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Saki Ai Yuuki

Guitar/Singing (The latter, albeit, poorly)

0 · 412 views · located in Uta Academy ; Japan

a character in “Uta Academy”, as played by KDSawa


Saki Ai Yuuki

Name:Saki Yuuki
Gender: Female
Weight:119 lbs
Oddity:Gender Blind
Sexuality: Pansexual
Romantic Interest:None
Job: Video Store Employee, Waitress
Type of Singer: Dramatic/Amateur. She's comparatively a poor vocalist.
Instrument(s):Electric Guitar/A cheap black Hondo that she brings with her everywhere
Personality:Quirky, Assertive, Distanced. She's friendly yet removed and hesitant towards people she's just met. Has a tendency to over-think and is naturally accepting of peoples differences, using their attitude as a measure of judgement instead. Intelligent, in a unconventional manner.
Likes: Cats, Basketball, Cambodian music, Origami
Dislikes: Dogs, Football,
Fears: Abandonment
Talents: Fair athlete, Guitarist
Flaws: Overly competitive, Easily Angered, Cocky
Hobbies: Basketball, Horror games, Guitar


Bio: It was awhile ago, I think. You know those things that you try not to remember? I guess my whole childhood is that: one big bad memory. It started when I was 9.

Back in those days, before it all began, I lived with my mom, dad, and little sister, Kaede. It was nice, or as nice as you would expect a typical childhood to be. Nothing was ever really out of the ordinary and though we had our fights, it never really meant anything as we were all obviously family. We'd make up and go to the park, or shopping, or wherever; it didn't matter. Those sorts of things aren't supposed to change.

Then Kaede died. She was 6.

Looking back, it shouldn't of happened. I've never been religious, but the way the fates conspired made me feel like something was up there, though it was by no stretch of the imagination "kind". When the principal showed up in my classroom that morning, when I saw his eyes and the...pity that directed itself at me like a spotlight, I knew something was wrong.

I found out with the school nurses hand gripping my shoulder lightly and Mr. Furukawa squatting down to my level in the chair they sat me in.

He explained to me, slowly, that she was hit by a car that had slipped gears. They said that she was getting her stuffed bear, Ha-chan, and that she didn't feel a thing. It was instantaneous. Looking back, it feels pretty damn inappropriate to tell a child that her sister "Didn't feel a thing." But I don't know, maybe you don't really know what to say in that sort of situation. I didn't. I just sat there, confused. Kids don't always know what that means. I still have trouble with it.

I sort of feel like a monster now; I've never cried about it. I never got the chance.

Things at home went down the drain, I guess. Maybe deaths do that, they expose all the problems that you really have with someone. Kaede as the plug, and then all those negative feelings came spilling out. Mom screamed at dad, dad beats mom, both scream and beat me: the sort of stuff you read about the in the paper, I hope. There was alcohol, obviously. Gambling and drugs became prevalent too, though they didn't talk about if, if they talked at all. You could smell it though, it smelled like dysfunction.

It didn't last long. I was taken into foster care after the skirts stopped covering the bruises. I was 14 then.

The process was as arduous and lonely as you'd imagine it. The person they had me talk to didn't seem to care, said I was traumatized and prescribed me with anti-depressants. I didn't take them as I didn't feel depressed. All I felt was...trapped, I guess. Bird in a cage wouldn't be accurate, more like a conscious character trapped in a perpetual horror novel, afraid of repeating the same story for the rest of it's existence. I went from foster home to foster home, realizing how rare it must be for someone to be equipped to be a parent. They were all...nice, but it must be to hard to love something that's not your own. Maybe it's genetic, I don't know. I lasted until my birthday in one, and without having asked me they bought me a guitar.

It became my life, to summarize.

I could tell you that I got good quick, and that the meld into a musician was as smooth as it was easy. I'm a terrible liar, so the truth is that I sucked for awhile. I'd play at the park, in my room, the streets, or wherever really. Playing 'til my fingers were raw as a cut of steak, I dedicated myself to my craft as the world, the homes, the doctors, and the past became a backdrop, and then concept art. It made the world feel unreal, and my other hobbies were delivered into second place in my heart. That sounds pretty cheesy, right?

