"You think you matter to the world? The world doesn't give a crap about you. It won't just chew you up and spit you out. It will pierce your flesh and make you bleed, and in the end, it will leave you in the dust to die."

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”My past is my own, so keep your bloody nose out of it.”

Nemaeus- Derived from the Greek Mythology of the Nemean Lion (Leo Nemaeus), which Hercules slayed. It was known to have a pelt that was indestructible. However, in terms of Nemaeus himself, it simply means ‘name’.

His middle initial has stood for many things from his ‘family’ and past- none of them pleasant. Officially, or at least the first insult dubbed, it is Attor. However, in all literal figurings, Nemaeus does not actually have a middle name. It was simply tagged onto him since he heard it so often.
Attor(Uh-Tore)- Poison or venom.
Adeliht (Ah-Duh-Lite)- Filthy or dirty.
Abeteah (Ah-Buh-Tay-Uh)- Accuser, Devil, Unwanted.
Adela (Ah-Dell-Uh)- Dirt, Filth.

DePrae (Deh-Pray)- It’s literal meaning is ‘Death Rush’, sudden death, close to death. His line is not one that is recognized nor is it actually known by any of the other vampires. Nemaeus appears to be the only known vampire under this family, which is quite concerning for the elders. It tends to put off many other vampires as well; that is, if they ever get the chance to hear it.

~All of his names, except his first one, are unknown to the vast majority of everyone he knows~
Your words are petty and pathetic. They mean nothing to me.


Image[ Name ]
Nemaeus A. DePrae

[ Nicknames/Aliases ]
”It is Nemaeus, Nem, or Nothing.”

Nemaeus will not stand to be called anything other than what he is. However, when it comes to titles or renown, he does not care to know of them. People can call him whatever they want behind his back, it’s never stopped anyone before. However, he demands enough respect in person to be called as he is, elsewise unpleasant interactions ensue. The only reason he has allowed ‘Nem’ is because there will always be someone who wants to use something shorter, and rather than be labelled something unacceptable or annoying, he has already procured the nickname for those who insist on it.

||The Loner||: He never bothers to keep the company of anyone really. In actuality he hates other people. He’s accepted his fate- for now- of being closed in with others of his kind and thus puts up with them when forced to be in their presence. He does not seek out company, he actively pushes it away, and if forced around crowds, he will become highly agitated and unpredictable. Day-class to Night-class switching is a nightmare for everyone involved when it comes to Nemaeus. Prefects tend to have to keep a close eye on him, just for extra measure.

[ Age ]
Appears to be somewhere in the range of 18 to 20.

[ Gender ]

[ Race ]
Noble Vampire

[ Role/Occupation ]
Student: It’s strange, really. Nemaeus’ true age is unknown, but because of his youthly appearance and… ‘history’, the elders forced him to attend Cross Academy to better learn of the New Age and how to properly work with humans. As if he didn’t know…. This was also done to keep a close eye on him, and ‘give’ him a chance to reintegrate with others.

Unknown: Nemaeus tends to disappear from Cross Academy every chance he gets. It is unknown where he goes or what he gets himself into, but rest assured that it is nothing but trouble. His financial situation is another mystery in itself. It is assumed that he is never ‘short’ on money persay, but neither does he ever have any on him at any particular time. He skips classes as often as possible, and it’s rare to actually find him sleeping. While others waste their time away, he’s out and about doing whatever it is he does.

[ Class ]

Night Class

Image[ Hair Color ]
Dark brown, almost black.

[ Eye Color ]
Silver/gray with aquamarine rings and golden flecks.

[ Skin Tone ]
Pale, as most vampires are, but also slightly tanned.

[ Height ]
5' 10''

[ Weight ]
130 lbs.

[ General Description ]
Nemaeus is incredibly well built with subtle yet obvious muscle that’s been toned from every activity he’s ever done. He is not a lazy individual by any means, and with what he does, his physique is simply an added bonus. Nem’s frame is built for agility and light work, and one of his best assets is the speed that comes from it. His features are angled and very defined- there is no manner of fat on his person, and with his stunningly colored eyes that seem to pierce straight into one’s soul, Namaeus is, quite frankly, gorgeous.

While his skin is pale, there is a small bit of tanning to his person, though everyone is baffled as to why since it is an incredibly uncommon factor what with nobles not only being very sensitive to sunlight, but also that vampires are inherently ghastly in their color.

You will never find a smile on Nem’s face. Ever. The entirety of his facial expressions range from blank stares, irritated frowns, clenched teeth, seething anger hidden behind a calm exterior, glares, smirks, and eye rolls.

He usually wears black, blue, grey, or red. He is rarely seen without his goggles and something with a high collar or hood. Despite this, he wears a light shirt with only one sleeve- on the right- while he leaves his left shoulder bare. His favorite article of clothing would be his red or blue hoodie. He is known to wear muscle shirts and cargo shorts when training or when it’s unbearably hot, and when in direct sunlight, always pulls his hood up which gives him an intimidating, unapproachable look.

Image[ Likes ]
Mechanics and tools
Solitude and silence
Strawberries with caramel
His personal space
Firearms and bombs
Shady areas and shady characters
Danger and high adventure
Unfortunately for most, Nemaeus also likes causing trouble for anyone in power, and tends to have an annoyingly innocent look when fingers point to him. Prefects certainly have a... fun time with him.

[ Hates with a passion ]
x Crowds and people in general
x Rules, regulations, restrictions, demands
x People who try to get too close
x Anyone who thinks they can ‘understand’ him
x Idiots and screeching/screaming girls
x Chocolates or anything fancy, even in the slightest
x Comfort, ease, laziness, wasting his time (unless it's his bed)
x Day Class, Cross Academy
x The Elders

[ Strengths ]
Highly intelligent- it’s more than just being above average, Nemaeus’ mind works in a very specific way to allow him points of view on a situation that most would not consider.
Street smart- Thanks to his past, he is most comfortable when in alleys or run down parts of a city. He knows how to handle himself, and has a very quick reaction time. It’s rare that someone has the advantage over him.
Impassive- Most things don’t usually tend to aggravate him, and when it comes to things being too loud or too quiet, too happy or too downcast, too bright or too dark, he just simply doesn’t really care. If something bothers him, the most probable action he’ll take is shrugging and leaving.
Calm, almost to a fault. Rage is another thing that is rare to see expressed violently in him. His demeanor is cold and disconnected, and any anger is hidden behind that blank, harsh-eyed façade of his.

[ Weaknesses ]
Rules- rarely listens.
Crowds, humans- he just doesn’t do well around them.
A dark history that haunts him every waking second.
Solitude- while considered a strength in many aspects, being such a loner also means that he does not work well with others.
Incredibly possessive- this is something that you would not expect from the disconnected boy who seems to have not an inch of connection to anything in the world. However, when it comes to things he’s discovered he likes, such as food, personal space, the likes, he defends it fiercely, and will take absolutely no crap from anyone about it.
He seems to have a bit of a temper, but in all honesty everything he does is calculated and direct. It’s more of violence that’s an issue when it comes to other people. In his own terms, being violent is hardly a weakness when it comes to survival, but it certainly puts a strain on anyone who gets in his way.

[ Abilities/Skills ]
Amazing with tools and fixing machines.
With steady hands and hawk-like eyes, Nemaeus is very skilled in the use of guns, and he takes full advantage of such. He also knows his way around explosives.
Resistant- Nemaeus has a knack for avoiding pretty much everything he should be obeying. Even the power that the purebloods hold over every vampire is weak when put against his will and utter lack of respect. It’s been spiked through his very core and essence from his past, and this sense battles for dominance over his natural instincts constantly.
Escaping- Nem is remarkably skilled in getting out of a pickle. If someone has him where they want him but turn their backs for even a second, he’ll be gone.
Nimble fingers- Not only are his hands steady, but his fingers are agile as well. He’s good at picking locks and getting into places he shouldn’t be. He also has really good handwriting because of this.
Plant Manipulation.


[ Personality ]
One of the most important things you should know about Nemaeus is that he does not give the slightest crap about you. He might tolerate your presence, but only for so long. It does not matter if you have authority, power, or prestige. He will treat you like he treats everyone, and that’s with distaste and an utter lack of care. He is not one to bend the knee to anyone; he is headstrong and steadfast in his ways, and there is no doubt that he will cause you trouble. You are not exempt, you are not special. If you demand and order him to do something, he will not do it. He plays by his own rules… after all, that’s what has kept him alive this long.

He’s cold and distant- extremely disconnected from the entire world, and it shows as brightly as a spotlight in a pitch black cave. When one first meets him, it is very apparent that something is off about him, that something is wrong. His body language, his looks, his aura, everything. It’s all a sign that subtly portrays things he’s been through, but in a way that is infuriatingly vague and a complete mystery. He’s much like a lockbox- you won’t be able to open him and see what’s inside unless you have the key. And that key has been missing for such a long time, destroyed in the ashes of his past it would seem.

At the first sight of someone, Nemaeus makes a full and complete assumption of them. He judges by looks and by feeling, and to him everyone is the same. There is no real scale of hatred when it comes to him, he dislikes everyone- it doesn’t matter if they’re vampire, mortal, female, male, pureblood or E. It just seems he’s out to get everyone, but in reality… that couldn’t be further from the truth of his intent.

He might have a stony exterior that is rough around the edges, one that is strong and unbending and one that will always push people away and knock back advances, but if you only knew the truth, you’d understand why he does. Unfortunately for you, he doesn’t plan on telling.

It’s incredibly hard to know what he’s planning, since he always keeps his face at such a way for no hints to escape. If he’s cornered, he will lash out. If he feels threatened, he will attack. He is not some little puppy who’s going to cower and just take it. He’s done being that. If you upset him, you’ll know, as Nemaeus is not opposed to physical consequence. Everyone has a hard time with him, and it’s a wonder that the other vampires and the prefects themselves have kept him from seriously maiming anyone so far.

Nemaeus is broken. He is shattered in so many different places, it’s a miracle he’s still whole at all. He keeps his cracks together through the infusion of hate and solitude, he keeps himself together with the burning despair that leaks from his very core- a promise to himself, a need to go on, to finish what was started. Broken things never really work right again, no one wants them, they are simply left behind to deteriorate into the earth. There is one thing that Nem cannot stand- those who pretend to know what’s going on, who pretend to care, who pretend that broken things matter. To him, they merely want to take advantage of what’s left, to sap out the life of the beaten, and leave just like everyone else in the end.

Image[ History ]
Nemaeus was born to a small, unknown family of purebloods deep in the unknown parts of the world- tucked far away in a manse of solitude in the almost uninhabitable barren snowy wasteland of no name. Rarely would the DePrae’s ever be bothered by outside forces, yet the members always travelled under the guise of a foreign name, rarely ever at home.

It seems from the very start Nemaeus was a complete and utter screw up.

He was a complete abnormality, an abomination- evil, vile, unclean. The boy was born tainted with the blood of humans, breaking the pureblood line of his family. It was an unknown phenomena, one that should never have been possible. He was utterly shunned from the moment of his birth, rejected by both of his parents, despised by the entire family. With his arrival came a spur of chaos and mistrust within the family. Nothing but hatred was spared for the babe, and neglect ran rampant around him. Obviously something had gone wrong- someone had betrayed the dignity of the family; somewhere somehow someone must have broken the rules and tainted themselves with the filth of humans, or nobles, or lesser vampires. Something.

It was a wonder Nemaeus survived at all. His mother despised him with everything in her being, constantly throwing abusive names, completely ignoring him to the point of nonexistence, and trying to kill him on several occasions. His father was no better. He did nothing to stop his mate, he had completely estranged Nemaeus from the family. Such a monster could never be his son, it would simply never be. He was shunned, ignored, beaten, detested, abused, neglected, and broken. Never once had he ever been shown the slightest scrap of love or affection.

