-looking! He looks like a big, creepy guy that's a big bully! I don't know him, but I don't want to! He's scary!"

Chihaya Ogiwara - "... He looks like a girl ... Enough said ... But I like him anyway!"

Dameon Louis - "He's a grumpy old fart who needs to have some fun and be nice for once. If that pole was any further up his butt, I'd be able to pull it out of his mouth! But ... He's the closest person that I can relate to at this school. At least his somewhat British. I could use the friend ... Not that I'd be friends with a meanie, though!"

Tristan Aeol - "... He makes me so sad. He's like a big teddy bear that just needs letting out. The poor dummy doesn't realize what he's doing to himself by being so sad all the time. I tried giving him a sucker once, but he just threw it away. How mean! I wish he'd smile, just one though ..."

Nick O'Shields - "Yeah, he's okay, I guess. But he's too quiet! I just wanna give him a big noogie and make him talk!"

Jun Katanami - "Eh, we have a love-hate relationship going on ... He's, like, bipolar to me, I swear! One minute he's all sweet and nice, and the next, he's crazy intense on something! He's a weirdo. But he's really cute ... What!? No, I didn't say that!"

Jack Caraway#08088A - "The creepy pervert? Ugh! That guy tried to push me into a pool! What a jerk! I'll never forgive him! I don't care that he was joking. He's a big jerk!" ☠

Robin Dumas- "I don't know him very well. He's a quiet one, and he needs to talk more! I can tell he's trying hard here, though, and I gotta give him props for that."


Wotamin Yori - [Color=Color of choice!]"Your characters thoughts on this one."[/color]

Saki Ai Yuuki - [Color=Color of choice!]"Your characters thoughts on this one."[/color]

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Haruka Okada - [Color=Color of choice!]"Your characters thoughts on this one."[/color]

Esmeralda Farcaley - [Color=Color of choice!]"Your characters thoughts on this one."[/color]

So begins...

Esmeralda Farcaley's Story

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"Give it back, you big bully!"

"And why should I, you annoying little pest? You should learn to mind your elders!"

"MY elders? We're in the same grade, you numb skull!"

"As if! You're, what, five-two? You're short enough to be a sixth-grader! I don't even believe you're in high school!"

At that insult, Esme's face slowly began to brighten, until it was a crab-red. "I'm not short!" With that shout out in the air, she threw her small body at the six-something boy, slammed into his abdomen, and tackled him to the ground. Before the boy could even react, he was face-first in grass, and Esme was on his back, painfully bending his left leg and right arm so they reached past each other.

"Say uncle, you jerk!"

"Uncle! Uncle! I give, I give! You can have your stupid notebook back, jeez!"

His leg and arm flopped to the ground and she hopped off of his body, snatched up her notebook, and darted back several feet. The boy, on the other hand, writhed on the ground, groaning over the pain in his limbs.

"Oh, suck it up, you big flea-bitten baby. I thought guys were supposed to be tough," she snapped, glaring at him. "Hmph!" She stuck her nose in the air, and with a pout, spun on her heel and started away.

It was just her luck that at that moment, the boy decided to recover. She didn't realize what had happened until it did. One moment she was standing, and the next, she was being carried over a shoulder fireman style, held immobile by his two arms. She let out a shriek and landed punches with small fists on his back, her legs kicking in the air, as soon as she saw where they were headed.

The school pool.

Why me? Why am I always the one that ends up getting picked on? It isn't fair! Why can't it be someone else for once?

"Let me go! Put me down! Stop it, stop it, no - AH!"

With a shriek, she felt herself suddenly airborne, and then the cold water hit her skin.

Immediately her panic began to set in. She went under the water screaming, and came up doing the same. After thrashing around for several moments, she managed to reach the side of the pool, where she pulled herself as quickly -and clumsily - as possible from the water.

She didn't stop moving until she was nearly 30 feet from the water's edge.

By then, she was sobbing, thick tears rolling down her cheeks, her naturally pink eyes tinged red and her throat sore as she fought back the tears.

She wiped at her face with her soaking uniform's sleeve, but only succeeded in wetting her face more.

She sniffed a little.

And she burst into tears.

To the outside onlooker, she appeared to be a child who had gotten her candy taken away. At a closer look, however, it would reveal that she was a teenager, and her wet status would give away what had occurred.

Why does the world hate me?

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#, as written by Damioa

Jun wasn't happy at all. That was just saying the least. He stepped outside the limo and looked at the gorgeous school that stood before him. Sure he was anxious to be there, but the conversation with his parents earlier made his whole mood switch.
"I don't care if you take that guitar of yours with you but remember, we are a family of violinist. Anything other than that profession and you would have spoiled our name. Do I make my self clear?"
"Yes mam."
His mom was always strict when it came to the type of music the family should be known for. She was american, yet she despised rock. Maybe it was because of her up bringing? Jun didn't know. All he knew was that he despised her controlling attitude. He was letting the conversation and his thoughts about it swirl up in his head when suddenly he heard screaming coming from around the school. 'What was that?' He thought as he ran towards it, passing a boy along the way.
What he ended up seeing made him angry. A little girl was crying right in front of him. He didn't know that the school let in little kids. She was soaked too. He dropped his bag and grabbed a towel from it and handed it to her saying, "Here. Use this to dry yourself off. I'll be back." He left her and went in the direction of that kid, who happened to be taller then him.
Tapping him on his shoulder he spoke. "Hey buddy. Did you throw that girl into the pool?"
"So what If I did?" The boy spat back at him.
"Then I think you should apologize."
"Yeah. Who's gonna make me?"
Jun didn't like to start fights, but people who tried to dominate others just because they were bigger. Well, he just couldn't stand it. The boy through the first punch and Jun proceeded with his rebuttal. It was actually a pretty hard fight for Jun, who was more pissed now because his clothes were ruined. Hopefully he would have time to change before the opening ceremony.
He returned to the pink haired girl with a black eye, a grin, and the boy who tried to fight him. "Hey miss. I beleive this guy has something he wants to say to you." He said.
The sniffling boy said, "I'm...I....I'm sooooorryyyyy." and as soon as Jun let him go he ran away crying. 'I have to make sure not to get into any fights. My mom wouldn't be pleased to hear about them.' Jun thought, his mind set back on his mother again.

