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Yukina Shiro

"Without sleep, there are no dreams. Without dreams, we fall apart at the seams."

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a character in “Vampire Knight || Beneath the Rose”, as played by NethanielShade


Image[ Name ]
Yukina Kirei Shiro

[ Nicknames/Aliases ]
Shiro ۵ Even though it's her last name and her family name, she prefers it over her given name.
Kirei-chan ۵ Some of the Day Class students who have taken a liking to her have started calling her this. She doesn't care for the nickname and always quickly corrects them with "Shiro."
Shiro-san/senpai ۵ She is japanese and would actually prefer to have either -san or -senpai after her name.

[ Age ]

[ Gender ]

[ Race ]

[ Role/Occupation ]
Noble Vampire

[ Class ]
Night Class

Image[ Hair Color ]
White ۵ Silver

[ Eye Color ]
Deep Crimson Red ۵ Shifts to a glowing firey red color when she gets angry or vampiric urges take over.

[ Skin Tone ]
Pale White

[ Height ]

[ Weight ]
93 lbs

[ General Description ]
Yukina is a tiny thing, standing at exactly five feet tall and just under one hundred pounds. She's also quite thin, and many people would think a weakling of her due to her small stature, and because she appears to be a year or two younger than she really is. She has white, long, silky and smooth hair reaching to her waist that flows freely. Her hair is a glimmering silver color closer to the roots, becoming more and more white towards the ends. Some people has described it as "white as snow." She always lets her hair flow freely, never tying it up into pony tails or pigtails, and never braiding it. The tips of her bangs reach about halfway down her eyes for the most part, naturally parting slightly above her right eye, but over her left eye it reaches to just under the eye, covering the eye most of the time even though the red of her eyes can be seen through her hair. Her skin is very smooth and soft, and could be considered quite a blessing, never a blemish or achne or scars due to her vampiric abilities. Upon her youthful face are two red eyes, but just red isn't enough to describe them. Looking into her eyes, it's like looking into an infinitely deep pool of blood.

As for unnatural parts of her, such as clothes clothes, she usually dresses light weight and lightly colored. She really likes the black hemmed white school uniforms of the Night Class, and it's pretty much what she wears exclusively, unless she's in the Night Dorm during the day, then she wears a white night gown, or one of her two robes, one of which is white and the other red. She also normally keeps her fingernails painted red, which is very noticable against her pale skin and white clothing.

Image[ Likes ]
The colors white and red, especially the stark contrast between the two when they are together.
Yukina enjoys silence much more than loud commotion.
She also enjoys watching and observing things and people silently.
The cold, Yukina prefers cold temperatures over the heat. She also really likes the snow.
Japanese, her native language.
Hiding from others.
Ramune, a cabonated soft drink originally sold in Japan. She often drinks it.
Hard candy, she often freezes hard candy and sucks on it to keep her mouth cool.
Sleep. She often falls asleep when she's bored.

Image[ Dislikes ]
x Orange and yellow, her two least-favorite colors.
x Loud, annoying, or noisy things.
x Being found or caught easily.
x Heat, she really hates when it's too hot.
x Sunlight. Though she likes whiteness over blackness, she likes the dark much more than light of any kind.
x Spicy and hot foods especially, but also bitter and sour foods or candy.
x Rules and superiors ruining her fun.

[ Strengths ]
Stealth. She's hard to find, even if it's another vampire looking for her. She can hide easily and enjoys doing so.
Cold resistance: She's even more tolerable and resistant of the cold than other vampires.
Agility, she's not very strong, but she's fast and agile due to her size.

[ Weaknesses ]
Fire. Her #1 weakness.Fire is extremely effective against her, but not only that she fears it more than anything. If someone has the power to manipulate fire, she'll do anything not to get on their bad side, treating them as she would treat a pureblood, whether or not they are one.
Strength: Even with her vampiric abilities making her much stronger than she should be, she's much weaker physically than other vampires.
Yukina is often times very shy, though it's conflicting. She doesn't enjoy conversation, and shies away from people when they notice her, but when they don't she 'stalks' them.
Similar to her shyness, she also mistrusts people, especially when they say "Trust me."
Yukina is know for her mischeviousness.

