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Robin Dumas

"With so many talented people here, I guess I have to try even harder."

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a character in “Uta Academy”, as played by usernamesareadrag


Robin Dumas

Robin Dumas




150 lbs, 68kg

Robin actually has absolute or perfect pitch which is is an auditory phenomenon characterized by the ability of a person to identify or re-create a given musical note without the benefit of a reference tone. Basically, he can identify and recreate pitches or instruments and other sounds. Which is, of course, quite the pain when you're learning an instrument and can't quite get a note right, especially when you're a perfectionist.

Unknown. It's not something he's really thought about and it doesn't really seem like a problem either way.

Romantic Interest:
None at the moment


Robin works at a small pastry shop near the campus to make extra money. Given the slight language gap, his Japanese isn't exactly perfect yet, it can be difficult at times to communicate, but he's learning fast and a smile can go a long way to save an awkward interaction with a customer.

Type of Singer:
Given a rather wide vocal range, mostly due to vocal coaching, Robin isn't very picky with the songs that he sings, but he prefers rock, a bit of folk, jazz, songs that he considers interesting, or, really, just songs with a good beat to them. He almost refuses to sing a cappella, too uncertain about carrying a song with just his own voice and no accompanying music.

Acoustic guitar and trumpet. He also dabbles in the saxophone and knows a few tunes on the piano.


If one was to ask one of Robin's classmates from before Uta Academy, all the way back in France, what his personality was like, they would almost universally say, "Robin is a nice, hard-working guy." And that would be it. Most couldn't tell you any odd quirks, no stories about him blowing his temper, simply because they don't know him all that well. Robin likes to wear a mask- unlike many others who put on a defensive or cold facade, his is one of the most dangerous kinds; the happy mask with a smile that never quite meets his eyes. Oh, he seems like a nice enough guy, always willing to lend a helping hand, endlessly patient, and always getting his work finished on time, but there's something reserved there, something holding him back. It's fear- fear of being rejected, of getting too close to someone else because then they can hurt him even more. That reservation stems from a childhood incident and while he knows that it shouldn't have this much of an impact on him, well, that doesn't change how much power it has over him.
It's fair to say that Robin in competitive, enthralled as he is in the world of athletics and, more recently, music. In everything he does, he strives almost obsessively to be the best and, if he can't quite make the mark, he tends to beat himself up over it, studying or practicing that much harder. While that might seem healthy at first, his need to be the best or at least one of the best has stretched him thin, like a string pulled so tight that it's not a question if it will break but when. He's been known to ignore his own needs during these bouts of self-improvement, walking off injuries that shouldn't be walked off or ignoring food unless someone points it out to him. It may come off as if he's punishing himself, but he would argue that it's not a punishment at all. He just gets too caught up in whatever he's doing, especially when he has a lot going on which is, to be quite honest, all of the time.
Robin is definitely a hard-worker, working to prove himself and not be a burden to those around him. So, of course, he gets frustrated by those who take their talent for granted and can succeed without ever trying. As helpful and patient as he can be, it's hard for him to discuss his own feelings. Even if something happens, if the stress gets to be almost too much, he doesn't bother telling people because he doesn't like pushing his problems on them. Which is, of course, terribly ironic given that he's almost always the shoulder to cry on or the willing ear when it comes to other people's problems.
Underneath his self-consciousness is a worried but pleasant young man. When he's with his dearest friends and family, he's a lot more relaxed and talkative. Not only that, but he's extremely loyal and protective. The first and only fight he was even involved in was with his older sister's ex-boyfriend after the other boy insulted her and broke up with her.
You may think that you know Robin Dumas, but be careful about that assumption. Instead of the actual boy, you may just be treated to his cheerful mask, hiding a mass of insecurities. However, if you're lucky enough to become his real friend, you'll have a friend for life.