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#, as written by Xiiver
Kaori Collins

The alarm clock didn't ring this morning. It never did because Kaori simply did not own one. The shock it gave her in the morning was not good for her, it would make her feel shaky rest of the day. So, instead her second eldest brother, Shin, gently woke her up by pulling up the drapes, revealing the morning sun. Kaori slowly opened her eyes and yawned as she sat up, still in a drowsy state. A few seconds after sitting up another head became visible from underneath her covers. It was her ten year old little sister, Mimi.
"You let Mimi sleep in your bed again?" Her brother asked in a slightly annoyed tone.
"I did." Kaori answered as she got out of bed, walking towards her wardrobe. Mimi had entered her room during the night. She had had a nightmare and Kaori just couldn't say no. She'd never tell, but it made her feel safer with someone next to her aswell.
"You shouldn't let her. She's too old for it now." To this Kaori snorted.
"Tsh, you let me sleep next to you until I was twelve and Mimi slept next to mom. Oh, and you used to sleep next to Taku, remember?" This made him blush and leave the room.
"Whatever! Just get ready for school! It's your first day!" Kaori rolled her eyes as she got dressed. Her siblings and her were actually really close. Kaori was smiling as she noticed Mimi kept on snoozing in her bed. As she finished getting dressed, she walked over to Mimi and gently lifted her and carried her downstairs since the breakfast was ready.

Heading out the door Kaori's smile was still plastered on her face. She was so excited to get to school and do what she loves. She had her bag hanging over her shoulder with her harp in it aswell as books and such.
The school was half en hour walk from her house but Kaori didn't have the patience to walk all the way so she took her bike and managed to get there in fifteen minutes.

She stood in awe at the gates for a good few minutes before she heard a scream and what sounded like a splash. She already noticed a dark haired boy running towards the sound and another one running away from the scene. Kaori quickly parked her bike and ran towards the scream. As she did she passed the dark haired boy again, he was chasing the other boy.
Kaori saw the girl standing soaking wet. She approached her and squated in front of her, placing her hands on her shoulders.
"My goodness are you alright? You must be freezing! Who did this to you?" As she asked, the dark haired boy returned and apparantly, the boy he was chasing was the culprit. He apologized and ran away.
Kaori looked at the dark haired boy and smiled gently. "You did a good thing." Then she turned her attention the the soaking wet girl.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by darkune
Nick O'Shields

Image Nick being confused as ever got out of the train terminal being escorted by two security officers. Nick had received employment at the school he was attending as a campus police officer of sorts, but the people outside of campus were a bit weary of him owning a firearm on his own. Maybe I should put this in my suitcase, that may save me a bit of trouble once I get to the campus and get my uniform. Nick thought with a but of a laugh and put his sidearm into his suitcase for the time being.

After a long ride to the school Nick pulled up to the gates and entered into his first day at a new school. Students were flocking into the Academy by the hundreds trying to get to their respective housing arrangements, but Nick went straight to the Security Office and received his uniform,jacket, armband, and sidearm. They made him relinquish his personal handgun which really didn't bother him as long as he got a replacement. Honestly he really only wanted to go to his dorm and lay down for a few minutes before heading off to the opening ceremony, but the person he was working for made him get dressed in his uniform and watch over the opening ceremony like most of the other guards had to.

After putting on all of his uniform Nick made his way down to the campus to see that everyone was crowded around the swimming pool, but didn't want to be a part of the mob mentality without back-up so he left it alone. "I know I am going to feel rotten if I don't do what I can to help." Nick muttered before doubling back and asking someone what had happened. "Some guy threw that girl in the pool, but another guy came to help and it's alright now." A student tried explaining to Nick the situation, but he just couldn't follow the way she had said it due to her lack of being able to tell a story with the right facts necessary. "I know you said it was alright now, but I am just going to see if they need my help." Nick told the girl and made his way to the pool before seeing a few students about ten feet away from the edge of the water. One was running away by the time Nick had gotten to the front and the others were talking to a very wet student who was crying on the ground, one was even bent down trying to get the girl to stop crying.

"Are you all alright? Sorry I couldn't help much, but I had just gotten here." His armband fell down to his elbow before Nick pinned it to his shirt sleeve and wondered if he should call for the school nurse to help him with this situation. Dang already fresh off the train and already straight into work, just my luck. Nick thought and wondered if his elder brother Andrew had to handle a similar situation his first day of work.

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Everything as this school was so ... Weird. She'd never been on her own in Japan before, so this being her first time, she had yet to actually really speak to anyone from there for anything other then basic necessities, or translating for her family members.

The sudden onslaught of people was definitely disconcerting for Esme.

One moment she stood there, crying into her already wet uniform, and the next, a boy much taller then her - of course that wasn't abnormal. Due to her illness, her growth was stunted, so she was now abnormally short for her age. If one were to look at her face, however, they would be able to tell that she was a teenager - was shoving a towel into her hands. Through her tears and red eyes, for the chlorine of the pool had managed to get into them and stung terribly, she could tell that it was, indeed, a teenage boy, and a tall one at that. In the next moment, he was gone.

After his absence, she attempted to get a hold of her tears and sobbing. She lifted the towel to her face and rubbed at it, leaving her cheeks red and a bit scratched, and when she lowered it, a young woman dropped her hands on Esme's shoulders, her expression portraying her obvious worry.

Her lips were purple and trembling a bit, her teeth chattering, and she tossed the towel around her shoulders, holding it together in front of her chest.

"I-I'm alright," she stuttered, both from her remaining upset state, and the cold that had seeped into her bones. "Just c-c-cold," she managed to stammer, coughing a little. The apology meant nothing to her, and she glared after the boy, suddenly fired up. "Yeah, you'd better run, you big moron! If I see you again, I'll beat you to a pulp!" she shouted after him. Immediately afterwards, however, she sobered, and turned to face what was now a congregation of three very worried people around her.

She looked down for a moment, her embarrassment evident, and then sighed a bit. She pouted a little. "I'm sorry I worried you all so much," she said. She was slowly drying, and instead of keeping the towel, she removed it and held it out to the boy who had given it to her. "I'm Esme, eleventh grade," she said, using America and Great Britain's explanation for their years in high school. "And you are?" she asked, looking at the three.

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#, as written by DyLAn:D
Charlie Hansen

Charlie groaned quietly as someone shook her shoulder and she lifted her bed for her mother's hosiptal bed.
A young nurse with bright red hair and a kind smile was looking down at her, sympathy and concern clearly seen through her dark blue orbs.
"Miss i'm afraid it is morning and dont you have school?" the young nurse, Hinata, asked and Charlie nodded and looked back at her sleeping mother.
School, she loved school but how is it going to help her with the now, to help pay for her mother's hospital bills and her surgeries, to get rid of the cancer so she could have her mom back.
"Yes i will take care of her right?" Charlie asked. One thing about Charlie is that she had trust issues and she was also very protective.
"Of course Miss" Hinata said kindly but Charlie could hear the edge in her voice from her ego being wounded. Nodding Charlie gracefully lifted herself from the uncomfortabled plastic chair and kissed her mother's cheek before leaving the room and exiting the hospital. It only took her twenty minutes to get from the hospital to the school, unlike if she was at home it would be close to a three hour jog.
The sight of the school made her lip's tilt up slightly in a smile and she weaved her way through the crowd, no one noticing her, no one caring. But her forest green eye's strayed from the front door to the pool side and she stopped her fast paced walking and looked over. Many people were crowded around so being the shy person she is, Charlie decided to take the roof. The was an over-hanging balcony over the people that was strong enough to hold her weight and she would be able to see everyone perfectly but no one would see her.
With that thought she took out her school key they gave her when she started working at the school and unlocked the janitor door that led to the roof. She swiftly opened it, went in then locked it again and ran up the stair's to thee roof.
The wind blew her curly pale blonde hair around her and she shifted it out of her eye's then pulled the hood from her hoodie over her head and made her way to the balcony. As she got to the edge Charlie glanced down to see some people crowding around a girl with pink hair. She looked chilled to the bone and on instinct Charlie removed her baggy dark green hoodie and let it drop, the wind floating it gracefully down onto the pink haired girl's lap and before anyone could look up Charlie back away and dissappear back into the school.

