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Ami Kyo Hotaru

" I don't need your pity. "

0 · 271 views · located in Cross Academy

a character in “Vampire Knight: A New Chapter”, as played by October


Name:Ami Kyo Hotaru
Role:Leader of Prefects
Human or Vampire: Kind of both
Appearance: Image{Only her Hair Is Black!!}
Personality:Once Ami makes up her mind it canโ€™t be changed, as least not easily. She is naturally attentive to her friends and absurdly generous especially when she is happy. When she is angry, she tends not to listen to reason and has a habit of smashing things to try and calm down. When she is sad, she never shows it, she instead tends to disappear somewhere to cry alone as she feels it is a sign of weakness and will be pitied.She never gives up and She hates being pitied.
Love Interest:NBA
Blood Type: AB Negative
Skill(s):Fighting,Singging,Swimming,Playing the Violien
Powers: Unknown..(( her ainti-Vampire weapon is A electric pole that can shrink to fit in her pocket but it shocks any vampires that it touches
Swimming,The Violien,Roses,The Full Moon,Nighttime,Reading
Spiders, Messes, Bugs, Headaches, Extremely loud noises,Daytime
Fears:Loseing her friends and being alone
Hobbies:Writing, Dancing, Reading, Playing the violin, Partying, Collecting Stones, and Conversing.
Deepest Desires:To have all of her memeories back
Rank:Leader of the Prefects


{Is imprtent please read!!}

You must understand the fact that Ami isnโ€™t exactly human. In truth, she was born as a pureblood vampire. When she was around eight years old, her family was attacked by Vampires. In an attempt to keep her youngest daughter safe, her mother sealed away her vampire side and made her โ€œhumanโ€; all her memories from that time and back were caged up and forgotten. She was found and kept in a hospitle until they found her a home. Once at the right age, she was sent to Cross Academy. the purebloods often like to feed off her sadly Because she is an indirect pureblood, her blood is more tempting than most and often gets her into loads of trouble.BUTshe can never be turned back into a pureblood no matter how many times she is bit and or who dose the biting.The bad thing is that the Pureblood vampire who was the one the sent the Vampires after her family want's the job done and will kill anyone to get to Ami. Everytime Ami is bit,she has flashes of her past which she can't re-call yet.Because she was once a pureblood at times of need she can use strange powers that she must have once had.Ami can use anti-Vampire weapons and they will have no effect on her..but she still feels like she's missing part of herself.A part of her that she will never be able to gain again.Downer right?? The headmaster and the head of the Purebloods in the school are the only ones that know Ami was once a pure-blood vampire other then herself.

So begins...

Ami Kyo Hotaru's Story