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Sora Minami

"The song. Do you like it?" WIP

0 · 366 views · located in Uta Academy ; Japan

a character in “Uta Academy”, as played by リンーちゃん


Sora Yousuke Minami

Name: Sora Minami

Age: 19 1/2

Gender: Male "E-eh? Why do you have to ask..."

Height: 6'1

Weight: 162

Oddity: He over sleeps and over eats, too much. Some people are concerned because he sleeps through class and even skips the first few periods because he's still sleeping, but it's natural. He was just born to need a bunch of sleep is all. At the minimum, he should at least get 11 hours of sleep. Maximum would be a whole day. He also has an odd eating habit. He'll eat a lot, but he'll never get fat or gain weight. Why? He himself doesn't know. "Im tired... But grab me a piece of bread before I fall asleep, would you?"

Sexuality: Heterosexual "Is it abnormal to like girls?"

Romantic Interest: None at the moment "I kinda take a liking to older girls though... or maybe that's just because of my sister... Eh."

Nationality: Completely Japanese

Job: None "Too much work."

Type of Singer: He tends to sing rock songs, or piano songs, but hardly anything calming, like his personality. But it's nothing like hardcore metal or anything. Definitely not. His voice has an odd tone to it, but when he speaks, it sounds more normal and fluent. Yet people don't really hate on this. Many actually like it in some way.

Instrument(s): He plays a little guitar, but it's not enough to actually be in a song. "It's just a hobby is all."


Personality: "I've got two sides... they're actually really different from each other."

Sora has the type of half cold half friendly attitude towards people. It's not that he hated people or anything, more like he's curious about some, and not about others. If someone is found to be like other people in his eyes, if they're too normal like someone you'd see everyday just walking around, his interest level drops, which is where he begins to avoid that person by not answering any questions, not talking back, or just walking away from them completely. He tends to like people like him, who have minor problems, nothing too big to see, but minor enough to notice. If they're different, things take a little switch with Sora's opinion. Some people think he's selfish and cruel for doing this, but it's just simple that Sora isn't a fan of interesting people.

If you are one of those people he finds interesting, whether it be a male or female, (Keep in mind he's still heterosexual) then it's more likely he'll open up to you rather than shove you away. With these people, Sora will actually be a little odd, spacing out very often about food in front of them and looking really childish, despite his height and matured appearance. This is where Sora's personality gets a little complicated with how he acts towards others. Some, he's childish, others he's weird, and towards the rest he's like a normal young adult who will laugh and smile and take place in conversations rather than stay out. Though, it's still a little hard to socialize with him since he's sleeping so often. People only get from 4-8 hours per day at the very most.

"A few, but I'm easily impressed..."

♥His Family
♥Cats (Animals in General Though)

"Please no."

✘Heavy Metal
✘Completely Silence (Kind of Makes Him Uncomfortable)
✘His Height
✘Waking Up
✘Being Tired
✘Doing Work


✘Deep Water

"W-well I wouldn't really call them that..."

✓Getting Along With Animals
✓Education (Math, Science, History, English, Etc.)
✓Bilingual (Japanese, French, English, and is currently learning Russian)

"You're not human if you don't have them."

✘Spaces Out
✘Terrible Eating Habit
✘Lazy Sometimes

"I do these things often... I guess you could put it..."

✓Playing Guitar
✓Taking Care of Animals


Bio: (Go all out!)

Other: Strangely, he always tends to wear a scarf outdoors. He'll only take it off indoors, but outdoors, you'll always see him with a scarf, even in summer and even on the hottest day. And it's only one scarf that he'll wear which is the special blue one he's always seen wearing. Also, his scarf used to be a lovely red color, but after using it for so long, and washing the dye color away, it became a darkened blackish blue color which only gets darker by the year.

Sora also has terrible vision. He's almost literally blind, which is why he tends to make his music, or do covers rather than have to read of a sheet because he can't read it. He really does need glasses, but doesn't get them. Why? He doesn't feel like it. He can't even read a book and has trouble realizing faces in front of him, even if they're just an inch away, he'll have to squint to recognize their face.


Character Thoughts:

Sora Minami - "Him? He's quiet, and weird- Wait....."

Fate Sarutobi - "He's always avoiding girls... Or women... Or any female actually. Makes me wonder why that is... Probably just from a few he's met. I can kinda see where he's coming from if that's the case; some woman can be terrifying, even more than the devil himself."

Chihaya Ogiwara - "So quiet... Almost reminds me of how I used to be, though I didn't really change apparently... He's... Short... Too... Ha... Hehe... Funny to see someone my age be at such a low height. He's got me curious, though I can't say anything negative or positive just yet."