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#, as written by Damioa
Jun noticed another girl, maybe about his age, now standing over the girl. "You did a good thing." She said to him. As she looked at him her eyes sparkled. They seemed to reflect the sun and the sky. Jun, having never really been complimented on something he did by a woman, not even his own mom, blushed. The girls in his old school were shallow. All they ever did was talk about his looks and say that they liked his music, but, he didn't feel they understood what he was saying.
"W-Well... It was just the right thing to do I guess." He said, slightly turning away.

"Yeah, you'd better run, you big moron! If I see you again, I'll beat you to a pulp!", the pink haired girl yelled to the boy who just ran away. Jun let out a sigh. It wasn't long that he also noticed a blond haired kid standing next to them. 'This girl sure is getting allot of attention.' Thought Jun. "I'm sorry I worried you all so much," She then said, changing her hole attitude.
"It's cool," Jun said ruffling up her hair a little and smiling,"We all need help sometimes. So it's no big deal to try to help people."
"I'm Esme, eleventh grade," She said to all tree of them while giving Jun back his towel, "And you are?"
Jun took his towel and said, "I'm Jun. I graduated high school so I'm just here for the music classes." He said while smiling. He then noticed a sweater with a hood on it flop down in front of Esme. He looked around and saw that a door was closing, but no one was around.

He realized if he was going to change his clothes and put some water on his face then he should probably hurry up and do so. He left without waiting for the others to introduce themselves. 'I'll just ask them later.' He thought, as he took his bags and walked towards the school.


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#, as written by darkune
Image "I'm sorry I worried you all so much." The pink haired girl spoke but gave back the other guy's towel. Is she really apologizing for someone else hurting her? That's a little sad, she has nothing to be sorry about. Nick thought as she gave her name, grade, and asked who the three of them were. The other guy gave his name and his grade before quickly departing and then Nick noticed that on Esme's lap was a green hoodie that dropped down from a nearby balcony, he could tell it came from there because the door was still closing and no one was standing on the balcony. This school is just getting weirder and weirder by the minute. Nick laughed in his head before turning his attention back to Esme.

"I'm Nick, I am a college freshman, and I work as a security contractor for the school. It's nice to meet you Esme. Sorry I couldn't really help you all that much, but it seemed like the situation was handled long before I got there. Are you positive that there isn't anything that we can do to help?" Nick asked politely and glanced back up to the balcony wondering if the person up there would come down to introduce themselves, but that seemed highly unlikely so Nick turned back to see if Esme had answered his question.

Nick suddenly realized that he had to go to the opening ceremony to help get ready like many of the other contractors like him. "Hey Esme I'm sorry, but I have to go to the opening ceremony right now." Nick said abruptly and waved goodbye before exiting the dwindling crowd and heading to the site of the opening ceremony where the other guards were gathering to go over the game plan. After catching up on what was going to happen Nick took his place and waited for all the students to start arriving and for his job to begin.

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Jayson had been gathering her things from her aunt's car when her little cousins ran off to the poolside. Jayson dropped her things and ran after them but when she caught up they were already there while the crowd dispersed. "Wow lady are you alright?" the youngest had asked and Jayson sighed after catching up to them. "How many times do I have to tell you two not to run off like that?" Jayson said before turning her gaze to the girl who was soaked.

"I'm sorry about them. Do you need anything?" her attention was no longer on thr young ones that had ran to her aunt but now on the girl. She felt bad for her but she wouldn't voice that feeling as she new how it felt to feel like others were taking pity on you. "How bout I help you get fixed up?" she offered to the girl. "Oh sorry how rude of me. I'm Jayson by the way and you are?" she asked.

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#, as written by darkune
ImageNick got bored just standing at his post and decided that he would patrol the surrounding area. Nick wandered upon the sound of a melancholy sounding song coming from what looked like an abandon building. He walked up to the door and opened it hearing the song grow louder. "Don't go into the creepy building following the depressing song Nick, you've seen to many horror movies to be this stupid." Nick's hand was on his sidearm when he realized that it was just a student hanging out alone in the music room. Whew that scared the stuffing out of me. Nick breathed a sigh of relief and watched the girl at the doorway of the music room listening to her voice and trying to follow the chords of the piano.

"You know, you shouldn't be in deserted places like this without permission. It could be kinda dangerous." Nick walked in the door and waved hello to the girl playing the piano. "I don't think I said hello. I am Nick, and you are? Nick held out his hand to shake her's, but waited until she was finished with the song in its entirety. I know this girl from somewhere, was she in the crowd of people trying to help Esme? Nick asked himself in his head and waited for the girl to respond with a handshake or tell him to go away like the girls back home would.

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Sora Minami | Ren Allegretto


"H-Hey! Slow down! Can't you take some time to actually look at what's around you! I mean, come on! This place it huuuuge!" Ren exclaimed, pulling his younger brother by his hood which Sora paid no mind to while he kept on walking forward, being a bunch stronger than his weak older brother.

"Don't need to... We need to find our dorms. I don't like going through crowds and all these people..." Sora said, taking glanced at all the students around him. He put on a bit of a disgusted face, but that's mostly just because he hated crowds and felt uncomfortable around that at all times.

Even with being half brothers, Ren didn't seem to notice as he walked up towards a blonde haired young man, though he was a little short for his age if that was true, and another who had black hair which covered one of his eyes. The older brother immediately suspected he was either a kid walking around, while Sora predicted he was just a short student. We all know who was right in the end, but before he could be stopped, Ren ran up to him, dragging Sora behind him, and shouted, "Heyyyy, do you guys know where the instructions to the dorms are? We're new to this school so we have no clue where anything is unfortunately." He laughed.

Sora was right behind his brother, still listening to music, but had an annoyed look on his face, only taking a single look at the strangers and then ignoring them right afterwards, 'Damn it... why can't we just look on our own?' It was a bit obvious from his aura that he didn't like being around people.

A moment later, though, the two brothers also noticed a girl beside that blonde haired guy, and, as usual, Ren was the first to speak, "Oh, am I... interrupting something?" He asked innocently, not meaning to be offensive in any way, though it didn't sound like it anyways.

