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Vampire Knight: The Devil's Dance

Vampire Knight: The Devil's Dance


In a world full of secrets, where nothing is what it seems, will the price of misplaced trust be worse than death? Or will we allow ourselves to trust the ones whom we deemed untrustworthy?[Private Role-play between Equilibrium, Ion, Azazel]

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Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the Devil

In 1348, a plague swept across Europe, wiping out forty to sixty percent of its population. For two years, the plague spread, causing death and destruction when finally, it vanished. Historians could never determine the cause, although it was blamed on diseased rats running amok in the European world. Documentation was never kept and therefore, the truth behind it all has gone missing. In 1348, creatures from the underworld emerged with a great hunger that could not be satisfied. These creatures were known simply as 'vampires', creatures that drained their victims dry of blood.

In 1350, a handful of humans became aware of their existence and formed groups to hunt these beings, pushing them back to the world from whence they came. They nearly succeeded, causing the creatures to return into a hybernation of sorts. Afraid of their return, the humans who took up the arms began training their children in the ways of killing the creatures should they ever return.

And return they did.

In 1550, nearly two hundred years later, vampires emerged once more to feast on the humans, however; they were unprepared for the humans that were ready for them. For years war ravaged the land, taking many lives, human and vampire. It wasn't until 1610 that the war came to a standstill. Tired and running low on both ends, the humans and vampires came to a truce. Vampires would only feed off of humans that were either on the verge of death, or sentenced to death. Humans would only kill vampires should they break this truce, and for three hundred years, it remained peaceful.

In 1910, a school was built to ensure the truce would remain entact. This school, however, wasn't an ordinary school. The school was turned into a co-ed of sorts, a place where vampires and humans lived together for the school year. Students from all over the world attended in hopes of keeping peace within the world whether they could afford to or if they were on scholarships.

In order to ensure the safety of its' human occupants, the school created prefects to keep everone in line. Human students are unaware of their vampire counterparts, and should they stumble across such a secret, their memories are erased. The Academy is known as Crosss Academy, and this is where our story begins. The school, originally designed to keep students separated, recently went through a remodeling during the summer vacation. It has accomodated a new system, one that would allow one vampire and one human to live in the same room. This would test to see how well the vampires could behave themselves, to restrain from feeding off of the humans.

After all, anything can happen when you live in a world of vampires, especially when there are some vampires who want the world to return to the way it was. Vampires, have they truly renounced their murderous ways, or is there some underlying threat waiting to remerge? Because in this world of secrets, nothing is as it seems. And the price of misplaced trust may even be worse than death.


Asuka Fujiwara - Dhampir Prefrect; Appears Human - Taken by Azazel
Anastasia Guillory - Human - Taken by Ion

Zenith Rosenkruez - Vampire; Pure-Blood - Taken by Equilibrium
Sora Tsukino - Vampire; Pure-Blood - Taken by Ion


This role-play takes elements (mainly vampires) from Vampire Knight. All and any credit goes to Matsuri Hino for creation and plot.

Vampires: Vampires are not your traditional vampires, nor are they twilight vampires. These vampiress are immune to the sunlight, however; they can only stand it for so long unless they are a pure-blood. They do not burst but merely fade to ash when they die. Vampires are not vegetarians, meaning they do not feed off of animals. Animal blood is extremely toxic to vampires and should a vampire be desparate enough to drink from an animal, they will die in a matter of hours. There are two different types of vampires. Each one is catagorized in a different field.

Pure-bloods: Pure-blooded vampires are vampires born to vampiric parents and do not have an ounce of human blood tarnishing their heritage. They are very rare and considered an endangered breed. Their blood is considered a delicacy and only feed off of each other, or their mates which are usually a sibling or another family member. There are exceptions to this rule such as if they find a particularly enticing blood. A pure-blood will also have certain abilities that they alone can perform, such as creating ice at will, telepathy, abilities like those. The ability passes on to their children. They alone possess the ability to turn humans into vampires. They are immortal in a sense as they do not die. They can be killed, but it requires a great deal of effort. They can tolerate sunlight indefinitely. It does not affect them like Noble and Mad Vampires.

