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Hana Ovani

"It's a beautiful night, isn't it?" {WIP}

0 · 304 views · located in Uta Academy ; Japan

a character in “Uta Academy”, as played by Kura Ravengade




Name: Hana Natsumi Ovani {HAH-NAH NAHT-SUE-MAY OH-VAHN-EE}
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7.5"
Weight: 140lbs
Oddity: She has an OCD of everything being in the exact place that it's supposed to be in, and freaks out when something is where it shouldn't be. She hates change, and is actually afraid of it. She is also terrible at making decisions, especially under pressure, hence her complicated relationships with her life-time best friends, Ren and Sora.
Sexuality: Straight
Romantic Interest: Ren Allegretto and Sora Minami
Nationality: Japanese
Job: She works at a bakery that has a special deal with the school, and delivers fresh, delicious goodies for the students to buy throughout the day, each morning.
Type of Singer: Opera and American Gothic pop/rock.
Instrument(s): Harp and piano, but cannot add lyrics to any of her compositions, and can only make them without lyrics.




Sample of Voice/Instrument:
Audition Song
Her Song
My Immortal


So begins...

Hana Ovani's Story

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"Stupid ... Stupid ... Stupid ... Alarm!" Hana scowled as she shoved through the crowd of people that stood at the front gates of the Academy.

She had, of course, woken up late, and was late for Registration, due to her alarm clock not going off. Again. The only reason she had woken up at all was because her kitten, Cherry, had jumped onto her bed and started begging for attention. Miraculously, she had gotten ready in five minutes. True, her hair was windblown and her makeup was obviously put on with haste, but who was she to care? It wasn't as if she was trying to impress anyone with her appearance.

She suddenly lost her balance as her foot caught on someone's ankle, and with a squeal, she went sprawling to the ground. She groaned a little after she hit it, slowly pushed herself up to her hands and knees, and shook her head.

"Damn, that hurt," she muttered, reaching over to grab her bag as she did so. She managed to stand, her knees scraped but otherwise okay, and she began a slight-limp towards the registration line.

A fluff of blond hair on a tall young man stood out like a beacon to her in a sea of unfamiliar faces.

"Ren!" she cried, launching herself in his direction. She threw her arms around his neck from behind, jumping up and onto his back and her legs wrapping around his waist.

"You're coming here, too? How come you never told me? Is Sora here, too?" she asked quickly, obviously excited that she would be around at least one of her two best friends. "I missed you this Summer. Where did you and Sora go this year?" she asked, propping her chin on his shoulder so she could peer at his face.



One moment, the boy, Fate as she now knew, was introducing himself and answering her questions, and the next, he was moving in between her, Dameon, and two boys she didn't recognize. Obviously new students who were there for their first day and Registration. Their words were confusing, to say the least, and she frowned at them.

And then Fate was doubled over in pain, clutching his stomach and seemingly unable to even speak due to the pain.

Oh, I know they did not just do that to my new friend.

With a stormy look on her face, she took off after them, surprisingly fast for a girl with such short legs. It wasn't long before she caught up to them, and when she did, they learned quite quickly what happened to people who messed with her friends.

She grabbed on boy's hand, and with a hard yank, flipped him over her head and onto the ground. He hit it hard, dust rising from the impact, and she flipped him around and onto his stomach. She proceeded to hogtie his wrists together and jump up afterwards. She then tackled the other boy to the ground and did the same thing to him, leaving both boys tied and on the ground.

When she reached her friends again, she was calm and pleased with herself.

"Are you alright, Fate?" she asked, leaning over so she could see his face. "C'mon, mate, let's get you to the nurse. You'll be sporting a bloody nasty bruise there tomorrow," she said, offering him a small smile as she slipped her arm through his. She looked up at the other boy - Robin, she thought his name was - and smiled. "Thank you for helping him."

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Sora Minami | Ren Allegretto


While Ren spaced out again, thinking about his random thoughts as he always did before he heard his name get called and being grabbed from behind, "Ren!"

He turned around just in time to be bear hugged by someone he didn't realize at first because he was spacing out so much at the time until he finally heard her voice, "You're coming here, too? How come you never told me? Is Sora here, too?"

Immediately, Ren cracked a smile on his face, though it was a bit mischievous in some way. Unlike most people, who he was very friendly to, towards his close friends, like the one hanging on to him, he was able to be the mischievous and childish little him he always was on the inside, "Nice to see ya again, shorty! And yeah, obviously we're coming here! I just didn't tell you because I knew you'd be disappointed that you didn't get in either!" He stuck out his tongue teasingly. He almost seemed completely opposite all of a sudden, but that was because he was so good at acting and hiding his true nature.