With his practical nonexistence in the family’s eyes, it was an opportunity for one of the lesser vampire servants to raise him. She cared for him when no others would. Where Nemaeus was in the house was off-limits to the family, as if that corner of the house wasn’t even there. The young boy grew up in the shadows of a giant house, never knowing the truth and never truly belonging. Names like ‘Attor’ and ‘Adella’ were thrown at him constantly whenever he was spotted by one of the DePraes. The only reason he knew that his real name was Nemaeus was because that was what he had been told by the servant who cared for him. Nemaeus… a name simply meaning ‘name’.

Nonetheless he picked up the other names quite quickly, recognizing them as his own since he was referred to as them so often. He was always silent, because if he made a noise to distract or disrupt the family, he would be severely punished for it. The DePraes could never be reminded that such an abomination existed among their presence. He was still very young when things suddenly changed. He had always been intelligent, and he picked up on things rather quickly. He couldn’t help it what with such negativity being thrown at him for an unknown reason. The only person he was attached to was the maid who had raised him thus far. But, as it would constantly be a factor in his life, he would find that no care was actually spared towards him.

The servants of the DePraes were kept under lock and key, never allowed to leave and reveal the family to the outside world. However, Nem’s maid was one who appeared much younger than her actual age. She had been taken at what appeared to be in only her first youth, but in actuality was much later. She worked undercover within the family, gaining dirt on them and figuring out secrets. The maid was anti-pureblood, wanting their government to be ruled by the high nobles instead. So to learn that such a high bloodline was suddenly tainted would certainly shatter them to pieces. So she cared for Nem and raised him as her proof to others, as to the existence of the DePrae family, as to another pureblood family that needed to be destroyed.

Nemaeus wasn’t stupid by any means, he was old enough to grasp the situation when it happened. His usual silent day suddenly erupted into chaos and loud noises. A large group of unknown nobles appeared at the manse one day, rioting against the DePraes once they had been told of their whereabouts. Of course they were not much of a threat against the purebloods, but their quantity made up for their lack of resistance. It was in the middle of a rather large fight that things got stepped up a notch. Such a large gathering could not be overlooked, even in the empty snowfields. Plans must have been leaked, information must have slipped into the wrong hands. Vampire Hunters were suddenly there.

Splatters, pools, lines, droplets of blood littered the walls and floors. Screams were heard throughout the entire mansion, crashes and destruction reigned throughout the rooms as furniture was utterly destroyed and holes were punched into walls. Fire suddenly ran rampant as well, and little Nemaeus hid under a table in one of the rooms. The maid was found out rather quickly in another battle in another room, and one of the DePraes rushed at her for vengeance. But she was quick and she darted towards the hiding room of Nemaeus. She hid there in the darkness, and Nem could see her. But for some strange reason he could not move.

The door suddenly burst open, the glowing red eyes of a pureblood breaking the dark. She screamed at the maid, announcing the betrayal to Nem’s ears. But before the pureblood could do anything, a shot rang out and the vampire suddenly slumped to the floor, blood pooling around her form. The maid looked up, and tried to beg for mercy, going so far as to drag Nemaeus out from under the table by the leg and use him as a shield, explaining to the hunter that he was another of the purebloods, that he was a DePrae as well- far worse than she, a lowly vampire in ranking. Before this moment, Nemaeus had known hate but had never truly understood it. But when the feelings brought from such betrayal clicked in his mind was when he first made it his own. The maid had betrayed him and used his brokenness to her advantage, to her own ends.

The Hunter had no such mercy to speak of, and another loud crack sounded through the room. The maid’s form slumped backwards and her grip lessened on Nemaeus. But before Nem could be taken care of, a noble vampire suddenly shot through the hall and dropped the hunter, the loud sounds of feasting squelching through the doorway. It did not matter anymore, Nemaeus’ instincts kicked in then, and he ran. He ran through the chaos, through the ash, through the screams and the cries, through the blood, and through the frigid cold as he left that place.

He trudged through the deep snow for so long, never really knowing day from night in the sense of lighting. It was always cloudy overhead, always snowing, always windy. The only way he knew was from the drop of temperature that clawed at his exposed flesh when night came. He did not keep count of the changes, so it is unknown how long he actually wandered. When he did finally find signs of civilization, people wanted absolutely nothing to do with him either. His names never stopped ringing in his ears when he was around humans. He was street filth, an extra mouth to feed, a pathetic child, an ugly mess. Nemaeus had to learn how to fend for himself very quickly- it was obvious that no one would do things for him. Well, except for the one instance when he was in one town in another region, and a small child around his appeared age found him curled up against a fountain. That child showed him the only form of compassion which he ever received- purity in its truest form. The boy had spared some of his bread to Nem, which he took gratefully. But before he could do anything about it, there was a loud yell, and suddenly the boy was nowhere in sight, being pulled away by his frantic mother ranting about diseases and dirt and filthy urchins.

It was not entirely the same when it came to other towns. Some people recognized his existence, but they were quick to use and abuse him. Everyone seemed to use him for their own ends- thieves and tricksters used his innocent appearance to lower the guards of their marks, swiftly robbing them. But Nemaeus never saw a penny or a crumb from it. But this wasn’t to say he wasn’t learning. No, he was picking his own tricks up. He watched other people constantly throughout the day whenever he had the chance- observing their actions and reactions, where they lived, what they did. Guns often made many appearances in his life; they were something very intriguing to him. They had downed a pureblood vampire in one swift motion, and they instilled fear in the hearts of others. He wanted one.

He did whatever he could to get money or food- thievery, innocence, using himself, threats, intimidation, and murder. He killed almost as easily as he breathed, and he had no conscience for it either. The first time he picked up a gun he seemed to have an immediate knack for it. And so he wandered, scrounging up whatever he could to survive. But he hated everyone around him. They were all too ‘important’ to be seen with the likes of him, too ‘clean’ to dirty themselves with helping him, so much better than he was, because they were flourishing while he was perishing. No one cared about him in the world, and in turn, he didn’t give a crap about anyone else in the world either. He did things his way, because that worked and he survived. All authority was a great burden on him as well. From the purebloods in his family having such an amount of power, that they ignored him and despised him, that they didn’t try to protect him in any way shape or form; to guards who had the authority to torment him and kick him around because he was loitering where he shouldn’t be, because he was weaker than they were- or so he appeared; to people making it absolutely clear what he could and could not do, making his limitations painfully obvious to him. Most of the time he remained tame when it came to these instances, but every once in a while he would snap and end up bloodying his hands. He would move on to another town after that.

Anything he ever found he liked or grew attached to seemed to be immediately torn from his hands- he could never have what he wanted. He wasn’t worthy enough for it apparently. He wanted to scream and shout, to change things, but if he made noise it would only bring more trouble, if he tried to alter his situation, he would be punished. Regardless, Nemaeus got in trouble with the law constantly, whether human or vampire. Eventually this caused some renown to spike up in the Elder’s court, and it was quickly attempted to wrangle him in and keep an eye on him. But he always seemed to have a knack for escaping and disappearing.

However, the council did eventually contain him, and they demanded that he attend Cross Academy, both so they could keep an eye on him and keep him from causing trouble, and also to throw him over to some other poor vampire who would have to deal with him directly so they wouldn’t have to. Nemaeus has humored them along only because it’s somewhat interesting interacting with everyone there. But more than not, it’s a huge pain in the ass.

[ Others ]

His blood is a very interesting flavor, considering his heritage. While obviously not as tantalizing as a true pureblood, his… unique birth has added something somewhat similar to the allure of a Pureblood’s taste. Not that anyone’d ever be getting anywhere near him to find that out for themselves, though.
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So begins...

Nemaeus's Story

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#, as written by [Akane]

"Twilight approaches. The curtain has risen and the show begins....how wonderful..."

Bong, bong, bong. The persistent grandfather clock began it's duty to wake up the inhabitants of the Moon Dormitory. Within the darkness of a room, a pair of azure blue eyes cracked open. A tired sigh escaped from the individual as she reluctantly removed herself from the mass of silken sheets and blankets. Mornings, the dreaded challenge every high school student was forced to go through. To this inhabitant of the Moon Dormitory it was no different. In two quick strides, the girl made her way to the curtains. A swift motion with her arm and light washed away the darkness, revealing the room to be quite spacious and very large. At the far end of the room, a cherrywood door opened and the dorm's maid appeared.

"Akane Delacroix, it's time to wake up. Hurry or you'll be late." She said flatly. Akane slowly turned her head to the door and nodded. Across the room, the dorm maid smiled and bowed slightly before leaving as quickly as she appeared. It was like being visited by a ghost."I wonder, shall I try and escape today?" The girl mused and placed a porcelain hand on the window. From here, she witnessed the numerous female students rushing to crowd the entrance of the Moon Dormitory. She pressed her mouth into a tight line. This was the norm at this academy. The Night Class was a show to these girls and their obsession for some of the students was unnerving. "The Disciplinary Committee will really have trouble tonight..." By now the crowd had begun to get out of hand. Akane turned away from the chaotic scene and decided that she would be ditching today. An avid memory of the Headmaster Cross deciding upon having a Spring Ball as the next event furthered her motivation to leave. Her irritation at this crazy scheme appeared on her face in the form of a scowl. The Night Class had enough problems already. If anything got out of hand it fell on the Purebloods' shoulders.

"Well time to get ready...." She said with a sigh. Getting dressed took a mere few seconds with the help of vampiric abilities. However, the ribbon was a bit stifling and she tossed it aside. She left the first buttons on her shirt and jacket were open. As usual she let her hair untouched as always. She hated the idea of looking presentable. It was too much if a hassle in the morning in her opinion. At the back of her throat a sudden itchiness halted her usual routine. That's what I get for not taking last night's dose. She mentally scolded herself. Her fangs unsheathed themselves in anticipation as she made her way to the desk by the window.

From a small drawer, she fished out a plain bottle and unscrewed the cap. Inside were white tablets the size of the dime and she dumped a handful of these into her palm. In one gulp they disappeared and the itchiness dulled. "That's disgusting." She mumbled to herself and pulled out two bars of chocolate from another drawer. One was devoured in a few bites, the other for a snack later. Finally, she slipped on a pair of knee high black socks and a pair of black combat boots before finally heading out the door. Time to conqueror the day, or at least survive.

What greeted her outside her room were a few admirers from the Night class. She received the usual good mornings and bows with a nod, not really paying any attention. The Pureblood status was huge irritation. Everyone wanted your favor, your attention, and your labor. She mentally cursed the Council and it's stupid punishment.

Nearing the entrance to the moon dorm, a crowd of students had already formed around the door when she reached it. "Let's go! One...two....three!" A cheerful voice said. One of the more enthusiastic students was leading the charge. Whoever had the courage to do such a task had her undying thanks. Usually the Purebloods would be leading the class and today, or any other day, she wasn't looking forward to doing that.

Slowly students filed their way out of the door, suddenly picking up speed because of something. "Wait a go, Kazoku." Someone by the window smirked. In curiosity, Akane looked outside as well. Somehow one of the prefects managed to make the Day class retreat to their dorms. "Heh, good job indeed." She glanced back at the stream of students filing out quickly and moved to a position near the end of the crowd. There the excited whispers of wonder reached her ears. Her face remained calm, inside she was imaging bashing the students in the back of the head with something nearby.

What greeted the Night class outside was silence. It was peaceful. She had to thank the Prefects for at least this. With room to actually breath, everyone began breaking into their little groups and chatter began. Gaggles of girls were debating on who they would ask to the Spring Ball, a few on test scores spouted, a conversation on family, and all of which could be gathered under the general topic of gossip. The boys were laughing amongst themselves and were having similar conversations. She refrained from joining any of the groups. All she would receive was a shower a compliments she hoped to avoid.

However, as the group passed the prefects the conversations became more hushed. A few of the students even shot death glares. Despite the fact that they provided safety between the two classes there was a radiating aura of dislike for them. Even so, she could understand their job was difficult and she didn't feel any particular animosity towards them. "Oh Sera, just to let you know, we'll be having to let a handful of students closer to the night class students." The statement cause her eyebrow to twitch. On second thought, maybe the Prefects did deserve their hatred. Today wasn't going to be pleasant at all. KYYAAAAAAAA~!!!!!! Someone please shut them up.