"Yes, you are." Sora stated to his brother before grumbling and walking off on his own, deciding to find his dorm by himself rather than stay with a group of strangers. Unlike his brother, Sora was antisocial and just couldn't stand the groups. Especially if he didn't know them.

While he walked towards the dorms, he saw a girl with an odd white and pink hair. He even stopped for a moment just to stare at her, not in one of those perverted, adoring, or romantic types of ways, but more like he was curious, or saw something different, "Strange..." He let the words slip from his tongue, but it wasn't in a bad way, or annoyed way. Sora was just... curious, you could put it, and his way of stating it out loud was saying something that sounded negative, but wasn't meant for that reason.

Wotamin Yori

(It's hard to find images with Wotamin in a mask, so you probably won't see her with one in the pictures!)

Wotamin spaced out while staring at the large building in front of her, not hearing the stranger calling out to her the first time until she repeated, "Heeeey."

"H-Hmm?" Wotamin turned around and saw a girl, who looked young, yet also a bit mature, like she was an adult in some way. Wotamin began her judging a little too early, so she told herself to snap out of it and only listened to what this girl had to say, or ask, of her.

"Heya, are you... are you a doctor? Because, if you are, that's cool. Like, eh, really cool. Reeeeaaaally cool. Hey, do you have a... oh gosh... uh... forgot what they're called... uh..."

"Doc...tor?" Wotamin asked, tilting her head a bit, though she didn't remove her mask still. She'd ran into the situation a couple of times really. Some people noticed she was sick and was alright with it, but others thought she was a roaming and young doctor or something. Yet each time she was asked the same question, she always reacted like she was surprised, even though she's heard it over and over again.

"Oh! Ohhhh!" Wotamin almost jumped at her sudden increase in volume, but still listened, never the less, just a little shaken from her balance was all, "Yeah. Yeah, do you have a scalp...el? Scalpel? Yeah, do you have one of those? If you do, can I see it? I think those are cool. Heeeeeey, what're you doing at a singing school if you're a doctor? Don't you have... doctor things to do?"

For a while, Wotamin just watched this girl in front of her before letting out a gentle laugh. Her voice rang with maturity, sounding very much like a fully grown woman, especially with that height of hers which resembled one as well. Not to mention she even talk calmly and sweetly like a mother would to a child, "I'm not a doctor actually, dear. I'm just really sick is all." She didn't notice she might have sounded like she was trying to warn her, and she knew that if she did that, it'd be hard for her to get along with people, so she continued talking, hoping she didn't sound threatening with her illness, or because of how she sounded and looked like an adult, "I-I don't have a scalpel, in fact, I don't even have anything sharp on me at the moment. Unless you mean something like cooking utensils, then... I suppose that would count." She let out a slight childish giggle.

Then Wotamin looked at this girl again and a thought occurred to her, 'W-what if she's a teenager? I-I'm terrified of them... Oh dear... what am I supposed to do now...' She almost went stone cold after thinking this, having trouble dealing with older people or teenagers.

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Image The guy looked less than pleased, but, no matter how hard Dameon was trying at that moment, that odd look on his face refused to vanish. He could still feel the expression on his face, taunting him, making a complete and utter ass out of him. There was no question; he would be friendless and alone for the whole damn year now. Oh well, he started telling himself in his dismay. better luck next year. Maybe, by then, I'd've stopped acting like a complete jackarse...

"Its alright," said the emo guy who was certainly a nice person and totally not an emo. His voice was rather quiet, Dameon noticed. It almost didn't match up with the way he looked. "Its usually less distracting than what's underneath." At this, Dameon narrowed his eyes. Not in judgement, but rather, in curiosity. Underneath? "What's un-" he cut off the question mid-word and shook his head. STOP BEING AN INSENSITIVE DICKHEAD! He looked away, having had more than enough of embarrassing himself. "I mean, shit, I'm sorry for staring," he mumbled. "It's just that, where I come from, no one does their hair like that, and it's never as dark as yours is and... Damn it... Hey, uh, sorry if my staring uh... unsettled you, alright?" Looking down still, he nudged a small rock with his foot. Sometimes, socializing was a giant thorn in his side. But if he didn't socialize, he wouldn't make friends, and if he didn't make friends, well, who would laugh at his jokes then?

A moment or so later, he felt someone prodding him on the back, trying to get his attention. Brow raised, he turned and saw a girl standing there, chipper as you please. She looked a bit... damp? Like she'd just gotten rained on. "Hey mister, you wanna lolly?" she asked, voice light with the accent of a bona fide Brit. She beamed up at him, and procured said lolly. He blinked. Two thoughts had run through his mind at the same time. Aces, she's from Britain! and I've got no idea where that candy has been.

A heartbeat later, he smiled. "Hey, uh, I just brushed my teeth, you know, and, well, wouldn't wanna spoil the flavor," he replied, letting the mask of normality over his voice slip in the slightest. "But, hey, ah, are you, by any chance, from England? 'Cause, well, that'd be the bee's knees!"

I will post for Anaïs later when I get the chance but I need sleep now, so...

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#, as written by Xiiver
Kaori Collins

The girl with the beautiful hair had calmed down and introduced herself as Esme. "What a pretty name!" Just as Kaori was about to introduce herself, the dark hair boy beat her to it. Jun. She liked that name aswell. She smiled widely but then Jun ran away and Kaori tilted her head. Maybe he was in a hurry... She shook it off and stood up.
The tall blonde one was Nick. She made sure it was stored in her memory."It's nice to meet you both. I'm Kaori."
As Esme apologized she just laughed. "Nothing to be sorry about. I'm relieved you're okay." Esme got dressed in a green hoodie which had appeard from above and then she skipped off. What a sweet girl. Kaori decided to make way for the reception aswell.

After the registration and such was complete she decided to walk out of the school building. Her mood was great today and she didn't want it to go to waste. She walked over to a tree nearby and sat down, pulling out her harp from her bag and gently strummed a few chords before closing her eyes and started singing her favorite lullaby.

(OOC: Sorry about the lack of details in the post, but there were too many new posts while I was working and sleeping that I couldn't really keep track...)

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The foreigner started to ask what was underneath Fate's hair, but stopped. Instead, "I mean, shit, I'm sorry for staring," he mumbled. "It's just that, where I come from, no one does their hair like that, and it's never as dark as yours is and... Damn it... Hey, uh, sorry if my staring uh... unsettled you, alright?" Fate did his best to smile in a friendly way, but it was more awkward and unnatural than anything else. "I understand, really." Before the foreigner could say anything else, he was poked by a child-like girl with pink hair. Hey mister, you wanna lolly?" she asked. Her voice held yet another European accent. "I'm surprised by all the foreigners, I didn't know Uta was such a famous school." With the two strangers talking with each other, Fate turned his attention to the line. It seemed that it was almost their turns. Which was good because Fate did not like being around so many people. Fate and the two foreigners made quite the odd group so they were getting a bit of attention. He could literally feel the stares as they saw his hair. Maybe he should pin his hair back one day, give them something to really stare at. Maybe then they would leave him alone.

