Vince Carter

A rather rowdy student who holds the dark secret of being a vampire

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a character in “Vampire Knight: Awakening”, as played by Nemmy826


Vince is just your normal, everday "bad boy" student with a not-so everday secret: he's a bloodthirsty vampire. Taking into account his bad nature, he has managed to graduate from high school, diploma intact before going on a hellbent rampage afterwards. Seeing no other option, he enrolled in Cross Academy, seeking guidance and help with his "issue". Unaware that the academy is for humans and vampires, life isn't going to be that much easier.....

He's currently a freshman at Cross Academy and he has no known girlfriend at the moment, or any friends for that matter. He's more of a lone wolf type of person.


Standing at a height of 6'2", Vince's body is rather fit, with a 6-pack and decent-sized muscles placed on his arms. He's always been known for wearing signature black clothes with tints of red to give it less of a goth look. Regardless of all the black, most students don't see him as goth due to his decent-lengthed hair.


While in the profession of an everday human, there isn't much equipment except for his bookbag with his notebook (mainly filled with poetry he writes), pencils, pens, gum wrappers, and a worn-down book of Vampire History. When the fangs and the inner vampire starts to show, he pulls out his signature weapon: a black katana with the ability to become a severed blade. Using this, he constricts his victims and digs into their precious blood.


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