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#, as written by moahi

The grandfather clock rang, slowly but surely, signaling the end of school, as loud as ever. In front of a mahogany desk piled high with books and papers, a child jerked awake, looking blearily around the room, his scarlet eyes glowed like sapphires in the dark. Ciel rubbed his eyes, still a little confused at his surroundings. Where was he again? He examined his surroundings, taking in the silken curtains, the bed and his closet, before his thoughts started clicking into place. Stifling a yawn, the boy frowned at the desk of papers and let out a deep sigh. Pulling an all-nighter didn’t work out as planned, so it seemed. He must have fallen asleep without knowing it, and judging from the amount of papers still left it was safe to say that he was probably not even half done with the work he had intended to do.

He kneaded his temples, the look of extreme annoyance floating back onto his face. In any case, it looks like he would have a busier schedule for today. Irritated, he strode to the windows and flung the curtains open, letting light illuminate his room. His eyes narrowed slightly as he took in the sights of the Sun dorm students, jostling each other in the midst of the crowd forming around the moon dorm. Though that seemed like a normal sight for him, they seemed more energetic than usual, probably because of the ridiculous arrangement Principle Cross made. A Spring Ball in such a school… and they were trying to keep such a dark secret. How did such a preposterous man become a principal anyway? The boy placed a slender finger to his chin in an almost childish gesture, his mind wandering for a moment to consider the fact that the man was perhaps a wizard. However, his more sensible side kicked in and he shook his head, dismissing that thought. “Maybe he bribed the authorities… or maybe he has strong connections. Wonder what they saw in him to make him the principal.” Well, it was food for thought, and he made a mental note to find out more about that topic.

Still, as he watched the crowd, he could not help but feel a slight pity to the prefects. Their jobs were no doubt going to be a hard one, getting all the students into one place and stop them from harassing the night class students. Still, like humans, the night class had its own problems, and it would be nice if the prefects kept the crowds under control enough to stop creating problems for them. Though he was sure that Akane, the only other pure blood he knew, would help out in those matters, he didn’t hold out much hope for her to assist him with the legal matters and paperwork if one of the students got hurt. “

"It’s time to cross the red sea…” He muttered to himself. Taking a few quick steps to his closet, he retrieved his uniform and slid it on smoothly, tightening the ribbon around his neck, making sure that everything was immaculate. Although he felt uncomfortable in those clothes, he still endured it, as he was but a child in appearance. Dress formally and neatly was a habit to him. Who would take him seriously otherwise? He pulled on his black socks and decided to go with a pair of high heeled boots. As girlish as it seems, it was an effective way to make him look even a bit taller, to allow him to speak eye to eye with some. In order to get respect, he wouldn’t mind what he had to put up with. All of a sudden, he stopped right in the middle of lacing up his boots, the thirst hitting him. Gasping a little as the sudden and mad thirst for blood reached him, he doubled over, trying to catch his breath. Not again… he reached for the blood pack on the window sill, and drank deeply. Slowly, he breathing evened and the thirst faded. The wonders of modern day life. He drank the rest of the blood slowly, more relaxed. Thank god for the invention of blood packs that he did not take pills like the others did. He was, after all, much more allergic to them than he thought. His asthma was the most major problem on his health, but he needed to subdue it. He would probably be viewed as weak otherwise.

He pushed the heavy oak door open and hurried down. He was already running behind time for their entry into the school, anyway, and he did not wish to be ripped to shreds by the crazy girls out there. Taking a deep breath, he ran the rest of the distance at vampire speed, managing to catch up with the rest of the stream of students. However, the silence outside came as a pleasant surprise to him. There were surprisingly none of the customary screams by the fan girls, even though there was the matter of the Spring Ball to deal with. His eyes sparkled with curiosity as he searched, slightly impressed for the reason for the students’ unnatural behavior. A prefect must have somehow managed to get the students back in their dorms, how the prefect managed it he could not understand. How did he manage to control those wild fangirls anyway? However, the answer was soon given as he caught on to the conversation. Really? That was almost as crazy as the principal’s plans. Almost. He caught sight of Akane and managed to catch up to her as the crowd parted into small groups, meaning to ask her about the current situation. He didn’t really pin all his hopes on the prefects to control the ‘handful of students’ or so they said.

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#, as written by Skwidge

Tick… tick… tick…. A large clock sounded somewhere in the distance, the last few moments of peace being counted down until... bong.... It always seemed to happen this way. No matter where he was, no matter how deep in the Moon Dorm or how far away, he could always hear the last few ticks of that annoying grandfather clock in the very center hall of their ‘home’.

Nemaeus, unlike everyone else, had not been asleep prior to the sounding of time. In all honesty, he rarely slept- or at least so it seemed. With all the hours in a day it was truly a difficult task to pin down which ones the noble actually reserved for sleep.

As the clock chimed deeply throughout the halls, Nem’s gaze shifted lazily over the expanse of dark hallways from his window-side perch. His face contorted into that of displeased irritation- he could already hear the shrill screams ringing inside of his ears from all of the female Day class students. Swiping his hand aside the cloth of the curtains, the setting sun’s last rays eagerly scrabbled inside the darkness of the Moon Dorm. With the invasive light casting its receding rays against the walls and floors, Nemaeus withdrew from his place on the sill.

With a solid thump, the boy’s boots made contact with the marble floor and his hands found a home in his pant pockets while he strode down the halls. The irritated edge to his eyes never faded as he weaved through the extensive hallways towards his room. Despite being active for the majority of the day, he had not bothered to change into his ‘uniform’. It was a task he despised as it meant he was bending against the pressure of conforming to this school.

He took his good, sweet time changing, putting off having to emerge from the manse and face the unruly crowds. However, in doing so, he also had to endure longer the excruciating task of killing his standards with the donning of the white clothing that marked him as a willing individual to this experiment the Elders had concocted for the mixing of humans and vampires. Not only was it a foolish idea in general, but it was worsened by the fact they had decided to shove Nemaeus of all candidates into the mix.

The naïve yet prideful assumption that the Council could contain and control him irked the noble to no end. His rebellious side raged and yelled, ramming against its confines in blind fury. It made his blood boil. No one would have power over him except himself. He was his own person, and others just made a complete mess of everything when they had authority.

Clenching his teeth together tightly and accidently nicking his lip with his fangs in the process, the metallic tang of blood met his tongue and his eyes widened slightly, snapping him out of his vexed reverie. With a sigh Nemaeus brought his hand up to his forehead, swiping a few stray hairs out of his eyes before wandering over to his desk drawers. Hooking his fingers into the handle, he pulled the drawer out and eyed the blood tablets with disdain. It was a crime against humanity, really. Not only were the things vile, but it was yet another flashing obstacle towards his own limited say in this whole Cross Academy matter. It wasn’t that he particularly liked feeding off of humans other than the legitimacy of the taste and nutrients in their blood- he hated relying on anyone or anything other than himself- but to be faced with the humiliation of having to restrain himself for the benefit of the Council constantly battled the clever and resourceful tool that the blood tablets actually posed.

Dropping a handful of them into a nearby glass of water, he swirled the mixture until it became a thick crimson color before actually taking a swig. Ugh, he didn’t understand how Akane could possibly take the things flat out with no help from anything else. To have the things dissolve on your tongue… Nemaeus shivered in disturbance.

Shaking his head a bit, he turned from the desk and quickly strode out of his room. He didn’t know how much time had passed, and he didn’t care either. He usually hung towards the back of the pack anyway- one of the last vampires to arrive if he could help it. Unfortunately, the others tended to like him at the front with them where they could keep an eye on him. He rolled his eyes.

As he neared the large oaken doors that led to the bridge, he was met with quite the surprise. Was that… silence he heard? His eyes widened in curiosity, his steps hastening ever so slightly. Could it actually be possible? Were the brats going to be silent for once? Did the prefects actually manage to get a hold on the humans? If that were the case then Nemaeus would definitely have to-

”NEMAEUS!!!!”, “NEMMI-CHAN”, “OVER HERE!!!!” “Look at his beautiful eyes!!”. As the noble vampire crossed the threshold into the open air, all hell broke loose. Pure, unfiltered hate flashed in his eyes for a moment. Had they planned it this way just to piss him off? Have the girls silent only long enough until he arrived? The small groups that had previously been split up suddenly conglomerated back together, and the usual chaos of the class switching was struck up once more. With the sudden outbursts from some of the Day class students, it seemed that it had lit a fuse that encouraged everyone else to embrace the chaos.

Did they seem… closer? ”…Let students closer to the Night class." The words dropped loudly, suddenly drowning out every screech and yell as Nemaeus’ focus landed harshly on one of the Prefects, Xavier, to be exact.

I’ll Kill Him.

The screams quickly resumed their intensity and the crowd pushed against the prefects that did their best to hold them back as that one, single, poisonous thought repeated itself in Nem’s head. Where he had previously been standing in complete silence at the head of the doors, Nemaeus was suddenly stalking towards the prefect in question. From the time that Xavier had dropped that little bomb to the other prefect, Serafiend or whatever her name was, they had split up to take up their positions. So when Nemaeus approached him, he was alone against the striving Day class students in his sector.

Externally, Nemaeus held his forever-present calm look of complete disinterest, but ireful rage bubbled right beneath the surface. It had been his brilliant idea to put the sanity of the Night class at risk, and Nemaeus had an irksome feeling that it had been done simply to spite him and give him a massive headache right before the dull, time-wasting classes began.

While he hated the screams with a passion, his urge to give hell to those in authority easily overpowered his instinct to keep as far a distance as possible between him and the ravenous Day class. As he neared, the hordes of students pushed ever more persistently against Xavier, certainly taxing his strength and overwhelming his senses. He leaned precariously close to the extended arms of the prefect, his gaze directly focused on the girls who were desperately trying to grab at his form and drag him into the writhing mass of doom that awaited on the other side of the prefect.

He flashed what seemed to be a wink in the direction of the girls, a lazy smirk breaking onto his lips in the process as he spoke, ”Anyone like vampires?” The comment received its intended effect as a chorus of screams and wailings followed, all clumped together as to make any answer incoherent. The force and pressure picked up against the prefect, and the girls strained against him voraciously.

Nemaeus turned away as if none of that had just occurred, though a very dark smirk flashed across his face in triumph for a moment before it completely vanished. He left the prefect to deal with the many bodies that were trying to throw themselves against him to break his barricade. It did not matter to the vampire whether or not the prefect could contain them. While he did not have much faith in the human’s abilities, he did not doubt that the boy had been placed as a prefect for a reason. However, should he break under the pressure and allow a stream to trickle through, how delicious would that be? He would be severely punished, and every vampire would look down on him with distaste and distrust. And if he got trampled in the process? Even better.

Turning his attention up to where Ciel and Akane were currently walking with one another further up the expanse, a bored look tilted his expression slightly as he walked towards their general direction, slowing down every so often to cause other prefects a hassle by ‘accidently’ wandering too close to them.

However, before Nemaeus made the decision of joining the purebloods, continuing on his own, or wandering with another of the noble vampires, his eyes settled on the proudly standing form of Miss Prefect. While the noble vampire’s wrath had already been carried out on Xavier, he did not spare her either. She was supposedly the head of the prefects, or so he got the impression. He came up silently, eyes purposefully focused on the back of her head.

He leaned down, flaring his nostrils a bit and disturbing the top of her hair. Nemaeus’ eyes narrowed as he gazed subtly out at the Day class students. He rested a light hand on the girl’s shoulder, causing a few infuriated cries from the girls nearby about how unfair it was that the prefects got to be so close to the Night class and how they only volunteered to do it to rub it in their faces. He leaned in and whispered something, making it look as private a moment as he possibly could in front of the fangirls, that charming little smirk of his filling his lips once more as his breath tickled her earlobe.

However, in reality his words were harsh and grating. ”Do your job and get a better hold on these sniveling starry-eyed females.” Knowing Nemaeus, his words definitely could have been taken as a threat, but they mainly came across as overly-patient and bored.

