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Haruka Okada

"... Um, w-what is it?..." Work In Progress!

0 · 247 views · located in Uta Academy ; Japan

a character in “Uta Academy”, as played by Keen


Haruka Okada

Name: Haruka Okada

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 123 lbs.

Oddity: She's incredibly shy unless she's performing.

Sexuality: Uncertain

Romantic Interest: Currently none. "Eh? N-No way..."

Nationality: Japanese

Job: Haruka works part time at a local library run by one of her mother's old friends. "I like it there... It's quiet and not many people come by..."

Type of Singer: Haruka tends to stick to rock songs, preferring the energy of guitars, pianos, and drums to more electronic compositions. Though the majority of what she sings isn't very intense she won't shy away from faster or harder songs. Her voice is quite versatile with an impressive range, however if you heard her talk you wouldn't suspect her quiet and timid voice to belong to a confident singer. All this aside, if Haruka likes a song she'll try to sing it regardless of genre or style.

Instrument(s): She can play piano proficiently but it's mostly used as a tool to help her singing or to compose music, she also plays a harmonica on occasion.


Personality: Haruka is an incredibly shy and quiet girl, staying away from crowds, avoiding eye contact at any cost, and never speaking up. She can often be found buried in a book or with her headphones on to drown out the world around her when she's out and about. She very rarely stands up for herself or her opinions despite being quite a passionate person on the inside because if she can avoid conflict of any sort, she will. When problems arise Haruka is the first one to blame herself even if it clearly isn't her fault and has a hard time being convinced otherwise. Haruka is only able to truly express herself through her music, it's her biggest passion and one of the only things she opens up about.

- Books "I always liked reading but... Ever since I started working at the library it's become much more important to me."
- Music "I'd think that would have been obvious."
- Junk/snack food "I know it's not healthy but... I can't cook and I can't really afford much else."
- Penguins "They're just... Cute."
- Performing "I get to sing and make people smile... It's nice."

- Crowds "Scary..."
- Being around strangers "I... I just don't like people I don't know..."
- Summer "Too hot... And everyone wants to go outside or swim."
- Slackers "Wasting time, letting others do the work for you, I just don't like it."
- Greed "Money is the root of all evil... Well, maybe not but it's always a source of problems."

- Strangers
- Water
- Letting her father down

- Singing
- Composing

- Can't swim
- Low confidence
- Shy

- Reading
- All things related to music
- Gardening



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Sample of Voice/Instrument: supercell - Kimino Shiranai Monogatari

On a day just like any other,
you suddenly stood up and said,
“Let's go stargazing tonight!”

“I guess even you get a good idea sometimes,”
everyone said as they laughed.
On a road not even lit;
We frolicked about as we walked like fools
To avoid being crushed
by the loneliness and uneasiness we carried.

As we gazed up from this pitch-black world,
the stars looked like they were falling from the night sky.

Since when, I wonder,
have I been chasing after you?
Please, please
don’t be startled and listen
to these feelings of mine.

“That’s Deneb, Altair, and Vega,”
you say as you point at the Summer Triangle.
I remember as I look at the sky.
I finally found Orihime-sama,
but where is Hikoboshi-sama?
She's going to be all alone.

You are by my side, enjoying yourself,
and I, am unable to say anything.

The truth is, I've always
known somewhere inside, my feelings for you.
But just finding them
won't make them reach you.
Don't. Don't cry
is what I told myself.

I pretend to be strong but am cowardly
I pretended not to care.
And yet,
the stabbing pain in my heart increases,
Ah, I see, so that's what it means
to fall in love.

"What would you like to do? Tell me."
I hear the voice of my heart.
I want to be by your side.
But the truth is cruel.

I didn’t say it,
I couldn’t say it,
I can never go back.

That summer day
those twinkling stars
I still remember even now.
Your face when you laughed,
your face when you were angry,
I loved it so much.
Isn't it funny?
Even though I always understood,
you never knew
my personal secret.
The night rolls on
In a distant memory, you
point with your finger
in an innocent voice.

So begins...

Haruka Okada's Story

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She feigned being wounded, and leaned away a bit on his back, clasping the center of her chest. "That hurts; that truly hurts," she said, imposing the wounded feelings into her voice. She couldn't help it, however, and bloomed into a smile. "You know, he's not entirely emotionless, Renny," she told him, incorporating her childish nickname for him. "If you were less outlandish and ... Well ... You ... He may be more open around your," she said logically, her nose in the air.