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Her eyes widened as he turned and fixed his gaze on her. When he spoke, she let out a delighted laugh and threw her hand up in front of his face, the lolly no longer in hand. "All right, mate?" she asked, smiling brightly at him, her hand waving around in the air, seemingly without any course. "And you're an Irish ... No, Brit ... Hm, both!" she exclaimed, doing a twirl. "That's quite blinding!"

She threw her hand out in his direction. "Esmeralda Farcaley, at your service, my darling! And who might you be?" she asked, narrowing her eyes up at him. "Not a big moron, I hope. Are you a big moron? You don't look like one, but you might be! You have really pretty eyes, and I like them, a lot. Are they naturally that blue? Oh, wait, I shouldn't be asking that, when you're probably wondering if my hair and eyes are actually naturally pink ... Which they are! I'm a hypocrite, aren't I? Anyways, it's nice to meet'cha! I'm a junior, sixteen years. How old are you? Oh! I'd bite your arm off for a friend like you, a fellow Brit. Care to be mates?" she asked cheerily, waggling her fingers underneath his nose. "By the way, how tall do you happen to be? Your a short fellow, aren't'cha? Taller then me, though, and that's what I can say!"

Esme cast a glance at the dark boy beside the British-Irish one she was talking to, her eyes narrowed. "You're scary-looking, y'know that? Why're you so creepy? Stop being so scary!" she exclaimed. She darted behind the blonde, Brit-Irish boy, peeking around him at the black-haired one. "Are you a bully or just a big moron?"

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If someone had told Robin Dumas two years ago that, after graduating his last year high school, he would find himself standing in line to register for Uta Academy, he would have laughed at you for a good minute before apologizing and walking away, still chuckling under his breath. There were just so many things wrong with that sentence that it couldn't have helped but draw a laugh out of the French boy. For one, Uta was the premiere academy for all things musically inclined and Robin was quite certain that even if he ever applied, he would never even stand a chance against applicants aided by money, family connections, and musically training that spanned their entire lifetimes. For another thing, it was all the way in Japan and why on Earth would Robin ever leave France, his family, his entire life to study in another country? Lastly, and most importantly, two years ago he firmly believed that he would be joining the family business after graduating. It was easier financially, he wouldn't have to leave home, and he was good at baking. So, thanks for the laugh, but Uta Academy was never going to happen.

Except that it did. With his family and friends' insistence, he tried out for Uta Academy on a lark. Oh, he did try his best, preparing at least a month in advance, working his song until he was practically singing in his sleep, hands nervously twitching with the notes of his trumpet. And, yes, it had gone reasonably well, even if he thought that he'd completely flubbed it during the second chorus. However, he wasn't exactly waiting by the mailbox, waiting for the postman to come by with an acceptance letter. Uta Academy had hundreds of applicants each year, the best of the best, the creme de la creme, so to speak. It may have seemed pessimistic to others, but he was just being realistic about his chances. He wasn't going to come home one day to find an acceptance letter on the kitchen counter, hidden beneath bills and his sister's fashion magazines.

And then he did. He could hardly believe it at first, blinking owlishly as his sister ripped the letter from his hands, reading it aloud in her best "I told you so" voice for their ecstatic parents. It was all a blur after that, congratulations flooding over him from people he scarcely knew, bags being stuffed with anything that he might need or want while away from home, books and videos on speaking Japanese piled high on the little mahogany desk in his room. It was madness plain and simple, and even though he didn't start until a year after his schooling was finished, everything seemed to be going too fast until, quite suddenly, he was on the plane to Japan with only a backpack and a carry-on suitcase, instruments and other necessities shipped ahead to wait for him in his new dorm. He spent the plane ride silently, finally able to collect his thoughts as he gazed out the window, taking in the puffy white clouds covering the ocean below.

This was really happening. The thought didn't quite stick until he was inside the Tokyo airport, clutching his backpack strap tightly in one hand, the other clinging stubbornly to his suitcase as he weaved his way through the crowded area, dodging harried businesspeople, noisy families, and reuniting loved ones until he finally found a cab. His Japanese was hardly perfect, but it must have been clear enough as the cab driver dropped him off at a hotel near Uta. It was a day before registration, so he busied himself with other important things like checking in to make sure his other luggage had arrived(it had) and confirming a job offer that he'd been given by a small bakery only a few moments walk from Uta(Yume Bakery was delighted to hire him, his own experience working at his father's shop as well as previous phone conversations really paying off). After all of that, he finally gave into a jet-lag induced sleep, whisked away into a dreamland of music and school that he couldn't quite decide if it filled him with excitement or dread.

Then here he was now, backpack slung over his shoulder, suitcase set by his side as he finished registering. The line of people behind him was considerable now having grown drastically since he first got in line. There were all sorts of people otherwise milling about, a wave of pure noise washing over him, accents ranging from across the world and voices ranging from sweet and soft to brash and loud mingling together in the space.

"There we go, dear," the woman seated behind the table smiled at the French young man, handing him a folder of papers with information that ranged from his schedule and dorm assignment to a list of rules and regulations. "Have a wonderful school year."

Robin smiled in return, remembering to add a little bow before collecting his papers and stepping out of line for the person behind him. Except, well, that person seemed to be busy and they and the two people with them seemed to be drawing enough attention on their own. The one directly behind him was a slightly scary looking young man with long hair covering one side on his face and, my, he was certainly tall for someone who was Japanese. Then there was a blond boy and a shockingly pink-haired girl talking to one another, or, rather, the girl seemed to be doing most of the talking. Their accents were comfortingly familiar, the boy sounding Irish and the girl speaking a mile a minute distinctly British. He thought that the conversation would peter out on its own before, that is, the girl rounded on the taller boy and it took all of Robin's effort not to wince in sympathy. He'd not even met her yet and it was easy enough to see that she didn't have much of a censor. Well, time to step in before the people at the back of the line started riot(which sounded dramatic, but they were at a school for the musical arts; musicians on a whole tended to be terribly dramatic), and tapped the Japanese boy with the interesting hairstyle choice on the shoulder.

"Sorry to interrupt," He said, Japanese stilted as he tried to recall the correct words, his French accent only slightly bleeding into the words. "But you can register now." He tossed in a polite smile there for good measure as he picked up his suitcase and moved out of the way.

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"You're scary-looking, y'know that? Why're you so creepy? Stop being so scary!" Fate turned his attention back to the two foreigners just as the small pink haired one ducked behind the blonde one. "Are you a bully or just a big moron?" For a moment Fate was speechless. He had never met anyone who was so bold about his looks before. Then, he smiled, a real smile, not some fake trying to be friendly one. The girl's energy reminded him of the kids he worked with at the daycare. "I'm not a bully, or a big moron. I'm sorry for being scary, but what's underneath is scarier. Especially if you hear the story behind it. Fate noticed that he was using the same tone he used around the kids, but it worked for the situation.