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#, as written by slcam

Mikari woke up to silence, her room almost pitch black except for the small slit of sunlight that vibrantly splashed against the bedroom wall. No matter how she tried to arrange the curtains, there always seemed to be that one annoying gap. Maybe the fabric was too short? She would have to ask the dorm maid about it, since the brightness was rather irritating. After a moment of contemplating the offending spot of sun, Mika gave a large yawn and stretched as far as she could reach.

Her eyes barely half open, she pushed the covers forward and sat up, once again looking around the room. This time the various crumpled piles of clothing caught her notice. As long as no one needed to come into her room but her, she did not care enough to clean them up. The only clothing that absolutely had to stay clean was her uniform, and that hung neatly on the closet door. Since she was already up, there was no way she could fall asleep again. She may miss the bell if she fell into a deep sleep so close to dusk. Once that happened, it usually took quite a feat to wake her.

She scooted to the side of the bed and hung her feet over before standing and walking over to the desk. Her sketch book stood neatly to one side, an easel holding a half-finished painting of a fountain occupying the clean corner. The rest of the desk was an unorganized mess of papers, books, pencils, and other such paraphernalia. She picked up the sketch book and a couple pencils and set them on the bed. That would be enough to occupy her until the bell rung. She walked over to the dresser and removed the white uniform, careful not to wrinkle it. Soon, she was dressed, and her hair was carefully brushed and restyled to look a bit messy, but in a more relaxed and cute way than simple bedhead. At least that is how it seemed to Mika’s thinking.

She put a couple tablets in a small glass of water, hoping that would give her a slight bit more energy, and grimaced at the taste of the liquid. It satisfied her hunger, but did little besides. She grabbed the items off her bed and a parasol and stole out of the room. Even a fellow vampire would have had a hard time noticing her, and she walked seemingly it without effort. The illusion was broken with a wide yawn, the only noise she had made since leaving the room. She went down to the large front doors and opened one just enough to slip through, closing it as she moved outdoors.

The bright light of the slowly setting sun made her squint in discomfort, and she quickly opened the white parasol to block out the light. Knowing that the squealing Day class students would soon be clamoring about, she had little desire to go outside the walls circling the Moon dorm. Besides, all those silly humans were too worked up over the coming dance. It would be a nightmare out there this evening. Mika gave a sigh, settling herself down under a tree near the wall and opening her sketchbook. She looked up at the Moon Dorm building, locating the particular ornamented steeple she wanted to draw. It was off to the side, and not often noticed, but Mika thought it had some good features. She would transfer it to a canvas and paint it later, but for now she only had time for a basic drawing.

It was not long before the sun was touching the horizon, and leaving long shadows streaking away to the east. Mikari could hear the gongs ringing, alerting the Night Class members to begin to ready themselves for class. Mika finished up the detail she had been working on, then stood and brushed her skirt off. She closed her book and nestled it in the crook of her arm before again raising the parasol over her head. It was not as bright now since the sun had almost totally set, but a little protection from its rays was still a relief to her eyes. She slipped back into the dorm, giving a slight smile to a vampire sitting on the sofa, and hurried to her room. As soon as she set her things down on the desk, she left again. The door closed behind her with a soft click, and she went back down to the main doors, taking a seat on the sofa herself.

Many of the Night class students had already gathered, ready for their daily appearance. Mika could already hear the screaming girls waiting and grimaced at the shrill sounds. Such juvenile idiocy… It was not long before one of the more energetic vampires led the way out the doors. They were usually supposed to be lead by a Pureblood, but it was not surprising that it did not happen that way. It rarely did. She located the Pureblood, Akane, with her eyes, and noted her position so Mika could avoid her for a bit.

As the gates opened, Mikari was surprised to hear relative quiet. However, that only lasted a bare moment, especially when Nemaeus crossed the threshold. Mika shot him an amused look as several girls shouted out cutesy nicknames and beckoned for his attention. However, something one of the prefects mentioned about letting some students closer set him off, and he began riling the students up. Mika noticed the other Pureblood, the little boy Ciel, making his way forward. She was momentarily distracted with watching the young vampire, and almost didn’t notice Nemaeus approaching Seraphine.

He definitely had the crowd of girls worked up, and Mika was surprised that the prefects were able to hold that raging sea of hormones back at all. She approached Nemaeus, ignoring little miss Prefect for the moment. Her half-closed eyes gave her an almost demure look, and her tone, though soft, was loud enough to be heard over all the squeals and shouting. She tugged slightly on Nemaeus’s sleeve as she spoke, “Oy, Nem-kun. You should help me stay awake in class tonight.” A large yawn punctuated the end of her statement, and she rubbed one eye sleepily. The tablets had not helped all that much, but that was normal. Her hand paused in its tugging as she yawned. However, she started tugging a bit more insistently after, until she got Nem to turn toward her.

An all too familiar, male voice burst suddenly from the crowd. “Meek-chan! Er, no… Mika-chan!” A blond haired boy in the black uniform pushed his way to the front and managed to squeeze past the prefect for a moment. He gave a stiff, jerky bow as he nervously shouted, “Meek-chan! Please say you’ll dance with me at the spring dance!”

She gave a shy smile, still half hidden behind the intimidating form of Nemaeus, which only served to make the love-struck boy in front of her more nervous. She stepped slightly to the side so she was facing the boy, and with a pondering look said, “That might be possible. See ya.” Her smile widened momentarily and she gave a tiny wave before again giving Nem’s sleeve a tug so he would maybe walk beside her. “We don’t want to be late, Nem-kun,” she intoned, the slightest bit of irritation in her tone at the interruption. She would definitely make an effort to avoid that blonde-haired human, but just barely so he thought he still had a chance. Playing chase was always amusing.

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Yukina Shiro had been locked in her room all day, while the other Night Class students slept. She did what she always did when she was bored, besides sleeping. In front of her was what looked like a tree, about a meter tall, and completely frozen. She extended her left arm out, formed a tiny, delicate snowflake on the tip of her finger, and added it to the tree. The tree's back was made ouf of ice, it's insides made out of ice, the branches, the twigs, all made out of ice. If one observed closely, they'd see extreme detail and the care to attention that had been taken in making this tree. Detail wise, it looked like a real, natural tree. Each piece of bark was it's own separate tiny and detailed scale. The branches jutted out from the top, some thick, some thin, eventually getting thinner near the ends, with smaller branches and then smaller twigs all jutting out from the branches. Some twigs were broken, some branches were broken or looked like they had been eaten through or rotted away. Little by little, she had placed a single snowflake on each branch again and again, then on each snowflake another, again and again. Until eventually there was thousands of snowflakes acting as leaves. On the floor around the tree, was ice-bark, ice-twigs, tiny blades of grass made out of ice, and leaves out of snow. Each and every detail had been carefully taken care of and added by her hand.

It has been a project she had started when she came to Cross Academy three years ago. Of course, with her ice powers, she could make another tree in minutes, but it wouldn't have as much detail and it wouldn't mean as much. She spent years on this tree, putting her time, attention and care into it.

Tick...tick...tick... She picked her head up. Subconsciously she had been counting the seconds since she started making the tree. Seven thousand one hundred fifty five seconds. She was half a minute from having worked on it for two hours. She stood up, then and looked around her room. The air in her room was always kept below freezing, but her room was insulated so the extreme temperatures in there wouldn't affect the rest of the Moon Dorm. She yawned. Her curtains had been permanently frozen shut with such thick packed ice that little light would go into her room. It was almost pitch black save for the dull blue glow of the sunlight refracting through the ice, making her room glow faintly.

Thump-thump-thump. Someone had knocked on her door. The knocks sounded dulled, muffled, as the sound had a slightly harder time traveling through the thick air in her room. She understood. There was only a few precious minutes until the Moon Dorm's Gates opened, and her and the rest of the Night Class left the dorms and crossed over to the main academy building. She went over to her bed and put on her black hemmed white Night Class uniform, then she crossed the room and opened her door to the main hallway. The outside room temperature air blasted into her room like a furnace. She quickly shut the door behind her and sighed. Yukina pulled a mint lollipop out of her pocket, froze it through, then started sucking on it to keep her mouth cool.

Tick...tick...tick... bonnng. The clock said, signaling the next hour. She walked out of the dormitories, and outside with the rest of the Night Class, keeping the air around her cool with her powers. When the gates opened and the shouting started, she toned out everyone. She ignored Nemaeus's rage, after all he was always annoyed. She went oblivious to Mikari's flirting, the Perfect's struggling and Ciel's lateness. She walked with a bored expression in her eyes, seeing everything in front of her but not acknowledging it all.

"It's Kirei-chan! She's so tiny and cute!" "Kirei-chan, Kirei-chan!" "Shiro." She said quickly but sharply, snapping to attention and to annoyance. She sighed quickly, a sharp exhale of breath, and looked to the other Night Class students. Some enjoyed the attention, others ignored it, and others were peeved at it. She looked ahead again, waiting anxiously for the moment when they had passed all of the Day Class students. Sometimes she was in the mood to be playful, other times she was a bit of a stalker. At this moment, she was quiet and annoyed.

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"Everybody's a critic."


Xavier could tell he was in trouble or at the very least, the stage just before the in trouble started; a silent Sera was similar to a shark swimming up to you, it may not make any sounds but it's intentions were still the same. Fortunately for him, his luck was still holding out as the always energetic Teito came into play, taking the heat off the nervous prefect for a split second. "Hey my little Teito-chan, how's student president life treating you today?" He chuckled out loud, giving the smaller boy a friendly nudge in the ribs with his elbow, his cheerfulness was short lived when the female vampire hunter focused once more on himself. "It would seem you have made a deal with the Day Class. How delightful, you have a knack for negotiations, Xavier-san." Despite a brief brow twitch and muttering himself to cram the honorific up some a certain hole, the boy was for a lost of words, he wasn't to sure whether to take the comment at face value or if the more senior prefect was simply being sarcastic but before he was able to make a desision Sera was off in a moment, her duties coming into play.

With a soft sigh he walked over to a group of students, mainly girls, who were calling his name. "So you're the ones who want to take me up on my offer then? He asked casually, the group wasn't as large as he had expected but non the less he had no dout they would be loud enough with the front row seats they had secured. The response he got was the usual array of screams, yes' and wide eyed gawping; so he took them closer than the usual boundary that they were allowed making sure his formidable mass was always between them and what would be the night classes location. "Now listen you lot, I'm possibly going to get chewed out a second time this day for you lot being this close so would you ple-" The rest of his sentence was drowned out as the small group behind him and a sudden rush of bodies against his back and raised arms almost knocked him off his feet.

After quickly regaining his balance he noticed the source of the sudden ferocity of his fellow day students; Namaeus, he had picked the one group which was devoted to the only vampire that despised his fanbase more than he did authority, the latter trait also being shared by the now struggling prefect. Whilst his muscles strained against the constant pressure of the students behind him, he tried his best to give a relaxed smile to the now approaching rule breaker, he didn't want it to come off strained since he genuinely liked the vampire's attitude towards rules and even had turned a blind eye to some of his more harmless rebellions whether Nemaeus knew it or not. Once the prowling figure had reached him and his ever so loyal fans, the ferocity of theirs struggles to reach him, doubled, having to snag a few arms before they could grab what ever they could of the night class student Xavier had more than his hand full.

With his ears almost screaming back at the painfully loud calls and screams of the students behind him, he almost never heard the rebel casually ask. "Anyone like vampires?" Despite such a small remark what had already been a constant strain against his body became tenfold, he was beginning to lose ground as he slowly was pushed further and further into the general direction of the night class. With the damage done, Xavier watched as Nemaeus walked away and with the thought of resisting the struggling students, at least if I'm trampled to death it saves me from being killed by Sera, one of the more smaller girls from a lower year managed to slip under his aching arms. "Come back, Nemaus-chan! She screamed immediately bringing her to the prefects attention, if she hadn't have shouted after the vampire she would have made it to him without the struggling boy even realising what was going on but her otaku nature was hers and the night student's little plan undoing.