"Yeah, Sora goes here too." Ren seemed to have sighed, "I'm surprised a expressionless idiot like him could get into such a classy academy... Honestly, and he doesn't seemed amazed or content with anything!" He exaggerated, since Sora was really alright with everything and actually very content, "Are you going here too, Hana?"

"I missed you this Summer. Where did you and Sora go this year?"

Ren chuckled a little as she put her chin on his shoulder and asked her question as he patted her head and said, "As did we. Honestly, we searched every where for you! But you were too short to find in such a crowd of tall people... Ah, where did we go? Well, as usual, Sora stayed indoors all summer long; you know how much he hates getting outside too much. I, on the other hand, went on a little trip to lovely France for a while and came back. Beautiful place really, reminds me of you, dear!" He teased, partially, "And my brother's here actually, don't worry! The little boy just left me was all, Sora! Come back here! A guest has come to visit us!" He called out to his brother.

Sora turned around slowly after hearing his name get called out loud by his brother. A slightly disgusted look came to his face as he saw the usual and daily grin of his older half-brother, "What the hell is it this time Ren-" He was suddenly cut off when he saw a long lost childhood friend of his; Hana.

A very, very surprised look came to his face as he asked, in his regular quiet tone, but being close enough for the two to hear, " What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?" He knew she was a great singer, but for some reason, didn't take in the thought of her going to the same school as them. But when he finally did, in his thoughts, a small smile appeared on his face. An actually, small, and genuine smile.

The thought of going to school with both his brother and his childhood friend again made him happy for some reason, as much as he had a sort of love-hate for his brother and an odd relationship with Hana. But it made him smile for once, but he quickly tried to wipe it away by coughing and waiting for her to respond.

Wotamin Yori


"Cooking utensils? Like... a spatula? Do you have a spatula? Like, for flipping? Or one of those prong thingies that they stab steaks with?"

Wotamin laughed a little, looking to the side and trying to conceal it by hushing herself to quiet down, though it was hard to keep in since it looked like the girl in front of her was very childish. Hoping not to look rude, she answered as she thought she should, "I-I suppose you could say that, dear."

"Hey, so, you're sick and all, right? Can't you just take some medicine and make it better? Oh, if I stood really close to you, could I get it to? It's not contagious, is it? Is it terminal? Zut alors! I hope it's not! Ohmygosh that would suck, like, so bad."

The sick looking woman thought about it for a while before then saying, "Yes, I am sick unfortunately. And... well... I don't know really! I tried to ask them what to do, but it seems like there's nothing that'll help so far." She said with a disappointed tone, yet went on after switching her emotion to a smile, "And don't worry! It's not terminal, no need to be concerned dear." Again, she let out a small chuckle.

Though, she kept on wondering if the girl was a teenager. She did act a little childish, which wasn't bad, but is made Wotamin think she was young. She always had trouble around younger people. But so far, if the girl in front of her, was actually quite young, then she wasn't feeling that bad around her, which was great.

"But if it's not, that's awesome. Hey, my name's Anaïs. I'm from France and stuff. What's your name? You look Japanese. Are you Japanese? I think you're Japanese. Yeah. That's what I think."

Wotamin held out her hand for a greeting and introduced herself, "Wotamin Yori, pleasure to meet you, Anaïs. And yes, I am from Japan, though my first name is a little odd since it was... in some way, made up by my parents. I could tell you were french from those two words I heard you say. Zut... alors, was it?" She tried to imitate her, but only knowing Japanese, it was hard to speak a foreign language, even though it was only two words.

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Sora Minami | Ren Allegretto


"That hurts; that truly hurts."

Ren's mischievous smile faded away a little at her comment as he looked at her with slight surprise, and some worry perhaps as he began to ask quietly, different from his usual tone, which was loud, and most often obnoxious, "H-hey... is something the matter-" He cut himself off though and allowed her to continued.

"You know, he's not entirely emotionless, Renny. If you were less outlandish and ... Well ... You ... He may be more open around you."

Ren was still a little worried, but wiped away his concerned look on his face and sighed, in a friendly way as usual, since he'd never be unfriendly to his childhood friend, probably his most precious friend in the world, "Ehhh, but that's not very fair! You know I can't change for that silly little idiot, dear~" He then called Sora over again who only ignored him and continued to look at the class rosters and dorm rooms, "Ah... he's such a loner..."

