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Vae Victis

Vae Victis


Rulers rise and fall. Kingdoms wage war, and warring gods return from their exile. In this era of strife, the only way to survive is to remain steadfast. Who are you, and what part shall you play in this large game?

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It truly is a tragedy, what has happened to our world. Once, the world of Sofia was beautiful and vibrant; a world of culture, poetry, beauty, art, and wisdom. Children were once taught heroic tales of courage and bravery, as lone knights traversed massive wildernesses and caves, slaying daemons and dragons wherever they may end up. In service to their kings, they traversed massive and dangerous landscapes, leading expeditions into the Dark Continent on the other side of the world. However, all of that's gone, now. With the advent of the defeat of the Great Empire of Astra Magna, the world was consumed by the fires of war, as young gods rose to seal the power vacuum left by the Immortal, Astrum. However, this war and suffering left distaste in the hearts of the Mortals, and the fires of revolution were sparked. The revolt was lead by the Demigod, Filastra, who took up arms in support of the Mortal cause, killing many countless brothers on the way, and with the help of the Catalyst, the godkiller, he defeated and executed five gods in single combat. The Immortals were exiled after millennia of rule over the Mortal civilisations, and we were left to our own devices. Throughout Sofia, Elves and Faeries set up their marks before retreating to the Southern Isle. The Dwarves retreated northward to the richest mines in the world, and the Daemons were exiled to the far northeastern taiga forests, as well as to the isle of Daemonium. The Humans, meanwhile, spread out, and established their kingdoms, slaughtering the Orcs and Goblins in a great crusade. The survivors of the Goblin Crusade were then exiled off to the Dark Continent, where the last god on Sofia lived. The kingdoms of Man, bearing the gifts their former immortal masters once gave them, spread out.

However, all of the death and destruction caused by the current war began with the Age of Fireglass, where Man invented gunpowder and used fireglass to power machines for the newly-made factories. Knights were rendered useless, and the Human Armies were becoming more and more organised and modernised. The first empires popped out, conquering for ideals, glory, and resources. Then, the Humans began their expansion further north, and stopped at the borders between the Dwarves and Man. However, with the need for more fireglass, the Kingdom of Rose expanded into the Dwarf Kingdoms, and established the Empire of Rosia. It swallowed five Dwarven Kingdoms whole, taking an abundance of fireglass. The Barentine Empire then attacked the Valakkan Deserts subcontinent, defeating the great Akkhid Empire on many occasions, taking resources for itself. However, in the middle of the Age of Fireglass, war broke out in the middle of the continent between five major nations, against one: the Republic of Gaul. Gaul had risen from the flames of bloody revolution against the monarchist government of Gaul. Anarchistic leaders who formed the Assembly elected a former revolutionary general to lead them as president, and lead them he did. He drove a spear into the heart of Sofia Maioris, and enraged all of the Human Kingdoms, whilst receiving praise from the non-Humans of Sofia, and reinforcements from their former enemies, the Akkhid Empire. For four years, it fought against the five great kingdoms: Rosia, Barentine, Pferdurbe, Tsin, and Farsivil. However, the president was leading an overly-protracted, overstretched war, which proved too straining for the anarchist government of Gaul, and he was defeated when he foolishly attacked Barentine's capital in the dead of winter in a last attempt to gain resources and remove one of his strongest opponents. This defeat was destructive for Gaul, and after that, it only suffered defeats in the field, and the president was eventually exiled, and the republic continued on with bitterness for its former enemies, which lasted until the Farsivillian-Tsin Unification War, when the King of Tsin was elected as king of Farsivil, as well. He attacked Gaul, and brought shame upon it. However, when the newly-built Astrumite Empire of Cruisland was formed by the union of Tsin and Farsivil, the balance of Sofia nearly broke. In a single night, a superpower was born as thousands of states and independent villages with powerful capabilities were brought under one flag on the easternmost corner of the continent. It inspired jealousy in the other nations, and the fledgeling but mighty empire cared not. Barentine became jealous of its capabilities and possession of the resources in Eastern Sofia Maioris, and it began a war to completely bring shame to the empire. However, they failed, and only managed to take possession of five ports. However, to make matters worse, Barentine, Gaul, and Akkhid forged a mighty pact that mended the relations of both nations. It was a pact between the liberalised nations of the West. In turn, Rosia, Orba-Farsivil, and the Empire of the Sun forged their own pact based on traditionalism. It was only a matter of time before the world burned, and burn it did, when the worshippers of the Akkhid Pantheon were supposedly contacted by their exiled gods to assassinate the only living heir of the Orba-Farsivillian Empire. The monks from their temples sensed the return of the gods, and so, have sent the latest generation of adventurers into the world to investigate, while the rulers of the world wage war. The Dwarves return, seeking vengeance, and armed Elves have been spotted on the mainland. Orcs and Goblins lead by the Orc god, The gods send their armies through the multiple Gates scattered around the world, and have begun the sacking of rural villages, establishing their first landmarks on Sofia ever since their exile centuries ago. The situation grows worse with every passing day.