Without letting pressure go with his stance against the restricted students, the prefect snatched out his right arm and by the width of a hair was able to snatch the fabric of her jacket which gave him the leverage to not only pull her back but swing the girls petite body onto his shoulders. The girl squealed and thrashed out with her arms and legs for a moment before giving up in defeat, a sigh of relief escaped his lips, it had been a close call and definitely would have caused harm to the boy's authority if he hadn't dealtt with it as soon as he did. "Curfew is in session for the Day Class. Whatever my fellow prefect promised beforehand is null and void due to your inappropriate behavior and lack of decorum." At the sound of Seras voiced raised, Xavier turned his head to look at the girl. "At the count of three, if you are still here. The Spring Ball shall be cancelled." And without prompt the senior prefect started to count down and never before in his life had Xavier seen a group of people move with such speed and purpose, he stared at the rushing mass for a moment before he felt the girl he was currently restraining struggle against his grip.

"Jōkū-san you're going to get the ball cancelled!" The girl cried, prompting him to place her to the ground gently before she sprang after her classmates. He looked around to see if there was any stragglers who had decided to try and lurk about until they could spring on their favourite student but besides from the prefects and the night class the place was deserted, he caught the eye of the pure-blood Akane Delacroix and gave her a friendly smile and a small wave only taking his attention away when Sera approached him. "I appreciate your initiative. That's a good sign." She beamed at the taller student, allowing himself to revert back into his usual relax self he was completely off guard when a sudden pain in his ear forced hi down to his superiors height. "But remind me not to put you in any future negotiations." She released him with the same smile she had been giving before the rather unnecessary punishment. "At least it limited the damage, instead of at least fifteen nut jobs trying to upset our special students it was just the handful!" He stated casually, hoping the joke wouldn't go to waste.

When Teito was with them, Sera started to speak again but the tallest of the prefects attention drifted to the vampires, he scanned them one by one out of casual curiosity more than duty, he had come to recognise all of them and even had spoke to some, not exactly the type of conversation he had with his fellow humans since the glares did get tiring after a while but non the less it was better than nothing. After his gaze fell on Akane again, his dull blue orbs shifted their sight lower to the floor and spotted the other pure-blood Ciel Rin, the "grown child" as some of the more malicious day students called him. Hehehe look how small and cute he is. He chuckled to himself, temporarily forgetting that the little earl was rumoured to be able to read minds, his attention returned back to his group as Miss Prefect finished her sentence, oblivious to what she had said and with a familiar growl emitting from his stomach. "Anyone else want me to cook something up for a quick bite before anything?"

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#, as written by [Akane]

"Keep a close eye on you're prey or else you'll lose it."

The screams were deafening from both sides! Akane stole a quick glance at the crowd to her right and her eyes widened slightly in surprise. They were definitely closer than usual. Just a few more inches and their outstretched hands would be able to touch the Night class. Wait....that means they could possibly grab someone, right? A small smile spread across her face. She wondered if the prefects would be able to catch her after this little idea.

However, her devious thoughts were interrupted by the approach of her fellow Pureblood. "Good evening, Ciel." She said in an even voice. She had seen him at a few parties in the past and now went to the same school, but they were only acquaintances and only worked together through a form of mutual agreement. Nothing more nothing less. The idea of friendship was something she found interesting, yet she didn't bother with it. In her mind friendship went like this; you pick someone you like and you do stuff with them. It was very fascinating watching the process. But, it wasn't something she would attempt anytime soon.

Suddenly, the already unbearable screams increased in volume and ferocity with the chant of one vampire's name. To Akane that meant only one thing. "Nemaeus has appeared." She mumbled under her breath. He was one of the few vampires the Council has specifically warned to keep in line. Unfortunately for them, she had no intention of carrying out what she asked. Though she did try to keep the Night Class in line. Her train of thought was quickly severed when the shadow of a towering student in the Day Class student approached her. He was out of breath from fighting the crowd by the looks of it and the fact he had her attention wasn't helping. His breath only grew more ragged when she looked him in the eyes. "May I help you? It wasn't a question at all and she was dreading what the student would ask her.

"Please go with me to the Spring ball! The student managed to croak. A polite smile that didn't quite reach her eyes, formed on her lips. "No thank you. I don't care for balls." She said softly. Disappointment appeared on his face and he quickly retreated into the vicious crowd. With that she started walking again, not a damn was given about the heart she just crushed. Ciel was probably tottering after her so she slowed down her pace only slightly. Then....CIEL-SAMA!!!! RIN-CHAN!!! PLEASE GO WITH ME TO THE BALL!!!! The oppressive aura given off by the female fans nearly knocked her off her feet. The urge to make a dash for the door was very tempting, but before she could decide on such a thing, one girl had managed to get past the outstretched prefect's arms and make a quick grab for Ciel.

There it was. Her opportunity to slip away off this prison of inappropriate behavior and broken toys. Just before the girl's hands could get a grip on Ciel, Akane quickly shoved him out of the way. "Sorry, I promise to do half the paperwork for this favor. She whispered to him before getting dragged into the sea of doom. The mass of bodies started pressing, squishing, and smashing her as soon as she entered. How the prefects managed to keep such a monstrous power back was unthinkable. It was like some form of torture. Despite the forceful jostling Akane managed to get a hand free and produce a piece of paper from her jacket pocket. With a bit of concentration, a drawing sprung off the paper and came to life. It was a body double of herself and on closer inspection it was easy to tell it wasn't her. However, right now wasn't the time to think about that. Then, she kicked the body double out of the crowd to where Ciel was hopefully waiting. In a mere few seconds all of this had unfolded.

The plan was going as expected and though she wasn't fond of breaking rules, she couldn't stop now. Punishments would be issued if she were caught and the head prefect wasn't going to make them pleasant whatsoever. As if on queue, Miss Prefect spoke about canceling the Spring Ball and the vicious mass of students began to clear out before Roseau reached the count of one. With that crowd Akane took her leave as well. She quickly detached herself from the girls on the way to the Sun Dorm and with a vampiric burst of speed ran towards the gates of Cross Academy. She didn't feel any regret about this and the thought of thought of leaving Ciel to deal with the Night Class himself was quite amusing. No one could catch her now.

Well no one but the Night time gatekeeper. Hopefully the gatekeepers hadn't changed shifts yet and she paused briefly at the gatekeeper's window. "Ryugen, are you there?" Silence. She frowned and discovered the compartment was empty. That was rather foolish to not have anyone watching over the gates. Well that wasn't her problem that the school was now unguarded. She then turned her attention to the task at hand. With a graceful leap she made it over the gates and went on her merry way to the town ahead. The feeling of having escaped her cage for the time led to humming a very mirthful tune.

Meanwhile, the drawing of Akane had reached the steps of the main building to only explode in a spray of black ink. Whoever was standing by it at the time would be very unfortunate.

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#, as written by moahi
Smiles are but an accessory.

Ciel strode alongside to Akane, regarding her closely. The air around her was different today… was she planning something? But of course, she almost always was every day, thinking of new ways to escape the school. In fact, he would be quite surprised if she turned up to any of the lessons on time at all. He gave a quiet sigh as he toyed with the idea of going into her mind for a little peek, to find out exactly how she was planning to sneak out, but decided against it. It took a considerably large amount of will power to enter a fellow vampire’s mind, and he would need that for later, just in case. After all, it was hard to say if she would get offended by that, and he tried not to get onto anyone’s bad side for now.

Just as they were about to exit the crowd, the ear piercing screams seemed to kick up another notch. Ciel winced slightly as the crowd started screaming, chanting and asking to go to the spring ball all at one time. His mind came to the immediate conclusion. Nemaeus. He was one of the more rebellious of students, always getting into the prefects way and making life difficult for them. What was he up to this time? He watched, slightly amused as he flirted with the girls, causing them to act even more crazily, if that was even possible for them to.

He watched on as the prefect, Xavier struggled with the frenzied students, feeling a twinge of disappointment as the prefect managed to subdue them, before being distracted by the screams of the day class students. Ignore them, ignore them he repeated over and over again in his head, shutting his eyes with irritation as if to keep the noise out. He just needed to get out of the crowd and go to class. Perhaps he could get Akane to go on time for once, but he doubted it. Just as he was wondering if he should bribe her with chocolate, he felt a push as he was shoved, causing him to stumble forward. “Wah-“ He was just about to protest to whoever pushed him when he heard Akane’s whisper. Sorry, I promise to do half the paperwork for this favor. Before he could react, she had already disappeared into the mass of bodies in the crowd.

Heaving a sigh, he quickly regained his balance and pushed through the crowd, waiting for her outside, safe from those crazy humans. Soon enough, he saw her, or what was supposed to be her come outside the crowd. However, his sharp eyes soon spotted the crude lines and some markings on her usually unblemished skin. Although it was, in his opinion, much to easy to spot out, he couldn’t help but admire the older vampire a bit for her power. That will be extremely handy in times like those, without actually exposing her identity. Still, first things first. He grabbed the body double and steadied her balance. “Well, off you go then, Akane no. 2, classes are starting.” He spoke to the double as if it really was her, faking the fact that it was not. Though he didn’t really enjoy being an accomplice, it will be quite interesting to see the students reel in shock as Akane exploded, and as a bonus, he could use some help with the paperwork. He doubted that she would try to promise him something that rash again after she saw what he had to deal with. It was worth taking care of the night class until she comes back at least, and he could always say that he didn’t notice that it was a fake.

Walking away from her leisurely, he walked slightly closer to the prefects curiously, his eyes flickering in red as he trying to probe Seraphine’s mind again. No luck. For some reason, her mind was totally closed off to him, and she was one of the only people he could not get access to. How was a matter he could not comprehend. In the process, he unintentionally heard Xavier’s thoughts as his mind wandered off. Slightly irked, he shot a glare in his direction, while giving them a mock bow “Glad to see you’re all doing your jobs so well, miss prefect. It could be considered a miracle that none of the night students were injured by you subordinate’s brilliant plans.” He intoned slowly, giving them a sweet smile. “And yes, Xavier, even a small, cute child could come up with a better plan than yours,” he added before turning on his heels and following the rest of the night class inside for classes. They are his temporary responsibility after all, no matter how annoying they are.

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#, as written by Skwidge
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”Refrain from touching me.”

As his presence leaned threateningly over the female prefect, Nemaeus suddenly felt a soft tugging on his sleeve. It was annoying, and it meant someone was touching him. “Oy, Nem-kun. You should help me stay awake in class tonight.” At the sound of Mikari’s voice, he blinked once, but did not bother to look at her. Miss Prefect was speaking again. "Thank you for the advice, Nemeaus-san. But classes are about to start." An overly exaggerated look of stressed patience filled his otherwise bored and uninterested facial features, as if he were dealing with a small toddler.

”It wasn’t advice. It’s your job.” It was not surprising that she had said as much. Humans tended to be slow, some more than others. She did not particularly strain his nerves, she was simply a slight annoyance- much like a fly. The tugging at his sleeve intensified, and Nemaeus finally turned to look at the sleepy Mikari. With a blank look that hinted at dislike at being touched, he walked away from the female prefect as she struggled against the fangirls and fanboys. He was led off a few meters by Mikari, and grabbed her wrist which was still holding the lip of his sleeve, when she suddenly stopped as a male Day class student suddenly appeared- having broken past other prefects.

Holding her wrist like that, and with an increasingly dark look of both impatience and poison aimed now at the boy, Nem was incredibly threatening- he might have even appeared possessive holding her wrist like that, pressuring the annoying boy even further. In reality, however, he simply didn’t like being touch- other vampires weren’t that bad, but Nemaeus valued his personal space, perhaps a bit too much.

The Day class student spoke of the spring ball, and Mikari replied with a vague answer that would spike the boy’s hope up too far. Nem released her wrist shortly after as the boy returned to the crowd, but it proved to be a mistake as she swiftly began tugging at him again. ”Oshira-chan, I’m right here. Stop dragging me around like a puppy on a short leash.” He looked at her blankly as she pulled him up to her side once more, and as she finally released him of her own will, he slipped his hands into his pockets, walking alongside her.