~Cozy places, especially on cold days
~Playing most sports, but especially football, swimming, and tennis
~The ocean
~Playing his instruments
~Listening to good music
~The smell of flowers
~Out of tune music
~Bitter things, especially coffee
~Having to walk in the rain
~Movies and books that end in tragedy
~Snails and slugs
~People who take their talent for granted
~Dry heat
~Having nothing to do

~Letting his family and friends down

~Absolute pitch
~Playing the acoustic guitar and the saxophone
~Is fluent in French and English and decent in Japanese

~He has a tendency to stress himself out
~He doesn't like talking to people about his problems
~He has low self esteem and tries to overcompensate for it and, in the process, is too hard on himself

~Reading(especially fantasy and mystery novels)
~Sports (including but not limited to swimming, tennis, and football)
~Singing and practicing his instruments, of course


Robin Dumas was born in Mende, France, a city in the Languedoc-Roussillon region near the Mediterranean Sea to Martine and Eric Dumas and grew up there with his older sister Camille. Martine worked at a local flower shop and Eric ran his own bakery. They weren't rich, but they had enough and despite the unavoidable squabbles that spring up among family members, they were a close, loving family. Robin was admittedly not the most popular boy growing up. He was sweet if a little naive and preferred playing more peaceful games with the girls over participating in the boy's general rough-housing. It wasn't much of a problem, but it kept him from making very many friends with half the boys convinced he was infected with cooties and the girls needing their own time away from stinky boys. So, the few friends that he actually did have, he clung to fiercely and, ultimately, was a bit smothering.
It came to a head when he was eight-years-old, just a normal day during recess. He had opted to spend most of it in the classroom reading, finishing a book long since forgotten. However, what happened next would not be. He'd finished the book early and gone out to the playground to join his friends who were nowhere it sight. It took him a while, but he finally found them, hidden behind a wall and talking about him. Well, talking it putting it kindly. It was one of those things that children did, complain about their friends without any worry about the effect. "He was so needy," they said, "Worthless. Can't do anything. Who wants to hang out with him? He's the worst. He's the worst." Each word was like a dagger to the eight-year-old and, after faking being ill, he was taken home. He stayed in his room for two days, only leaving for the bare necessities before squirreling himself away again, and refused to leave the house for a week. Was he really that annoying? Did he really not have anything to contribute? Was he really that worthless?
His parents and sister were obviously worried, but he seemed fine after a week, joining them for breakfast as if nothing had ever happened. But then they began to notice subtle differences and then others not quite so subtle. He joined sports teams, showing an enthusiasm and work ethic that seemed terribly out of character. He didn't invite many friends over anymore, withdrawing from his schoolmates one by one. They didn't notice. Most of them liked the new Robin, the boy who was great at sports, who would help you with tough homework problems. And he was content with the new Robin too, mostly. Now he was proving to the world that he was worth something, that he was somebody. But he began to stretch himself too thin, his work load increasing too much. There was practice every day, homework late into the night. His family finally intervened, making sure he didn't extend himself too much after he collapsed during a football game while running after the ball.
His love for instruments was something that he discovered on his own after finding his father's acoustic guitar hidden away in the attic. It was horribly out of tune, but, after much begging, his father fixed it up for him and taught him to play. The trumpet came next, something that he had to play for music class in school. Still, his musical talent didn't come to a head until he was thirteen-years-old. His friend Emily, one of the few he stayed close with over the years, was to participate in a talent show when her partner suddenly dropped out. Despite his reservations, he stepped in with his guitar and an untrained singing voice to help out his friend. It was a hit, Robin even surprising himself with how well it had turned out. His mother insisted that he continue on with music, now taking lessons for singing as well. In retrospect, she may have just been enthusiastic that singing didn't involve running around all the time like in sports.
It was at his family's insistence that he tried out for Uta, and, surprisingly enough, he made it in. The school is intimidating for Robin, just a drop of water in a sea of talent, but he keeps himself busy. He took a job at a local bakery for extra spending money as well as to practice his Japanese given the location of the academy. It's the first time he's been away from home, but he's trying to treat it like the big opportunity and adventure that it is.

Robin enjoys moving around when he sings, whether it's just strumming on his guitar or, as he prefers when his hands are free, dancing.

Character Thoughts On Others: (If don't know, wait for my characters :3)
Sample of Voice/Instrument:
The Talent Show Duet
French Song
Audition Song for singing as well as trumpet
Take My Hand


So begins...