You. Who are you, and what role shall you play in this era of strife?


The rules needed are simple enough: no godmodding, no Mary Sues, no meta gaming.

This is not purely a fantasy RP; it's more of a science fantasy RP, with industrialised cities powered by the fireglass, which is basically similar to coal in the modern age, except much cleaner. Guns, airships, biplanes, cannons, and tanks are all present, but so are Dragons, Dwarves, Elves, etc. There is no such thing as magic unless you're an Elf. The 'magic' of the Immortals are basically powered by complex technologies. No futuristic things like jets and concentrated energy weapons will be allowed. The extent of technology is only the early 1900s, pre-WW2 (which is when the first jets and rockets showed up). In regards to characters, you can have as much as you like, but make sure you can control them all.

You may, indeed, play as Immortals, but that doesn't mean you can godmode. As an Immortal, getting 'killed' in, let's say, a battle, doesn't kill your character, but resets him/her completely. Just remember to play fair, have fun, and respect each other. I do expect proper spelling and grammar from you, as well as at least a paragraph per post. Also, don't forget to reserve if you're going to create an Immortal character.

Other than that, you're good. Just be active. Try to post at least once a week, but if you can't, tell me. Also, put that little border below at the end of your character sheet to prove that you read the rules. Thanks.


Your tale start in the year 1820 AR, a few months after the assassination of the heir to the Orba-Farsivillian throne. The soldiers have begun their mobilisation, but so far, there have only been minor skirmishes between the six warring nations. Nothing major has happened yet. However, for the adventurers, they have only been recently deployed, and already, some spot traces of otherworldly beings emerging from the Gates. The gods' armies are slowly returning, and they can do nothing about it, but the gods themselves remain in the realms where they have stayed in for the past millennium. The Elves are setting up camp in remote areas around the corners of mainland Sofia Maioris. The Dwarves are ransacking remote Rosian settlements and retaking resources with the use of bipedal machines powered by fireglass, with powerful gunpowder weapons as armaments. The Orc/Goblin races have begun landing, and there are reports of massive Orc warships, one of which carried the massive Ogre god. How will your story play out?


HUMANS are some of the most innovative creatures of Sofia, and remain some of the wisest, however, they can also be the most destructive and the most stupid people around. They are a wide bunch, with different cultures and tribes and ideologies. The Humans also are able to worship their own gods, unlike the other races, which devote their existence to only one god. The most popular religion would be the religion of Bonumileus, the king of order. The next popular would be Malotumultu, the god of freedom and desire. The religion which gained the most popularity amongst the Traditionalist Allies would be the the Astrumite religion, which is dedicated to serving the mysterious god of truth, tradition, and justice, Astrum, whose religion reappeared after Astrum made contact with the former emperors of Rosia, Orba-Farsivil, and Cruisland.

ELVES are the most mysterious races of Sofia. They use odd magic connected to nature which most other races don't understand. Their biology is largely Humanoid, save for their pointed ears and taller stature. They are the most ancient and the most skilled race of Sofia. They are quick and manoeuvrable, and rely on the use of swords and pistols instead of long-range rifles. The Elves worship only the goddess of serenity, tranquility, and knowledge, Tranquilla, whose ivory-white skin and grey eyes once terrified the early settlers. However, she is considered beautiful by Elves, and the most beautiful woman alive by the Humans of the ancient period. They live in Serenes Island, on the capital of Cyfalaf.

FAERIES are close relatives of the Elves. Their magic potential is greater than the Elves', and have a less centralised society. They are similar to Humans in almost every way, except Faeries have wings. They coexist with Elves.

DWARVES are the hardest races to crack. They are born of iron and fire, like their creations, and their home is the forge. They are small in stature, but dangerous nonetheless. They are some of the strongest races in Sofia, able to lift a quarter of a ton without much strain. It is advised to non-Humans to not engage Dwarves in melee combat. In addition to being strong, they are also innovative, being able to create bipedal machines for mining and for combat. They worship the god of fire and the forge, Khalkeio, who is the second most physically strong god, second only to the Orcish god.

THE GREENS are halfwit creatures who multiply like rabbits. They aren't smart, but when numerous, they are dangerous. The Orcs are massive, and usually serve at the frontline as organic tanks. The Goblins are the infantrymen, with one unit usually numbering half a million Goblins. They charge without hesitation when ordered to by their generals, who are usually the most savage Ogres. Their leader is the Ogre god, Vahsi, whose savagery and massive size is admired by all Greens alive.