Dameon Louis - "He... Kind of annoys me in some way... I don't ever recall hating children or anything, but this kid gets on my nerves from what I see... Sure, Im patient, but Im afraid he may just push the limit and go overboard... Better not or there may be a little cat and dog fight."

Tristan Aeol - "He's also quiet, like that other shortie, although the difference is that he's got a sort of... Well... Gloomy atmosphere to him, in my opinion. I'm not trying to judge early or anything, but he feels a bit threatening, especially since he hardly smiles. Or maybe it's just his age that gets me anxious..."

Nick O'Shields - "I... Am a bit unsure what to think of him as. He's one of those guard people walking around the school... I think I saw him the first time I crossed through the gates. He's a year younger, but I'll still treat him with respect and follow his rules. I'd hate to get in trouble anyways."

Jun Katanami - "He's a friendly looking person. I think he may be too open to people, but I kinda think that's a good trait that someone people actually need... He's a great singer and musicia , I can say that at the very least, though his school habits don't look the best. Lucky for him the people here only care for music."

Jack Caraway - "Heh, he's also lazy. Well, it's nice to know Im not the only one who's procrastinating. Though I can't say Im fond of the idea that he's a flirt. Sure, guys have there moments when they'll try once or twice, but come on.... Eh, I do respect him for his loyalty to his friends and what such. There something."

Robin Dumas - "He's really hard working... And honestly, not trying to be an adult or anything, but Im a bit nervous about him overworking, even though he already looks like he does it. The guy looks friendly, friendly enough at least, though his competitive side is a little over the top. Or perhaps that's just because Im not competitive at all."

Alexander Rammis - "He's also shy.... And quiet.... Like a majority of these people are... But I guess that's fine. It's hard to get to know quiet people, but that usually changes. I'm amazed by his skills with the synthesizers though. I doubt many people, even those in this school, would be able to do play so many instruments."




Wotamin Yori - "Always wearing a mask... Makes me wonder what's wrong with her, but her singing isn't bad... I guess... Surprisingly since her voice is messed up from whatever illness she has."

Saki Ai Yuuki - "She reminds me of myself, if I was a girl that is. Slightly cold towards strangers, and I doubt she'd stay that way towards friends too, so in a way, I can relate. But one of her flaws is kind of how she's annoyed and really cocky... Maybe something I can tolerate later on, but everyone has to draw the line...."

Jayson Preston - "Also like me, in some ways. Though, it may just be a natural thing to be less open towards strangers and more to friends. From my point of view, I think she's loyal and probably trustworthy. But what can I say when I hardly even know her? These are just my first impressions anyways...."

Anaïs Chevrier - "So hyper... The more I watch her actions and listen to her words, the dizzier I get... I swear, I'll see her bouncing on the walls one day. But I can't say that's bad to have energy... I'm a bit envious of that honestly, but I think she may have maybe a little too much energy.."

Haruka Okada - "Shy. I think that's the most accurate word to describe her. Her music does seem really powerful though, so I guess she expresses herself through her music like many others do... But I've always been curious about one thing; are those ears real?"

Esmeralda Farcaley - "Her energy goes far more than that other girl. That's means I'll see two people bouncing on the walls... Lovely. Her hair color is odd... Wonder if she dyed it. Same with her eyes, but I think those are contacts. I'm a bit terrified by how cheerful she is, but like before, it's not a bad thing."

Kuronomi Miku - "I don't really get her... She's got this sort of... Melancholy feeling to her... Honestly, I kind of like it. Reminds me of quietness, compared to such a large and crowded school packed of people. I heard she has a personality disorder too. I won't pity her, but I will say that it's not very cool to leave her in the dark just because of that."

Charlotte Hansen - "Sometiems I hardly recognize her. One from my bad sight. Two because she somehow blends in with the atmosphere rather than stand out like everyone else does. She seems really smart too, being the top of every class. I've got good grades too, but not that good. I kind of look up to her like a role model or something."

Kaori Collins - "... three people jumping on walls now... I think she's far too nice, and it worries me that people would take advantage of that, since it happens often. It's a good thing to be nice, but it could lead to bad situations. She doesn't seem very smart either... There's another downfall. The way things are going gets me a bit anxious for her future..."



Sample of Voice/Instrument:
Your Eyes | Soraru

One by one, I gathered
the sounds you liked to hear
though the sounds by themselves, really
hurt my ears so much it was unbearable

I’ll stop playing the guitar I started strumming yesterday for a while
I was just trying to copy the sounds of the CD I borrowed from you

So, just as I thought, to keep you from knowing
I can’t shut it away
From the chord that’s about to be flooded
Another’s smell leaks out

Ah, it’s become yet another song with the same ambience

It’s not anything else, it’s a song
Made to capture “your eyes” and your attention
That’s why this song seems so much
Like that artist that you like

“There’s no twist” “There’s no charm”
Go on, I don’t care, even if you speak ill of me
It’s alright. For now, all I want
Are your eyes looking right here, at me.

