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Kidero Mataisaki

"I like this day. People make chocolate for me. I prefer blood - But chocolate is nice."

0 · 208 views · located in Cross Academy

a character in “Vampire Knight: A New Generation”, as played by Kai_Hibiki


Name: Kidero Mataisaki
Age: 289 but Appears as 18
Human/Vampire: Vampire
Appearance: Image
Personality: Kind, Considerate and Caring. He treasures those close to him, and refuses to let them get hurt, or feel sad. He is possibly the only vampire that seems willing to socialise with everyone. He has a large amount of affection for a lot of people.
Romantic Interest: Rina Oshiro *High interest - Crush*
Favorite Blood Type: O Positive
Likes: Blood, Chocolate, Cute students, Vampires.
Dislikes: Bloody Rose Guns, Fighting, Threats, Anything that compromises the safety of his friends.
Hobbies: Talking to his friends, studying, filing reports, Talking to the Day Class students at Twilight.
Quirks:Too sociable, Has a dark, raging side.
Fears: Bloody rose guns, Spiders, Vampire Hunters.
Rank: Dorm Head
Class: Pureblood
History: He's been caring since he was age 5. And since he learnt about his vampire skills, He loved his parents, his family and his sister. He lived a happy life, andrarely had sorrow. Until he was 14 and a rogue vampire attacked his sister. He killed it, at the loss of his sister. Ever since, he had a passion for eliminating the vampires that went rogue. But he cares about everyone, and refuses to let anything bad befall those close to him.
Theme Song: ... yrics.html Nickelback- How you remind me

So begins...

Kidero Mataisaki's Story