Robin Dumas's Story

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If someone had told Robin Dumas two years ago that, after graduating his last year high school, he would find himself standing in line to register for Uta Academy, he would have laughed at you for a good minute before apologizing and walking away, still chuckling under his breath. There were just so many things wrong with that sentence that it couldn't have helped but draw a laugh out of the French boy. For one, Uta was the premiere academy for all things musically inclined and Robin was quite certain that even if he ever applied, he would never even stand a chance against applicants aided by money, family connections, and musically training that spanned their entire lifetimes. For another thing, it was all the way in Japan and why on Earth would Robin ever leave France, his family, his entire life to study in another country? Lastly, and most importantly, two years ago he firmly believed that he would be joining the family business after graduating. It was easier financially, he wouldn't have to leave home, and he was good at baking. So, thanks for the laugh, but Uta Academy was never going to happen.

Except that it did. With his family and friends' insistence, he tried out for Uta Academy on a lark. Oh, he did try his best, preparing at least a month in advance, working his song until he was practically singing in his sleep, hands nervously twitching with the notes of his trumpet. And, yes, it had gone reasonably well, even if he thought that he'd completely flubbed it during the second chorus. However, he wasn't exactly waiting by the mailbox, waiting for the postman to come by with an acceptance letter. Uta Academy had hundreds of applicants each year, the best of the best, the creme de la creme, so to speak. It may have seemed pessimistic to others, but he was just being realistic about his chances. He wasn't going to come home one day to find an acceptance letter on the kitchen counter, hidden beneath bills and his sister's fashion magazines.

And then he did. He could hardly believe it at first, blinking owlishly as his sister ripped the letter from his hands, reading it aloud in her best "I told you so" voice for their ecstatic parents. It was all a blur after that, congratulations flooding over him from people he scarcely knew, bags being stuffed with anything that he might need or want while away from home, books and videos on speaking Japanese piled high on the little mahogany desk in his room. It was madness plain and simple, and even though he didn't start until a year after his schooling was finished, everything seemed to be going too fast until, quite suddenly, he was on the plane to Japan with only a backpack and a carry-on suitcase, instruments and other necessities shipped ahead to wait for him in his new dorm. He spent the plane ride silently, finally able to collect his thoughts as he gazed out the window, taking in the puffy white clouds covering the ocean below.

This was really happening. The thought didn't quite stick until he was inside the Tokyo airport, clutching his backpack strap tightly in one hand, the other clinging stubbornly to his suitcase as he weaved his way through the crowded area, dodging harried businesspeople, noisy families, and reuniting loved ones until he finally found a cab. His Japanese was hardly perfect, but it must have been clear enough as the cab driver dropped him off at a hotel near Uta. It was a day before registration, so he busied himself with other important things like checking in to make sure his other luggage had arrived(it had) and confirming a job offer that he'd been given by a small bakery only a few moments walk from Uta(Yume Bakery was delighted to hire him, his own experience working at his father's shop as well as previous phone conversations really paying off). After all of that, he finally gave into a jet-lag induced sleep, whisked away into a dreamland of music and school that he couldn't quite decide if it filled him with excitement or dread.

Then here he was now, backpack slung over his shoulder, suitcase set by his side as he finished registering. The line of people behind him was considerable now having grown drastically since he first got in line. There were all sorts of people otherwise milling about, a wave of pure noise washing over him, accents ranging from across the world and voices ranging from sweet and soft to brash and loud mingling together in the space.

"There we go, dear," the woman seated behind the table smiled at the French young man, handing him a folder of papers with information that ranged from his schedule and dorm assignment to a list of rules and regulations. "Have a wonderful school year."