Oddly, this song
Is starting to get awfully popular
It seems that I haven’t yet
thrown away all of my good taste

Hearsay, gazed at with seemingly overflowing curiosity
Somehow, I feel like I’ve become king

But then, you know, everything other than this
Have all been turned to fakes for me
It seems that, inside me
The number to resuscitate doesn’t exist

So, let’s play something today, the same kind we always play

Not for a specific person, it’s a song
Made to capture the “eyes of every person”
I’ll set the theme, so
Just let your favorite chord reverberate

“It’s not that” “It’s not this”
If it’s points of comparison, they’re endless
Unable to stand it anymore, all I can do is cower
I don’t even know where you are anymore

I really looked forward to it, you know
Is there anything that,
other than myself,
no one has?

Even though there’s no such thing
I worried about it

No other song than this
Has “a piece of me” plucked out and placed in it
It has no twist and it has no charm
Just repeating an unskilled chord

I just shut my eyes earnestly
Wanting, very much, to scream
I think I heard your voice, saying
“It’s fantastic, isn’t it”
Lost Time Memory | Soraru

Even after years, the shadow doesn't fade;
It only invites more emotions
I crouched, and I drew alone

Under a blazing sun, on a hilly road,
We walked, blurry figures,
The summer heat in our eyes

"Don't mind me,"
"Just go off somewhere,"
And I brushed your hand away

"Don't go,"
You said to me,
And grabbed mine back

"You're so annoying!"
I walked a little bit ahead,
Without looking back

"What's your real heart?"

With things like "wisdom," I can't look forward;
There's no reason, so I keep rotting
If only things could be wound back...

As many years pass, I won't die,
Always proclaiming hopeful ideas,
Even though naturally, you're still not here...

Saying "I don't care, go die, go die,"
I grab my wrist and curse

I can't do anything, so I just casually
Indulge in life

"If the summer can show us dreams,
Let's go to before you were taken away..."

The days I hid out of shame light up the air,
Scorching my mind...

A boy at the age of 18
Waited somewhere again
It's a blurry silhouette, but
He remembers the shape

On a campus clear under a blazing sun,
You were smiling again
Again you said "let's play,"
And gently swayed...

"I'm worried," says an awkward face
Some neighbor wouldn't understand;
Stop pretending to be so sad

Let's keep living faint and unnaturally today,
Let's keep to yesterday's pace,
So I won't forget your warmth...

If I'm wishing for a dream that can't come true,
Then I'll just embrace the hurt past,
And have a dream I won't wake up from

As if naturally, I secluded myself...
"So you can't even see tomorrow, then?"
I'm perfectly fine with that...

I stain my hands to kill off the boring days,
Because I chose to be "alone"...

A rotten, 18-year-old youth
Was praying another day
Your colorful smile still
Clings to him...

To the blazing sun I muttered, "Just take me with you, somehow";
And my breath quietly stopped...

The voice of "Can you hear me?" vanished,
And I somehow understood the reason
I reached out to the summer warmth...

Under the blazing sun, a youth
Had wished to stand in the "then"
Your summery smile still
Was unchanging...

"I died. I'm sorry," you say;
"Shall I say "goodbye"?", you say;
Don't say such lonely things, don't go away
The silhouettes stood by,
And they watched me...

So begins...

Sora Minami's Story

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Sora Minami | Ren Allegretto
(Ren is another male I'm currently making because I'm... just weird like that. Yes, they are brothers, and his sheet will be coming up soon! All you need to know if that Ren is one year older than his lil brother and also attends the academy.)
(Ah yes, and the pictures for the brothers will switch per post. Now, we start with Sora and the next will have Ren instead!)

The sound of the alarm clock woke Sora from his bed. Well... not exactly. He heard it ring, and if it was the one that actually shook on the table, he'd have probably stabbed it with one of the kitchen knives. Loud noises were one of the things he had trouble standing.

After a while of listening to the constant sound that only continued to ring, despite him pressing his pillow against his ear, he finally managed to bring up his hand and place it gently onto the alarm clock, stopping the obnoxious ringing. For a while, he decided to just stay in bed, and sleep in for another hour or so. He didn't care if he missed first class. It wasn't exactly education anyways.

Well, he wanted to stay in bed until he heard the door open to the sound of heavy footsteps slowly getting closer. At the sound of this, Sora opened his eyes and grasped his bed sheets tightly, only to show that his lack of strength was useless since his older brother nearly torn the sheets from him and tossed them on the side of the room, "Wake up little bro! First day of school and your going to miss it!" He yelled, purposely since he knew his little brother hated noise.