[ Abilities/Skills ]

۵Skill۵ Foresight: She often times predicts whats going to happen next in a battle. This sin't a supernatural power, it's just something she gained from experience.
۵Skill۵ Intellegince: She's much smarter than others her age, whether it be natural or because she's a vampire.
۵Skill۵ Creativity: Whether its in battle, while she's stalking, or creating ice sculptures out of boredom, she's very creative.

۵Ability۵ Superhuman Strength: As a vampire she is already much stronger than a human, however she herself is weaker than other vampires.
۵Ability۵ Superhuman Speed/Reflexes/Agility: Most vampires have both superhuman strength and speed, but specialize in only one. Yukina specializes in speed, and as such her speed is slightly above other non-pureblood vampires and she has reflexes and speed enough to dodge incoming attacks. Yukina's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels far above a normal humans.
۵Ability۵ Superhuman Stamina/Durability: Yukina's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. She can physically exert herself at peak capacity for hours before fatigue begins to impair her. Also, the tissues of her body are considerably harder and more resistant to physical injury than those of an ordinary human, though she is frailer than other purebloods. Yukina is capable of withstanding great impact forces, and falls from great heights (As long as she lands on her feet, which she usually does.), without sustaining any injury.

۵Power۵ Cryokinesis/Ice Manipulation: She has almost complete control over ice, being able to freeze things solid or not. She can also lower the temperature of things, or the air, at will. She can do something she calls "Frostbite" which is freeze something to atomic level, making it fragile, like liquid nitrogen would do. She has so much control over ice, that she can even harden ice to the point of almost being as hard as rock by packing it tightly.
۵Power۵ Frigokinesis/Snow Manipulation: Technically classified as a different power, she has equal control over this as she does ice and uses it in different ways than she would ice, such as creating snowstorms to mask visibility and control snow freely, making it look like it's flowing as if it were water. She does not have control over liquid water, as it is too hot, unless it is cold to the point of being slush-like, or being partially frozen.

[ Personality ]
Yukina Shiro could be, at first, described as a calm young woman who keeps a reserved demeanor in front of most people. She shows polite interest in topics she is interested in, and will wave off anything she isn't. She is not very talkative and in fact seems to rarely speak. If she were to feel unset, her voice deepens slightly and she grows cold. Her answers and statements would grow even shorter and have a bit of resentment, but if you somehow strike a nerve a heated arguement could come up. On the other hand, if she were to feel pleasant, she would be slightly more enthusiastic. She would relax a tiny bit, and maybe a true smile would be revealed. She can be very distant towards others, yet people love to test her wits and cleverness, it seems. Her cool attitude may intimidate others, but she really is a good-natured person. Doing good deeds is hard, however, and she usually just does whatever is she wants, even if it might not be right. Once she has accepted you as a person, she would be as loyal as one could be, but never betray her, because you might never have her trust again.

Deep down however, she is bored with almost everything, and these days she's starting to show it. Not only would she wave off a topic she is disinterested in, but she may even leave or voice her disinterest. She also sometimes flat out lets herself fall asleep when she gets bored. Yukina sometimes acts like a child, having a bad temper if you do somehow anger her. She can be mischevious, towards her friends and cool towards those who are not. If she's in a really good mood, you may get a smile from her, if you're her friend.

Yukina actually prefers being called by her family name. She prefers Shiro over Yukina, and will correct anyone who calls her Yukina. If you call her by her middle name, she'll thump your forehead in annoyance. She also does this if someone calls her "Shiro-chan" and she'll reply "Do not refer to your senpai as '-chan.'" Shiro is Japanese and is more used to Japanese than English, so she prefers having either -san or -senpai after her name.
Yukina will often times not speak and just silently observe people. She also enjoys running from people and hiding, forcing them to find her.

Yukina fears fire over anything else. If someone has fire powers, she'll try to avoid them. If she can't, she'll do anything not to get on their bad side. When she sees fire, she freezes with fear.

Image[ History ]
Yukina was born to a family of purebloods. The Shiro family is actually quite infamous for being one of the most purest families... Up until recently. Yukina's father was not a pureblood, her mother refused to marry Yukina's uncle, and instead married into another family. As such, Yukina is the first in the Shiro family not to be a pureblood.