Noble Vampires: Noble vampires are vampires that were either turned by a pure-blood or their blood was tainted with human blood somewhere down the line. Their blood is considered average and not often saught after unless by Mad vampires. They tend to feed upon their mates and occasionally snack on a human or two. Noble Vampires tend to marry within their own family to keep the human blood from growing any stronger within their bloodline and will often times try to marry into a pure-blood family. Although it is very rare that a pure-blood will take on a Noble as a potential mate. They retain a limited amount of abilities and are not quite as strong as a pure-blood's ability. They are immortal like pure-bloods, but can die a lot easier from special weapons. They can tolerate sunlight but it irritates their skin should they be exposed to it for x-amount of time.

Mad Vampires: The lowest of low: Mad vampires are vampires that were once human and were bitten by a pure-blood. Without drinking from the pure-blood that bit them, these vampires are driven insane with bloodlust and attack any and all creatures, resulting in an excrutiating death should they ingest animal blood. There are not a lot of Mad Vampires in the world as they do tend to feed off of animals more so than humans and are not a threat to the Vampire/human world. They cannot tolerate all...and should they be exposed to it, they will combust and turn to ash. Their blood is highly toxic and will cause any vampire, pure or not, to go into a shock and die.

The Dorms

Before the renovation, the dorms used to be segregated. Vampires had their own rooms in a different part of the campus while humans had their own. After the renovation, the dorms were merged so that the students now have to share their room with either a vampire or a human. Not only are they having to share rooms, each room is not restricted to gender meaning, a female can share a dorm with a male, however; it is strictly advised against. Each room is situated with two shower rooms should a male and female be housed together. The dorm rooms look like this. The windows have been tinted slightly to accomodate the Noble vampires sensitivity to the sunlight.

Feeding Policy
Vampires are provided blood tablets in place of blood. In a sense, it is like synthetic blood, however; it does not give the satisfying liquid justice. Vampires only tolerate it in order to keep the peace. When they drink, they cannot allow humans to taste the beverage and are to claim it is either Tomato juice or something similar.


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#, as written by Ion



“The self-preservation instinct is one I never really understood. I was fated to die from the moment I was born. Is it not a blessing, to be able to choose how? For me, death was always assumed. Soldiers understand that sometimes, it is their job to die. And yet… I have never wanted to live so much as I do now.”

To say she was surprised to find herself suddenly pinned to the ground by her throat, by her friend, no less, was perhaps an understatement, but Ana did not react as immediately or as violently to the situation as might perhaps have been warranted. The reason for this was simple—she was not afraid. It was perhaps a strange thing, and she knew in the abstract that she should be afraid, because he was stronger than she was, and his posture was threatening, and if he desired, he could kill her with little more than a mere thought. Crushing her windpipe would be of no challenge to him whatsoever, and she knew this for a fact.

So what was left to be afraid of? People feared what they did not understand. Anastasia understood the situation she was now in very well. Her life was in his hands. It was as simple as that. She did not know exactly what he was going to do or say, even though she could read his mind. He had certainly been correct to say that there were dark things moving about in there, but she had known this, too, and so she wasn’t afraid of that, either. Indeed, even as he spoke, she simply met golden eyes with curiously-silvery ones.

His first statement produced from her a smile, of all things, if a melancholy one. “I’m just a human being, Zen. I’ll die wherever I go, whatever I do.” That was simply a fact. Her choices could perhaps delay her death, but in the end, it would come for her no matter where she stood, or where she hid. She had decided a long time ago that she would never hide. Never run. She would face her end, whatever and whenever it was, with courage and as much grace as she could manage. That would be her way of remaining true to herself, to what her father had taught her. As long as she died doing the right thing, the thing that was needed, she would accept it.

