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Val B.

-she smiled- nothing better than your head on a stick. mmmm -her eyes closed satisfied-

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a character in “Vague Experience”, as played by valid posts


Full Name: Valerie Mink Bruno
Alias: Val. B.
Age: 18
Sex/Gender: Female
Race: Lycan and Human
Height: 5'0"
Body Type: Muscle: Not very much as a human/Skin Color: Brown sugar tan
Blood Type: Unknown
Eyes: Almond shaped. Green Iris
Hair: Short Black
Abilities: Strength, transforming anytime at any point
Style: Wears all white
Personaity: Caring, quiet, self-kept

[Character looks like a male at a distance and up close, Male features with a female reproductive system]


Generally, Val keeps to herself and never associates with others, but she will show she cares, when she needs to.


A light milked-coffee brown satchel made of cloth no designs. The contents usually change each day.


Valerie was left to fend for herself when she was born. She had no one to care for her and since she was an accident her mother left her at a young age. She never learned how to love a family, nor has she ever been in one.

[will be edited and more to it another time]

So begins...

Val B.'s Story


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Image Valerie walked into a building on an unlabeled street. It was only a single mile away from the Northern part of Silent Forest. She was smiling as she had her own mission: kill the only person stopping her from creating a new world.

Before we go into the story, lets rewind a few years before the world became a giant, universal pit of dust:

"Valerie? Your sister has left." A female taller than Valerie smiled and watched her as she sat in the warm sun. "She has vanished off of the face of the Earth and no one knows where she is." Image

"No one, huh? Well, maybe she finally got the hint that no one wants her around, maybe, just maybe, she finally decided her happiness is not what she is ever going to find."

"How come you dislike her so much? She used to look up to you when you two were younger. Now she has no one." The female sat beside her and admired her handsome structure. "This is why no one considers you to be 'ruler material'. What would you do if you were her?"

"Me? I would grow a pair and stick up for myself, move away, change my name to Pablo Pinch and live off of the land." She laughed and looked over to the female, who in fact looked disappointed to hear that. "What's the matter Sweet?"

"Nothing, I just, I wish you would stop joking around and be serious for once. I love you, but you never seem to love me back. You're no different than the guys."

"That is not true." Valerie stood from the bench she sat upon and sat in the female's lap. "Sweet, you make me happy. I joke a lot, but nothing will ever change how I feel about you."

"But it can change how I feel about you." Her voice a whisper as she slid Valerie from her lap and stood up, twiddling with her fingers. "You are not the same anymore. Not like you used to be, taking me out on romantic dates, making me smile, not making fun of everyone that passes. We aren't the-"

Valerie cut her off as she put her hand up and looked down. "You are leaving me... aren't you?"

Sweet stayed silent, but kept her teary gaze upon Valerie.

Looking annoyed, Valerie would stare at her with a dead look. Her hair combed like a little school boy's mother would have done to him just before school. She fixed her blazer and kept her dead look. "Goodbye Sweet." Image

She walked away and never looked back.

Now, In the present, she was standing in the middle of the abandoned office building. "Sweet! Sweet! Come out come out wherever you are!" She laughed and allowed her hands to turn into razor blade claws with dark orange fur covering her skin.

"Would you stop yelling? You are going to get me-" The female stopped looking to her former lover's eyes. "Val." She smiled. "Oh Val, I-"

"Save it red head. I'll give you two choices. Live... or die here. You pick."

"But Val, I-"

"Sweet? Have you ever thought that I would be the one to kill you? The one that would make you suffer when we used to be lovers? I didn't and frankly, I believe I owe you an apology. My life has been Hell, but you were right. When you said I wasn't 'ruler material'. I figured out why."

Val smirked a smug smirk walking toward the red-haired beauty. She stood before her and ran her index claw down Sweet's rosy red cheek whispering to her. "I can't be a ruler if I have a broken heart. I cannot be ruler if I am hurting. I wouldn't be able to live long or fight strong- my motto by the way."


"It's a lovely motto, but Val, I want to show you something."

"No, you aren't showing me anything!" She swiped her claw leaving four deep wounds in her abdomen that bled quickly and rapidly. "I am done! Done with you!" She kept scratching and clawing at her until she was satisfied. Blood covered the uncared for walls and her hands, turning to normal, covered in the blood.


Val looked up quickly seeing children. There were five-three girls two boys, the girls were triplets. "Get out of here! Leave!" Four of the children ran off, but one boy didn't, he was noticeably the older one.

"You killed my mommy." He sounded like a little girl, but looked 12 years of age. "Revenge will burn in your heart. It will burn so far your body will catch a heat flash. Watch your back." He ran off joining his sisters and brother.

"Weirdo." Val walked out leaving the body- or what was left- where it was. She left and headed toward Silent Forest.