Yukina was born and raised excluded from the world, in a place high in the mountains where snow fell infinitely and was always below freezing. She lived a peaceful life, with two older siblings, one a pureblood and her half brother and another not pureblood, her full brother. Yukina's mother was raped by Yukina's uncle six years before Yukina was born, and that's why her mother refused to marry her uncle. They had a child, and Yukina ran away from the family and went into hiding with a vamire from another family, the once she loved. There, secluded in the mountains, they had two more children. Yukina and her younger brother. The oldest, her half-brother by five years was named Kira, and her younger full-brother by two years was named Toshio. Yukina lived happily and peacefully, secluded from the world. Her parents raised her as if she meant the full world and more to them. Her father also raised Kira like his own. Then one dayat the age of five, Yukina witnessed something. While her parents had left the house for a little while, Kira had killed Toshio. He had been angered by his younger step-brother, and burnt him with his fire powers.Toshio, like Yukina, had been birthed with ice powers and was extremely weak to fire. Kira then drained Toshio's body completely, becoming stronger with his blood. Yukina and Toshio's blood were still rich, see. Not tainted by humans, just tainted by a level B vampire, and as such they were still powerful with the blood of a pureblood and the blood of a noble vampire. Kira realized Yukina had seen him and he attempted to kill her. He erupted with anger and rage, lighting the whole entire house on fire. Yukina screamed a shrill, peicing scream and froze her world. The fire turned to ice. Her whole house had been preserved in ice. It grew so cold outside her house that the ice spread several meters thick, making a giant ball of ice outside, and the inside of her house hollow. She almost killed Kira, then, but she didn't. Her parents eventually came back home and learned what happened. But they didn't come alone.

It was on that day, the day Toshio died, the day she almost killed Kira, and the day her uncle came home, carrying Yukina's naked mother and spattered with her fathers blood, that she broke. She ran, then. She surprised her uncle by freezing him and she ran out of the door, dressed in her tiny gown, barefoot, out into the blizzard. The snow didn't bother her, it made her more powerful. She hid her tracks instantly as she ran, by manipulating the snow. She made the storm even more powerful and she kept running away for days.
For days she ran. For days she cried. For days, she went without speaking. The days turned to months. The months turned to years, she survived by herself, without interaction from others of her kind. She'd instantly kill any Level E's that approached her, and humans avoided her as they would avoid hell itself. She kept herself isolated from the world.

During those years, her hunger grew. She only drank the blood of the feral Level E vampires. The blood was disgusting, unfufilling, and made her want to vomit, but it was better than nothing. But her hunger continued to grow and grow, until she fed off of a human by mistake. She fed off of the human without realizing it was human. When she realized, she stopped. She didn't feed enough to kill the human... But the human's blood was much better than a Level E's blood. She struggled with herself, the beast within that wanted to kill and eat and herself, which had a little scrap of kindness and compassion left. She didn't know what to do. DId she have enough pureblood inside her that this human would turn into a vampire? Or would the human be just fine, other than sick from blood loss? She lost control of herself then, and drained the human. He was doomed either way. If he didn't turn into a vampire, he would have been left here weak and a Level E would have gotten him. She vowed never to kill a human again, on that day. From then on, she put up with the distaste of Level Es.

One day, twelve years old, as she was hunting Level E's for food, a few vampires wearing white suits had found her. They told her they came from a place named Cross Academy. They took her back to the academy and she went through th entry procedures. Interview with the Headmaster. She passed, somehow. Night Class Dorm President interview. She again passed. So she lived with the Night Class at Cross Academy for three short years. They seemed to go by much, much quicker than the seven hellish years that she spent by herself.

[ Others ]

So begins...

Yukina Shiro's Story

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#, as written by [Akane]

"Twilight approaches. The curtain has risen and the show wonderful..."

Bong, bong, bong. The persistent grandfather clock began it's duty to wake up the inhabitants of the Moon Dormitory. Within the darkness of a room, a pair of azure blue eyes cracked open. A tired sigh escaped from the individual as she reluctantly removed herself from the mass of silken sheets and blankets. Mornings, the dreaded challenge every high school student was forced to go through. To this inhabitant of the Moon Dormitory it was no different. In two quick strides, the girl made her way to the curtains. A swift motion with her arm and light washed away the darkness, revealing the room to be quite spacious and very large. At the far end of the room, a cherrywood door opened and the dorm's maid appeared.