“We don’t want to be late, Nem-kun,” At this he scoffed blatantly, stamping his foot lightly on his next down-step. Being late? Seriously? None of this crap mattered, it was all pointless. Classes he attended to humor along others, tablets he took to make others feel more secure, living beside humans and other vampires, he hated it all- it didn’t matter what the circumstances of any particular situation were. It was not a little-known fact that he wanted to wreck and ruin this entire place and leave it all behind. To be forced under the mirage of human authority- it was a laugh. And furthermore, it was naïve.

A subtle glare flared up in his otherwise blank face, the screaming getting more and more on his nerves. By the time Miss Prefect mentioned the time to him, he had been long, long gone. I will leave this place behind. And good luck to the bloody council if they can ever manage to catch me again, let alone keep up.

With a breaking yell from the female prefect’s direction, everything went silent as she threatened to cancel the ball if they didn’t all scram. Nemaeus knew she hardly had that authority, but nonetheless it worked like a charm on the Day class. ”Manuke.” Nem muttered lightly. Why hadn’t the girl thought to do that before the Night class had left the building? It was like they had the little concert just to piss off all of the vampires, especially Nem.

He remained at Mikari’s side as they left the bridge behind. He tilted his head to look down at her. She was so short. Heck, practically everyone when compared to him was short. Excluding that Xavier prefect. ”It isn’t my job to keep you awake, Osh-chan. Don’t expect such free favors from me.” Shifting his gaze back up, the rest of the vampires cleared the bridge and they all headed off towards the main building.

The duo kept a rather nice pace with one another as they wandered together towards their classes. Nemaeus rarely deigned to look back down at his fellow vampire, simply keeping his head faced straight forward and his hands tucked into his pockets. He eyed the form of Akane further up ahead. At least the Day class was completely taken care of and would no longer prove a bother to them- unless the prefects screwed up again, as they so often did.

However, he could sight a few discrepancies in her form. She was much like he was, but only in the fact that she couldn’t really stand this place either and constantly ducked out to do her own thing. He also knew of her abilities, and it did not surprise him in the least to see the walking art. However, when had she managed to switch out? Nemaeus shrugged internally, making sure to keep his distance from the doppelganger. As they neared the doors, Akane’s form suddenly burst into ink, splattering the door frames, stairs, bushes, windows, and any nearby students. Nem smirked, listening to the growls and grumbles from those who had managed to slip into the paper’s range. Whoever had to clean that up was sure to have a grand time.

However, despite those covered in the ink, no one tended to really care about the little incident, and the horde of vampires did not slow down in the least, walking straight through the ink puddle and tracking the sticky, stain-causing liquid right into the building, causing more mess and more damage. Nemaeus was one of those people, but instead of simply walking through the puddle at the entrance of the door, he rested a palm on the door frame and dirtied his hand as well. He walked close to the walls, dragging his fingers all over the wall as he walked, leaving murky handprints behind as his signature.

Once the oil left his hands for the most part, he pulled a small square cloth from a nearby vampire’s pocket, wiping off his hands before returning it to a completely different vampire’s back pocket. He smirked ever so subtly to himself, already planning several ways to ditch the stuffy place in the middle of classes.

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#, as written by slcam

Mika’s lips upturned slightly in a half smile at Nemaeus’s little show of irritation after her comment. She knew full well of how little he cared about this whole ruse of ‘school.’ She was just glad he wasn’t in a bad enough mood to snap her head off, literally or figuratively. He was not exactly a touchy feely person, so even tugging his sleeve had seemed like a slight risk. Not that Mikari could not have slipped away if necessary, but it was good to be cautious. In any case, she was able to distract him enough so the whole thing with that “Little Miss Prefect” did not escalate more than it needed to. She did not feel that it was very worthwhile to upset the peace while the prefects were trying to keep the crazy humans under control. That could result in someone getting hurt, and probably not a vampire. Then where would this poor school be?

Almost as soon as the smile appeared on her face, it was interrupted by a slight yawn. She cut it off abruptly, returning her face to its usual curious but otherwise blank look. She focused her attention on the academic building ahead of them, but her true focus was internal, wondering if there was anything else to say to Nem, who was still walking beside her. She heard Seraphina yell at the still clamoring Day Class students that she would cancel the ball if they didn’t leave. It was almost surprising how fast everything got quiet, except for the stampeding of feet rushing back to the sun dorms. Nem’s comment drew a small, exhaling laugh from the blond haired vampire, which she quickly concealed behind a raised hand. She did not look back at the now nearly empty path, but instead, basked in the silence. She did sneak a peek at Nem’s face, and was unsurprised to see a small measure of irritation plain on his features.

They soon crossed the bridge, and Nem again spoke to her. She met his eye for a second, hearing the disapproving tone. She wondered a moment what the most proper thing to say would be. She knew what she wanted to say, but what kind of repercussions might it have? Probably nothing, maybe something. Mika was curious to find out. They were nearly at the main building when she finally spoke, her tone soft and a contented look on her face, “You know that was not what I actually wanted, right, Nem-kun?” She was, of course, referring to the fact that she was just trying to divert his irritation away from the prefect. Still, she would let him take it however he wanted.

At that moment, the form of Akane suddenly burst, spraying a black inky substance all over the nearby Night students. Mika was definitely surprised. She usually made it her goal to ignore the purebloods as much as possible, and avoid their notice in return, so she had not seen Akane switch out. The display distracted her from what she had said for the moment. It seemed to distract Nem too, as he made sure to get his feet and a hand in the ink to track more into the building. Mika herself made no effort to avoid the black stain seeping into the brick entrance. She was just glad her white uniform would stay white. It would have been a shame to have it soiled, and she sympathized with those who had gotten dirty.

Akane’s ability could be such a nuisance. She was supposed to be one of those who would keep the night class under control, but she usually made more trouble than those she had power over. Mika scoffed at the thought. A couple of the students near her heard the noise and glance at her, but her face already returned to its normal, impassive state.

Mika was still near Nemaeus as he pulled his stunt with the handkerchief. Neither of his victims seemed to notice, and Mika watched as a smirk grew on his features. That was the closest he ever seemed to get to a true smile. Mika felt a smile of her own growing on her face in response. She ducked her head to conceal it and continued toward the classroom.

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#, as written by Skwidge
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”Authority means nothing to me. I will go when and as I please. There is simply nothing you can do about that.”

“You know that was not what I actually wanted, right, Nem-kun?” He did not regard her in the slightest, simply continuing to move ahead. ”Do not concern yourself with the affairs of others. It is impolite, Mika-chan.” As they neared the classroom, Nemaeus suddenly made note of the lack of Pure-bloods within the crowd.

He continued to keep pace with Mikari in the throng of night-class students, but as soon as they entered the door, Nem made a low-profile change in direction, angling his body to continue with the flow, but also heading towards the exit at the back of the classroom. It did not take him long to simply exit as soon as he entered, and Nemaeus was soon padding along the halls until he slipped into one of the barren, day-class rooms.

Wandering silently over to the window, his fingers meddled with the latches before popping the pane open and slipping outside. He didn’t bother to close it behind him, and after gazing up at the darkening skies, he was even less compelled to do so- let the classroom get soaked in that little corner. It wasn’t his problem. With a sigh, he ran a hand through his hair before opening his eyes once more to stare out into the darkness. While the city beckoned to him like a siren’s song, Nemaeus refused to leave the gates of the academy for once, figuring he could make more trouble here. In fact, the windows weren’t that bad of an idea, and they all opened inwards. The storm that was coming looked like a nasty one, and figuring that the wind would be blowing harshly and angling the rain into the classrooms, Nem returned inside and quickly made work of opening all the unoccupied rooms’ windows.

By the time he had gotten half-way through them, which in all honesty didn’t take him long to do in the first place, the storm was upon the world, and raindrops beat harshly against anything they could touch. With a smirk, the noble vampire quickly finished the rest of the windows, slipping out the last one once more into the night. The rain pummeled harshly against his face and clothes, but he hardly cared. It was simply an irritation that could be ignored, though he did wish he had his jacket. That was another thing he humored the academy with- he stuck mostly to the dress code, though every time he went out he would just return to the Moon dorm and grab it before he left.

However, it was pointless now seeing as he was already soaked, and tracking water into his room was just something he didn’t wish to do. A bored look was displayed on his face as he wandered, his mind taking its leisurely time at concocting new ways to make the staff and prefects’ lives a living hell. As he turned the corner, his sight marred by the trees and bushes that clustered around the sidewalks, something firm smacked right into him.

Despite the speed that the thing had prior to running into him, Nemaeus only stumbled back a step. A dark look seeped into his eyes as he peered down at whatever had run into him. It was none other than the little Prefect, Teito. His eyes softened slightly, but only from the confusion of the moment, or so Nemaeus reasoned. Why the prefect was out in the rain without any cover was certainly strange, especially since the boy always seemed so well prepared.

"You're going to catch a cold, Teito-chan."

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#, as written by slcam

Mikari’s eyes flickered to the other students as they walked to the classroom. Few seemed eager to be there, but not many were willing to skip out. That usually included Mika. She did not like to seem rebellious around the Purebloods or to attract their attention; but tonight, that may be less of a problem. Akane was gone, as usual, so there would be less to keep Mika where she was supposed to be. The only question would be whether something of interest would happen to draw her out of class.

"Do not concern yourself with the affairs of others. It is impolite, Mika-chan.” Nem’s faintly scolding tone drew her out of her thoughts. She knew he would probably catch her meaning right away, and this was the expected response. Mika said nothing; Nem probably would not accept or really care about anything she said anyway. Still, she could not help the slight smile that barely turned the corners of her lips.

They reached the classroom, and Mika murmured, “Have fun,” as Nem slipped away. She slipped into the classroom like nothing had happened. She took a seat near a window in darkened classroom. The moon shone through the windows between clouds, suddenly illuminating the students dressed in white uniforms. The professor entered not long after and ordered the stragglers to take their seats, while Mikari was already sitting, her head resting on her arm, half-asleep. She eyed the man without much interest as he began speaking. His voice seemed monotone and dull, telling her nothing she did not already know. There was not much point to this whole school charade in Mika’s view, but there was little else to do. Perhaps she would follow Nem’s example and slip out when she got the chance.

It seemed only moments before the clouds fully covered the room and began rumbling darkly. Mika watched out of the window as a chill wind began blowing, causing the trees to stir and whisper. She could easily hear it through the large windows that occupied one wall of the lavishly decorated room. Her only regret was that she had not brought a notebook to sketch out the scene. Maybe it would be worthwhile to go get it, class or no class. She thought briefly on Nem’s words again and gave a small, huffing chuckle. ‘Not polite to get mixed in other’s affairs, eh? Isn’t that what this silly school is about? Mixing vampire and human affairs to see if there can be peace.’ she thought, shaking her head slightly. It was an odd concept, but being at this school meant they were all mixed into the humans affairs. Despite what anyone may claim though, it was more the vampire’s decisions and influences that would determine if this would work at all. The humans were just a temptation they chose to ignore… for the moment.

Before her thoughts could make it any further, a sudden peal of thunder erupted with fury, a bolt of lightning illuminating the dark clouds. Mikari was startled out of her reverie, feeling more than half awake for a moment in her surprised state. Finally, her eyes moved from their post at the window, and she noticed a couple others had been surprised by the booming noise. Still, most of the room’s occupants just seemed annoyed at the interruption. The heavy rain that followed made Mika hesitant to even think about going outside. What a shame.

Mikari tried to turn her attention to the teacher, but within moments of listening, her eyes seemed determined to force their way closed. After each blink, if became harder to open her eyes again. The soothing sounds of pouring rain only further relaxed her. Her eyelids seemed to take on their own will, and she was soon dozing, partially concealed in shadow. She was woken up by the teacher suddenly shouting.