Suddenly someone tapped him on the shoulder. "Sorry to interrupt," There was a slight pause, "But you can register now." Fate turned around to see yet another foreigner, this one with orange hair, walking away. The woman at the desk was waiting for him to step forward. So he did. The woman handed him some paperwork to fill out. He did so in neat Japanese characters then handed it back to her. After looking in over the woman handed him a stack of paper. "You're all set, enjoy the school!" The woman said in English. Fate nodded his head in thanks, then started walking away. He stopped, suddenly wanting to wait for the two foreigners. He stepped off to the side and looked at the papers while waiting for them to finished. He liked the two foreigners for some reason, though he didn't know why.

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"All right, mate?" the girl inquired, and, raising a brow, Dameon nodded slightly. "And you're an Irish ... No, Brit ... Hm, both!" the lass exclaimed, and Dameon blinked in surprise. Spot on, she was. But for all the odd flattering feelings he got from being identified, a part of him was disappointed. What good was talking through damn near clenched teeth and busting his ass to keep a straight tone if everyone could tell where he was from anyway? All his hard effort? Out the window! "That's quite blinding!" His inner feminine side wanted to wave his hand all daintily and say something along the lines of "Oh stop it, you!", but that would have been weird, so the rational part of his brain shut that down pretty damn quick. Why did he even have an inner woman? Wasn't that... counter productive? Christ, he was fucking weird.

"Esmeralda Farcaley, at your service, my darling! And who might you be?" the gal asked him, but he hardly had any time to answer before she spoke again. She seemed to do that a lot, from what he could tell. "Not a big moron, I hope." Same here. "Are you a big moron?" Christ, I hope not. "You don't look like one..." Aw, I'm flattered. "...but you might be!" ...Thanks. "You have really pretty eyes, and I like them, a lot." Gosh, don't make me start giggling. "Are they naturally that blue? Oh, wait, I shouldn't be asking that, when you're probably wondering if my hair and eyes are actually naturally pink ... Which they are!" Holyshithowdoesthatevenhappen? "I'm a hypocrite, aren't I? Anyways, it's nice to meet'cha! I'm a junior, sixteen years. How old are you? Oh! I'd bite your arm off for a friend like you, a fellow Brit. Care to be mates?" Here, he nodded once again, figuring it was a bit futile to try and slip a word in edgewise for the flood of words pouring from her mouth. Lo and behold, she wasn't even done yet. She waggled her fingers right up under his nose, causing him to take a small step backwards in his surprise. "By the way, how tall do you happen to be? You're a short fellow, aren't'cha? Taller then me, though, and that's what I can say!" Ain't no doubt about it. He tried not to blush. He was still growing, dammit!

He sighed, but, once again, before he could say anything, Little Miss Fountain of Energy acted again. This time, though, she was looking right at the emo guy Dameon had encountered beforehand, her eyes narrowed in what could have been either apprehension or accusation. "You're scary-looking, y'know that? Why're you so creepy? Stop being so scary!" Well, damn. Esmerelda shifted to stand behind Dameon, and he turned his head around to look at her inquisitively. "Are you a bully or just a big moron?" Jeez. Harsh much?

He half expected the guy to flip out on her, for some reason, he wasn't sure what, exactly. But the guy only smiled. It didn't seem like a smile, though. It appears to be little more than superficial. "I'm not a bully, or a big moron. I'm sorry for being scary, but what's underneath is scarier. Especially if you hear the story behind it." God dammit. He was curious again. He wanted to know what was up with this guy! Dameon frowned, trying not to think about it. It was going to eat him up if he kept dwelling on it.

After that, though the emo guy was tapped on the shoulder. At this point, Dameon quit paying attention and as the emo guy moved ahead in the line, he moved ahead with it, turning around to look at his new acquaintance. Time for small talk? Time for small talk.

"So, eh, name's Dameon Louis. And, uh, you were damn well spot on about the nationality thing, you were. I'm an ungodly spawn of a Brit and an Irishman. Nice to meet yer- uh, you. Wasn't sure I was gonna meet a Brit out here. It's hella different from Europe, that's for fackin' sure."

It took him a few seconds to realize it was his turn to register. He stepped up to a real polite-looking lady, who handed him some papers and such. He stared at them for a minute, and his heartbeat took off. Fuck. Kanji. Fucking everywhere. In Japanese, Dameon had about the literacy level of a five-year-old. He understood about... three or four things on the papers each, give or take. So, he narrowed his eyes, put some epic battle music on in the back of his mind, and winged the hell out of those papers. He probably could've asked for help, but no. Pride and all.

In what seemed like no time, the forms were done, and he handed them back to the desk woman, cocky, confident grin bright upon his face. He bid her good day, and then, not wanting to hold up the line, turned quickly and tossed a friendly smile back at Esmerelda before shuffling off. He found himself stopping next to the emo guy. He looked up at Mr. Peek-A-Boo Bangs and put on his most charismatic, inviting smile. The more friends, the merrier. "Say," he said, casual as you please. "What's your name?"


"I'm not a doctor actually, dear. I'm just really sick is all." Anaïs frowned at the lady's answer. Her voice was nice and soothing, like the exact opposite of her maman's voice, cold and intimidating. This lady's was calm and warm, and Anaïs decided that she liked it. It was a shame that this lady was sick, though. A thought crossed her mind: What if it was contagious? Anaïs remembered the last time she was sick, and the mental image wasn't pretty in any sense of the word. But, she liked this lady, and really hoped that she wouldn't be sick for too long, or else, well, that'd suck.

"I-I don't have a scalpel, in fact, I don't even have anything sharp on me at the moment. Unless you mean something like cooking utensils, then... I suppose that would count." Anaïs blinked twice. Cooking... utensils? Her eyes brightened, yet her tone remained the same as she spoke immediately, hardly processing the words, just repeating thoughts.

"Cooking utensils? Like... a spatula? Do you have a spatula? Like, for flipping? Or one of those prong thingies that they stab steaks with?" To illustrate, she made a jabbing motion with her hand, piercing an imaginary slab of meat. Just as suddenly, though, she stopped her motion, returning her hands to her sides. She started rocking back and forth on her feet, like a child, as she continued to talk to her new-found acquaintance. "Hey, so, you're sick and all, right? Can't you just take some medicine and make it better? Oh, if I stood really close to you, could I get it to? It's not contagious, is it? Is it terminal?" Her eyes widened. "Zut alors! I hope it's not! Ohmygosh that would suck, like, so bad." She smiled again, brighter this time. "But if it's not, that's awesome. Hey, my name's Anaïs. I'm from France and stuff. What's your name? You look Japanese. Are you Japanese? I think you're Japanese. Yeah. That's what I think."