It faded into gentle concern when he spoke of the deaths of others being on his hands, though she did not understand how it was so. Did she want her death to be on his hands? No, of course not. But not for the reason one should suppose. Slowly, she moved both of her own arms, so that her fingers wrapped softly around the wrist of the arm that held her down. That was it, though—she did not attempt to leverage him off, she did not struggle. She just held them there—his skin was cool to the touch compared to hers, she noticed in an off-hand sort of way. “No,” she said softly, working up the breath to continue in the same steady, kind tone. It was difficult, given the constriction, but because she did not struggle, she was able to do this. “I do not wish to stain these hands. I wish to cleanse them.” Her eyes were sad as she looked up into his, reading there the things he would not or could not say. Of course, he would probably find such a notion ridiculous. Blood was not the kind of thing that just washed away.

But it could. It really could. Forgiveness was the water that could cleanse anything at all, if one sought it genuinely and with an open heart. She wanted to convince him to try this, to divert his path from the bloodstained dark he walked in. She knew not how it was that those deaths were his fault, but she knew he really believed them to be. She also knew that, if he was giving her this chance, then at least part of him cared enough not to want to repeat that responsibility. That was something she could work with.

She did not belong in his world? Perhaps not. But… the didn’t think he belonged in his world, either. She wanted his world to change, be that because she changed it or he did or simply because he decided to live in another one instead. It didn’t have to be hers. She would understand that—but all the same, she wanted him to live a life that wasn’t tormenting him the way this one did. It was true, the whisper she’d heard before. He was weeping, somewhere deep inside himself, and it hurt her to feel it. She always felt them, the feelings of others, and this one wrenched her soul a little bit. She could never just abandon someone who suffered like that. It wasn’t in her nature. “I forgive you,” she said, her thumb moving in an instinctive circular motion on his wrist. It was something her father might have done, when she was crying, only… well, hers had always been right there for everyone to see. Just like everything else about her.

“You might be right. You might hurt me. And if you do, I forgive you. And as far as I have the right or the ability, I forgive you for everything else, too.” She took that small piece of him, the one that was good enough to try and keep her away from whatever he thought awaited her, and she sheltered it, or attempted to. There were plenty of people in the world who would look at him and condemn him, hate him. She refused to be one of them. Not while that part of him still existed. “I am not a frivolous person. I told you I was going to be your friend, and I meant that. No friend is perfect. People hurt each other, all the time. Sometimes in terrible ways. Sometimes, it’s hard to forgive. But I will do it, as many times as I have to, until you can forgive yourself, too.” She was certain her neck was going to bruise where he held it, but then… she’d forgive him that, too.

Sora’s eyes narrowed. Rosenkreuz was claiming responsibility for what had happened to Kaede? And to Yamazaki? If he’d done it directly, the Tsukino was sure she would have told him, but she hadn’t. If he were giving orders for such things, why be around when it happened? People got others to do their dirty work precisely so they didn’t have to be around when it occurred. But he’d been right there. So it didn’t make sense… unless he thought for some reason that these things were happening because of him in some other sense.

“I think we’re going to have to pay Rosenkreuz a visit in the near future,” he said flatly, pursing his lips. Whatever was going on there, it wasn’t unrelated, he was certain of that much. But whether the famously-reticent man would tell them anything was hard to tell. Maybe they’d have better luck with his chattier, nosy friend, Luke. Though that one was just as good at hiding things, if in a different way. Sora had known assassins like that, the ones that always smiled. He’d not liked a one of them. Then again, he didn’t really like most people.

For now, though, they needed to get Asuka up to speed. Contra Mundi is Latin for against the world. It’s really a pretty fucking arrogant title, but seeing how he’s an utter bastard, I’m not surprised,” he continued, shaking his head faintly and tossing a few dark hairs into his eyes in the process. He didn’t really care, anyway. “He’s the one who had our family killed, though at the time, we did not know.”

