Samantha King

What keeps you awake at night?

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a character in “Valeton Correctional Institution for Teens”, as played by xoxMissClairexox


Name: Samantha King

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Description(Appearance): Image

Mental Illness: Nightmare disorder which was caused by posttraumatic stress disorder

Criminal offence: Murder

Reason for being sent: After the death of her parents Sammie went to live with her grandmother. But after one of her nightmares one night she woke up screaming, the dream had been so real that she became confused between what was reality and what was dream. Her Grandmother came in to see if she was ok and Sammie freaked out. She grabbed a knife from the kitchen and ended up stabbing her grandmother in the chest. Sammie then called the cops herself and after her grandmother died later in hospital a judge decided it was best for her to go to the centre.


Personality: Samantha used to be a bright and bubbly child but things in her past have made her quiet and untrusting of people, untrusting them so much that she is afraid of human contact. Sammie now always looks tired and is constantly looking like she is about to fall asleep. This is due to waking up every night screaming and remembering the nightmares she is forced to endure night after night. This is taking a huge toll on her body as well as her mind as she is constantly emotionally drained which sometimes makes her seem confused.

Prowess: Sammie is good a drawing and is quite artistic and creative. She is also fairly intelligent. Samantha also has a very innocent face at times and knows how to use this to her advantage to manipulate people.


Bio: Samantha had a normal childhood. She was an only child of two loving parents who she got along with extremely well. Her dad was a doctor and her mother was a stay at home mum. Samantha had a lot of friends, did well at school and basically enjoyed life. She was also very innocent to the evils of the world.
Then a year ago when Samantha was 15 a man broke into her house. Over a series of a few hours he killed both of her parents in front of her and tortured and abused Sammie before leaving her laying on the floor next to her parents dead bodies. Sammie has never recovered from this night and it is the cause of her posttraumatic stress and the nightmare disorder which she is left with.
They never found the man who did this and Sammie was soon taken in by her grandmother before she ended up killing her which was explained above.

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