DAEMONS are the darkest and most malicious creatures on Sofia. They are spiritually and corporeally corrupt. They are usually spiritual beings who possess living bodies and corrupt them, but there are pure corporeal daemons who passed through the Gates millennia ago. However, their power has waned ever since their chief god, Malotumultu, was exiled. They are powerful and massive, usually standing twice the height of a regular Human, with horns protruding from their charred black skin, though there are Humanoid and Human-sized Daemons alive. They can be killed with any normal weapon, but with difficulty. The best way to kill them is to use a weapon blessed by Astrumite or Bonumileite priests, but even with that, it's quite difficult to kill them. They are ferocious, but far from feral. In fact, they are distant relatives of the Elves, but were corrupted by their environment in the realm of Infernus.

NEPHILIM are gigantic Humanoids with roots from millennia ago, which are usually hostile and savage. They were from the unholy union between the first Daemons and the first Humans, resulting in massive abominations standing at thirty metres tall. There are a diverse amount of Nephilim tribes. Smarter Nephilims, which aren't really Nephilims, are smaller in stature than their Daemonic counterparts, now standing at two metres compared to the thirty of the former Nephilim races, but were from the union of Faerie and Human, or Elf and Human. They are considered outsiders by most, but are recruited to serve as massive soldiers. Their features are Humanoid, but they are always covered with cloth and heavy steel. Some even think that these smarter Nephilim are actually just machines instead of creatures. The oldest Nephilim tribes from the Daemon-Human unions continue to exist, hiding after they were slaughtered by Astrum and Bonumileus, hunting Humans and their livestock, eating them live.

VAMPYRES are the more Humanoid relatives of Daemons. Unlike Daemons, they are fast, and also are separated into two factions: the Astrumite faction, and the Malotumultumite faction. They are known for their pale skin and ability to turn into bats. However, Malotumultumite Vampyres are known to be able to evolve into Daemons, as well. The Astrumite Vampyres, however, are known for their relative passiveness. The Malotumultumite Vampyres are known for drinking Human blood, but the Astrumite ones find joy in drinking animal blood instead. Astrumites, however, are discriminated against, and are forced to live in slums. The lack of blood consumption slowly devolves Astrumite Vampyres into Humans, but the Malotumultumite Vampyres degrade into Crawlers instead, which are Vampyres with shrill, slender, and lanky limbs, with grey skin colour. They all live with the Daemons in Daemonium.


BARENTINE is a small kingdom, but a massive empire, with ports on nearly every continent. Its symbol is the ten-star ring, representing the major ports and conquered kingdoms of Barentine. It is ruled by a liberal king, with a mighty parliament ruled by the socialist Labour Party. They are the leading power of the Democratic Powers, for most of the industry is theirs. It was once an absolute monarchy, but ever since the Parliamentary Coup, the monarch was elected instead. They are a naval power and a ground power.

GAUL is a large republic with no colonies. It is purely a republic ruled by a president with freedom at its helm. Its major goddess is not popular around the world, for she is Libertia, goddess of liberty, and the more pacified wife of Malotumultu. Gaul was once a monarchy, but it was replaced when Libertia and Malotumultu sparked the flames of revolution and freedom in the hearts of all Gallic citizens. They rose up and deposed the monarchy, and became heralds of the democratic ideology.

AKKHID is a massive empire ruling over the entirety of the Valakkan subcontinent. Though it isn't democratic, its hatred for Astrum and his followers lead the Akkhid to join with its new allies. It is actually a constitutional monarchy. Their gods are the Akkhid Pantheon, a family of many gods and demigods. At their head is the goddess of wrath and the moon, Mehtap, whose beauty is matched only by Tranquilla.

EMPIRE OF CRUISLAND, known as the Empire of the Sun, is located at the far eastern corner of Sofia Maioris, inhabiting North Farsivil and former Tsin territory. The leader is a devote Astrumite, but there are worshippers of Bonumileus around the nation. They value their culture and tradition. They are also very militaristic, and are more Humanocentric, welcoming only Astrumites amongst the non-Human races. They are lead by an absolute monarch, the emperor. They are not only a ground power, but also a naval power.

ROSIA is the largest nation of Sofia, spanning almost the entirety of Northern Sofia Maioris. It also has the largest army. They are very faithful, but aren't as industrialised as the other nations. They are more rustic and agricultural, but their workforce is massive nonetheless. Their leader is the Empirio, and their small parliament has a single party: the conservative Rosia One faction. They are mainly a ground power, but their also have some of the best planes, despite being few in number.

ORBA-FARSIVIL is the smallest empire among the three Astrumite Powers. It inhabits South Farsivil. It is a naval and air power with a small ground force. They are ruled by a king, who is cousin to the Cruislani Emperor.


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