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Sika Matsomi

"Never Surrender, no matter what."

0 · 377 views · located in Cross Academy

a character in “Vampire Knight: A New Generation”, as played by Straight Jacket



Around 15 or 16 years old.

"I would never be one of those vile creatures called vampires. Human."

Sika is unique looking. Bright vibrant blue eyes with snow-white hair. Her hair stops right below her shoulders and is in five different layers. She has an ivory tan color tint to her skin with a flawless complexion to top it off. Her lips are full and she reaches to be about 5"6 feet and weighs about 145 pounds. She has a medium-size bust with a lean body that really isn't that special. She has a small hour glass shape body as well. Her teeth are white and straight and her hands are small but her fingers are thin and long, though, they look natural. She also has a bite mark on her ankle from a vampire.

Sika has pride the size of New York, though, she is careful not to turn that pride into arrogance. She is short tempered and a bit moody, but she is sympathetic and loves to care about others. She is easy going in a way you thought that made easy going a bit strict. She is very independent and hardly complains... out loud. She tends to keep to herself and is a bit moody, but overall, is a bit sensitive. She is a bit diplomatic and discriminating, or knowing that values of people with just one glance. She is fairly useful and used by most of the teachers to run or do certain errands and has a grudge against vampires. It always seems that she is into school work and school work only, doing class work and staying late when running errands for foolish teachers who needs the help and what not. Talk to anyone who is in her class and they will say that she is obsessed with school and has no time for love. Truth is, one of her secretes is that she has a small addiction to romantic novels. She tries to act strong and what not, though, in truth, she is a bit dependent, or wants to be and a little broody.

Romantic Interest:

Blood Type:

-Romantic Novels. (<secrete.<)
-Chocolate Bun-buns.
-The night and its starry skies.

-People who tease her.
-People who are lazy or doesn't get the job done.
-Math, isn't her strongest of subjects...
-Traveling, maps aren't something she can easily figure out.
-Spiders and other creepy crawlies.
-Blood. It scares her shitless.

-If you do call it a hobby, helping out teachers.
-Hiking through the forestry and what not.

-Clumsy when it comes to privacy, like walking in at the wrong time.
-Not putting up much of a fight, especially when it comes to annoying her.
-Her grudges tends to last a long time.
-A bit stupid when it comes to directions with travel and math.

-Even though she hates them, she is afraid of vampires.

An electric pole and anti-vampire throwing needles.

Perfect and part of the student council. (If that is fine, if not, tell me and I will edit. :D)

Sika's mother was actually 1/2 vampire and had died in labor. For some strange reason, Sika had no trace of a vampire and with that, her father was a bit relieved, knowing that he couldn't handle a vampire child; even if it was only 1/3. Sika and her father where very close and they grew up in a small house somewhere out in the country. She had occasional fights with her father and such about the schools she wanted to go with and as she got older, they grew apart slowly about schools and her life. One day, the fight was so bad, she turned around and said, "I hate you! Go die old man!" and she left. She really didn't know that that would be the last thing her father would hear.
She walked the streets until late at night; she was only about 11 or 12 years old. She was very close to a young lady at a police station and often talked with her over her problems and such. The lady was named Siyuki. Siyuki walked Sika home that night to fine that her father was murdered brutally. That is when she saw it. A vampire. He was taking his leave out the back door and Sika couldn't even believe her eyes. She knew he was a vampire when he said that he would suck her blood dry and even bitten her. He started to chase her through-out the house before she locked herself up in her fathers room and grabbed the gun and shot the vampire with it. It didn't occur to her that that gun was given to her father by his mother; being a gun that was specially made for killing vampires.
She was soon adopted by Siyuki and lived as her daughter. When highschool came along, she followed her father's orders and went to the school he wanted her to go to. Yep, Cross Academy. She hates vampires ever since. Either than that, her life was very happy and what-not.

Theme Song:
Never Surrender by Skillet.
Do you know what it's like when
You're scared to see yourself?
Do you know what it's like when
You wish you were someone else
Who didn't need your help to get by?
Do you know what it's like
To wanna surrender?
I don't wanna feel like this tomorrow
I don't wanna live like this today
Make me feel better
I wanna feel better
Stay with me here now
And never surrender

Do you now what it's like when
You're not who you wanna be?
Do you know what it's like to
Be your own worst enemy
Who sees the things in me I can't hide?
Do you know what it's like
to wanna surrender?
Make me feel better,
You make me feel better,
You make me feel better,
Put me back together.
Put me back together,
Never surrender,
Make me feel better.
You make me feel better,
Stay with me here now,
And never surrender.


Information about family!

-Kiyomi Tamanashi-
Died at age 27 years old at birth.
1/2 vampire/Noble.
Her mother was graceful, unlike her daughter and was very pleasant and laid back. Many of the vampires, including pure bloods always admired her grace and beauty; though, she was frail and weak since she did not believe in feeding on the humans. Always bed ridden and what not; so when the news of her becoming pregnant came around, many of the vampires cut off their connection with her in fear that if they become any closer, the separation will hurt worst.

-Kido Matsomi-
Died at age 32 years old from murder of a rogue vampire.
He was less graceful than his wife, more like his daughter. Hot headed and short-tempered. He would tend to snap out-loud but was caring and sweet and kind. He didn't have any liking towards vampires; always thinking of them as someone else random on the streets. Though, he tend to get introuble with the purebloods and what not, especially when he married Kiyomi. Though, their love was true and they got married, later having a child and keeping the secrete of her mother being a vampire.

Sika as a little girl~! (couldn't resist! >.<~)
She was born WITH OUT a trace of vampire in her for some reason.
As she got older, her hair got ALOT lighter and her skin became tanner. :P

So begins...

Sika Matsomi's Story