Sora let out the largest grumbled before grabbing the pillow from his bed and tossing it back, hitting Ren's face as he yelled back, "Don't wake me up so early in the morning, moron! It's only 7:45!" He growled hostilely before getting out of his bed and beginning to change.

His brother, though, chuckled, and went downstairs, leaving his brother to finish his changing, who also joined him downstairs. Sora, like always, had that look on his face that said something like, 'Why won't this day just be over...?' while his brother was grinning, the childish adult he was. The brother's conversation went as it always did, the older one talking about everything while the younger one just played along by nodding and brushing it off.

The two then began to walk to that academy, their house actually being nearly half a mile away. Sora just yawned, listening to his music to block out the 'annoying' words coming from his brother's mouth while Ren continued to go on and on about his new job and how excited he was to go to the same school as his brother for once, since Ren was actually a lot less smarter than Sora. This went one for around half an hour until they finally reached the school gates.

While Ren was in such awe that he couldn't even move, Sora simply looked at it and then continued on, leaving his brother behind him since he sometimes felt like an idiot to be related to a 'moron.'

Wotamin Yori


Wotamin was already awake, and why? Her studying habit got to her again. She always studied hard in the past, and it affected her, which gave her that cough she has, making her wear the mask. And was she wearing it this morning? Yup. She always did. It was rare when anyone, even her family, would see her take it off unless she was sleeping or something similar to the sort. 'Too risky' She'd make her excused, 'People will get infected too.'

After another long while of reading through the open text book in front of her, she felt someone tap on her shoulder, causing her to jump, almost fall from her chair, until she noticed it was her twin brother, "I think you're done studying... besides, if you focus on that too much longer, you're going to end up missing out your first day at that special school." He sighed before leaving to pack up his own bags, since he was going to a regular school than music academy.

"Right..." Wotamin shook her head and got out of her daze before closing the book shut, putting it aside and getting to her feet. She let out a hacking cough, sounding a bit disgusting, but also quite like she was in pain, though she was not at all. Her family looked at her with a little worry, but knew they could do nothing about it, so they simply waved and said good bye before she went out the door with a piece of bread in her hand. When she studied, she didn't eat, and that only made that condition of hers worse. To take care of that, her parents had to babysit her about eating enough food.

(Like the other two,) Wotamin's house was (also) quite close to the academy, but it was a whole mile away, and she was a slow walker since she couldn't try and walk too fast, or she'd get to coughing again. She didn't want to cough or look weird in front of people at that school, and she was thinking of removing her little mask that covered part of her nose and whole mouth, but as usual, didn't want to take the chances, so she refrained from bringing her hand too close to it.

(And also like the brothers in my last post,) She took the academy by surprise, gasping at the sight of it and standing actually outside of the gates surrounding it. She didn't have to go all the way inside the campus to see that it was beyond what she expected of it to be like.

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Sora Minami | Ren Allegretto


"H-Hey! Slow down! Can't you take some time to actually look at what's around you! I mean, come on! This place it huuuuge!" Ren exclaimed, pulling his younger brother by his hood which Sora paid no mind to while he kept on walking forward, being a bunch stronger than his weak older brother.

"Don't need to... We need to find our dorms. I don't like going through crowds and all these people..." Sora said, taking glanced at all the students around him. He put on a bit of a disgusted face, but that's mostly just because he hated crowds and felt uncomfortable around that at all times.

Even with being half brothers, Ren didn't seem to notice as he walked up towards a blonde haired young man, though he was a little short for his age if that was true, and another who had black hair which covered one of his eyes. The older brother immediately suspected he was either a kid walking around, while Sora predicted he was just a short student. We all know who was right in the end, but before he could be stopped, Ren ran up to him, dragging Sora behind him, and shouted, "Heyyyy, do you guys know where the instructions to the dorms are? We're new to this school so we have no clue where anything is unfortunately." He laughed.

Sora was right behind his brother, still listening to music, but had an annoyed look on his face, only taking a single look at the strangers and then ignoring them right afterwards, 'Damn it... why can't we just look on our own?' It was a bit obvious from his aura that he didn't like being around people.

A moment later, though, the two brothers also noticed a girl beside that blonde haired guy, and, as usual, Ren was the first to speak, "Oh, am I... interrupting something?" He asked innocently, not meaning to be offensive in any way, though it didn't sound like it anyways.

"Yes, you are." Sora stated to his brother before grumbling and walking off on his own, deciding to find his dorm by himself rather than stay with a group of strangers. Unlike his brother, Sora was antisocial and just couldn't stand the groups. Especially if he didn't know them.

