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Penelope Zervos

A young vampire curious of the world around her.

0 · 541 views · located in V-D-L-T Academy

a character in “Vampire-De-La-Torre”, as played by ~Lonesome Butterfly~




✫ Full Name ✫
Penelope Zervos

✫ Gender ✫

✫ Age ✫

✫ Sexuality ✫

✫ Race ✫

✫ Likes ✫

The Ocean
Blades(Knives, Swords, Razors, and so on)
Big Cats

✫ Dislikes ✫

Bitchy women
Simple men
Weak people
Transparently fake personalities

✫ Weight ✫

✫ Height ✫

✫ Eyes ✫
Bright Red

✫ Hair ✫
Light Silver, incredibly thick, and reaches to her knees when out.

✫ Brief Bio ✫

Born in Athens from a secret love affair Penelope spent her early youth under the parenting of her mother Athena, the self-titled Vampire Queen of Greece with grand aspirations to control the underworld of not just Greece, but Eurasia....then slowly the world. And it didn't seem to matter to her mother that the one person standing in her way, the most feared yet revered vampire in all of Europe an Asia, was her childs own Father Xylon - a man she once claimed to care for deeply.
Athena loved her daughter and her daughters father, but she loved power more, and when it became obvious to the other elders that Penelope possessed more power inside her at 6 than her mother did after centuries Athena's plans of total domination were threatened, an in a fit of jealous rage Athena attempted to murder her own child in front of the entire board of elders as a show of power. However Penelope repelled her mothers attack instinctively(not with learned skill) and with a stroke of luck managed to knock her unconscious long enough to flee.

It took her several weeks to locate her Fathers clan in Rome after the attack, but once she did an explained to him what her mother had done and why he vowed vengeance against his former love.

Such vengeance started a war between the two powerful clans that continued to rage on for years, and the more battles her mother lost the more cold and devious she became. So at age 15 her father decided to send her away from the chaos in a place he knew well; Vampire-De-La-Torre. But thanks to several detours along the way - some thanks to her mother - she didn't manage to reach the Academy until shortly after her 19th birthday.

✫ Personality Traits ✫

- Penelope has a peculiar/warped view on relationships - whether they be romantic or not, and sometimes goes about things the wrong way in terms of initial interactions. -

- She's also analytical to a fault has the uncanny ability of reading in-between the lines of a persons personality or behavior, so anyone who's passive aggressive, an anyone who's lying about who they are in a way or what they've done would absolutely hate being around her since she'd see through them in a heartbeat. -

- Penelope is also blunt, but not to the point of being harsh. She's more or less the person to come to if you want to get a completely honest and unfiltered view point, however she won't go out of her way to just tell you what she thinks if you didn't ask. So a quote most use attribute to her is; "Be careful what you ask for." -

- She is also a person who doesn't easily get upset or angered. Having a mother who wants to kill you simply for power puts things into perspective, so her fury is saved for things that are actually deserving of it. Meaning a person wanted to get a rise out of her would likely get frustrated by her lack of reaction. -

- Being kept away from society most of the time when in Europe has caused Penelope to be very open to any and everyone. She enjoys meeting, listening to, and studying all different types of people from different walks of life. And even though she's not the shy type, she does tend to stay in the background and watch from a far - talking mostly when she's talked to first. -

- Going hand in hand with the last trait, Penelope grew up in a world of violence an ancient tradition, so she's rough around the edges and the furthest thing from prim and proper. -

- And finally, her fashion sense is unique to say the least. It changes with the wind or her mood an is usually loud in one way or another. -

✫ Powers ✫

Like all other Vampires Penelope has incredibly strength and the abilities to stay up for days on end without it effecting her mindset, cloak herself from view, charm a human rather easily and then hold them under her spell until she's done with them, shape shift into her own personal spirit animals(a giant Raven or a Silver wolf), use quick regeneration on flesh wounds, and of course move with great agility that defies gravity to humans.

