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Jayson Preston

"Behind the fake image is a shattered girl."

0 · 242 views · located in Uta Academy ; Japan

a character in “Uta Academy”, originally authored by ShadowedxLove, as played by RolePlayGateway


Jayson Marie Preston

Name: Jayson Preston
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 104 lbs
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Romantic Interest: None at the moment
Nationality: 1/3 French, 1/3 Italian, 1/3 Japanese
Job: Because of her mother she does some modelling along with waitressing.
Type of Singer: Lead/ Solo
Instrument(s): Piano and acoustic guitar


Personality: Jayson is loyal and caring to those she feels deserve it. She does not trust easily and will rarely speak of her past with someone she does not trust. She is kind and protective to those she cares for and will always look after them more than herself. To people she does not know she is known to be cold and distant unless she sees something in them that differs from the ordinary person. Jayson has never verbally said to anyone that she loves them not even to family. She had found someone to call a boyfriend but things went awry and so she hasn't been with someone since then. Jayson also has a bit of a wild side that not many know her for. She likes to drink, party, and have a fun time if she gets the chance. Even so she can easily become sophisticated and elegant if she needs to be.

She loves too easily, secretive, angered easily, and hurt easily. Jayson is willing to go to dangerous lengths to get back at those who've double-crossed her or someone she cares for. Jayson can be known to engage in reckless behavior but doesn't much care about that. Jayson hates speaking of her family when she decides to bring her past up. She is the type of person to end up in jail trying to help her friends or for fighting someone. Jayson is also not afraid to talk about her criminal record but as far as speaking to an ordinary person thats as far she's willing to go into her past.

Playing piano
Playing acoustic guitar
Composing songs
Writing lyrics

Discussing her past
Her waitressing job
Those who want nothing more than money
Cruelty to others
Judgemental people
Her parents

Becoming the girl she used to be
Her parents finding her
Losing those close to her



Bio: Jayson grew up having a mother whom was never around and worked in the notorious music industry and as a model. Her father wasn't arond as Jayson didn't know who he was. Her mother became drug-addicted and more of a slut and would bring men home sleep with them then pass out due to drug and/or alchohol intake. The men she brought home would beat Jayson while her mother slept. When Miranda awoke Jayson would try and tell her mother what happened but all Miranda would do was slap her around and call her a liar.

Jayson grew up having a hatred for her mother. She became adement when she was in older adolescence to find out who her father was. It wasn't until she got the truth from her maternal grandmother who accidentally let it slip. Jayson was still stuck with her mother but the abuse got worse when her mother gained a pimp. Jayson was forced to share a room with her mother where she witnissed her mother 'work'. The pimp would make Jayson sell drugs in her school which evidentally got her arrested and took her mother hours to get out. She was also forced into gang life having to beat people to a pulp whenever her mother's pimp told her to and if not she'd be the beaten. Jayson was sold off by her mother for sex but Jayson fought back and cut and/or stabbed the men she was sold to then got away. She was once arrested for prostitution but the charges were dropped when it came to light that she was still a virgin.

Jayson was severely beaten by her mother's pimp more when Miranda ended up marrying him. On top of it all the paparazzi refused to leave Jayson or her mother alone. Jayson soon became fed up with it all and fled from Tokyo to California during her middle school years where she discovered where her father lived. She soon found him and became close with him. The reunion was cut short with the death of her father. Jayson was forced to go back to Tokyo after his death but her mother was the same way before just now she had divorced from her pimp. She was enrolled in the academy by her maternal aunt after showing her love for singing.

Other: Jayson wants to become a famous singer and this time be better than her mother lso she wants to have someone to care for her.

Character Thoughts On Others: n/a
Sample of Voice/Instrument:

Her audition song

A song she just completed

Her first fully Japanese song

Another Japanese songs she's done

Yet another Japanese song she's done

So begins...

Jayson Preston's Story

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Jayson had been woken up abruptly by her two younger cousins bursting into her room and started jumping on her bed. The six and five year old started yelling for Jayson to wake up and when she finally did she couldn't help but laugh at the two young children. "Alright, alright I'm up." as of now her cousins didn't completetly undersand the concept of Jayson being away at school but their attentions span was small enough to where Jayson didn't bother explaining right now. She had gotten ready and found her aunt already downstairs ready to go. Jayson was staying at her aunt's house for now and there house was a good while away from the academy so she had to drive Jayson along with the two young children.

After an hour of driving they arrived at the academy and from the moment Jayson's amethyst eyes spotted the school she felt happy. Now she'd be able to do the one thing she always wanted to do which is sing. The modeling wasn't something she was happy with but she was forced into it and at least now she could freely sing and get better at singing to become a professional. With that in mind she got out of the car with a smile and an objective.

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Jayson had been gathering her things from her aunt's car when her little cousins ran off to the poolside. Jayson dropped her things and ran after them but when she caught up they were already there while the crowd dispersed. "Wow lady are you alright?" the youngest had asked and Jayson sighed after catching up to them. "How many times do I have to tell you two not to run off like that?" Jayson said before turning her gaze to the girl who was soaked.

"I'm sorry about them. Do you need anything?" her attention was no longer on thr young ones that had ran to her aunt but now on the girl. She felt bad for her but she wouldn't voice that feeling as she new how it felt to feel like others were taking pity on you. "How bout I help you get fixed up?" she offered to the girl. "Oh sorry how rude of me. I'm Jayson by the way and you are?" she asked.

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The sweatshirt was green.

The fall of the soft fabric momentarily distracted Esme, who caught it reflexively. When she saw that it was a sweatshirt, she tilted her head back to see if she could find whoever had dropped it. It was to no avail, however, for she barely managed to see a door closing on a balcony before it clicked shut.

With a sigh, she turned her gaze down to the congregation of people around her. "Nice to meet'cha Jun!" she said, flashing him a silly grin. She scowled when he ruffled her hair, pouting at the way that he treated her as a child. When he suddenly left, she glared. "Fine then, just leave!" she called after him with an eye-roll.

Returning her attention to the remaining people, she offered them all a bright smile, for she already was feeling better. She tugged the sweatshirt over her head, not wanting whoever it was that gave it to her to feel as if she were ungrateful for it - if they were watching.

"I'm fine, really ... Really, I'm okay ... C'mon, mates, we can all have a great cheer now that I'm recovered ..." She repeated several of these phrases over and over, obviously becoming annoyed by the second. Finally, the crowd began to disperse, people's attentions turning to registration and readying themselves for the Newcomer's Ceremony.

At that moment, however, two small boys ran up to her, peppering her with questions. She liked them immediately. With a silly smile on her face, she leaned over and patted them almost robotic ally on the heads. A blonde girl, who was surprisingly shorter then she was, appeared at that moment, offering to help her.

"No, I'm alright now, darling. I had a bit of trouble a moment ago, but everything is grand. No help is needed here!!" she exclaimed, in her outlandish way.

With that, she skipped off, her cheery self once more, to check-in at registration. Although, it wasn't really needed, for she had attended the school for the last two years. She hopped into line anyway, humming softly to herself, and began to poke and prod a tall, blonde boy in front of her, directly between the shoulder blades. She steered clear of the scary guy beside him - because he was really scary-looking - but poked at the blonde boy repeatedly. "Hey mister, you wanna lolly?" she asked, her British accent thick and obvious. She flashed him a grin and held up a sucker.