Robin smiled in return, remembering to add a little bow before collecting his papers and stepping out of line for the person behind him. Except, well, that person seemed to be busy and they and the two people with them seemed to be drawing enough attention on their own. The one directly behind him was a slightly scary looking young man with long hair covering one side on his face and, my, he was certainly tall for someone who was Japanese. Then there was a blond boy and a shockingly pink-haired girl talking to one another, or, rather, the girl seemed to be doing most of the talking. Their accents were comfortingly familiar, the boy sounding Irish and the girl speaking a mile a minute distinctly British. He thought that the conversation would peter out on its own before, that is, the girl rounded on the taller boy and it took all of Robin's effort not to wince in sympathy. He'd not even met her yet and it was easy enough to see that she didn't have much of a censor. Well, time to step in before the people at the back of the line started riot(which sounded dramatic, but they were at a school for the musical arts; musicians on a whole tended to be terribly dramatic), and tapped the Japanese boy with the interesting hairstyle choice on the shoulder.

"Sorry to interrupt," He said, Japanese stilted as he tried to recall the correct words, his French accent only slightly bleeding into the words. "But you can register now." He tossed in a polite smile there for good measure as he picked up his suitcase and moved out of the way.

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"You're scary-looking, y'know that? Why're you so creepy? Stop being so scary!" Fate turned his attention back to the two foreigners just as the small pink haired one ducked behind the blonde one. "Are you a bully or just a big moron?" For a moment Fate was speechless. He had never met anyone who was so bold about his looks before. Then, he smiled, a real smile, not some fake trying to be friendly one. The girl's energy reminded him of the kids he worked with at the daycare. "I'm not a bully, or a big moron. I'm sorry for being scary, but what's underneath is scarier. Especially if you hear the story behind it. Fate noticed that he was using the same tone he used around the kids, but it worked for the situation.

Suddenly someone tapped him on the shoulder. "Sorry to interrupt," There was a slight pause, "But you can register now." Fate turned around to see yet another foreigner, this one with orange hair, walking away. The woman at the desk was waiting for him to step forward. So he did. The woman handed him some paperwork to fill out. He did so in neat Japanese characters then handed it back to her. After looking in over the woman handed him a stack of paper. "You're all set, enjoy the school!" The woman said in English. Fate nodded his head in thanks, then started walking away. He stopped, suddenly wanting to wait for the two foreigners. He stepped off to the side and looked at the papers while waiting for them to finished. He liked the two foreigners for some reason, though he didn't know why.

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It was one of those days, Robin decided as he made his way slowly through the crowds of milling people, where everything was a little bit strange. He was in a foreign country surrounded by strangers speaking a variety of languages in a myriad of accents, people were bursting into song around him which, while expected from a music school was still incredibly bizarre, and, of course, he had no idea where he was going. The French boy stopped and shuffled through his folder of papers. It was, as per request, in French, but that didn't make finding a simple map within all of that paperwork any easier. Of course he could just ask directions, but he wasn't feeling particularly social at the moment within this mob of unrecognizable faces. It was lonely, but that was a feeling he was distinctly used to, even surrounded by familiar faces.

It was when he finally found the map, sadly as confusing looking as all school maps tended to be, that a commotion erupted behind him. It shouldn't have surprised him- there was commotion everywhere, but this one sounded violent, more argumentative than the loud but at least good natured voices swirling around him. He turned around just in time to watch two Japanese boys punch the boy from before, actually punch him in the stomach causing the other boy to crumple over. Robin couldn't do much more than blink as the perpetrator and his cohort ran past him only to be caught a little ways away by and older man, probably a teacher.

Nobody was moving, like they were frozen in time as they stared blankly at the little incident before going back to whatever they'd been doing. Which, to Robin, just wasn't on. The kid had been punched in the stomach and they were carrying on like nothing had happened at all. It didn't seem like anyone really wanted to break the "people in show business are self-centered" stereotype today. Well, that wasn't quite true as it turned out because, before he really knew where his feet were taking him, Robin was beside the still doubled-over Japanese boy, a gentle hand on his shoulder and concern scrawled across his face. It wasn't that he knew him or really had reason to care about him, some stranger who'd just been standing behind him in line, but that didn't mean he wasn't concerned.

"Are you all right? Is there anything I can do to help?" The words tumbled past his lips, a little worry bleeding into his normally even and achingly polite tone of voice. He wasn't concentrating quite as hard on his own voice, so a little bit more of his accent slipped in as well.

