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Vampire Knight | Crimson Pawns


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Cross Academy | Japan is a part of Vampire Knight | Crimson Pawns.

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Sora [1] "Life can be so cruel."
Valeraine Sinclair [1] {Have more than you show, speak less than you know.}
Etoile Sinclair [1] "I have fallen into an abyss. I live in a world so curious, so strange. Of the dream that was my life, this is my nightmare."

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October 25th
Hi 62Β° | Lo 52Β°
Japan; Cross Academy


Light twisted in the background as the sun began to rise. The noise of the student body began to resound in the air, and soon the clang of the school bell followed. The air was cool, and sharp winds whipped girl's hairs around and lifted skirts. It was a start of a beautiful day. Soon the Academy's Winter Ball would be held, and then the students would shuffle off for vacation break to spend it with their parents.

Cross Academy seems splendid from the outside. Refined and proper, the classes conducted in such a acquiescing manner other Academy's couldn't hope to compare. However, this Academy harbors a deep and dark secret that can truly do harm if it is ever discovered. This is where our story starts, with this secret, and six unlikely individuals.

Keep in mind, curiosity killed the cat.


Hot wind cascaded around her body like water, making her blood rush to her face and her hands tingle. It felt like hands gently waving over her body, not quite touching but not quite not touching either. Dark violet hair whipped around, and pale eyes stared up in comatose. Darkness; there was not a spec of light in sight, pure and utter darkness with a slight shimmer every now and then. Etolie felt so lost and yet so at home. She reached up blindly, feeling sweat roll down her numb skin.

It was the same every time, the darkness, the wind, it never changes; these dreams. However, this time did seem different. The wind was whispering something, and it was turning...cold.
"Remember..." It whispered hollowly, and suddenly, Ettie could see. It was like a blind man seeing for the first time, or a color blind man seeing color for the first time. The arms that reached out to her were stark white against the dark abyss. She reached up as well, surprised at the sight of her own arms.

The wind whispered harshly now, cold words ripping at her as a sinking feeling rushed forward into her chest, her skin connected with the smoothness of those oh so white arms, and then-

And then Etolie jerked awake. Her breath came out in a surprised stutter, and she shakily raised an arm to wipe the sweat that had collected upon her brow. The sun had just started to peak over the horizon and the first rays of light shown through her open window. The small girl let out a weary sigh before rolling out of bed to get ready for the day. She had only gotten two hours of sleep that night, and of course it was plagued by nightmares.

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The waves crashed against the rocks, a boat rocking in the distance. On it, were a crew and two loving parents. It rocked and rocked, waves smashing against it in a murderous manner. If the sea was a person, the little boy watching from the beach could of sworn it would of been stabbing each victim on the boat... His parents never did come back from that trip, did they? Blue eyes watched in horror as soon the ship was destroyed, and he was trying to run out to the sea as if to save his parents.

Right as he began to swim though, the land would disappear, the water would just began to swirl and swirl... Than everything went dark. Sitting up suddenly, he rubbed his eyes, almost as if to play it off as if there was no nightmare. After all, he never did witness the ship sinking. Castiel could only sigh as he let the sheet cover his lap. How annoying to wake up like that after the most wonderful night. Just the thought alone made him chuckle to himself as he processed the surroundings.

Vlad shivered as he felt a small puff of air skip past his back. Opening one eye, he found that it was now morning, and the sun was shining ever so slightly. A simple sigh escaped his lips, as he rolled over. Facing the ceiling, a small rustling noise came from beside him. "Sorry, did I wake you." Vlad's crimson eyes focused gently on Castiel. Noticing the small chuckle , Vlad raised his eyebrow,"What seems to be causing you such amusement? Care to share."

ImageAn apologetic look appeared on Castiel's face as he looked over to Vlad. "Ah, no, I was just laughing away the same nightmare as always. " Laying back down on his side, one hand propping himself up, his free gently brushed against Vlad's cheek. "Did you sleep well?" It almost came out as a sinful pur, a sly grin resting on his face. Fingers gently trailing down Vlad's cheek down his neck and even farther down, that grin never left Castiel's face.