While he walked towards the dorms, he saw a girl with an odd white and pink hair. He even stopped for a moment just to stare at her, not in one of those perverted, adoring, or romantic types of ways, but more like he was curious, or saw something different, "Strange..." He let the words slip from his tongue, but it wasn't in a bad way, or annoyed way. Sora was just... curious, you could put it, and his way of stating it out loud was saying something that sounded negative, but wasn't meant for that reason.

Wotamin Yori

(It's hard to find images with Wotamin in a mask, so you probably won't see her with one in the pictures!)

Wotamin spaced out while staring at the large building in front of her, not hearing the stranger calling out to her the first time until she repeated, "Heeeey."

"H-Hmm?" Wotamin turned around and saw a girl, who looked young, yet also a bit mature, like she was an adult in some way. Wotamin began her judging a little too early, so she told herself to snap out of it and only listened to what this girl had to say, or ask, of her.

"Heya, are you... are you a doctor? Because, if you are, that's cool. Like, eh, really cool. Reeeeaaaally cool. Hey, do you have a... oh gosh... uh... forgot what they're called... uh..."

"Doc...tor?" Wotamin asked, tilting her head a bit, though she didn't remove her mask still. She'd ran into the situation a couple of times really. Some people noticed she was sick and was alright with it, but others thought she was a roaming and young doctor or something. Yet each time she was asked the same question, she always reacted like she was surprised, even though she's heard it over and over again.

"Oh! Ohhhh!" Wotamin almost jumped at her sudden increase in volume, but still listened, never the less, just a little shaken from her balance was all, "Yeah. Yeah, do you have a scalp...el? Scalpel? Yeah, do you have one of those? If you do, can I see it? I think those are cool. Heeeeeey, what're you doing at a singing school if you're a doctor? Don't you have... doctor things to do?"

For a while, Wotamin just watched this girl in front of her before letting out a gentle laugh. Her voice rang with maturity, sounding very much like a fully grown woman, especially with that height of hers which resembled one as well. Not to mention she even talk calmly and sweetly like a mother would to a child, "I'm not a doctor actually, dear. I'm just really sick is all." She didn't notice she might have sounded like she was trying to warn her, and she knew that if she did that, it'd be hard for her to get along with people, so she continued talking, hoping she didn't sound threatening with her illness, or because of how she sounded and looked like an adult, "I-I don't have a scalpel, in fact, I don't even have anything sharp on me at the moment. Unless you mean something like cooking utensils, then... I suppose that would count." She let out a slight childish giggle.

Then Wotamin looked at this girl again and a thought occurred to her, 'W-what if she's a teenager? I-I'm terrified of them... Oh dear... what am I supposed to do now...' She almost went stone cold after thinking this, having trouble dealing with older people or teenagers.

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#, as written by KDSawa
Turning away from the boys, Saki leaned against the wall, twiddling her finger through her long hair. It had been a long day, but at least she knew that she was in the right spot then. Sure, she was aware that she was bad at navigating her way through places, but she at least thought that she could find her way to the front entrance.


She glanced over, her eyes meeting a dark-haired boy who happened to be staring at her with a look of curiosity. With her hair in hand still, she looked down and then back up. She was used to it, having had the near-white for her whole life. She didn't talk much about her family, but when she did she tended to admit that they were Russian immigrants. As far as she was concerned though, she was full blooded Japanese and more so, uninterested in her biological "roots".

"Is it?"

She titled her head a little, staring blankly at the newcomer. She knew that she couldn't figuratively fire shots at people for wondering, even if she wanted to. It was hard enough moving constantly, let alone alienating people with her initial cold exterior. She held it in, for the sake of not shooting herself in the foot.

"I guess that it might be, though I rarely have people come outright and say it." she continued, motioning towards her hair and smiling slightly; an almost unnoticeable smirk. "Are you new as well?"

It was a lame question. She was aware of her shortcomings as a conversationalist, but was she really that inept? She rubbed her eyes casually, taking the opportunity to massage her temples a little. She gave herself headaches sometimes.

"It's a strange school, I think..." She continued again, her gaze drifting off to the rest of the crowd. "People from all around the world come here for music. Because they love it."

She was smiling more genuinely now, her thoughts drifting to her guitar. She only hoped that it was okay; she couldn't imagine what she'd do if she lost it. She looked back at him again, more confident.

"...I think that's pretty special, you know?"

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Sora Minami | Ren Allegretto


While Ren spaced out again, thinking about his random thoughts as he always did before he heard his name get called and being grabbed from behind, "Ren!"