"Akane Delacroix, it's time to wake up. Hurry or you'll be late." She said flatly. Akane slowly turned her head to the door and nodded. Across the room, the dorm maid smiled and bowed slightly before leaving as quickly as she appeared. It was like being visited by a ghost."I wonder, shall I try and escape today?" The girl mused and placed a porcelain hand on the window. From here, she witnessed the numerous female students rushing to crowd the entrance of the Moon Dormitory. She pressed her mouth into a tight line. This was the norm at this academy. The Night Class was a show to these girls and their obsession for some of the students was unnerving. "The Disciplinary Committee will really have trouble tonight..." By now the crowd had begun to get out of hand. Akane turned away from the chaotic scene and decided that she would be ditching today. An avid memory of the Headmaster Cross deciding upon having a Spring Ball as the next event furthered her motivation to leave. Her irritation at this crazy scheme appeared on her face in the form of a scowl. The Night Class had enough problems already. If anything got out of hand it fell on the Purebloods' shoulders.

"Well time to get ready...." She said with a sigh. Getting dressed took a mere few seconds with the help of vampiric abilities. However, the ribbon was a bit stifling and she tossed it aside. She left the first buttons on her shirt and jacket were open. As usual she let her hair untouched as always. She hated the idea of looking presentable. It was too much if a hassle in the morning in her opinion. At the back of her throat a sudden itchiness halted her usual routine. That's what I get for not taking last night's dose. She mentally scolded herself. Her fangs unsheathed themselves in anticipation as she made her way to the desk by the window.

From a small drawer, she fished out a plain bottle and unscrewed the cap. Inside were white tablets the size of the dime and she dumped a handful of these into her palm. In one gulp they disappeared and the itchiness dulled. "That's disgusting." She mumbled to herself and pulled out two bars of chocolate from another drawer. One was devoured in a few bites, the other for a snack later. Finally, she slipped on a pair of knee high black socks and a pair of black combat boots before finally heading out the door. Time to conqueror the day, or at least survive.

What greeted her outside her room were a few admirers from the Night class. She received the usual good mornings and bows with a nod, not really paying any attention. The Pureblood status was huge irritation. Everyone wanted your favor, your attention, and your labor. She mentally cursed the Council and it's stupid punishment.

Nearing the entrance to the moon dorm, a crowd of students had already formed around the door when she reached it. "Let's go! One...two....three!" A cheerful voice said. One of the more enthusiastic students was leading the charge. Whoever had the courage to do such a task had her undying thanks. Usually the Purebloods would be leading the class and today, or any other day, she wasn't looking forward to doing that.

Slowly students filed their way out of the door, suddenly picking up speed because of something. "Wait a go, Kazoku." Someone by the window smirked. In curiosity, Akane looked outside as well. Somehow one of the prefects managed to make the Day class retreat to their dorms. "Heh, good job indeed." She glanced back at the stream of students filing out quickly and moved to a position near the end of the crowd. There the excited whispers of wonder reached her ears. Her face remained calm, inside she was imaging bashing the students in the back of the head with something nearby.

What greeted the Night class outside was silence. It was peaceful. She had to thank the Prefects for at least this. With room to actually breath, everyone began breaking into their little groups and chatter began. Gaggles of girls were debating on who they would ask to the Spring Ball, a few on test scores spouted, a conversation on family, and all of which could be gathered under the general topic of gossip. The boys were laughing amongst themselves and were having similar conversations. She refrained from joining any of the groups. All she would receive was a shower a compliments she hoped to avoid.

However, as the group passed the prefects the conversations became more hushed. A few of the students even shot death glares. Despite the fact that they provided safety between the two classes there was a radiating aura of dislike for them. Even so, she could understand their job was difficult and she didn't feel any particular animosity towards them. "Oh Sera, just to let you know, we'll be having to let a handful of students closer to the night class students." The statement cause her eyebrow to twitch. On second thought, maybe the Prefects did deserve their hatred. Today wasn't going to be pleasant at all. KYYAAAAAAAA~!!!!!! Someone please shut them up.