Vlad gave a small frown at Castiel's words. It seemed he had these nightmares often, but since Castiel would just laugh it off, Vlad never said anything farther. Watching the sneaky grin on his partner's face, Vlad smiled back at him. Planting a gently kiss on his forehead, he slowly moved to his lips. It was a sweet taste and Vlad licked his lips,"I slept very well. Though I am hungry."

Pulling his hand away, Castiel grin turned into a peaceful smile. "And, is there anyway you'd like me to assist you with that said 'hunger'?" Castiel mused, sitting up as he played with a few strands of Vlad's hair.

Vlad gave a sly smile,"Well, I would ask for you to make me something to eat. But, since there is such a delicious looking breakfast in front of my eyes, I could I possibly ignore it." Vlad gently slide his fingers along Castiel's slender arm, going back and forth. Gently, he wrapped his long fingers around his arm, he forcibly pulled the man closer to him, so that their eyes were staring into one another. "But you most be exhausted after last night. So I'll wait till dinner. So to award my patience, I'll just taste you a little." Before he let Castiel say a word, he planted a tender kiss on the man's neck.

Castiel let out a whine. "Vlad... I'm not even that exhausted..." The male replied. His hand tangling itself in Vlad's hair, he tilted his head to allow better excess to the rose-cream colored neck. "Just enjoy yourself... Any minute now, and there's bound to be someone coming to bother you." It almost sounded as if Castiel was pouting. His other hand was quick to drift down to start caressing Vlad's thigh for further encouragement.


Vlad looked up at the pouting male, smiling mischievously, "Well, since this lovely creature is pouting so heavily, then I guess, I must grant it its wish." Without hesitation Vlad violently planted a breath stealing kiss. Forcing his tongue inside, he gently wrapped it around the others. Only letting the man breath ever couple seconds, until he quickly continued to resume his tasting of the male. "So...sweet..." Vlad's breath's were shallow but audible. He slide a hand down to Castiel's chest and teasingly played with his nipples.

Shivers ran down Castiel's spin, yet unlike Vlad, Castiel was never one to tease unless wanting to build up to the man event. A hand gently squeezed Vlad's thigh, only to switch over and gently start dragging his fingers up and down his dear's length as excitement began to pound through Castiel's veins. Vlad was beyond handsome, and if only she knew what she honestly had... Eyes opened briefly, only to shut. This was no place or time to think of that bimbo. Nope. No. Nien.

Vlad bit down on Castiel's neck," Pay attention~" Sneaking a peek at the clock, Vlad knew they had a limited time. Giving Castiel a gentle kiss, he looked him in the eyes,"Sorry. Please bear with me." Without farther words Vlad penetrated Cas, it was fast, and it took a minute before Vlad started to move. He began slowly as not to cause to much pain for Cas. Planting gently kisses on the young man, Vlad continued to move.

Eyes went wide and instantly held back his sob as he bit into his lip hard enough to break the skin, a single tear welling up. Holding onto Vlad's shoulders, there were only pants and mewls of discomfort and a slight hope for more pleasure rather than the feeling of having his insides torn apart into a million little parts... Oh lord, was he going to get Vlad for this. Biting into Vlad's neck lightly, he was quick to pull his head away. It was almost as if he was saying "you're such an ass for this."

Quickly finishing Vlad came inside Castiel. Pulling out he planted a kiss on Cas's lips,"Sorry." Wincing at the bite on his shoulder, Vlad let out a small laugh,"Okay, so I deserved this. Would you like it for me to make it up to you?"

Wiping the corner of his eye, Castiel looked dead in the eye with such a serious face. "Yes!" A pause, only for Castiel to start chuckling at his own reaction. "Yes please." There we go! Castiel smiled, yet whined at the same time. "This is going to be such a pain to clean, Vlad..."

ImageVlad chuckled, "I'm so sorry your highness." Kissing the poor creature gently, he gave a evil smile,"Then I'll clean it up for you." Sliding down the sheets, Vlad began to clean up the mess he made.