He turned around just in time to be bear hugged by someone he didn't realize at first because he was spacing out so much at the time until he finally heard her voice, "You're coming here, too? How come you never told me? Is Sora here, too?"

Immediately, Ren cracked a smile on his face, though it was a bit mischievous in some way. Unlike most people, who he was very friendly to, towards his close friends, like the one hanging on to him, he was able to be the mischievous and childish little him he always was on the inside, "Nice to see ya again, shorty! And yeah, obviously we're coming here! I just didn't tell you because I knew you'd be disappointed that you didn't get in either!" He stuck out his tongue teasingly. He almost seemed completely opposite all of a sudden, but that was because he was so good at acting and hiding his true nature.

"Yeah, Sora goes here too." Ren seemed to have sighed, "I'm surprised a expressionless idiot like him could get into such a classy academy... Honestly, and he doesn't seemed amazed or content with anything!" He exaggerated, since Sora was really alright with everything and actually very content, "Are you going here too, Hana?"

"I missed you this Summer. Where did you and Sora go this year?"

Ren chuckled a little as she put her chin on his shoulder and asked her question as he patted her head and said, "As did we. Honestly, we searched every where for you! But you were too short to find in such a crowd of tall people... Ah, where did we go? Well, as usual, Sora stayed indoors all summer long; you know how much he hates getting outside too much. I, on the other hand, went on a little trip to lovely France for a while and came back. Beautiful place really, reminds me of you, dear!" He teased, partially, "And my brother's here actually, don't worry! The little boy just left me was all, Sora! Come back here! A guest has come to visit us!" He called out to his brother.

Sora turned around slowly after hearing his name get called out loud by his brother. A slightly disgusted look came to his face as he saw the usual and daily grin of his older half-brother, "What the hell is it this time Ren-" He was suddenly cut off when he saw a long lost childhood friend of his; Hana.

A very, very surprised look came to his face as he asked, in his regular quiet tone, but being close enough for the two to hear, " What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?" He knew she was a great singer, but for some reason, didn't take in the thought of her going to the same school as them. But when he finally did, in his thoughts, a small smile appeared on his face. An actually, small, and genuine smile.

The thought of going to school with both his brother and his childhood friend again made him happy for some reason, as much as he had a sort of love-hate for his brother and an odd relationship with Hana. But it made him smile for once, but he quickly tried to wipe it away by coughing and waiting for her to respond.

Wotamin Yori


"Cooking utensils? Like... a spatula? Do you have a spatula? Like, for flipping? Or one of those prong thingies that they stab steaks with?"

Wotamin laughed a little, looking to the side and trying to conceal it by hushing herself to quiet down, though it was hard to keep in since it looked like the girl in front of her was very childish. Hoping not to look rude, she answered as she thought she should, "I-I suppose you could say that, dear."

"Hey, so, you're sick and all, right? Can't you just take some medicine and make it better? Oh, if I stood really close to you, could I get it to? It's not contagious, is it? Is it terminal? Zut alors! I hope it's not! Ohmygosh that would suck, like, so bad."

The sick looking woman thought about it for a while before then saying, "Yes, I am sick unfortunately. And... well... I don't know really! I tried to ask them what to do, but it seems like there's nothing that'll help so far." She said with a disappointed tone, yet went on after switching her emotion to a smile, "And don't worry! It's not terminal, no need to be concerned dear." Again, she let out a small chuckle.

Though, she kept on wondering if the girl was a teenager. She did act a little childish, which wasn't bad, but is made Wotamin think she was young. She always had trouble around younger people. But so far, if the girl in front of her, was actually quite young, then she wasn't feeling that bad around her, which was great.

"But if it's not, that's awesome. Hey, my name's Anaïs. I'm from France and stuff. What's your name? You look Japanese. Are you Japanese? I think you're Japanese. Yeah. That's what I think."

Wotamin held out her hand for a greeting and introduced herself, "Wotamin Yori, pleasure to meet you, Anaïs. And yes, I am from Japan, though my first name is a little odd since it was... in some way, made up by my parents. I could tell you were french from those two words I heard you say. Zut... alors, was it?" She tried to imitate her, but only knowing Japanese, it was hard to speak a foreign language, even though it was only two words.

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She feigned being wounded, and leaned away a bit on his back, clasping the center of her chest. "That hurts; that truly hurts," she said, imposing the wounded feelings into her voice. She couldn't help it, however, and bloomed into a smile. "You know, he's not entirely emotionless, Renny," she told him, incorporating her childish nickname for him. "If you were less outlandish and ... Well ... You ... He may be more open around your," she said logically, her nose in the air.