“I managed to discover what we do know by attempting to direct my visions around his known associates. And then… for a long while, as soon as I’d learned what I could, I would tell Sora what I knew, and he’d… kill them.” She glanced over at her cousin, as if to confirm that this was okay to say, but he only inclined his head slightly. Asuka knew this about him, and even if she hadn’t, there was nothing he desired to keep from her. She’d accepted the worst parts about him already; everything else was just details. “But, as I mentioned, I can’t see him directly. I suspect he possesses a nullification talent, like Sora’s, so that vampiric abilities of any kind do not work on him. It’s just a theory, but… it’s possible that he had our family killed because he did not like the idea of someone having that same ability.”

“More likely, it’s just because he’s an asshole and my family was somewhat dangerous,” Sora put in. He was uncomfortable with the idea that he might be the reason they had all died, and tried not to think about it. If he had evidence to believe it, he’d deal with it then, but right now, there was no need to be too quick to jump to conclusions. “They weren’t always wise in the way they held their power. It was never the ambition of House Tsukino to rule—we’ve never been anything but shadow-lurkers and the powers behind thrones. But… that’s a threat in itself. The people standing behind you have easiest access to your back, after all.” And his family was known for sticking daggers in such places, when the price was right.

“But Contra Mundi’s intentions and even his or their real name or names are elusive, even to me,” Sachiko finished. “We don’t have a location, or even a real goal, just… a bunch of dead underlings with nothing of use on them. He’s very good at covering his tracks, I’m afraid.”


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|“Death is all I have to give. Life is all you want from me.”|

Yet again, women are truly strong or rather truly stubborn. Zenith does admire their tenacity to stay firm on their decisions. However, it was also a source of perturbing matters. Why is that? They never do as what he wishes but at the same time, he was completely fine with it. Due to that, they are able to shine the most in the blank canvass which was his world. The only trend which remains consistent through it all. Their light will cease into oblivion just like all others who attached themselves to his existence which could be called as a curse. Yes, he was indeed a malediction to others and even more so to himself. Perhaps, it was for that reason that his clan, the Rosenkreuz had stayed detached and isolated from everyone and everything else. They must know that a day, a person, like this, like him, would come to usher a chaotic time. If that was so, he should have remained in his lands, in that sealed birdcage.

“Then will you make sure I'm always alive?”

The hand, which was wrapped around the delicate neck of the human girl beneath him, was removed. It would seem he would yield to this human who intends to be his friend. She did not take the chance despite the obvious danger to her being. Her hands wrapped around his wrist as if to soothe him instead to remove such a grip which meant certain death. At the same time, her eyes looked at him with sadness which should be fear or hatred. All of what he had expected for her to do and react were broken into pieces. She was very formidable despite her clear restrictions due to what she is. Zenith removed her fingers with his other hand. Yet, this action of his was light and certain in a sense. She wanted to cleanse his hands from the sins he had committed. There was a flaw there. He did not want forgiveness when he believed that his actions were right for his own goals.

"You must never forget.”

"I do not need forgiveness." Those words left his lips with his usual monotone yet with a tinge of absolute necessity. It was a fact. As such, he was prepared to face the consequences of whatever his decisions would bring forth. That was the responsibility, he would take without a moment of doubt. At the same time, his actions are indeed deplorable but it was the path he would have taken no matter how many times he does. All that matters to him was the result. "This was your last chance to leave unscathed." He continued as he removed himself from her form. There was no need to pin her down any longer. He straightened himself as the pink petals rained down on them in an unending manner. It was like a curtain or even a blanket which covered them from eyes who deemed to interrupt or to sow discord.

Those golden eyes remained unyielding, empty, and unreadable. The Pure-blood king remained a closed book to all. However, he might not be so in the guise of this human girl who will remain as his friend. "Alice desires you dead." There were no fluctuations in his tone or even a semblance of agitation. He was utterly calm and indifferent. Zenith looked at her with his signature apathetic facade. "I cannot deny her wish next time." That is truth of this matter. If Alice pursued the wish once more to remove this human girl's existence, he will do so without fail. He can never deny whatever Alice wishes for. It was not just because of the blood she possesses. There was a deeper meaning to his attachment. Moreover, his priority will always be his sole purpose and nothing else.