Thinking he was scolding her for sleeping in class, again, she lazily let her eyes drift to his face. However, he was not even looking at Mika. Instead, his attention was focused on a rather wet-looking Akane. She was contentedly dozing, but now Mika knew she would find it hard to even daydream. She sat up for the first time in that class and watched Akane with slight distaste that did not show on the girl’s features. Mikari thought it a shame that she had to respect a person who was so irresponsible. She had no real choice in the matter, though.

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As his uniform soaked in the water from the pouring rain, Teito's clothes became heavier around his body. Not that the weight was a problem, but it was a bit of a nuisances since the cloth seemed to sag just a little, making his uniform seem slightly too big for him. He kept up his fast jog, wanting to get to the council room as quickly as he could so he wouldn't leave Xavier waiting for too long. Forgetting something as simple as an umbrella shouldn't of been a problem for him, but he'd been in such a rush to get to the gates to help Seraphine and Xavier that evening that he even left without reminding his friend to return his jacket to him. Thinking of this, Teito couldn't help but let out a small sigh. He didn't want to complain, but between preparing for the ball and going about his prefect duties, it was amazing he found the time to sleep.

There was a small mud puddle only a few feet in front of him, something that pushed his thoughts away as he noticed it. Careful not to slip, he took a wide stride and made a small leap, placing his foot firmly on the other side. He would've kept going, but he came to a harsh stop as he felt himself ram into something. Stumbling backwards, he instinctively placed a foot behind him to secure his balance, however his foot ended up sinking into the puddle he'd just avoided. As if he wasn't soaked as it is, the shoe on his right food was now filled with muddy water that dripped off of his pant legs as he lifted the foot out of the puddle. Another sigh escaped him as he looked at his now muddy shoe, but his attention quickly turned to whatever it was he ran into as he heard a familiar voice.

"You're going to catch a cold, Teito-chan."

"So will you," was his immediate response, but he seemed to become more alert once he realized who it was that had unexpectedly blocked his path. "Nem-san...Ah! You're supposed to be in class!"

The male vampire seemed to be just as wet from the rain as Teito did, so he must've been outside for a little while already. It wasn't much of a surprise to see him out of class, even in this kind of weather. Sera had caught Nemaeus a few times, and he was well known for his mischievous behavior. Even so, Teito never thought badly of him. Of course it would be out of his nature to think badly of anyone.

He furrowed his eyebrows slightly, giving the taller boy a concerned expression. "Nem-san, I don't want to sound forceful but it's prohibited for Night students to be wandering school grounds while class is in session." He tightened his hand around the navy blue strap of the case that contained his weapon. "I'll escort you back to class, er...if you don't mind," he ended his words with a sheepish smile, knowing he'd have to escort him back anyway.

This would cause him to spend a little more time than he originally planned, but Xavier would be able to take care of himself just fine. Hopefully Nemaeus wouldn't cause too much trouble for him. Though Teito would take care of any issues if he had to, he'd much prefer not having to fight, especially in the rain. He'd gone without having to use his weapon for quite a while now and hoped he wouldn't have to break that record. He still takes the time to train when he can, but he didn't want to have to hurt anyone.

"If we stand out here too long we'll both end up sick. I'm on my way to the classroom building anyway."

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#, as written by Skwidge
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”My soul is colder than the deepest of freezes.”

”So will you.”

Did the little prefect even realize who he was talking to? Nemaeus’ gaze hardened slightly from the irritation that stemmed from the tone or assumption that Teito was taking towards him- as if he were a human Day Class student. However, the boy was quick to make the connection of voice to persona, and Nemaeus squared his gaze to lock with Teito’s. “I'm a vampire, Teito. I don't catch colds. If that were the case, I would have died a long, long time ago….” Nem had dropped that comment rather carelessly, but anyone looking at him and paying attention would have been able to plainly sense the agitated sorrow that slunk across his eyes and shadowed itself around his facial features.

The display had disappeared as quickly and as smoothly as it had appeared, yet if it had not been for Teito speaking up once more, Nem might have lost himself to a past that he did not want to be forced to remember. ”…Ah! You're supposed to be in class!"

Nem quirked an eyebrow in mock disbelief. Teito was surprised to see him out of class? Nem scoffed lightly at the thought- not so much the reaction as it were the thought of himself actually in class being an obedient little test subject. And speaking of tests… ”…It's prohibited for Night students to be wandering school grounds while class is in session." Nemaeus was hardly listening after he heard ‘prohibited’, but he was still paying attention.

”It’s also normally prohibited for vampires and humans to have anything to do with one another, but look where we are now.” His tone was a wee bit sarcastic but otherwise not unfriendly.

"I'll escort you back to class, er...if you don't mind," Nemaeus sighed internally, though externally he only showed a bit of his exasperation to the smaller male. Lifting his hand and running his fingers through his wet hair, he pushed back the locks and stared up at the weeping sky for a second before returning his lax attention to Teito. ”If I don't allow you to escort me, I will undoubtedly be blamed for your catching a cold.” Of course that hardly seemed logical, but knowing the other prefects and the annoying purebloods in their makeshift ‘clan’, if Teito ended up getting sick and those specific persons knowing that Nem had been there during the incident, he would most likely be blamed.

He would allow Teito’s company back to the building, but it was unlikely that he would return to class. Silence settled in as the duo turned and made slow work of getting back to the building. Nemaeus refused to skitter about in the rain and try to run for cover, as the rain did not bother him in the slightest, and he did what he wanted regardless. Unfortunately though, once the normal silence of the rain pattering harshly against the pavement and earth resumed and the distraction of Teito’s voice ended, the dark memories that haunted the back of Nemaeus’ mind clawed their way forward to occupy his thoughts and drag him back into the recesses of his past.

With a rather empty look and the rain pelting aimlessly down on his head and shoulders, Nemaeus slipped his hands into his pockets and stared straight ahead without really seeing where he was going, only half aware of Teito beside him. Subconsciously, he knew exactly where he was going because it didn’t take much thought to find one’s way around the Academy. Teito had already been heading towards the educational building in the first place, and the obvious fact that he was without an umbrella hinted that he had inevitably forgotten something in the class president’s room.

He didn’t utter a single sound as the two of them walked through the downpour, and if Teito had said anything, it probably would have been missed. It was obvious that Nem’s attention was elsewhere. By the time they finally made it to the building’s entrance, nothing had changed in that manner. Nemaeus did not slow down one bit as he opened the door and pushed it open wide enough for Teito to scurry in behind him if the little prefect were fast- Nemaeus didn’t hold doors open for other people.

The vampire knew all the outs and ins of the building, and it wasn’t surprising that he did not slow down near any of the learning halls but rather continued on up to the other floors where the president’s room would be located. But while the darkness of the building itself and the clean walls and floors could be seen, Nemaeus was somewhere very, very different.

When he had been outside, it had not been rain but rather snow that was falling down and clinging to his form to bite at him with chilly fangs as he walked. He could hear only the deafening sound of whistling wind and the faint echoes of screams and curses. But once inside, everything settled down and he found himself in probably the only pleasant aspect of his previous life- that time when he was so young and in the small city with the young boy and the bread.

Reliving that entire scenario as he pushed open the door to the council’s room, Teito still somewhat close behind him, he stepped inside and stopped close to the door. A lost sort of look was subtly portrayed in his face, but his eyes were unfocused like they had been the entire walk back. As the little prefect entered behind him and went to do whatever it was he was going to do in the room, Nemaeus wandered over to one of the locked cabinets and pulled a thin piece of metal out of his pocket. That boy all those years ago… he never knew me, He thought silently to himself, still not realizing what he was doing in the present, unlocking the doors to get at what was inside. Why had he been kind to me…? A soft click emanated from the little mechanism on the door to the cabinet, and Nemaeus pulled them open, his hands shifting over the shelves.

He probably got beaten because he shared what was his with me…. Nem’s hand rested on a towel and he pulled it towards his chest, holding it in his clammy, wet fingers. Did he regret it…? The vampire wandered over to where Teito was currently looking, stopping silently behind him. The white cloth suddenly found itself dropping on top of the little prefect’s head, and Nemaeus’ hand was set firmly above it.

I never even thanked him. That lost look still remained in his eyes, and sorrow subtly shadowed his expression as he ran the towel over the other’s hair to dry it off. What kind of monster am I?

Nemaeus suddenly blinked, his mind returning to reality as he realized where he was and what he was doing. Teito had undoubtedly turned when he felt the towel on his head, so Nemaeus had been staring at the little prefect’s forehead for the duration of that short interaction. His orbs suddenly flickered downward to meet the other’s, and he blinked once more in slight confusion. However, that did not last for more than a millisecond as Nemaeus suddenly frowned, glaring down at the prefect for a split second before abruptly snapping his head to the side with a, ”Tch,” grabbing a corner of the towel and pulling it down over Teito’s eyes before shoving his palm against the prefect’s covered forehead, forcing the other backwards.

Nemaeus swiftly turned away from the boy, practically storming out of the room in silence, the door slamming loudly behind him. He closed his eyes in irritation, tilting his chin up for a moment and scrunching his nose as he glared at the backs of his eyelids. Opening his orbs once more, he slammed a fist against the handrail of the staircase before descending it.

What the hell was that? He snarled at himself as he returned to the first floor. There was no way that he was going back to class, now more than ever. He was going to head right back out those doors and disappear into the woods.

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”If I don't allow you to escort me, I will undoubtedly be blamed for your catching a cold.”

Those words resulted in nothing but the feeling of relief. It seemed Teito wouldn't have to be forceful with him after all, though even for someone like himself he still couldn't help but feel a bit cautious about how easily Nemaeus agreed to his offer.

He gave the taller boy a nod and smile. "Great! I have to stop at the student council room, so you're free to come with me before going to class if you want."

There was no reply from Nem as the two began to make there way through the rain. There was no sort of conversation at all really, but Teito didn't mind the silence. They made slow work of getting to the classroom building and Teito soon had his hands tucked under his arms as he made a frivolous attempt to keep from shivering. He didn't make a single complaint though and it only took a couple minutes before they reached the entrance and he quickly shuffled in behind Nemaeus. He took a second to remove his shoes, not wanting to trek mud into the building, before having to hurry up the stairs to catch up to his fellow student who continued on without such concerns of leaving dirt behind.

He had already noticed that Nemaues's attention seemed to be elsewhere. His body knew where it was going, but it looked as his his eyes were in some other world that Teito didn't know of. Still, Teito took no action to distract Nem from his thoughts. He didn't really have the right to, after all, and he was sure whatever was on the other boys mid was none of his business.

Once they reached the council room, Teito allowed a long sigh to escape from him. The warmth of the building had soothed the shivering that had overtaken him while he was outside, and he stretched stretch the arm that wasn't busy carrying his shoes over his head as he approached the middle desk on the other side of the room. He could see the jacket that he lent to his friend had been left on his desk for him, something he'd have to thank his friend for later. He tried to be as quick as he could, slipping his dark green jacket over his wet clothes and getting a large handkerchief out of the top drawer of the desk to wipe the mud off his shoes.

As he finished cleaning his shoes though, he felt something fall over his head. "A towel?"

A hand was then placed on top, in which was obviously Nem's, and he stood quietly for a moment, feeling slightly confused at the gentleness that was currently being shown to him. This normally wouldn't be odd to him, but it was simply the fact that it Nemaeus who was taking the time to dry him off. It did feel kind of nice though, kind of like the way his mother used to dry him off as a child.

He slowly turned around, tilting his head slightly as he looked up at the taller boy. "Nem-san?"

When he realized that Nemaees still seemed to be only half-aware of what he was doing, Teito gave him a kind expression. "You don't have to do that, you know. I'll be going back outside again, so you should be the one drying off."

With a sudden blink, it appeared that Teito's words had caught Nemaeus's attention, or perhaps he had snapped out of his thoughts by himself. Either way, the frown that now shown on the vampires face was a clear sign that he wasn't spacing out in his own mid anymore.

"Um..are you..okay?"