After a moment, Hana turned her face and looked at him with amusement in her gaze. "Sometimes I doubt that you even have a brain in that blonde head of yours. Why would I be here if I wasn't attending the school?" she teased. After giving him a brief and harmless knuckle sandwich, she dropped down from his back and stood at his side, pouting. "I'm not short, you're just freakishly tall! How mean!" she scoffed, turning away with crossed arms. She did, however, turn back at the mention of France. Her gray-blue eyes widened into large orbs. "You went to France? You have to tell me everything!" She took his hands in hers and looked at him with questioning eyes. "What it was like, what the people were like, the food, everything!"

When he called for Sora and there was the answering voice of her other beloved friend, she whipped around and faced him. "Sora!" she cried, tears in her eyes. She dimly noted the small smile on his face before she threw herself into his arms. She loved both him and Ren dearly, and shared certain things with Ren, of course, but Sora was closer in age to her. They had been in most of the same classes from preschool and all the way through high school. She loved them both equally, but Sora, she could relate to him due to their age. She could relate to Ren due to their similar personalities, but Sora was the one she had missed the most. The black-haired, seemingly-emotionless boy was closer to her.

"I am in school," she almost seemed to whimper. Her arms threw around his neck and she clung to him in the hug, sniffing a little. "I missed you and Renny so much. You both have to promise never to leave me alone again, okay?" she insisted, grabbing Ren's arm and yanking him into the hug. "Now that Mama and Papa are gone, you're all I have left," she said, her lower lip trembling. After several moments, she drew back and wiped at her eyes, pressing her lips firmly together. She managed a smile through the tears. "Oh, I'm blubbering again, aren't I? You both always said that I was a crybaby," she joked, sniffing a bit at the end of it. "I'm sorry, I just can't help but cry. I missed you both immensely," she said, her heart wrenching a little.

She smoothed a blonde curl out of her face, which had been sticking to the tears coating her cheeks.

"Mama and Papa were in a car accident a month ago. Baby Joshua was in it with them, but somehow he survived. I'm his legal guardian, due to my being his older sister, but with school, I can't afford to take care of a sixteen-month-old baby. I had Aunt Haruhi take him in, and I take him on the weekends and over school breaks," she explained to them, for they were both undoubtedly confused. Her parents had been like a second set to them, and Joshua had been like an extra brother.

She looked down, her hands together. "Just promise that you won't leave me again, okay?" she asked, her voice quiet and vulnerable. She looked up at them through her bangs, that vulnerability shadowed in her eyes. If one were to look closely at her, they would be able to see the dark circles hidden beneath makeup, and the paleness of exhaustion. She had lost weight lately, also, the strain of juggling work and Joshua over summer break having gotten the better of her, and the fact that she could barely make enough to scrape by, with her having to pay to take care of a baby, definitely didn't help her.

She pressed her lips together and then pursed them, before she gave them a bright yet slightly-forced smile. "Come on you two; we should probably go ahead and register, right?" she asked, moving over to link arms with them and turn them in the direction of the Registration Desk. Standing in between the two of them, she looked like a midget, to say the least.



Esme hesitated for a moment, before she relented and released him. She could tell by the look on his face that it was the word 'nurse' that bothered him, and having such a long and tiring history when it came to hospitals, nurses, doctors, and the like, she understood. She didn't know his own history with the medical field, but still, she understood.

It was then that Fate was barreled over by a small girl. Something landed at Esmeralda's feet, but she focused on ensuring the safety of both Fate and the girl before bending to retrieve the contents. She studied them for a moment, and then made her way over to the girl.

"These are really, really, really bad for you, you know. But their yours, so here," she said, holding them out to her with both her hands, almost like a child offering an adult a flower. "You should stop, since, y'know, they're really bad for you. But if you don't, that's okay, 'cause it's your choice, mate. But if you do, that'd be great, 'cause, y'know, you'd be healthier and stuff," she said, rattling on and on in that annoying way of hers, without her even realizing how annoying she could be.

She turned to Fate and held her hand out to him. "You wanna go and get something to eat, Fate? I fancy sweets, but it's a'out lunch-time now. Care to get some food?" she asked, tilting her head and offering her hand more obviously to him.

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Sora Minami | Ren Allegretto


"That hurts; that truly hurts."

Ren's mischievous smile faded away a little at her comment as he looked at her with slight surprise, and some worry perhaps as he began to ask quietly, different from his usual tone, which was loud, and most often obnoxious, "H-hey... is something the matter-" He cut himself off though and allowed her to continued.

"You know, he's not entirely emotionless, Renny. If you were less outlandish and ... Well ... You ... He may be more open around you."