There were times, in between houses, that I'd talk to this woman at the child-welfare office. She wore glasses, a tacky magenta blazer, and was round as a beach ball. I think she said she was a secretary, but whenever i saw her, she wasn't really doing anything. Rather, she'd tell me these crazy stories, about how she was a groupie with the hot bands back in the day. It was sort of captivating and boring at the same time, just a little bit soothing too. Could be comforting kids in bad situations was her reason for being there all along. Don't know, I haven't seen her since Family 6.

And now I'm here, applying. The newest couple is wealthy, and they want a nice, absent daughter they can brag about to their silly neighbors with the ugly dog. I guess that's fine, as I just want a place to stay where I can play. I'm planning on getting my own place after I graduate, I work 2 jobs to help make it happen. I think I'll pursue music.

Maybe then I can just be alone for awhile and catch up on that crying I've been putting off. At least for closure.

Other:Nothing else

Character Thoughts On Others:


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Sample of Voice/Instrument: Guitar

Voice: (Shaky)

So begins...

Saki Ai Yuuki's Story

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#, as written by KDSawa


Saki stood gazing at the academy, an expression of annoyance at home in her careful features. She wasn't particularly fond of the look of it, seeming all too perfect and neat for her tastes, which were admittedly warped. It reminded her a bit of a castle, idyllic and safe; traits that all too often proved to be a lie to the unwary and a opportunity to the unjust.

Not that she cared about justice; it didn't exist, as far as she knew.

With a hand in her coat pocket, she took an exasperated breath and approached the doors. It wasn't going to do her any good lamenting the situation, she knew that, so making up her mind she grasped the fine, metal handle and pulled it open.

It was cool inside, the hallway lighting assuredly driving down the thermometer a few degrees. Maybe it was her but it felt a little dark, the light from outside barely breaching the building. She studied her surroundings, wondering where she was supposed to actually go.

Is there an office or something?

She stepped to the side, watching a lone group of people pass by her. It felt empty now, like she was in the wrong place.

Was this the back entrance?

She couldn't tell. Taking a few steps further, she peeked around the corner, first to the left, then the right. It looked largely identical to her, but the right was well lighten. She advanced, checking for a sign or something that could guide her to the office, or at least the dorm.

She winded through the halls, going up and down stairs hoping to find anything resembling an administrative wing. It all looked the same. A few minutes of this and she was turned around, and then another: lost. Slowly, she slumped against a wall and slid her back to the floor. She didn't have anything with her; her 'mother' had it sent ahead before she came. Wishing she at least had her guitar, she put her head in her hands at exhaled a sigh, stressed.

No one else was in sight.

This was going to be a long day.

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#, as written by KDSawa


Saki had wandered for nearly 20 minutes now, the halls seeming as endless as they did identical. But it wasn't entirely fruitless; she had found people. A long line made it's way into what looked to be a cafeteria, various ages and sizes, some clutching instruments and some not. She made her way to the stream of what looked to be students, passing by two boys, one dour and one shy. She looked at the exchange, which struck her as a little odd. She had been wandering for too long though, and she needed to know. The shy one walked away.

"That's registration, correct?" She asked the one remaning sharply while looking annoyed.

She was no good at this. She forgot how long it had been since she had communicated with someone her age. Had it been a year already? It was 11th grade, as she remembered it, and in english class, but to whom?

It didn't matter. She wasn't here to make friends anyway. No, it was to uphold the family name, or rather, their family name. She didn't figure it to be a big deal anyway, or at least, she wasn't too concerned with how people saw her...

Except she was.

"I mean..." she started, glaring at the floor as if to direct her self-frustration at something else "Would you please tell me if that's indeed the line for registration."

She sighed. Being cordial was harder than she thought.