Zenith walked away from the place, away from her. There were no need for further conversations or dialogues between them. The human girl has spoken what she truly believes in. He will not hold or prevent her from doing what she intends to do so. She is free to do as she wills and from now on, there will be no warning coming from him. Once, there was a notable distance. He looked over his shoulder as his eyes met hers. "Good bye, Ms. Guillory." After saying that, he went on his way. From now on, that human girl who wants to be his friend will be covered in the darkness which he exudes. The question would she able to withstand it or not. Because as of right now, she would never be able to depart without being scarred. Like that, he slowly disappeared from her vision. He would need to tend to some affairs which required his attention. After all, he is a public figure as of now.


"President, there is a letter for you." A messenger has entered the office of the Hunter Association President. The man with absolute black hair like midnight and eyes like coal gazed at the person. He took the handed letter and gestured to be left alone. This was immediately done as the new President was truly an intimidating person to begin with. He was coy, sly, but unabashedly terrifying by even those of great standards. After all, the issue about those rebellious hunters acting on their own by assassinating the Vampire King. He dealt with it in such a manner which even irked and made those toughest of the lot fear his very gaze. It was to be expected of course. He after all has a reputation to uphold.

Looking at the sealed envelope, he could depict the seal of Cross Academy. He already knew from whom it could be from. At the same time, the content was also something he could guess. He read the letter as he leaned on his chair with an interested look in his eyes. The news was indeed both foreboding and inviting. When he was finished, he burned the letter through the means of the candle located on his desk which was lit. Once the paper turns into nothing more but ashes, he smiled and tilted his head to the side. The game was now afoot. Now, what should he do now. "Every one is now up to date, aren't they? The wait is now over."


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#, as written by Azazel


"Endless thoughts, countless possibilities, and only one solution. Which will it be?"

Asuka stared up at her ceiling, a hand over her eyes, shielding them from the rays of the sun that peeked through her window. She could hear the faint breathing of Snow, who sat perched by her window, sleeping. Sachiko and Sora's words continued to roll around her mind, though the meeting they had had was three days ago, the information still seemed fresh in her mind. Contra Mundi, the man or persons behind everything, or so it seemed, was the one responsible for everything that happened. He, or they, were responsible for the murder of Sora's family, and apparently seemed to have a connection to everything else that was happening. She sighed, slipping her hand away from her eyes in the process.

"Snow," she called out softly towards her familiar, smiling when he shook his feathers and landed near her bed. "What is on the agenda for today? Can I sleep in?" she muttered softly, half serious and half only joking. She couldn't understand the sudden fatigue that had come over her recently, however; she was still the school's prefect, and as such had a job to perform. She could hear Snow chuckle softly as she had just answered her own question subconsciously. She rolled her eyes as she shifted in her bed, pulling the covers off of her as she placed the balms of her feet against the cold floor. She smiled, wiggling her toes before standing and removing herself from her bed.

"If you are insistent enough, I am sure that the school will not notice one of its prefects slacking off on her duties," he replied as she pursed her lips together. "Or, would you rather dump all the responsibility on that friend of yours," he stated, his voice slightly raised to highlight the teasing tone beside the emphasized word. Asuka merely rolled her eyes again, a smile still on her face as she pushed open th door to her closet and disappeared inside of it. Once she reemerged, she was dressed in her uniform, the prefect band secured on her upper forearm. Satisfied that her uniform was in place, she glanced towards Snow and waved him over, allowing him to land on her arm as she stroked his feathers.

"What kind of friend would I be if I shirked all my duties on him, hm?" she stated. Snow chuckled at his master, shaking his head in the process. "Now go and see from above. The grounds will be covered for a bit, besides," she began, shoving Snow out the window in the process. "Sora-chan can't be left to shoulder all of the prefect responsibilities," she finished before leaving her room, closing the door behind her. Once she was settled, she began her rounds across the academy, the smile still playing at her lips in the process. She blinked a few times, canting her head to the side as she spotted a familiar face.