Ren was still a little worried, but wiped away his concerned look on his face and sighed, in a friendly way as usual, since he'd never be unfriendly to his childhood friend, probably his most precious friend in the world, "Ehhh, but that's not very fair! You know I can't change for that silly little idiot, dear~" He then called Sora over again who only ignored him and continued to look at the class rosters and dorm rooms, "Ah... he's such a loner..."

"Sometimes I doubt that you even have a brain in that blonde head of yours. Why would I be here if I wasn't attending the school?"

"Hehehe...." Ren tried to hold in his little childish giggles, but couldn't, resulting in an odd sound from him, which made him even laugh a little harder, "You make me disappointed, Hana! I thought you came here to see your old childhood friends who you've been trying to find for years! Or stalking at the very least." He giggled again.

"I'm not short, you're just freakishly tall! How mean!"

"Oh no no no, I don't think so, dear! I have to ask if you've been drinking your milk! My goodness! You're just about the same age as Sora, and yet you're this short?" He asked in a teasing-like way.

"You went to France? You have to tell me everything!" She took his hands in hers and looked at him with questioning eyes. "What it was like, what the people were like, the food, everything!"

He chuckled and patted her hear, taking advantage of his height, "Yes, of course, of course. Sometime later though, it's far too much to explain right now in the little time we have!" One more time, he called out to Sora who kept on ignoring him. Ren decided that it would be the last time he'd call for his brother, or he'd just have to leave him behind as well. That's what he thought until Hana ran straight for him at the sight of his little brother.

Sora was suddenly grabbed when he turned around at the sound of his name being shouted by that familiar person he spotted by before.

"I am in school."

The little brother to Ren blushed a little, since he wasn't used to being approached in such a way, especially by a girl, even if it was his childhood friend, Hana. He looked around to see eyes already on them as he asked quietly, trying to escape her grasp, "H-Hey... c-come on.. I know you miss me and all... b-but now isn't... uh... isn't really the t-time just yet..."

But while he was trying to get out of her hug and take all the attention off the two, her heard her whisper.

"I missed you and Renny so much. You both have to promise never to leave me alone again, okay?"

Ren, who was then pulled into the hug also heard her words. He returned her hug, not really caring about all the eyes on the three since he was used to it quite often. Sora still stood there a little awkwardly, and Ren, while Hana wasn't looking, made a sort of motion for him to return it, but it seemed that Sora was still much too embarrassed to do so.

"Now that Mama and Papa are gone, you're all I have left."

After hearing that though, the two brothers became absolutely silence, "W-wait, your mother and father d-" Sora cut himself off, not wanting to finish the sentence. In fact, he hardly wanted to think about it. While he always wore no expression, hardly any, his face showed surprise, and a tad bit of sadness by the words he heard.

Ren was the same way as well, being silent, and not saying anything back. He, too, was hurt by the news they didn't hear about. It was obvious that the brothers were thinking the same thing, 'If we just kept in touch then this might have not happened?'

"Oh, I'm blubbering again, aren't I? You both always said that I was a crybaby. I'm sorry, I just can't help but cry. I missed you both immensely."

"H-hey... don't worry about it, alright? If your mother and father are gone then we can become your new family, alright?" Sora asked, finally giving her a hug as well, not really feeling much embarrassment, but more guilt and sadness.

Although the mood was quite heavy, Ren gave his little brother a slight smirk as his face turned red a second time and told his older brother to be quiet and let her continue.

"Mama and Papa were in a car accident a month ago. Baby Joshua was in it with them, but somehow he survived. I'm his legal guardian, due to my being his older sister, but with school, I can't afford to take care of a sixteen-month-old baby. I had Aunt Haruhi take him in, and I take him on the weekends and over school breaks. Just promise that you won't leave me again, okay?"

"Thank goodness Joshua is alright..." Ren let out a sigh of relief, since Joshua was like a third brother in the family to Sora and himself, "And if you need to take a break from handling him, you can hand him over to Sora and I. We take care of the kids in our neighborhood, so I'm sure we could handle the kid." He said with a smile, "And don't worry, we won't leave you! Now that we all go to the same school for the next few years, I'm sure we'll all be together from now on! Isn't that right, Sora?"

The other brother nodded, "Yeah, so you don't have to freak out anymore. No more accidents are going to happen. We're both sorry for your mother and father's death." Sora said, sounding a bit awkward since he wasn't even used to such emotional experiences happening so often.

"Come on you two; we should probably go ahead and register, right?"

The two were then dragged to the line, Hana standing behind them and looking quite short since the two were much taller. Even with being in front of her, the two still turned around to talk to her, "H-hey..." Sora started, scratching the back of his head and looking in the opposite direction, not used to making requests either, "Since... we're all going to the same school now with different skills, you think we should do one of those duet things? But with the three of us?" He asked, knowing that his brother would feel left out if he didn't include him.