Madeline Black Moore

"So I'm a bit twitchy... Whats wrong with that?"

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a character in “Vampire Knight: The Heartless”, as played by CookieCupcake



Insanity is relative it depends on who has who locked in what cage.


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Student - Maddie is your average student nothing to special.



Mad Madeline - Her least favorite nickname, it was bestowed upon her by some rather cruel students who enjoy calling Madeline insane. | Maddie - Given to her by her brother initially Madeline only allows close friends to call her this.


Panromantic - Meaning she is able to feel romantic attraction to people of all genders, races, sexualities, ect.

♠Love Interest
Currently Not-Available

♠Face Claim
Mirai Kuriyama | Kyoukai no Kanata

Nothing is impossible the word itself says I'm Possible.



130 pounds

Slim and small.

♠Hair Color
Strawberry Blonde

♠Eye Color

While Madeline has no tattoos or piercings she is quite riddled with her fair share of scratches. One such scar is one on her shoulder its a small thing that you'd never noticed unless you'd gotten close enough but its there none the less its small and quite plain and by what Madeline can remember it was caused after she slipped and fell on a bottle of broken class a large shard piercing her shoulder... She should have listened when her mom said not to play in the old barn. | Another scar is situated along her knee caused from the time she got attacked by a bull on her grandparents farm the bulls horns rammed somewhat into the skin and sometimes her knee still feels sore.

Maddie is a small girl with a round friendly face and round warm features. She has big eyes that are brown but have golden undertones. Her nose it small and pointy and her lips small and plump. All this works well with her pointed jaw. Her strawberry blond hair is cut just above the shoulders and frames her face nicely despite its unruly and wild nature. Maddie has slim fingers and small feet her skin is also soft and because of her brands of shampoo she smells faintly of peaches. While Madeline's eye sight is not poor she wears round rimmed red reading glasses (say that 5 times fast) and they compliment her face nicely though she can also take them off. Madeline is also rather short something that bugs her somewhat but that she also takes advantage of at times when shes dodging people in the hallways.

♠Preferred Clothing
While Madeline does not mind the standard school uniform she personally prefers more leisure type clothing. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive she loves big baggy sweaters or comfortable shirts paired with a lovely skirt and legging underneath. She also layers her clothes often due to feeling cold a good 80% of the time. While Maddie prefers her clothes in lighter colors either bright of pastel she also wears allot of white. But the reason for Madeline's clothing choice isn't just warmth and adorable fashion sense but also insecurity. Often Madeline feels embarrassed about her size and tries to layer her clothes in such a way that her smallness is less noticeable.

Trust is like paper, once its crumbled it can never be perfect again.

Paranoia|| Madeline is a very twitchy person often seen tapping on her desk or tapping her foot she is never still and while at first you'd shrug this off as a mild case of ADD upon closer inspection you would notice her eyes looking around fearfully as if expecting someone to burst in through the window at any moment. This fear developed after she lost her mother and brother and only increased the more people call her a paranoid maniac.
Memory || Maddie has an exceptional memory and is able to recall things that occurred years ago near perfectly. This has always been there and for some reason has also increased the rumors of her insanity.
Light || Madeline refuses to go anywhere without a flashlight. She is deathly afraid of the dark and cannot stand the idea of getting stuck without light this fear developed a year after living with her grandparents when memories began to haunt her leading her to believe anywhere too dark was un-safe. And so she carried a flashlight everywhere.

Dancing|| Madeline is an exceptional dancer her grandmother who was a professional taught Maddie as a way to get her mind off of her fears.
Fencing|| Madeline can fence, this was taught to her by her grandfather and she also took courses for it.
First Aid|| Madeline is top notch in first aid though this skill developed as she got more paranoid and jumpy.

ღ: Flowers - Specifically Sunflowers
ღ: Jam - Grape if you please.
ღ: Cat Naps - The longer the better
ღ: Flashlight - Its the only thing you can trust in.

✘ : Blood - She will faint.
✘ : Antiseptic - I hate the smell.
✘ : Sour Candy - Just why?
✘ : Loud or Sudden Noise - Mixed is worst.

☯ Herself: If she's allowed to spend to much time brooding she tends to freak herself out and panic.
☯ Blood: While she is trained in first aid generally the site of blood will send her collapsing anything that looks like it too.

Hemophobia: Irrational fear of blood to the point of fainting.
Nyctophobia: Severe Irrational fear of the dark.

Time is all relative and that makes it all the more important.

♠Relationship Status

Arthur Black | Estranged Father | Living | 48
Amelia Moore | Mother | Deceased | 30
Matthew Black Moore | Older Brother | Deceased | 11
Francine Moore | Grandmother | Living | 82
Jacob Moore | Grandfather | Living | 86

♠Personal History
Madeline and her older brother were the result of a 4 year marriage brought on by one big woopsie. Maddie was always aware of it as her grandfather had been vocal about his sheer distaste for her father a man who was known to get around. But either way the marriage ended after Madeline's birth and both parties were happy. Maddie's mother got support and the kids her late husband got his freedom. Maddie was happy to grow up with just her mother and brother and her grandparents were just a little ways away on there nice farm. The town they lived in was peaceful and despite the few glances they got it was fine. But when Madeline was 7 years old things took a slight de-tour from the whole quaint family life and threw Maddie into a world she'd preferred to know never existed. At the time thought she was too young to understand all she understood was her mother locking her in a dresser and telling her too be very quiet no matter what she heard or saw. And what she saw was terrifying wild eyed fanged creatures who looked starved and nearly dead pouncing on her mother and her brother who was hiding in the kitchen coming out with a knife not that he did much damage. But no matter how horrible she just kept watching in horrified shocked silence. When it was over when the blood lusted creatures left Madeline could only wait a few hours later a neighbor came by having noticed the door being ripped open and saw the scene. Madeline of course was the only survivor.

With her father out of the picture Madeline was taken in by her grandparents and interrogated several times but no matter how many times Madeline told them about the creatures those 'vampires?' no one believe her said she was traumatized, said she was insane. And after awhile Maddie believed them she told herself she was crazy that she'd seen this to justify the deaths. She became paranoid, developed a fear of the dark, she stayed hidden from people and just continued to tell herself the same thing: "Your insane Madeline your insane." Her grandparents tried everything to help but nothing worked. That is until Madeline was approached by a man claiming to be from a school an Academy. He claimed to have heard about Madeline's story and believed her he thought the academy would be a nice fit for her and that in time she would come to realize insanity was simply a metaphor for awake. With little prospects and an aging frail couple looking after her Madeline left to join the academy of course shes still called insane here also and she even got the nickname Mad Madeline but someone here believes in her and something about this place... Though she's not sure yet means shes not insane. And that's all she needs to stay.

Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth.





So begins...

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