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#, as written by moahi

The grandfather clock rang, slowly but surely, signaling the end of school, as loud as ever. In front of a mahogany desk piled high with books and papers, a child jerked awake, looking blearily around the room, his scarlet eyes glowed like sapphires in the dark. Ciel rubbed his eyes, still a little confused at his surroundings. Where was he again? He examined his surroundings, taking in the silken curtains, the bed and his closet, before his thoughts started clicking into place. Stifling a yawn, the boy frowned at the desk of papers and let out a deep sigh. Pulling an all-nighter didn’t work out as planned, so it seemed. He must have fallen asleep without knowing it, and judging from the amount of papers still left it was safe to say that he was probably not even half done with the work he had intended to do.

He kneaded his temples, the look of extreme annoyance floating back onto his face. In any case, it looks like he would have a busier schedule for today. Irritated, he strode to the windows and flung the curtains open, letting light illuminate his room. His eyes narrowed slightly as he took in the sights of the Sun dorm students, jostling each other in the midst of the crowd forming around the moon dorm. Though that seemed like a normal sight for him, they seemed more energetic than usual, probably because of the ridiculous arrangement Principle Cross made. A Spring Ball in such a school… and they were trying to keep such a dark secret. How did such a preposterous man become a principal anyway? The boy placed a slender finger to his chin in an almost childish gesture, his mind wandering for a moment to consider the fact that the man was perhaps a wizard. However, his more sensible side kicked in and he shook his head, dismissing that thought. “Maybe he bribed the authorities… or maybe he has strong connections. Wonder what they saw in him to make him the principal.” Well, it was food for thought, and he made a mental note to find out more about that topic.

Still, as he watched the crowd, he could not help but feel a slight pity to the prefects. Their jobs were no doubt going to be a hard one, getting all the students into one place and stop them from harassing the night class students. Still, like humans, the night class had its own problems, and it would be nice if the prefects kept the crowds under control enough to stop creating problems for them. Though he was sure that Akane, the only other pure blood he knew, would help out in those matters, he didn’t hold out much hope for her to assist him with the legal matters and paperwork if one of the students got hurt. “

"It’s time to cross the red sea…” He muttered to himself. Taking a few quick steps to his closet, he retrieved his uniform and slid it on smoothly, tightening the ribbon around his neck, making sure that everything was immaculate. Although he felt uncomfortable in those clothes, he still endured it, as he was but a child in appearance. Dress formally and neatly was a habit to him. Who would take him seriously otherwise? He pulled on his black socks and decided to go with a pair of high heeled boots. As girlish as it seems, it was an effective way to make him look even a bit taller, to allow him to speak eye to eye with some. In order to get respect, he wouldn’t mind what he had to put up with. All of a sudden, he stopped right in the middle of lacing up his boots, the thirst hitting him. Gasping a little as the sudden and mad thirst for blood reached him, he doubled over, trying to catch his breath. Not again… he reached for the blood pack on the window sill, and drank deeply. Slowly, he breathing evened and the thirst faded. The wonders of modern day life. He drank the rest of the blood slowly, more relaxed. Thank god for the invention of blood packs that he did not take pills like the others did. He was, after all, much more allergic to them than he thought. His asthma was the most major problem on his health, but he needed to subdue it. He would probably be viewed as weak otherwise.

He pushed the heavy oak door open and hurried down. He was already running behind time for their entry into the school, anyway, and he did not wish to be ripped to shreds by the crazy girls out there. Taking a deep breath, he ran the rest of the distance at vampire speed, managing to catch up with the rest of the stream of students. However, the silence outside came as a pleasant surprise to him. There were surprisingly none of the customary screams by the fan girls, even though there was the matter of the Spring Ball to deal with. His eyes sparkled with curiosity as he searched, slightly impressed for the reason for the students’ unnatural behavior. A prefect must have somehow managed to get the students back in their dorms, how the prefect managed it he could not understand. How did he manage to control those wild fangirls anyway? However, the answer was soon given as he caught on to the conversation. Really? That was almost as crazy as the principal’s plans. Almost. He caught sight of Akane and managed to catch up to her as the crowd parted into small groups, meaning to ask her about the current situation. He didn’t really pin all his hopes on the prefects to control the ‘handful of students’ or so they said.