After a moment, Hana turned her face and looked at him with amusement in her gaze. "Sometimes I doubt that you even have a brain in that blonde head of yours. Why would I be here if I wasn't attending the school?" she teased. After giving him a brief and harmless knuckle sandwich, she dropped down from his back and stood at his side, pouting. "I'm not short, you're just freakishly tall! How mean!" she scoffed, turning away with crossed arms. She did, however, turn back at the mention of France. Her gray-blue eyes widened into large orbs. "You went to France? You have to tell me everything!" She took his hands in hers and looked at him with questioning eyes. "What it was like, what the people were like, the food, everything!"

When he called for Sora and there was the answering voice of her other beloved friend, she whipped around and faced him. "Sora!" she cried, tears in her eyes. She dimly noted the small smile on his face before she threw herself into his arms. She loved both him and Ren dearly, and shared certain things with Ren, of course, but Sora was closer in age to her. They had been in most of the same classes from preschool and all the way through high school. She loved them both equally, but Sora, she could relate to him due to their age. She could relate to Ren due to their similar personalities, but Sora was the one she had missed the most. The black-haired, seemingly-emotionless boy was closer to her.

"I am in school," she almost seemed to whimper. Her arms threw around his neck and she clung to him in the hug, sniffing a little. "I missed you and Renny so much. You both have to promise never to leave me alone again, okay?" she insisted, grabbing Ren's arm and yanking him into the hug. "Now that Mama and Papa are gone, you're all I have left," she said, her lower lip trembling. After several moments, she drew back and wiped at her eyes, pressing her lips firmly together. She managed a smile through the tears. "Oh, I'm blubbering again, aren't I? You both always said that I was a crybaby," she joked, sniffing a bit at the end of it. "I'm sorry, I just can't help but cry. I missed you both immensely," she said, her heart wrenching a little.

She smoothed a blonde curl out of her face, which had been sticking to the tears coating her cheeks.

"Mama and Papa were in a car accident a month ago. Baby Joshua was in it with them, but somehow he survived. I'm his legal guardian, due to my being his older sister, but with school, I can't afford to take care of a sixteen-month-old baby. I had Aunt Haruhi take him in, and I take him on the weekends and over school breaks," she explained to them, for they were both undoubtedly confused. Her parents had been like a second set to them, and Joshua had been like an extra brother.

She looked down, her hands together. "Just promise that you won't leave me again, okay?" she asked, her voice quiet and vulnerable. She looked up at them through her bangs, that vulnerability shadowed in her eyes. If one were to look closely at her, they would be able to see the dark circles hidden beneath makeup, and the paleness of exhaustion. She had lost weight lately, also, the strain of juggling work and Joshua over summer break having gotten the better of her, and the fact that she could barely make enough to scrape by, with her having to pay to take care of a baby, definitely didn't help her.

She pressed her lips together and then pursed them, before she gave them a bright yet slightly-forced smile. "Come on you two; we should probably go ahead and register, right?" she asked, moving over to link arms with them and turn them in the direction of the Registration Desk. Standing in between the two of them, she looked like a midget, to say the least.



Esme hesitated for a moment, before she relented and released him. She could tell by the look on his face that it was the word 'nurse' that bothered him, and having such a long and tiring history when it came to hospitals, nurses, doctors, and the like, she understood. She didn't know his own history with the medical field, but still, she understood.

It was then that Fate was barreled over by a small girl. Something landed at Esmeralda's feet, but she focused on ensuring the safety of both Fate and the girl before bending to retrieve the contents. She studied them for a moment, and then made her way over to the girl.

"These are really, really, really bad for you, you know. But their yours, so here," she said, holding them out to her with both her hands, almost like a child offering an adult a flower. "You should stop, since, y'know, they're really bad for you. But if you don't, that's okay, 'cause it's your choice, mate. But if you do, that'd be great, 'cause, y'know, you'd be healthier and stuff," she said, rattling on and on in that annoying way of hers, without her even realizing how annoying she could be.

She turned to Fate and held her hand out to him. "You wanna go and get something to eat, Fate? I fancy sweets, but it's a'out lunch-time now. Care to get some food?" she asked, tilting her head and offering her hand more obviously to him.