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Tristan Aeol


No sooner had the guy left was he replaced by someone else, this time a girl, asking Tristan for directions. Did this school not put up any signs for this? Why could two students be oblivious to something, he thought, was very obvious?

He finished up his orange as he pondered the girl's questions. Again, he didn't look up or make eye contact. She had asked him two questions. Were people determined to talk to him? What exactly was it about him that looked inviting? Because he wanted to change it, pronto.

Would he please tell her? No...well, he could. But he didn't want to talk. Deciding to go along with his previous solution, he swallowed down the last orange slice and pointed towards the registration line, hoping she would get the hint.

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#, as written by KDSawa
Saki watched the interaction as she took place in the line behind the shy boy and what looked to be a foreigner. The look on his face was incredulous, though she couldn't figure out why. The shy boy didn't look all that strange, did he? He said something, though she didn't quite pick it up.


She couldn't recognize the accent, but that was what first popped into her head. It was as good a guess as any, she supposed, and so she shrugged the thought off. Between the albino boy she met just a second earlier, the shy one, and this foreigner, the student body was already reflecting the multiculturalism her 'mother' had bragged about. She didn't care either way; she knew that she was fairly strange as well, all things considered.

"Whatever, I won't judge." She said to herself quietly.

She disliked lines, more so than most could claim to. They reminded her of her time in the child welfare office when she would stand around for hours, people about their business, ignoring her presence. A waste of her time. She massaged her temples a bit, feeling the onset of a headache coming on. It didn't help thinking about the past, but she certainly couldn't help it sometimes. It just came naturally.

Twiddling her thumbs, she looked up at the boys. She knew better to say anything, as it would be assuredly rude, but she couldn't help observing people that were roughly her age. She rarely had friends, and as such, current trends and fads often escaped her.

She only wondered how much of a liability that would be. Social Pariah wasn't how she wanted to be described in the yearbook, after all.

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Sora Minami | Ren Allegretto


"H-Hey! Slow down! Can't you take some time to actually look at what's around you! I mean, come on! This place it huuuuge!" Ren exclaimed, pulling his younger brother by his hood which Sora paid no mind to while he kept on walking forward, being a bunch stronger than his weak older brother.

"Don't need to... We need to find our dorms. I don't like going through crowds and all these people..." Sora said, taking glanced at all the students around him. He put on a bit of a disgusted face, but that's mostly just because he hated crowds and felt uncomfortable around that at all times.

Even with being half brothers, Ren didn't seem to notice as he walked up towards a blonde haired young man, though he was a little short for his age if that was true, and another who had black hair which covered one of his eyes. The older brother immediately suspected he was either a kid walking around, while Sora predicted he was just a short student. We all know who was right in the end, but before he could be stopped, Ren ran up to him, dragging Sora behind him, and shouted, "Heyyyy, do you guys know where the instructions to the dorms are? We're new to this school so we have no clue where anything is unfortunately." He laughed.

Sora was right behind his brother, still listening to music, but had an annoyed look on his face, only taking a single look at the strangers and then ignoring them right afterwards, 'Damn it... why can't we just look on our own?' It was a bit obvious from his aura that he didn't like being around people.

A moment later, though, the two brothers also noticed a girl beside that blonde haired guy, and, as usual, Ren was the first to speak, "Oh, am I... interrupting something?" He asked innocently, not meaning to be offensive in any way, though it didn't sound like it anyways.

"Yes, you are." Sora stated to his brother before grumbling and walking off on his own, deciding to find his dorm by himself rather than stay with a group of strangers. Unlike his brother, Sora was antisocial and just couldn't stand the groups. Especially if he didn't know them.

While he walked towards the dorms, he saw a girl with an odd white and pink hair. He even stopped for a moment just to stare at her, not in one of those perverted, adoring, or romantic types of ways, but more like he was curious, or saw something different, "Strange..." He let the words slip from his tongue, but it wasn't in a bad way, or annoyed way. Sora was just... curious, you could put it, and his way of stating it out loud was saying something that sounded negative, but wasn't meant for that reason.