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Yukina Shiro had been locked in her room all day, while the other Night Class students slept. She did what she always did when she was bored, besides sleeping. In front of her was what looked like a tree, about a meter tall, and completely frozen. She extended her left arm out, formed a tiny, delicate snowflake on the tip of her finger, and added it to the tree. The tree's back was made ouf of ice, it's insides made out of ice, the branches, the twigs, all made out of ice. If one observed closely, they'd see extreme detail and the care to attention that had been taken in making this tree. Detail wise, it looked like a real, natural tree. Each piece of bark was it's own separate tiny and detailed scale. The branches jutted out from the top, some thick, some thin, eventually getting thinner near the ends, with smaller branches and then smaller twigs all jutting out from the branches. Some twigs were broken, some branches were broken or looked like they had been eaten through or rotted away. Little by little, she had placed a single snowflake on each branch again and again, then on each snowflake another, again and again. Until eventually there was thousands of snowflakes acting as leaves. On the floor around the tree, was ice-bark, ice-twigs, tiny blades of grass made out of ice, and leaves out of snow. Each and every detail had been carefully taken care of and added by her hand.

It has been a project she had started when she came to Cross Academy three years ago. Of course, with her ice powers, she could make another tree in minutes, but it wouldn't have as much detail and it wouldn't mean as much. She spent years on this tree, putting her time, attention and care into it.

Tick...tick...tick... She picked her head up. Subconsciously she had been counting the seconds since she started making the tree. Seven thousand one hundred fifty five seconds. She was half a minute from having worked on it for two hours. She stood up, then and looked around her room. The air in her room was always kept below freezing, but her room was insulated so the extreme temperatures in there wouldn't affect the rest of the Moon Dorm. She yawned. Her curtains had been permanently frozen shut with such thick packed ice that little light would go into her room. It was almost pitch black save for the dull blue glow of the sunlight refracting through the ice, making her room glow faintly.

Thump-thump-thump. Someone had knocked on her door. The knocks sounded dulled, muffled, as the sound had a slightly harder time traveling through the thick air in her room. She understood. There was only a few precious minutes until the Moon Dorm's Gates opened, and her and the rest of the Night Class left the dorms and crossed over to the main academy building. She went over to her bed and put on her black hemmed white Night Class uniform, then she crossed the room and opened her door to the main hallway. The outside room temperature air blasted into her room like a furnace. She quickly shut the door behind her and sighed. Yukina pulled a mint lollipop out of her pocket, froze it through, then started sucking on it to keep her mouth cool.

Tick...tick...tick... bonnng. The clock said, signaling the next hour. She walked out of the dormitories, and outside with the rest of the Night Class, keeping the air around her cool with her powers. When the gates opened and the shouting started, she toned out everyone. She ignored Nemaeus's rage, after all he was always annoyed. She went oblivious to Mikari's flirting, the Perfect's struggling and Ciel's lateness. She walked with a bored expression in her eyes, seeing everything in front of her but not acknowledging it all.

"It's Kirei-chan! She's so tiny and cute!" "Kirei-chan, Kirei-chan!" "Shiro." She said quickly but sharply, snapping to attention and to annoyance. She sighed quickly, a sharp exhale of breath, and looked to the other Night Class students. Some enjoyed the attention, others ignored it, and others were peeved at it. She looked ahead again, waiting anxiously for the moment when they had passed all of the Day Class students. Sometimes she was in the mood to be playful, other times she was a bit of a stalker. At this moment, she was quiet and annoyed.

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"Everybody's a critic."


Xavier could tell he was in trouble or at the very least, the stage just before the in trouble started; a silent Sera was similar to a shark swimming up to you, it may not make any sounds but it's intentions were still the same. Fortunately for him, his luck was still holding out as the always energetic Teito came into play, taking the heat off the nervous prefect for a split second. "Hey my little Teito-chan, how's student president life treating you today?" He chuckled out loud, giving the smaller boy a friendly nudge in the ribs with his elbow, his cheerfulness was short lived when the female vampire hunter focused once more on himself. "It would seem you have made a deal with the Day Class. How delightful, you have a knack for negotiations, Xavier-san." Despite a brief brow twitch and muttering himself to cram the honorific up some a certain hole, the boy was for a lost of words, he wasn't to sure whether to take the comment at face value or if the more senior prefect was simply being sarcastic but before he was able to make a desision Sera was off in a moment, her duties coming into play.