Teito had suddenly found his vision gone as the towel was pulled down over his face. Before he had time to react, the hand that had just seconds ago been so gently drying his hair was now pressed against his forehead and he was shoved backwards. He tried to find his footing, but his socks on the wooden floor made it quite slippery and he probably would've fallen flat on his back had the large desk behind him not been there to support him.

"Nemaeus-san!", he shouted as he pulled the towel away from his face. The night student was already gone and the chances of Teito catching up to him were little to none now. He'd have to report his mistake to Seraphine in the morning...

As he slipped his now clean shoes back on his feet and retrieved his umbrella from the desk drawer, he couldn't seem to stop feeling worried. Not about Nem not returning to class, but how the way he had acted before making his escape. Maybe he only did that to distract Teito from keeping his guard up? That was a horrible though that Teito quickly shook off.

There wouldn't be much point in returning to Xavier now, something he'd make sure to apologize for as soon as he had the chance to. Instead he decided to spend the rest of his time cleaning up the water in the hallways that Teito and Nem had left behind. It would be dangerous for the day students to be walking through the building with wet floors. He didn't want anyone slipping and injuring themselves.

By the time he finished mopping up he reached the end of his shift. There were now only a few hours left before class would begin for the day students and himself. These were the few hours he had the chance to catch up on rest, but first he needed to take care of something. This wouldn't be the first time he made his way to the Headmaster's office, however the man never seemed to ever be there. This time would be different though, or so Teito convinced himself to believe as he stood outside the door.

He gave the wooden surface a few knocks. "Excuse me, Headmaster. I need to speak to you about arrangements for the ball if it's not to much trouble."

There was no reply, as usual, but Teito decided to wait a few minutes anyway. There was always a chance that he had just stepped out for a few minutes, right? "Or he could be sleeping at his desk...or maybe he's not come in yet...or..who knows."

A yawn escaped him as he waiting with his back against the door. Now that he was just standing here, he suddenly felt quite tired and he had to fight with his eyelids to keep them from closing.

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#, as written by Skwidge

It had seemed as though Nemaeus had spent an eternity in the silence of the forest with the only thing to interrupt the eerie muteness being the harsh pounding of the rain. The noble vampire had been in the same position for hours, leaned back against the rough bark of a tree trunk, one hand shoved in a pocket while the other spread across his face. His hair clung annoyingly to his skin and the water that remained soaked into the locks dripped onto his cheekbones and streaked down his face. His middle finger tapped in a strange, methodical way against his cheek while most of his palm covered his eyes.

It was unbearable. To be stuck like this, in a sense of limbo, constantly tormented by memories that sought only to break him down and drag him under, by feelings that wrought his gut and snaked throughout his body to sink venomous fangs of both past and present into his veins. It was confusion, hatred, a strange skipping feeling to the beat of his heart, panic, and paranoia. It was a whirlwind, to be quite frank; he could never think on one thing too long before it was swept away by a raging torrent of so many other feelings, the constant flip of a switch between that which had occurred to scar him for a lifetime and that which- no matter how hard he tried to explain or discern- had caused him to act in ways he never had before. It infuriated him.

Most of what occurred around him went unnoticed, from the abnormal twisting of the tree branches above him and the subtle trembling beneath his feet to the softening and receding pattering of rain. Surprisingly enough, or not so, it was not abnormal to have episodes like this. It seemed to be a constant curse on his being, because not only did he have to live through that past, not only did he have to try to dodge any memory whenever it threatened to rear its ugly head, not only had he already been paralyzed in that tight, poisonous grip, but it constantly tackled him from absolutely nowhere to dig talons into his body and drag him right back as if he were experiencing it all over again. It left his body numb and vulnerable to the outside world; usually Nem had better control over it, but something about what had happened in the Student Council room injected another factor into it, one which he could not ignore. That little factor made him question a lot of things.

But once the rain and the unusual trembling of the earth around him ceased, he blinked and all at once pushed everything back into the recesses of his mind with a glare directed at himself and a nonchalant brush-off. He shifted his arms and crossed them over his chest, slamming the sole of his boot into the trunk of the tree to let off a bit of steam. Nemaeus shook his head and angled his face down to turn his glare at the ground, chastising himself for wasting so much time that he could have been using to his benefit. However, as his eyes met the ground, he noticed ruptures in the terra in circles and jags. With a sigh he scraped the heel of his shoe against the disturbances to erase them.

Gazing up at the sky, it came to his realization that dawn was approaching. Normally he would have corrected his mistake and used this time to go and accomplish his musings in town, but he felt drained and all he wanted to do was rest. Nemaeus made his way back towards the Moon Dorm in the shadows of the fleeting night.

By the time the grandfather clock tolled its slow, dreary notes through the Moon Dormitory, Nem was buried under covers and blankets in a desolate miasma of stuffy air and heat. It had hardly been enough time for any sort of decent rest, and he had mainly positioned himself to hide from the slightest sliver of disruptive sunlight or noise, so when the annoying sounds of others wandering, breathing, squealing, and in general just existing drifted through the barrier he had built for himself, Nemaeus was fairly irritable. It was probably one of the worst moods he had ever awoken with, and that promised doom for every living thing in his vicinity.

Detangling himself was too much work and was otherwise far from his mind as he stirred. Powerful arms fueled with a subtle, calm rage tore through the fabric with ease and he used his feet and legs for leverage to further decimate the bedding. He hardly cared- they weren’t even his; he had stolen them from some unsuspecting Night student or other while they were not aware of it, and if they had a complaint about it, he would be eager to extract his vexations on them. As soon as fresh air hit his nostrils, his eyes opened with narrow pupils and his arm swung out towards the little table beside his bed. His fists closed around a heavy wooden decoration to which he slammed against the drawn windows with a twist of his wrist, successfully lobbing the object through the air. Not only did it make contact, it tore the curtains from their rungs and shattered the glass. He looked at the window with an aloof expression.

However, after that little display, he sighed and all previous hints of the desire to murder were gone from his face. He was simply displaying his discontent at having to be disturbed when the thing he needed the most was a bit of peace. But he was faced with the harrowing task of walking through crowds of Day Class students and the usual hum drum of the academy, being hassled and harassed and forced to behave for the benefit of people he hated. He rose from his bed and dragged his feet as he approached the wardrobes and fetched the stark white uniforms the vampires were all forced to wear. He didn’t care if Cross thought it was ‘cute’ to have night dwellers wear white and day dwellers to wear black, it was annoying and unnecessary, and most of the time it upset his eyes.

With yet another little sigh, he unbuttoned his previous clothes and dragged them off of his form to don the eyesore that Cross called a ‘uniform’. He grabbed the goggles he always wore from the same little desk beside his bed and fastened them over his head. Without wasting too much time, he left his room, flagged down a servant to inform them of the mess in his room, and descended the grand stairs down to the main room where they all gathered to leave the dormitory.

Nem was a bit surprised to see Akane at the head of the throng with a confident stance. She seemed to have a few new followers as well, Nemaeus noted, as his eyes rested on the stark figures that appeared human. It was plain, however, to anyone who knew anything that they were creations of Akane herself. The noble vampire could admit that he found her doings and abilities quite impressive and original. The detail and resemblance to real, living bodies was well crafted. He took his spot somewhere in the mass of vampires, waiting for the doors to open and his misery to begin. However, Akane made another unexpected move, and halted the group. Her drawings then started forward with the intent to hold back the Day Students. Why hadn’t she thought to do that so long ago? While it was as loud as expected, it did not last long, and this time it was not a false start caused by incompetent prefects. The sheer presence of Akane’s ‘bodyguards’ sent a deadpan silence throughout the crowd. Nemaeus couldn’t help but smirk and watch as the humans struggled between their ridiculous obsessions and the option of being seemingly murdered by the fake prefects that held the line.

As was expected, some were braver, or completely stupid, than others and still tried to break through, but they were quickly corrected. He would need to compliment Akane later on her technique… if he bothered to remember. As they made their way down, Nemaeus’ eyes wandering along the crowd. However they seemed to freeze on a specific individual with whom many of his wonderings had been occupied with- Teito. He almost missed his next step as the confusion of the previous hours threatened to bubble up. Why Teito of all people; what had it been that overrode Nem’s usually harsh nature?

With a scowl he abandoned such thoughts to fend for themselves and abruptly turned his head away from the little prefect. He would be avoiding him as much as possible if he could help it. However, as his head turned, his eyes found a new muse- unfamiliar, rough, and spiteful.

Nemaeus immediately recognized that arrogant stance as a hunter, and a deep smirk settled on his lips. Not only did he despise hunters and humans in general, this one looked like he couldn’t stand insubordination- and Nemaeus was the incarnation of just that. He was nearing the group as Akane was speaking with a few of the prefects and the strange man. However, he would not near them for any particular reason, and instead just angled his chin up and peered down his nose at the new male, a subtle sneer of challenge on his facial features. Nemaeus passed by them quickly, and that look was gone almost as soon as it had appeared- if Carth had happened to look up at just the right moment, he could have caught it, but otherwise Nemaeus slipped by relatively unnoticed. Of course, as he passed the Day Class students, a river of mumbles seemed to follow after him, despite the presence of Akane’s prefects.

Perhaps tonight wouldn't be so boring after all.

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#, as written by [Akane]

"Until Doomsday arrives, I can only prepare and hope for the best."

Akane listened with her usual aloof disposition as Roseau relayed the conditions on keeping her new security force. As much as she despised the idea of modifying her art to please someone, the rules must be obeyed for the idea of coexistence. Many of the vampires wouldn't mind the enforced peace for a few days, and adding to that the Day Class had had their chances to ask the Night Class to the ball. Surely they could wait until the night of to begin asking again. Before her thoughts could dwell a second further on the matter, Roseau began introducing the mystery hunter along with his reason for gracing this school with his much unwanted presence. The corners of her twitched slightly into a scowl and she quickly bowed forward to mask it's appearance. "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Sir." Her voice tumbled out monotonously, a subtle notion that hinted Akane's dislike for the man. Hunters were always the chink in the Pureblood's armor. Not because of their biased opinions and statements on her own kind, but rather the fact that they would look down on them as mere beasts or animals.

Before the tense moment could last any longer, the frivolous figure of the Headmaster appeared. It appeared he knew the hunter quite well, then again he might have just climbed a top the man because he was just there. No one could really understand the Headmaster after all. But for now, she watched with a mild interest while the Headmaster and Roseau conversed, slowly letting her eyes wander towards the fear silenced crowd of the Day class. It seemed even with the appearance of Nemaeus the students didn't bother to stick a toe out of line. Why had she not thought of this solution sooner? Not that it mattered....maybe she lacked understanding of how to handle humans? "...Funeral...." The word just barely registered in Akane's jumbled mind of thoughts and it continued to pick up bits of the conversation for later recall.

However once the brief conversation came to an end, Roseau left in a blunt mood, perhaps even a bit incensed? Once again Akane pushed her own thoughts aside and realized she had let Miss Prefect leave without asking her second request! Her face shifted to a look of slight surprised before relaxing into the usual unflappable mask, a small sigh escaping from her lips, looks like she would have to continue her chat with Roseau later. "If you will excuse me. I shall see you later, Kazoku, Sohma-chan." She bowed her head slight and walked between the two, setting both of her hands on each male prefects' shoulders. "Thank you for your hard work. I hope you continue to do you very best in aiding the Night class." She murmured under her breath in a tone of pure praise. It would seem Valliére's words had gotten through to her, if by a tiny bit. Though Akane would never admit it, she admired the prefects for their dedication to remain loyal to their duties. So just for this moment, she would treat them with a bit of affection. And with that she retreated back to the Night class.

Once inside the main building, Akane slipped through the throng of students until she had reached the person she was looking for. Dark and foreboding as ever, Nemaeus walked a few paces ahead of herself. At this distance he would be able to feel her presence, but he would never acknowledge it, so it seemed she would have to start. She sighed once more and in a light voice,"Nemaeus." She raised gaze and fixated it at the back of the ill-natured vampire's head.