However she personally excels in the agility and physical strength departments. She hates brutes but can be one herself if need be, she's usually the fastest of those around her and is also unusually flexible, enabling her to get out of tight situations others might not be able to get out of.

✫ Weaknesses ✫

Storybook repellants like garlic and running water are a joke, however silver bullets, crosses, true holy water, and stakes to the heart are a sure way to stop any Vampire in their track - Penelope included.
But her other weaknesses are children, and her desire to charm people naturally - which has left her ability to impose an actual charm-spell a bit lacking.

Also, the Sun is unbearable to her unless she's covered from head-to-toe, and even then it's hell and something she very much so likes to avoid.(Screw twilight!!! xD)

So begins...

Penelope Zervos's Story


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Waiting by the school gates Maxwell and Ally waited for everyone to join them. Maxwell greeting everyone of them as they come in, Ally letting them into the school's gate making them wait just outside the schools doors.

Maxwell unlike Ally has already met everyone, but he chose to greet them again and ask them how they been. Shortly after the greeting was done, Max well stood by the school doors.

"Welcome again everyone and thank you for coming, I do hope you enjoy your stay here this school year. No dorms are needed here, but each of you do get your own room. Ally well hand each of you your room key, on the key has your room number on it. Rooms 1 through 40 are to my left. 41 though 60 are to my right. Each room well be set to your liking. Classes will start at 6pm sharp. No later, no earlier. If you are late, you will suffer. Being late to anything isn't good. What if your kingdom was at a lost and you chose to be late. Everyone will die all because of you chose to be late. Don't be late."

With a heart warming smile and a loving tone; only making it sound creepy. Gesturing his hand towards Ally he let everyone grab their key.


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After Maxwells speech. While she gave everyone their key. She got a good look at each and everyone of them. Studying them. As soon as each got their key. She smiled, and said I aswell, welcome each and everyone of you to our school. By following the rules set, as maxwell said. Im sure you'll do just fine here." she looked at the school doors. Smiled and opened the doors. " I suggest you find your dorm. Its best to know your school." Ally stepped back ar hand nd jerstered her hand allowing the students to enter the building. Ally glanced at Maxwell and shot him a smile. Than looked back at the students. As she looked at them, she knew each one of them was special in their own way and had a far reason to be here on this day. She'd like to know each of them just a bit more, but that can wait. Right now, she just wanted each of them to get settled in and know where they'll be for the rest of their lives.

Deriz studyed his dorm key he had dorm number 31, he smiled and looked up. Noticed the girl, named Ally speaking. She opened the school doors and he guessed that ment they could go ahead in and look for their rooms. So he did so, when he got inside he looked up and it was pretty bid. As he went up the stairs and went to the left he saw the dorm rooms. He looked at each number. As he walked down he finally got to Dorm number 31. He put the key in the lock and turned it. Opened the door and walked inside. Shutting the door behind him. He looked around his room. It was nice. He could leave with that. After setting his stuff down he walked outside his dorm and locked the door..


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#, as written by S1mon
❝Lilly Lingerz❞

Leaving home was once a thought that could not be imagined, the years spent at home, the memories, everything and everyone she loved, it seemed that leaving such behind would only bring pain. That is if Lilly felt attached to it, for if she was approached and asked if she missed her home, she would not be so remorseful as she would of been a year back, instead would respond all optimistic, to accept she had left home and that attending this academy was the best thing for her. If approached last year to leave home and invited to De La Torre, she would of rejected and stayed at home, but much had happened in the last year, for now all that was at home was her family's servants, her ignorant parents who wanted to marry her off as soon as her brother died. Her brother was no longer at home, so what was left. Leaving home was more of a relief than anything else, so now she could move on without being reminded of her brother or being faced with her parents who only throught of themselves. At least they had given her a chance to go to De La Torre.