Wotamin Yori

(It's hard to find images with Wotamin in a mask, so you probably won't see her with one in the pictures!)

Wotamin spaced out while staring at the large building in front of her, not hearing the stranger calling out to her the first time until she repeated, "Heeeey."

"H-Hmm?" Wotamin turned around and saw a girl, who looked young, yet also a bit mature, like she was an adult in some way. Wotamin began her judging a little too early, so she told herself to snap out of it and only listened to what this girl had to say, or ask, of her.

"Heya, are you... are you a doctor? Because, if you are, that's cool. Like, eh, really cool. Reeeeaaaally cool. Hey, do you have a... oh gosh... uh... forgot what they're called... uh..."

"Doc...tor?" Wotamin asked, tilting her head a bit, though she didn't remove her mask still. She'd ran into the situation a couple of times really. Some people noticed she was sick and was alright with it, but others thought she was a roaming and young doctor or something. Yet each time she was asked the same question, she always reacted like she was surprised, even though she's heard it over and over again.

"Oh! Ohhhh!" Wotamin almost jumped at her sudden increase in volume, but still listened, never the less, just a little shaken from her balance was all, "Yeah. Yeah, do you have a scalp...el? Scalpel? Yeah, do you have one of those? If you do, can I see it? I think those are cool. Heeeeeey, what're you doing at a singing school if you're a doctor? Don't you have... doctor things to do?"

For a while, Wotamin just watched this girl in front of her before letting out a gentle laugh. Her voice rang with maturity, sounding very much like a fully grown woman, especially with that height of hers which resembled one as well. Not to mention she even talk calmly and sweetly like a mother would to a child, "I'm not a doctor actually, dear. I'm just really sick is all." She didn't notice she might have sounded like she was trying to warn her, and she knew that if she did that, it'd be hard for her to get along with people, so she continued talking, hoping she didn't sound threatening with her illness, or because of how she sounded and looked like an adult, "I-I don't have a scalpel, in fact, I don't even have anything sharp on me at the moment. Unless you mean something like cooking utensils, then... I suppose that would count." She let out a slight childish giggle.

Then Wotamin looked at this girl again and a thought occurred to her, 'W-what if she's a teenager? I-I'm terrified of them... Oh dear... what am I supposed to do now...' She almost went stone cold after thinking this, having trouble dealing with older people or teenagers.

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#, as written by KDSawa
Turning away from the boys, Saki leaned against the wall, twiddling her finger through her long hair. It had been a long day, but at least she knew that she was in the right spot then. Sure, she was aware that she was bad at navigating her way through places, but she at least thought that she could find her way to the front entrance.


She glanced over, her eyes meeting a dark-haired boy who happened to be staring at her with a look of curiosity. With her hair in hand still, she looked down and then back up. She was used to it, having had the near-white for her whole life. She didn't talk much about her family, but when she did she tended to admit that they were Russian immigrants. As far as she was concerned though, she was full blooded Japanese and more so, uninterested in her biological "roots".

"Is it?"

She titled her head a little, staring blankly at the newcomer. She knew that she couldn't figuratively fire shots at people for wondering, even if she wanted to. It was hard enough moving constantly, let alone alienating people with her initial cold exterior. She held it in, for the sake of not shooting herself in the foot.

"I guess that it might be, though I rarely have people come outright and say it." she continued, motioning towards her hair and smiling slightly; an almost unnoticeable smirk. "Are you new as well?"

It was a lame question. She was aware of her shortcomings as a conversationalist, but was she really that inept? She rubbed her eyes casually, taking the opportunity to massage her temples a little. She gave herself headaches sometimes.

"It's a strange school, I think..." She continued again, her gaze drifting off to the rest of the crowd. "People from all around the world come here for music. Because they love it."

She was smiling more genuinely now, her thoughts drifting to her guitar. She only hoped that it was okay; she couldn't imagine what she'd do if she lost it. She looked back at him again, more confident.

"...I think that's pretty special, you know?"