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"Stupid ... Stupid ... Stupid ... Alarm!" Hana scowled as she shoved through the crowd of people that stood at the front gates of the Academy.

She had, of course, woken up late, and was late for Registration, due to her alarm clock not going off. Again. The only reason she had woken up at all was because her kitten, Cherry, had jumped onto her bed and started begging for attention. Miraculously, she had gotten ready in five minutes. True, her hair was windblown and her makeup was obviously put on with haste, but who was she to care? It wasn't as if she was trying to impress anyone with her appearance.

She suddenly lost her balance as her foot caught on someone's ankle, and with a squeal, she went sprawling to the ground. She groaned a little after she hit it, slowly pushed herself up to her hands and knees, and shook her head.

"Damn, that hurt," she muttered, reaching over to grab her bag as she did so. She managed to stand, her knees scraped but otherwise okay, and she began a slight-limp towards the registration line.

A fluff of blond hair on a tall young man stood out like a beacon to her in a sea of unfamiliar faces.

"Ren!" she cried, launching herself in his direction. She threw her arms around his neck from behind, jumping up and onto his back and her legs wrapping around his waist.

"You're coming here, too? How come you never told me? Is Sora here, too?" she asked quickly, obviously excited that she would be around at least one of her two best friends. "I missed you this Summer. Where did you and Sora go this year?" she asked, propping her chin on his shoulder so she could peer at his face.



One moment, the boy, Fate as she now knew, was introducing himself and answering her questions, and the next, he was moving in between her, Dameon, and two boys she didn't recognize. Obviously new students who were there for their first day and Registration. Their words were confusing, to say the least, and she frowned at them.

And then Fate was doubled over in pain, clutching his stomach and seemingly unable to even speak due to the pain.

Oh, I know they did not just do that to my new friend.

With a stormy look on her face, she took off after them, surprisingly fast for a girl with such short legs. It wasn't long before she caught up to them, and when she did, they learned quite quickly what happened to people who messed with her friends.

She grabbed on boy's hand, and with a hard yank, flipped him over her head and onto the ground. He hit it hard, dust rising from the impact, and she flipped him around and onto his stomach. She proceeded to hogtie his wrists together and jump up afterwards. She then tackled the other boy to the ground and did the same thing to him, leaving both boys tied and on the ground.

When she reached her friends again, she was calm and pleased with herself.

"Are you alright, Fate?" she asked, leaning over so she could see his face. "C'mon, mate, let's get you to the nurse. You'll be sporting a bloody nasty bruise there tomorrow," she said, offering him a small smile as she slipped her arm through his. She looked up at the other boy - Robin, she thought his name was - and smiled. "Thank you for helping him."

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Something like this had never happened before. Not the being punched in the stomach, that was something he was used to. But people were actually concerned about him. Both the orange haired foreigner and Esmeralda asked if he was okay. "I'm fine, just got the wind knocked out of me." he said once he had gotten his breath back. He straightened before they could worry anymore. Esmeralda said something about the nurse and Fate's brain automatically thought hospital. Fate's least favorite place on the planet. "There's no need, I'm used to the abuse." The words slipped out before Fate knew what he was saying. If they were smart, they would put two and two together and figure out what was hidden underneath his hair. He was so self-conscious about the scars, if anyone were to find out... He'd just die. Quickly to try and make things a little less suspicious he added, "Besides he didn't hit very hard, just got the right spot." Of course, it was a lie, but they didn't have to know that.

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As the pink-haired firecracker came back, Robin quietly moved out of the way as she grabbed the hurt boy's arm. Almost unwillingly his eyes trailed over to the two students that had started this incident, mildly disturbed by the thrashing that the girl had given them, not just because he couldn't help but think hog-tying them was certainly overkill, but the fact that such a small girl had managed to do so without breaking a sweat. The students of Uta Academy, he realized at that moment, were going to be far from normal. Well, even more so than the typical oddities that musicians striving for fame tended to have.

"Thank you for helping him."

Robin shook his head, a mild smile on his face as he disregarded the thank-you. He hadn't really done much of anything, just what anyone really should do in such a situation. In fact, he considered it bizarre that no one else had raced over to check on him- apparently good manners weren't a requirement when attending Uta Academy. How unfortunate.

