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Rin Gin Kyo

" Don't fool with me Human. "

0 · 197 views · located in Cross Academy

a character in “Vampire Knight: A New Generation”, as played by October


Age:1,299 but looks 18
Appearance: ImageImage(( without the little cat thing ))
Personality:Rin sometimes acts cold or rude to most people but it's mostly just an act his trust is hard to gain but when you do gain it he is a good and loyal firend most people would want to have. Rain can be kind and or sweet but sometimes..he paincs. and uses a fake him to keep people back. in other words he has walls and he dose not want anyone to be able to brake them down. Rin can also be well..lazy,he often over sleep and dose not do much work but when needed he's the first done. he also has a dangerouse flirty side that he may show way to often in order to hid his blood lust.
Romantic Interest: { will Edit }
Favorite Blood Type: AB Negative and O Positive cause AB N is so rare.
The moon
After-noon naps
Rude people
Loud nosies
Day light
no naps..
Hobbies:Playing the Violen
Quirks:Not showing his true self and acting cold to others her may really like.
Fears:Rin's fear is turning into a blood crazy monster and loseing everything he loves...
Rank: Night Class Student
History: Rin lived with his rich parents till he was 8,Thier family was beng hunted by Vampire hunters so they had to send him to Cross in hope he would be safe there. he's lived there for the rest of his life even through his family was now safe he had grown to the school and to the rest of the night class. Rin had made great friends with The night Classes dorm leader but he never took warmly to the new comers..buuut Rin had made friends with the rest of the night class and he never minded the prefects..In fact he started to like a few of them more then he should of. Rin's stil in the school and he dose not plan to leave anytime soon cause of his loyal part that wont let him leave the rest of The Night Class.



So begins...

Rin Gin Kyo's Story