"Ana? Are you okay?" she stated, walking over towards the orange haired girl. As she stepped closer, she noticed a very visible mark on Anastasia's neck. It caused the smile on her face to falter deeply, and a hardened stare found its way to her face. She pursed her lips as tightly as she could before she addressed Anastasia once more. "Who did that?" she demanded more than stated. She didn't mean for it to come out that way, however; there was a hand print on Anastasia's neck, and she wanted to know who was responsible for it.


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#, as written by Ion



“You know, I might just be a little crazy, but if that’s what it takes, then I don’t really mind.”

It was a bit of a strange thing, to hear that someone wanted her dead. To her knowledge, Anastasia had never had an enemy before, and even given what she knew, she was uncertain enemy was the right word for it. She sat up only after Zen left, having said that he required no forgiveness. She supposed she wasn’t really surprised to hear him say so. Of course, given what she was, she couldn’t really be surprised by much at all anymore. Sighing through her nose, she flopped back on the ground, ignoring the dull pain in her neck at the red mark left by such firm contact began to deepen into a bruise. Instead, she turned her attention to the sky visible through the canopy of trees and falling blossom petals.

“Be good to the world, even when the world is not good to you.”

Ana smiled softly, blocking the sky from her view by casting an arm over her eyes, leaving her temporarily blind to the world. How many times had he told her that? How many times had she wanted to believe that it would solve everything? It was all she knew how to do when things became difficult, and she would continue to do it. Still, she wondered if maybe she hadn’t at last found a situation where being as good as she could to the world would help her not at all. She was just one person, one human, small and weak and ultimately inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. What right did she have to stand next to people greater than her and declare herself their friend? What could her forgiveness, her friendship, possibly mean to anyone? It was like saying that the friendship of a mouse should matter to a person. Worse, the friendship of an ant.

But it could, couldn’t it? Sometimes, it was the small things that made all the difference. A butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world generated the first whisper of what could become a mighty hurricane, with the right circumstances. Hadn’t someone said that, once? Maybe it was just a metaphor, but it meant the same thing regardless. She didn’t have it in her to give up. She didn’t have the capacity to stop trying to be good to the world, or anyone in it, just because it was hard or dangerous. Doing the right thing was rarely easy, and even if this meant the end of her… she was still willing to do it. Even if her actions were the beat of a butterfly’s wings and then she was gone, she had to make the effort.

Because there was a chance, however small, that she could make a hurricane.

She had a human’s frailty, and healed at a human’s pace, and so it was hardly surprising that, three days later, the bruise had faded to a yellow circle around her neck, but one that still undeniably looked like it had been caused by long fingers. She’d not attempted to conceal it with cosmetics or high-necked shirts, because she wasn’t ashamed of it. The questions she received on the matter were politely deflected, and she ignored the staring. What else could she do? She wasn't planning on telling anyone what the real source of it was, because to do so would be inviting misunderstanding, from some corners, at least, yet more dislike. Most of the school practically worshiped the ground he walked on, but she’d gathered the impression that Sora was apathetic at best, and Asuka might actually actively dislike him. She didn’t want to drive any wedges where they should not be, so she was silent on the matter.

Unfortunately, adopting this attitude did not mean that people stopped noticing, and she blinked, looking up at Asuka as the other girl approached. Anastasia smiled for her concern, softly, and then shook her head slightly. “Oh, hello, Asuka. I’m fine, thank you for asking; it looks much worse than it is.” She paused. She did not want to lie to Asuka, and she wouldn’t, but that… it didn’t mean she had to tell the truth, either. “It’s nothing to worry about—please don’t let it bother you.” In the end, she simply chose not to answer the question at all.