"Oh, no, you don't have to thank me. I'm happy to help," He explained, words clipped as he considered them. Well, at least he'd get practice in Japanese if he was immersed in the language. It would be nice, however, if there were other French students. He'd only been here a day and he already missed his native language.

When the boy who had been attacked finally spoke, straightening himself almost immediately as if averse to being fussed over. Which was quite normal in of itself until he added that he was used to being hurt. Used to it. Robin's smile flickered for a moment, lips quirking downwards at that disturbing piece of information.

"Well," He said carefully rather than pick at the poor boy or force the story behind the statement out of him, "I am glad that you are all right."

Then, as was obviously becoming the habit of some of the more interesting students, another girl showed up and promptly knocked both herself and the previously injured boy to the ground. Robin could only blink, barely registering a small object go skittering across the floor. He smelled something unpleasant and wrinkled his nose unconsciously before schooling his expression. It wasn't until he saw how jittery the newest girl was and the dilated pupil in her one exposed eye that he could put two and two together.

He wasn't the only one who had noticed apparently as the pink-haired girl started rambling again, words being spoken so fast that he wasn't quite able to keep up at first. That is, until she promptly switched topics to ask the boy- apparently Fate- if he wanted to eat. Well, this was a little bit awkward. Robin's stomach rumbled quietly, the sound muted by the numerous people still in line or milling about the room.

"Ah, do you mind if I join you both?" He asked, more out of necessity than a real desire to make friends with any of them. He was absolutely terrible with navigating the admittedly awful school maps handed out to students. Maybe if he was lucky he'd find the cafeteria in an hour or so, but he wasn't willing to take that chance.

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Kureiji Dekumaya
Kureiji turned to Esme and chuckled nervously. She reached out and took her things quickly, shoving them back in her pocket as she listened to what Esme was saying. Suddenly, as if somebody had flipped a switch Kure became furious without even realizing. "You don't tell me what to do!" She yelled. "I don't care how healthy I'd be and I don't care how bad these are for me!!" Kure continued shouting.
Fury burned in her navy eyes and she didn't even know it. Then, as if a switch was flipped again, Kureiji was no longer angry. She put a finger up to her lips and whispered, "You tell nobody.." She stared them each in the eye as she said it, creepiness etched into her voice.

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Luckily Esmeralda and the orange haired stranger seemed to understand and didn't further question Fate. Just as Fate opened his mouth to reasure them, someone crashed into him. Not excepting it, and still a little stunned from the punch, Fate got knocked to the ground. He looked up to see the eye of someone who had recently been doing drugs. It was an eye that reminded Fate so much of his mother that for a moment, he thought the person actually was her. But taking a moment to actually look at the person, they didn't look anything alike.

Esmeralda handed the girl back something. And then in a dark voice the girl said, "You tell nobody..". Again the tone reminded Fate of his mother, making him dislike this person. More so, it frightened him. "We'll see about that." he said, darkening his tone to match hers. He locked his crimson eyes with her blue one for a moment. Esmeralda asked him if he wanted to go eat with her and the orange haired boy asked to join too. "Sure, food sounds great right now." Fate adjusted the duffle bag on his shoulder. "Though might I suggest we find our dorm rooms first? So we can put our luggage down."

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Kureiji Dekumaya
"We'll see about that." Kureiji heard him say. Then, as if none of that ever happened, she tilted her head to the side and said, "Kay!" Smiling. "Oh," She muttered, spinning on her heel to face him again, "Sorry about knocking ya down and stuffs!" She exclaimed, poking his nose. Afterwards, she cheerfully skipped away singing,
You told me think about it, well, I did,
Now I don't wanna feel a thing anymore..
I'm tired of begging for the things that I want,
I'm over sleeping like a dog on the floor!

Suddenly, she ran back over to them. "Oh! Do ya think I could join you guys for food? I'm kinda hungwy.." Kure asked, jumping up and down, a childish look on her face.

(If you would like to know the name of the song those lyrics are from ~ Pierce The Veil Feat. Kellin Quinn - King For A Day)