With a soft sigh he walked over to a group of students, mainly girls, who were calling his name. "So you're the ones who want to take me up on my offer then? He asked casually, the group wasn't as large as he had expected but non the less he had no dout they would be loud enough with the front row seats they had secured. The response he got was the usual array of screams, yes' and wide eyed gawping; so he took them closer than the usual boundary that they were allowed making sure his formidable mass was always between them and what would be the night classes location. "Now listen you lot, I'm possibly going to get chewed out a second time this day for you lot being this close so would you ple-" The rest of his sentence was drowned out as the small group behind him and a sudden rush of bodies against his back and raised arms almost knocked him off his feet.

After quickly regaining his balance he noticed the source of the sudden ferocity of his fellow day students; Namaeus, he had picked the one group which was devoted to the only vampire that despised his fanbase more than he did authority, the latter trait also being shared by the now struggling prefect. Whilst his muscles strained against the constant pressure of the students behind him, he tried his best to give a relaxed smile to the now approaching rule breaker, he didn't want it to come off strained since he genuinely liked the vampire's attitude towards rules and even had turned a blind eye to some of his more harmless rebellions whether Nemaeus knew it or not. Once the prowling figure had reached him and his ever so loyal fans, the ferocity of theirs struggles to reach him, doubled, having to snag a few arms before they could grab what ever they could of the night class student Xavier had more than his hand full.

With his ears almost screaming back at the painfully loud calls and screams of the students behind him, he almost never heard the rebel casually ask. "Anyone like vampires?" Despite such a small remark what had already been a constant strain against his body became tenfold, he was beginning to lose ground as he slowly was pushed further and further into the general direction of the night class. With the damage done, Xavier watched as Nemaeus walked away and with the thought of resisting the struggling students, at least if I'm trampled to death it saves me from being killed by Sera, one of the more smaller girls from a lower year managed to slip under his aching arms. "Come back, Nemaus-chan! She screamed immediately bringing her to the prefects attention, if she hadn't have shouted after the vampire she would have made it to him without the struggling boy even realising what was going on but her otaku nature was hers and the night student's little plan undoing.

Without letting pressure go with his stance against the restricted students, the prefect snatched out his right arm and by the width of a hair was able to snatch the fabric of her jacket which gave him the leverage to not only pull her back but swing the girls petite body onto his shoulders. The girl squealed and thrashed out with her arms and legs for a moment before giving up in defeat, a sigh of relief escaped his lips, it had been a close call and definitely would have caused harm to the boy's authority if he hadn't dealtt with it as soon as he did. "Curfew is in session for the Day Class. Whatever my fellow prefect promised beforehand is null and void due to your inappropriate behavior and lack of decorum." At the sound of Seras voiced raised, Xavier turned his head to look at the girl. "At the count of three, if you are still here. The Spring Ball shall be cancelled." And without prompt the senior prefect started to count down and never before in his life had Xavier seen a group of people move with such speed and purpose, he stared at the rushing mass for a moment before he felt the girl he was currently restraining struggle against his grip.

"Jōkū-san you're going to get the ball cancelled!" The girl cried, prompting him to place her to the ground gently before she sprang after her classmates. He looked around to see if there was any stragglers who had decided to try and lurk about until they could spring on their favourite student but besides from the prefects and the night class the place was deserted, he caught the eye of the pure-blood Akane Delacroix and gave her a friendly smile and a small wave only taking his attention away when Sera approached him. "I appreciate your initiative. That's a good sign." She beamed at the taller student, allowing himself to revert back into his usual relax self he was completely off guard when a sudden pain in his ear forced hi down to his superiors height. "But remind me not to put you in any future negotiations." She released him with the same smile she had been giving before the rather unnecessary punishment. "At least it limited the damage, instead of at least fifteen nut jobs trying to upset our special students it was just the handful!" He stated casually, hoping the joke wouldn't go to waste.