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|"The continuation of an Era lost... begins Anew..."|

Steel black eyes gazed at the glass tube located at the center of the large circular room. It was noticeable that there are a lot of computer, medical, and scientific equipment inside the said place. They were all connected to that tube which assesses, maintains, and observes various conditions. Of course, it was not the tube being monitored. It was about what is inside which many people had taken to call as "The Queen." It was a young female still blossoming into an adult with beautiful long green hair. She floated within the liquid known as her sustenance. The said girl was blatantly naked with many wires and connectors attached to her which served to ensure that her vitals was stable as it could be. After all, she was a very important centerpiece of various experiments.

Moreover if anything does happen to her, the owner of those black eyes will not hesitate to shower punishments of the worse to the researchers and scientists that were assigned to her. "Sir, the other subjects had rejected the serum." This was an information which a lone scientist believed needed to be said. His eyes did not falter as he simply released a sigh and approached the glass tube which contained The Queen. He placed a hand on the liquid glass which separates his perception of touch to the feel of her skin. "Keep them confined. I believed Hughes will have a use for them." Upon hearing the answer, the scientist nodded in agreement and then added another information. This time it was connected to the precious subject in front of them.

"The Queen showed positive reaction to the blood of the half-ling." This result brought a smile to his face. It was to be expected truly. After all, the machinations which had been done up to this point was all for this one goal. It was time to finally unravel some of the seams which clouded the one truth of this world. "Inform Dahlia, I want the trash to be decimated." The scientist nodded once more. "Affirmative." Once that was all said, the scientist left his side. As for him, he returned his full attention to the green-haired girl in front of him who was in the state of unconsciousness but actually, she was medically dead as anyone could say. Yet, she was still placed in the state of induced comatose. "It's time. You would not have to sleep ever again."

That was when the intercom within the room echoed with a message directed to him. "Milord, there is a call from the Association." He stepped back from the glass tube and run his fingers through his long ebony black hair. There was indeed a matter which he would need to look at. It was a bit taxing however, it was rather entertaining as well. There were a lot of things which he still needed to finish up. When that was done, it will be the perfect storm. "Time for me to return as a dutiful president." After saying that, he took one final look at The Queen before exiting the room. Unknown to all, the hand of the slumbering green-haired girl ever so delicately moved before becoming still once more. No one noticed, perhaps it would not be long for The Queen to open her eyes once more.


|"Are you ready for this? Just you know, there is no going back."|

Rather normal, it was what Hughes could describe the time which had passed by. He had heard about the interaction between the Vampire King and the new transfer student, Anastasia. It was reported to him with such detail by Alice and he was very certain that the white girl was not very pleased. In regards to his notion, he was rather agreeable to what had transpired. The Rosenkreuz Pure-blood was unaware that he was tying a noose around his neck. Well, the Pure-blood must have an idea about the consequences of his action. Thus, it was more fun watching these children decide and act within the center of the chaos. Well, their fates were already predetermined. So even if the struggle, it was futile in every way.

In any case, he would need to look at the papers on his desk as of now. After all, he, the Headmater of Cross Academy had suggested a rather wonderful event. Of course, it was for his dear students to release themselves from the gloomy incidents which had occurred within the grounds. There was the death of Yamazaki and Tachibana. Others may not show they are affected, yet, it could still translate into them with such depressing intentions. As such, he had announced that there will be a School Field Trip. That is why, there were a pile of documents brandished on his table. It was all about the guardianship, itinerary, expenses, accommodations, and so on. These were routine as much as he could say.

Taking one of the documents, Hughes raised an eyebrow at the very typical choice of destination as suggested by the teachers. There were historical landmarks, museums, and the list goes on. Predictable and boring in its entirety. As such, a twinkle could be seen in those obsidian eyes of his hidden behind his glasses. With a pen, he made a few changes to the places to be visited. This would be far more enjoyable for everyone including him as well. Once, he was satisfied. He placed down the document and heard his cellphone rang. Answering it, he was familiar with the voice on the other end. It seemed that a decision has finally made in regards to the trash or the canker sores of the Contra Mundi. "All right, I will let Dahlia handle the matter with the Malady." There was a brief reply on the other end. He leaned on his chair and had a small smile.