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Esmeralda went a pale white, completely blanching at what the scary-looking guy said in return to her question. It definitely wasn't what she expected him to use as a rebuttal. Nor was his smile. The smile he gave her was ... Kind. It was the kind that the nurses would often give her at the hospital, or what visiting parents would give her when they would learn of the fact that she often would entertain the other sick children there.

It made her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

She heard a muttered curse and, before she could reply, they were approached by a young man who had just registered for the school. It was apparently their turn, and she turned stoically, for once struck quiet by the words that were diced out to her. It wasn't often that she didn't know what to say to a person, so with those thoughts in mind, she moved forward, and newfound respect for the gothic boy inside of her.

Obviously her new friend was having troubles with his registering. Hs name was Dameon, right? As he was walking away, she stopped him by taking the wrist part of the sleeve of his uniform and tugging it a bit. "If it means anything to you, I fancy your mixture of accents, you bloody mixed breed," she said with a tiny smile.

Once she reached the table, she filled out her registration papers flawlessly and within a matter of moments. She was used to this process, after all, for she'd been doing it for nearly two and a half years. Once done, she asked for Dameon's papers, and although the woman hesitated, her recognition of Esme won out and she handed over the papers without a word.

Esmeralda stepped off to the side to fix the papers for her new friend. Brits have to stick together after all. By the time she as finished rewriting it for him - he had a few pieces of information switched around and in the wrong spots - her hand was aching. She returned the papers to the woman with a small bow, and then darted over to her new friend and the less-frightening-by-the-minute emo-boy.

"Yeah. If you aren't some scary, big moron, then what's your name?" She demanded, her lower lip out in a pout. "My name is Esmeralda, darling. By the way, Dameon; if you need help with your Japanese, I would be more then willing to assist," she offered, turning wide, pink eyes on him. "Just ask, mate, and I'll help you at any time," she said, patting his head as if he were a child, and not taker then her. She would easily switch from Japanese to English with him, in an efferent to make him feel for accustomed to the Academy, and with a bright grin, she rounded back to the emo-guy, easily switching to Japanese again.

"We'll? Let's have it. Your name, age, and nationality!" She demanded.

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Tristan Aeol

(I have found an image of Tristan that matches! Finally!)

As soon as the girl was deposited in the sick room, Tristan left. Not exactly his favorite room of the bunch. Strolling down the hallway, he decided to chance near the registration line, just to see how it was getting along. Just nearing it, he could hear loud voices, especially one British one. Passing by, he noticed it belonged to a girl with pink hair, who looked like she was yelling at some blonde guy and the dude who asked him for directions earlier. Wait. Backtrack. What?

Then again, his hair was white.

But, no, he had a condition! She just probably had lots of hair dye and free time. Shaking his head slightly, he kept walking, bored and hoping he could skip out on the welcoming assembly.

Deciding he could always practice, he headed to one of the many music rooms. Unlocked, he went towards his marimba, closing the door behind him. The last thing he needed was an audience. Well, technically it was the school's, but everyone really knew it was his. Pulling out the mallets and cover, he started off with a couple scales, arpeggios, and thirds, before setting off on a casual run of Andersen's The Typewriter (typically meant for a higher instrument, but it was a good exercise), deciding to play all the parts on the single instrument.

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Fate didn't have to wait very long for the two foreigners. The blonde one was first and as he walked up, he asked for Fate's name. Shortly after the pink one did the exact same thing, only giving her name and the blonde ones in the process. "My name is Fate Sarutobi, seventeen, Japanese." he said, answering all of Esmeralda questions. "Your names are Esmeralda and Dameon right?" He didn't even butcher their names too badly.

Just then two Japanese guys walked up to Fate. "My friend here heard you say there was something underneath that stupid hair of yours. We want to know." Judging from the looks of these guys, they had thrown some punches before. His protective nature coming out, Fate moved ever so slightly so that he was between these two guys and his new friends. If any punches were thrown, he'd be the one to take them. "Its none of your business." Fate did his best to keep the shyness out of his voice, he actually sounded pretty confident. The other guy was obviously impatient and short tempered, because he punched upward into Fate's stomach, successfully knocking the wind out of him. Knowing that his new friends would have gotten hit if he had moved, Fate took the punch, he was used to the abuse anyway. The two ran away before they were caught by a teacher, and none of the other students cared about the creepy kid so they weren't going to say anything. Fate was doubled over, but impressively still on his feet, as he tried to get his breath back.

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"Stupid ... Stupid ... Stupid ... Alarm!" Hana scowled as she shoved through the crowd of people that stood at the front gates of the Academy.

She had, of course, woken up late, and was late for Registration, due to her alarm clock not going off. Again. The only reason she had woken up at all was because her kitten, Cherry, had jumped onto her bed and started begging for attention. Miraculously, she had gotten ready in five minutes. True, her hair was windblown and her makeup was obviously put on with haste, but who was she to care? It wasn't as if she was trying to impress anyone with her appearance.

She suddenly lost her balance as her foot caught on someone's ankle, and with a squeal, she went sprawling to the ground. She groaned a little after she hit it, slowly pushed herself up to her hands and knees, and shook her head.

"Damn, that hurt," she muttered, reaching over to grab her bag as she did so. She managed to stand, her knees scraped but otherwise okay, and she began a slight-limp towards the registration line.

A fluff of blond hair on a tall young man stood out like a beacon to her in a sea of unfamiliar faces.

"Ren!" she cried, launching herself in his direction. She threw her arms around his neck from behind, jumping up and onto his back and her legs wrapping around his waist.

"You're coming here, too? How come you never told me? Is Sora here, too?" she asked quickly, obviously excited that she would be around at least one of her two best friends. "I missed you this Summer. Where did you and Sora go this year?" she asked, propping her chin on his shoulder so she could peer at his face.



One moment, the boy, Fate as she now knew, was introducing himself and answering her questions, and the next, he was moving in between her, Dameon, and two boys she didn't recognize. Obviously new students who were there for their first day and Registration. Their words were confusing, to say the least, and she frowned at them.

And then Fate was doubled over in pain, clutching his stomach and seemingly unable to even speak due to the pain.

Oh, I know they did not just do that to my new friend.

With a stormy look on her face, she took off after them, surprisingly fast for a girl with such short legs. It wasn't long before she caught up to them, and when she did, they learned quite quickly what happened to people who messed with her friends.

She grabbed on boy's hand, and with a hard yank, flipped him over her head and onto the ground. He hit it hard, dust rising from the impact, and she flipped him around and onto his stomach. She proceeded to hogtie his wrists together and jump up afterwards. She then tackled the other boy to the ground and did the same thing to him, leaving both boys tied and on the ground.

When she reached her friends again, she was calm and pleased with herself.