When Teito was with them, Sera started to speak again but the tallest of the prefects attention drifted to the vampires, he scanned them one by one out of casual curiosity more than duty, he had come to recognise all of them and even had spoke to some, not exactly the type of conversation he had with his fellow humans since the glares did get tiring after a while but non the less it was better than nothing. After his gaze fell on Akane again, his dull blue orbs shifted their sight lower to the floor and spotted the other pure-blood Ciel Rin, the "grown child" as some of the more malicious day students called him. Hehehe look how small and cute he is. He chuckled to himself, temporarily forgetting that the little earl was rumoured to be able to read minds, his attention returned back to his group as Miss Prefect finished her sentence, oblivious to what she had said and with a familiar growl emitting from his stomach. "Anyone else want me to cook something up for a quick bite before anything?"

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#, as written by moahi
Smiles are but an accessory.

Ciel strode alongside to Akane, regarding her closely. The air around her was different today… was she planning something? But of course, she almost always was every day, thinking of new ways to escape the school. In fact, he would be quite surprised if she turned up to any of the lessons on time at all. He gave a quiet sigh as he toyed with the idea of going into her mind for a little peek, to find out exactly how she was planning to sneak out, but decided against it. It took a considerably large amount of will power to enter a fellow vampire’s mind, and he would need that for later, just in case. After all, it was hard to say if she would get offended by that, and he tried not to get onto anyone’s bad side for now.

Just as they were about to exit the crowd, the ear piercing screams seemed to kick up another notch. Ciel winced slightly as the crowd started screaming, chanting and asking to go to the spring ball all at one time. His mind came to the immediate conclusion. Nemaeus. He was one of the more rebellious of students, always getting into the prefects way and making life difficult for them. What was he up to this time? He watched, slightly amused as he flirted with the girls, causing them to act even more crazily, if that was even possible for them to.

He watched on as the prefect, Xavier struggled with the frenzied students, feeling a twinge of disappointment as the prefect managed to subdue them, before being distracted by the screams of the day class students. Ignore them, ignore them he repeated over and over again in his head, shutting his eyes with irritation as if to keep the noise out. He just needed to get out of the crowd and go to class. Perhaps he could get Akane to go on time for once, but he doubted it. Just as he was wondering if he should bribe her with chocolate, he felt a push as he was shoved, causing him to stumble forward. “Wah-“ He was just about to protest to whoever pushed him when he heard Akane’s whisper. Sorry, I promise to do half the paperwork for this favor. Before he could react, she had already disappeared into the mass of bodies in the crowd.

Heaving a sigh, he quickly regained his balance and pushed through the crowd, waiting for her outside, safe from those crazy humans. Soon enough, he saw her, or what was supposed to be her come outside the crowd. However, his sharp eyes soon spotted the crude lines and some markings on her usually unblemished skin. Although it was, in his opinion, much to easy to spot out, he couldn’t help but admire the older vampire a bit for her power. That will be extremely handy in times like those, without actually exposing her identity. Still, first things first. He grabbed the body double and steadied her balance. “Well, off you go then, Akane no. 2, classes are starting.” He spoke to the double as if it really was her, faking the fact that it was not. Though he didn’t really enjoy being an accomplice, it will be quite interesting to see the students reel in shock as Akane exploded, and as a bonus, he could use some help with the paperwork. He doubted that she would try to promise him something that rash again after she saw what he had to deal with. It was worth taking care of the night class until she comes back at least, and he could always say that he didn’t notice that it was a fake.

Walking away from her leisurely, he walked slightly closer to the prefects curiously, his eyes flickering in red as he trying to probe Seraphine’s mind again. No luck. For some reason, her mind was totally closed off to him, and she was one of the only people he could not get access to. How was a matter he could not comprehend. In the process, he unintentionally heard Xavier’s thoughts as his mind wandered off. Slightly irked, he shot a glare in his direction, while giving them a mock bow “Glad to see you’re all doing your jobs so well, miss prefect. It could be considered a miracle that none of the night students were injured by you subordinate’s brilliant plans.” He intoned slowly, giving them a sweet smile. “And yes, Xavier, even a small, cute child could come up with a better plan than yours,” he added before turning on his heels and following the rest of the night class inside for classes. They are his temporary responsibility after all, no matter how annoying they are.