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Setsuna Tsukino

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a character in “Vampire Knight | Crimson Pawns”, originally authored by Rainbow Unicorns, as played by RolePlayGateway



Meet the greatest ruler Virgo had yet. While many tried to fix the economy and fear-struck hearts that was left for many years after Anstice's rule. Pulling her people out of the darkness, Eden tightened the control on Lethe, as well as trying to eradicate the blood splatters of their history. She was a product of a long-since carried tradition of marrying the nobles of Virgo (or a marriage to another kingdom, depending on siblings), and seemed to be the most kindhearted ruler most had ever seen.
xxxxxxxxA photo of Eden Neysa Virgo

The woman's stance on war was unclear half the time, however, looking down on it quite drastically even before her first born's conception. When it was finally her turn to take over Virgo, she was ever the peacekeeper, though hell on wheels for those closest to her. It was almost as if she was made to break down even the toughest of walls. She had cut back on militia spending, however, to aid in the research of new medicines and that of the wings genetic.

The most physical change, was the placement of 'Sky Bridges', and the sudden addition of the beach town, originally used to encourage fitness in multiple aspects, as well as preserve the nature on the islands. Everything just seemed so much... brighter. She welcomed neighboring kingdoms with open arms, especially during that of the island festivities, even if they were outsiders.

Her husband, also a simple noble from Virgo, only added to such bright behavior. Military General, Arthur was a soft-spoken individual in times of peace, and around friends and family. On the base? Well, perhaps it was the sudden polar opposite personality Eden witnessed drew her even closer to the man. He'd protect her and her offspring until his own very last breathe.

Time passed and the Princess gave birth to Amalia N. Virgo XXIII, named after Eden's late grandmother, and then a son, Giovanni E. Virgo XII. Life couldn't seem better for the family, and for awhile, the land of Virgo was happy. It was a year after the birth of the youngest, Lilith O. Virgo, that things suddenly shifted to the worst. One morning, the Princess was in perfect health and with some of her closest friends, and the next morning, Eden and her husband were deemed deceased due to a rapid spreading illness. The land was in a pure panic, and when everything finally came to a coming halt, Amalia N. Virgo was left as the new Princess as a mere age of thirteen.

The funeral, was swift and bleak. No one sang, and holding the picture of her mother in one hand, and her younger brother's hand in the other, was that of Amalia. Her brother held a picture of their father, as well as their little sister. Amalia Virgo's face was reportedly barren of all emotions, her eyes soulless. It was almost reported as if she saw a ghost. Suspicion ran on what truly happened that night, but the public's acknowledge of the cause of death remained the same.

It was a close casket funeral.

Adviser Nicolas had to temporarily rule until Amalia officially became fifteen.


So begins...

Setsuna Tsukino's Story

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October 25th
Hi 62° | Lo 52°
Japan; Cross Academy


Light twisted in the background as the sun began to rise. The noise of the student body began to resound in the air, and soon the clang of the school bell followed. The air was cool, and sharp winds whipped girl's hairs around and lifted skirts. It was a start of a beautiful day. Soon the Academy's Winter Ball would be held, and then the students would shuffle off for vacation break to spend it with their parents.

Cross Academy seems splendid from the outside. Refined and proper, the classes conducted in such a acquiescing manner other Academy's couldn't hope to compare. However, this Academy harbors a deep and dark secret that can truly do harm if it is ever discovered. This is where our story starts, with this secret, and six unlikely individuals.

Keep in mind, curiosity killed the cat.


Hot wind cascaded around her body like water, making her blood rush to her face and her hands tingle. It felt like hands gently waving over her body, not quite touching but not quite not touching either. Dark violet hair whipped around, and pale eyes stared up in comatose. Darkness; there was not a spec of light in sight, pure and utter darkness with a slight shimmer every now and then. Etolie felt so lost and yet so at home. She reached up blindly, feeling sweat roll down her numb skin.

It was the same every time, the darkness, the wind, it never changes; these dreams. However, this time did seem different. The wind was whispering something, and it was turning...cold.
"Remember..." It whispered hollowly, and suddenly, Ettie could see. It was like a blind man seeing for the first time, or a color blind man seeing color for the first time. The arms that reached out to her were stark white against the dark abyss. She reached up as well, surprised at the sight of her own arms.

The wind whispered harshly now, cold words ripping at her as a sinking feeling rushed forward into her chest, her skin connected with the smoothness of those oh so white arms, and then-

And then Etolie jerked awake. Her breath came out in a surprised stutter, and she shakily raised an arm to wipe the sweat that had collected upon her brow. The sun had just started to peak over the horizon and the first rays of light shown through her open window. The small girl let out a weary sigh before rolling out of bed to get ready for the day. She had only gotten two hours of sleep that night, and of course it was plagued by nightmares.