"Are you alright, Fate?" she asked, leaning over so she could see his face. "C'mon, mate, let's get you to the nurse. You'll be sporting a bloody nasty bruise there tomorrow," she said, offering him a small smile as she slipped her arm through his. She looked up at the other boy - Robin, she thought his name was - and smiled. "Thank you for helping him."

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Something like this had never happened before. Not the being punched in the stomach, that was something he was used to. But people were actually concerned about him. Both the orange haired foreigner and Esmeralda asked if he was okay. "I'm fine, just got the wind knocked out of me." he said once he had gotten his breath back. He straightened before they could worry anymore. Esmeralda said something about the nurse and Fate's brain automatically thought hospital. Fate's least favorite place on the planet. "There's no need, I'm used to the abuse." The words slipped out before Fate knew what he was saying. If they were smart, they would put two and two together and figure out what was hidden underneath his hair. He was so self-conscious about the scars, if anyone were to find out... He'd just die. Quickly to try and make things a little less suspicious he added, "Besides he didn't hit very hard, just got the right spot." Of course, it was a lie, but they didn't have to know that.

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Kureiji Dekumaya
Kureiji bolted, her fingers itching to steal something. Not looking where she was going, she stumbled and hit a black-haired stranger. She recalled his name being Fate. This caused both her and him to fall to the ground. The short girl panicked. Oh no...No no no.. She thought. Kure sincerely hoped that the contents of her hoodie pocket hadn't spilled on to the floor. She dug her hands into her pocket. No such luck. "Shit.." She mumbled, slapping her palm onto her pale forehead. The short pipe she used for smoking crack and the lighter she had were now a couple feet away at the foot of a short girl. Esmeralda, she thought was her name.

"Oh, erm.. Sorry. You ok?" She quickly asked, scrambling to her feet and turning to face Fate. Oh, how she hoped they didn't see her things... Kure chuckled, still feeling hyper and anxious from recently smoking not a couple minutes ago. Even her pupils were still dialated. She made sure her hair still covered the empty hole where her left eyeball once resided also. She dared not try and fetch her things, for then they would see and discover her dirty little secret... Kureiji started twitching nervously, thoughts about how they would react flooded her mind. She remember these two from somewhere before... Kure then snapped out of her thoughts and made an attempt to help Fate, shuffling her feet nervously.Well... I'm doomed..

(Well, there you go! Sowwy it's a bit on the short side. I hope it's at least decent.. I'm not that good of a writer. >< Hope you like it.. o~o)

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She feigned being wounded, and leaned away a bit on his back, clasping the center of her chest. "That hurts; that truly hurts," she said, imposing the wounded feelings into her voice. She couldn't help it, however, and bloomed into a smile. "You know, he's not entirely emotionless, Renny," she told him, incorporating her childish nickname for him. "If you were less outlandish and ... Well ... You ... He may be more open around your," she said logically, her nose in the air.

After a moment, Hana turned her face and looked at him with amusement in her gaze. "Sometimes I doubt that you even have a brain in that blonde head of yours. Why would I be here if I wasn't attending the school?" she teased. After giving him a brief and harmless knuckle sandwich, she dropped down from his back and stood at his side, pouting. "I'm not short, you're just freakishly tall! How mean!" she scoffed, turning away with crossed arms. She did, however, turn back at the mention of France. Her gray-blue eyes widened into large orbs. "You went to France? You have to tell me everything!" She took his hands in hers and looked at him with questioning eyes. "What it was like, what the people were like, the food, everything!"

When he called for Sora and there was the answering voice of her other beloved friend, she whipped around and faced him. "Sora!" she cried, tears in her eyes. She dimly noted the small smile on his face before she threw herself into his arms. She loved both him and Ren dearly, and shared certain things with Ren, of course, but Sora was closer in age to her. They had been in most of the same classes from preschool and all the way through high school. She loved them both equally, but Sora, she could relate to him due to their age. She could relate to Ren due to their similar personalities, but Sora was the one she had missed the most. The black-haired, seemingly-emotionless boy was closer to her.

"I am in school," she almost seemed to whimper. Her arms threw around his neck and she clung to him in the hug, sniffing a little. "I missed you and Renny so much. You both have to promise never to leave me alone again, okay?" she insisted, grabbing Ren's arm and yanking him into the hug. "Now that Mama and Papa are gone, you're all I have left," she said, her lower lip trembling. After several moments, she drew back and wiped at her eyes, pressing her lips firmly together. She managed a smile through the tears. "Oh, I'm blubbering again, aren't I? You both always said that I was a crybaby," she joked, sniffing a bit at the end of it. "I'm sorry, I just can't help but cry. I missed you both immensely," she said, her heart wrenching a little.

She smoothed a blonde curl out of her face, which had been sticking to the tears coating her cheeks.

"Mama and Papa were in a car accident a month ago. Baby Joshua was in it with them, but somehow he survived. I'm his legal guardian, due to my being his older sister, but with school, I can't afford to take care of a sixteen-month-old baby. I had Aunt Haruhi take him in, and I take him on the weekends and over school breaks," she explained to them, for they were both undoubtedly confused. Her parents had been like a second set to them, and Joshua had been like an extra brother.

She looked down, her hands together. "Just promise that you won't leave me again, okay?" she asked, her voice quiet and vulnerable. She looked up at them through her bangs, that vulnerability shadowed in her eyes. If one were to look closely at her, they would be able to see the dark circles hidden beneath makeup, and the paleness of exhaustion. She had lost weight lately, also, the strain of juggling work and Joshua over summer break having gotten the better of her, and the fact that she could barely make enough to scrape by, with her having to pay to take care of a baby, definitely didn't help her.

She pressed her lips together and then pursed them, before she gave them a bright yet slightly-forced smile. "Come on you two; we should probably go ahead and register, right?" she asked, moving over to link arms with them and turn them in the direction of the Registration Desk. Standing in between the two of them, she looked like a midget, to say the least.



Esme hesitated for a moment, before she relented and released him. She could tell by the look on his face that it was the word 'nurse' that bothered him, and having such a long and tiring history when it came to hospitals, nurses, doctors, and the like, she understood. She didn't know his own history with the medical field, but still, she understood.

It was then that Fate was barreled over by a small girl. Something landed at Esmeralda's feet, but she focused on ensuring the safety of both Fate and the girl before bending to retrieve the contents. She studied them for a moment, and then made her way over to the girl.

"These are really, really, really bad for you, you know. But their yours, so here," she said, holding them out to her with both her hands, almost like a child offering an adult a flower. "You should stop, since, y'know, they're really bad for you. But if you don't, that's okay, 'cause it's your choice, mate. But if you do, that'd be great, 'cause, y'know, you'd be healthier and stuff," she said, rattling on and on in that annoying way of hers, without her even realizing how annoying she could be.

She turned to Fate and held her hand out to him. "You wanna go and get something to eat, Fate? I fancy sweets, but it's a'out lunch-time now. Care to get some food?" she asked, tilting her head and offering her hand more obviously to him.