When she arrived, she wasn't quite sure what to expect. So far she had met the guy in charge of the academy who was just as young as she was. Lilly however did not care, as long as there was somewhere to go to get away from home, she didn't care who ran it. He certainly seemed a nice guy, so she was looking forward to spending time with other vampires, vampires round about her age which were alot better than two stuck-up parents who believed they knew best but hadn't the foggiest. Then again, adults liked to be that, to be the one with the answers. The one who truly had the answers for Lilly when she was having trouble was her brother, she had consoled with him many times but now she had no one but herself to console with, but perhaps this would change as she saw other female vampires gathered, where either or some or all maybe would like to be her friend which would be nice. One step at a time however, since she had yet to find out about these girls, though Ally currently seemed a likely candidate seeing how she was close to her brother as she was once.

Speaking of her brother, she noticed a guy with red hair just like what her brother had, though her brothers' red hair was a darker shade and was not on top of some tall dude with the stance the guy was in. He certainly looked like one of those guys who took no messing and no doubt one of those who were hard to know probably, but she would keep an open mind and not judge so quick as she turned to Maxwell who welcomed them all before mentioning the room and how not to be late, "If you are late, you will suffer. Being late to anything isn't good", though she didn't have to worry about that as she hates being late herself so found herself having no problems there, before he passed over to his sister who then gave out their keys as she welcomed everyone before the doors opened, "I suggest you find your dorm. Its best to know your school", before she followed everyone else inside, before they started to divide to get to their rooms.

Her room was number 40 which was nice since she was on the end, meaning that if she had to get out for some fresh air, it was not so far, as well as being in a good position to get to class without being stopped, so in theory, no problems should occur, though that's in theory of course. After entering, she smiled seeing that Maxwell was right, recalling his words "Each room well be set to your liking" and seeing how nicely decorated it was, as well as a nice large mirror which resembled the type you see in the fairytale movies the humans watch. Seeing all was well, she put her things down and lifted her clothes one by one and putting in the wardrobe, her maid leaving them all on hangars so it didn't take so long, before putting her things away in the drawers and decided to do the rest later, as she popped her head out the door to see if anyone was about to see if it was worth going out, and it seemed so when she spotted one of the guys down the hall.

Following such, she closed the door behind her and locked the door. It was certainly different to have her room under lock and key and not having maids around, but then again it did mean there no privacy because her maids report to her parents so she was gaining some independence as a result which was a good thing. She was hoping to meet one of the girls to start her off but she wasn't going to ignore the guy because he was a guy, and besides, she did have her own secret agenda anyway. "Hey", she said simply, realising how 'common' she sounds, wouldn't her parents be devastated, before taking steps towards him and asking, "So whatcha think?", once again using unrefined language but she didn't care, it was still language at the end of the day and she wasn't exactly sure of what to say, but would be interested to see what he thought about the place. She was certainly impressed, before she began wondering to herself if she looked okay as first impressions were important so she hoped she weren't scruffy as she gave a quick glance at herself before returning to him to avoid suspicion. Nothing she could do now.


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Penelope stood slightly back from the crowd as she leaned against a tree. She was dressed in sheer black wide-leg pants, a black cropped T-shirt with a rainbow Tyrannosaurus head on it, and a pair of oddly strapped rainbow heels, which coupled with the rather messy thick braid over her shoulder, made her a lot less classy and far more casual than most others around her. But she was comfortable, and that was all that mattered to the young vampiress. Besides, she had found her way to the Academy weeks ago but wasn't allowed in until now - with everyone else - so the classiness of the establishment wasn't such a surprise.

"It's not nice to crawl on someone elses bags." she'd think to herself as she stared down at a Black Widow making its way across the large suitcase she had recently acquired in the last town before one would reach Vampire De La Torre. She smirked as the spider lifted slightly up from the luggage and began to run frantically in place mid-air. However she'd quickly release the pest to let it go on it's way when the man she had met earlier - Maxwell - began to talk.