"Tell Ex to come with the rejects. I have the greatest idea for a party." The conversation ended there as he returned his phone back inside his pocket. Entwining his fingers with each other, a rather sadistic yet gentle smile was present on his lips. They were making their move. It made him wonder what kind of reaction those beloved students of his would do now. Oh well, it was not good manner of him to get ahead of himself. After all, they might be disappointing in the end. He did not like to get his hope up. But, it was what makes thing more exciting when his expectations are exceeded. With that thought, he pushed the button to communicate with his secretary outside the door. "Please call Alice Rosenkreuz to my Office, thank you."


|“It feels like this dream has just started."|

As usual, Zenith was once more asleep. This time, he was not at the Sanctuary which he had showed to Anastasia. He had avoided going there these past few days. It was better to keep his distance if the human girl was still bent on the idea of being his friend. Furthermore, he was not ignorant of the dangerous resentment that Alice was beginning to show. Women are also troublesome. He was finding that description of Luke as being factual as moments passed by. "Hey Kid! Wakey-wakey!" This was the very enthusiastic greeting of the jolly pure-blood who was known mostly by the students as the Campus idol's best friend. Of course, he was known by the prefects as the Vampire King's bodyguard.

Golden eyes were revealed as it met with those iridescent green eyes. "Spectators are starting to gather. We don't want to cause much trouble now." Luke stated while looking around the gathering crowd. It was not just compromise of students but also staffs of the school itself. The charm of the Rosenkreuz Pure-blood was truly something. Although, he did find something odd about him sleeping at such a place where people could easily notice him. That is why he could conclude that something had happened. Moreover, he also could tell that Alice's mood was not at the best. Thus, it might be connected to the ladies surrounding this elusive and emotionless pure-blood. "You have to be somewhere also, right?" He reminded his charge in a casual yet cheerful tone.

Zenith did not stir from his position as he listened to all what Luke had stated. A few seconds passed by before he stood from his position and dusted his pristine white uniform. He ignored the crowd beginning to surround them and wanted to take a glimpse of his form. Yes, he does need to be somewhere at the moment. He was going to spend some time with Alice once more. It had become a routine ever since she had returned to his side. "So, you have any idea where we are going for the trip?" Luke inquired without much ingenious intentions. He simply wanted to make small talk. However, the white pure-blood was not much of a talker or compliant to the idea of having the school body going on a trip during these times. It was dangerous and judging from the reports he received from O, they were going to get worse.

"It would be good for everyone to take a break, you know." Luke was not insensitive nor is he ignorant of what was happening around him. Actually, he was more attuned to what was happening than most would think about. At the same time, he was well-informed for the reasons why these were all happening. But of course, this was out of his area of concern. As such, he would not do anything not expected of him. Zenith cast a glance towards the gathering crowd and then back to Luke with the usual indifferent facade of his. "I know." That was all been said as he made his way to leave while Luke followed behind. It would appear that his charge has not changed, but he knew well, that was not the case.

As they turned around the corner, Luke noticed two familiar faces as his face brightened to greet them. However the next words which left Zenith's mouth was rather hard to dismiss. "Ms. Fujiwara, I am the one responsible for that mark." It came out of his lips without any hint of dismay, guilt, regret, or any sort of emotions. He was still an emotionless man as he had always been. At the same time, he seemed aware of what the topic of conversation was. Luke looked at the bruised mark around the new transfer student's neck. It was clear it was a hand print and from what was said, Zenith had done it. He stepped a bit forward and tried to dissuade the noticeable tense atmosphere. "Hello to you two lovely ladies! It's a good day now isn't it?"

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Character Portrait: Asuka Fujiwara
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Character Portrait: Asuka Fujiwara
Asuka Fujiwara

"Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies."

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Character Portrait: Asuka Fujiwara
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"Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies."

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