"Sometimes I doubt that you even have a brain in that blonde head of yours. Why would I be here if I wasn't attending the school?"

"Hehehe...." Ren tried to hold in his little childish giggles, but couldn't, resulting in an odd sound from him, which made him even laugh a little harder, "You make me disappointed, Hana! I thought you came here to see your old childhood friends who you've been trying to find for years! Or stalking at the very least." He giggled again.

"I'm not short, you're just freakishly tall! How mean!"

"Oh no no no, I don't think so, dear! I have to ask if you've been drinking your milk! My goodness! You're just about the same age as Sora, and yet you're this short?" He asked in a teasing-like way.

"You went to France? You have to tell me everything!" She took his hands in hers and looked at him with questioning eyes. "What it was like, what the people were like, the food, everything!"

He chuckled and patted her hear, taking advantage of his height, "Yes, of course, of course. Sometime later though, it's far too much to explain right now in the little time we have!" One more time, he called out to Sora who kept on ignoring him. Ren decided that it would be the last time he'd call for his brother, or he'd just have to leave him behind as well. That's what he thought until Hana ran straight for him at the sight of his little brother.

Sora was suddenly grabbed when he turned around at the sound of his name being shouted by that familiar person he spotted by before.

"I am in school."

The little brother to Ren blushed a little, since he wasn't used to being approached in such a way, especially by a girl, even if it was his childhood friend, Hana. He looked around to see eyes already on them as he asked quietly, trying to escape her grasp, "H-Hey... c-come on.. I know you miss me and all... b-but now isn't... uh... isn't really the t-time just yet..."

But while he was trying to get out of her hug and take all the attention off the two, her heard her whisper.

"I missed you and Renny so much. You both have to promise never to leave me alone again, okay?"

Ren, who was then pulled into the hug also heard her words. He returned her hug, not really caring about all the eyes on the three since he was used to it quite often. Sora still stood there a little awkwardly, and Ren, while Hana wasn't looking, made a sort of motion for him to return it, but it seemed that Sora was still much too embarrassed to do so.

"Now that Mama and Papa are gone, you're all I have left."

After hearing that though, the two brothers became absolutely silence, "W-wait, your mother and father d-" Sora cut himself off, not wanting to finish the sentence. In fact, he hardly wanted to think about it. While he always wore no expression, hardly any, his face showed surprise, and a tad bit of sadness by the words he heard.

Ren was the same way as well, being silent, and not saying anything back. He, too, was hurt by the news they didn't hear about. It was obvious that the brothers were thinking the same thing, 'If we just kept in touch then this might have not happened?'

"Oh, I'm blubbering again, aren't I? You both always said that I was a crybaby. I'm sorry, I just can't help but cry. I missed you both immensely."

"H-hey... don't worry about it, alright? If your mother and father are gone then we can become your new family, alright?" Sora asked, finally giving her a hug as well, not really feeling much embarrassment, but more guilt and sadness.

Although the mood was quite heavy, Ren gave his little brother a slight smirk as his face turned red a second time and told his older brother to be quiet and let her continue.

"Mama and Papa were in a car accident a month ago. Baby Joshua was in it with them, but somehow he survived. I'm his legal guardian, due to my being his older sister, but with school, I can't afford to take care of a sixteen-month-old baby. I had Aunt Haruhi take him in, and I take him on the weekends and over school breaks. Just promise that you won't leave me again, okay?"

"Thank goodness Joshua is alright..." Ren let out a sigh of relief, since Joshua was like a third brother in the family to Sora and himself, "And if you need to take a break from handling him, you can hand him over to Sora and I. We take care of the kids in our neighborhood, so I'm sure we could handle the kid." He said with a smile, "And don't worry, we won't leave you! Now that we all go to the same school for the next few years, I'm sure we'll all be together from now on! Isn't that right, Sora?"

The other brother nodded, "Yeah, so you don't have to freak out anymore. No more accidents are going to happen. We're both sorry for your mother and father's death." Sora said, sounding a bit awkward since he wasn't even used to such emotional experiences happening so often.

"Come on you two; we should probably go ahead and register, right?"

The two were then dragged to the line, Hana standing behind them and looking quite short since the two were much taller. Even with being in front of her, the two still turned around to talk to her, "H-hey..." Sora started, scratching the back of his head and looking in the opposite direction, not used to making requests either, "Since... we're all going to the same school now with different skills, you think we should do one of those duet things? But with the three of us?" He asked, knowing that his brother would feel left out if he didn't include him.