Once he finished she'd grab the handle on her camouflage roller suitcase and make her way towards the young girl handling the room keys.
"Without further ado then." she'd say in her Italian-accented English before smiling softly and grabbing a key.
Her room number was "1", an after staring at the exterior of the school for a few moments she walked inside the academy behind two others.

Most would think #1 would mean the first, however Penelope walked nearly ten doors past were the young guy in front of her stopped, and one door past were the girl behind him came to a stop, before finally reaching room #1 - the very last door with no other room across the way an instead just the hallway directly in front of it.
"An end of the hall room, I like it!" she'd say to herself before opening the door and puling her suitcase in behind her.

The room was rather spacious and well furnished with many things from Italy and Greece - something that did very little for her. However the fact that their were windows on three of the four walls was much more of thrill. They had a special brand of heavy duty interior shutters that locked from the inside plus thick curtains for the daytime but since it was night she quickly opened one of them up.
She loved fresh air and nature in general, so while three long sets of bay windows might be an eyesore for the others, it was a pleasure for her.

"I should unpack.....should being the operative word. I think I'll wander the halls of this place for a bit."

After quickly closing the window back up tight Penelope would walk outside her room just in time to catch a glimpse of the young girl and boy who had been walking in front of her before, they were conversing ten or so doors up from where she stood. After locking her door she'd slowly make her way down the hall towards them.
"Evening." she'd say with a smile an awkward thumbs up she had seen someone in town do before continuing on her way - staring at each and every new thing that caught her eye.

Penelope could of chose to go down the side stairwell directly outside her room door, however she enjoyed making her way back to the grand staircase she had walked up via the lobby earlier.
She'd make her way back down to the first level and walk for only a minute or so before finding her way inside a huge tall library.
"Wow, enough books here to last a girl an eternity." she'd joke to herself before she began running her fingers across the spines of the books as she explored the length of the room.
She wasn't really looking for anything specific, but instead just cataloging all the different book titles that interested her for possible reading later.


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#, as written by S1mon
❝Lilly Lingerz❞

This place would certainly take some getting used to, it was like what Ally had said outside, "Its best to know your school", afterall, she would be spending the next couple of years here before she returned home. It was not only the school itself to get used to, but the people within also. Each of them had their stories, each of them had their reasons why they were here. Vampire De La Torre was not the only school, each of them could of been elsewhere but they were here, but it felt alot more comfortable with them being here though she still had to yet to know them all.

It made her wonder if the female gender were designed purposefully to be shorter than the males, since they were all pretty tall, especially the one whose hair was similar to her brothers' only slightly, Maxwell was pretty tall also but no doubt age had something to do it. The same could be said for the guy she had approached, compared to her brother who was only a few inches higher than her. It was probably wrong for her to keep comparing her brother to all these people, as doing such would certainly not help her, for she had to learn to forget about him, but not to forget who he was, as how could she with how close they were.

"The rooms? Yea they are good. I like the school as well, its nice", the guy replied to her, who seemed a heck more confident than her, so such confidence certainly boosted her own that he didn't give her a short answer and walk away as that would of been terrible, but at the same time it would tell her where she wasn't wanted. However, since that didn't happen, it clearly shown that things would be different here and that things will go well. It certainly made a difference to have others like her in one place like this, that she too was starting to get attached already.

"My name is Deriz, nice to meet you", he introduced himself before he held his hand out, such that showed how polite he was also, as well as friendly through the smile he was giving her, no forced smiles like what her parents do from time to time to make her feel better. Why couldn't they be honest, that was something else that was conveyed in Deriz's actions as she took his hand and shook it with a smile also, "Nice to meet you too Deriz, I'm Lilly, and I agree, I'm liking the school as well and the rooms are perfect, so I'm certainly looking forward to my time here, though I wonder if we have any surprises in store", afterall, Vampire De La Torre certainly seems like a mysterious place so could potentially hold some secrets, maybe...