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Michelle Neuman

"It is such a beautiful world we live in... if everyone would just open their eyes and see it for once."

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a character in “Vampire knight world”, as played by Gladis





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Non Canon

Michelle has long, golden brown hair which reaches down to about her waist. Her eyes are big and a dark purple, edging towards blue with a hint of magenta mixed into them. No matter what the situation, they always have a rather gentle and vulnerable look to them- very kind. This does not mean to say she can't get angry or anything, it very rarely occurs. Her skin is usually sickly pale, because of the lack of sun she gets from being inside the majority of the time- though it will quickly gain a little color once she goes outside. Her features are soft- as is her body form. She never developed much of a womanly body, and remained very child like and petite, though she still has a slightly curved shape. Being rather short for her age; these two traits make her look somewhat younger than she actually is.

Although you will often see her with a small and polite smile playing on her lips when in public, there is always a rather sad aura about her. Her smiles will rarely reach her eyes, and her voice is always calm and soft. She is a very kind and soft person, and though Michelle can often seem rather fragile, she actually has quite a strong will. She is quiet and shy, rarely speaking, though, and even if she is taunted or insulted... she will just smile and brush it off with either her soft spoken words, or silence- pretending not to care. Therefor, she seldom gets angry at all, and if she does, it usually doesn't show. The same goes for when she gets sad or depressed. She will just keep it to herself and pretend like nothing is wrong. When she cries, it is never for herself. Possibly this is one of the reasons to her constantly sad aura. Added to that, Michelle is quite a dreamer and will often find herself drifting off into her own world. It is her way of fleeing her awful reality. She loves people, animals and nature, and cares just about anyone who needs it. Spending time outside and drawing is her most favorite thing in the world, and she can do it for hours and hours. Just sit there in silence and watch the world surrounding her. Even if her drawings never turn out that good because of her condition, she still loves it. She is a very philosophic girl, and will often think about all kinds of hard and unanswered questons- as well as speak about them in her ever so slightly distant manner. Therefor, she makes a very mature and intelligent appearance, and makes sure to act very lady like... most of the time. Another thing she enjoys is reading, listening to music and watching TV- since that is about the only things she can still do.

Michelle had a happy middle class childhood, and grew up as an only child with her parents. However, when she reached the age of five, Michelle was overrun by a car and suffered a terrible injury. After spending several months in a hospital, being completely bedridden and barely alive- Michelle survived and was brought home. However, parts of her body became totally paralyzed- such as her legs. She has no feeling in them at all, anymore. Although her arms still function, they cannot carry or do anting that requires too much strength, and easily start shaking slightly- making it hard for her when she tries to draw. She still loves it, though, and will never give up. Because of this, she used to be completely reliable on her mother, and now she is on other people. She wouldn't be able to make it alone, which adds to her depression... as she feels like she is a burden to everyone.

She lived like this for about two years and shortly after her eight birthday, her father suddenly walked out on them for the sake of another woman. Michelle knew her mother was heartbroken because of this, but she would never let it show. She would always smile at her and care for her like she always had, pretending like nothing was wrong... though it was eating her up from the inside. In an attempt to cheer her daughter up and make her feel less lonely- which would cheer herself up, Michelle's mother decided to take in a foster child.

The lucky one was a self conceited and messy boy named Kaito, who at first really was more trouble than what he was worth. But as time passed, she started getting a liking for Michelle. Soon enough, he started viewing her as his own sister, and loved her accordingly. He would always be by her side and defend her if she needed it, or just spend time with her. They would laugh together and he would take her out on walks and picnics. Yes, they truly were like brother and sister. However, what he never told Michelle and her mother was that he- in fact, is a vampire.

The years passed, and the day came when Kaito was requested to enroll at Cross Academy. Why exactly, is still unclear to Michelle. Michelle had always wanted to go to school, ever since she was little... but because of the accident and the mind of her mother, she was never able too. In an attempt to fulfill his beloved sisters wish and his own wish to remain near her, Kaito managed to convince his foster mother to let her enroll there too- in the day class. He knew they would be separated, but like this he could at least still sneak out and visit her now and then. He even offered to pay everything- including an assistant who could help her whenever she needed it. After a while of persuasively trying to charm her into agreement, she consented and they were both sent off to Cross Academy.

So begins...

Michelle Neuman's Story

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#, as written by Gladis
(Ignore. >.<)

The setting changes from Vampire knight universe to Main Academy Ground

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#, as written by Gladis
Michelle hummed quietly to herself where she sat in her wheelchair by the window, carefully tracing circles on the glass with her ever so slightly shaking hand, before letting it fall back onto her lap. Behind her Aurora, her helper was running around and getting things ready for the night. She tried to speak to Michelle several times, but never got more than a quiet "mhm," and "mm" as reply. To be thoroughly honest, Michelle didn't even listen to what Aurora was saying, and had no idea what she was speaking about. She was far too focused and watching the commotion outside.

She could barely make it out, but it looked like there was a girl up in the tree, and a girl she supposed was Zero beneath, shaking it. She obviously couldn't hear their conversation, and wasn't even sure if what she saw was right, but she had the feeling it was something about a scolding. Most likely the girl had been trying to peek on the night class students. Michelle couldn't understand what was so special about them- other than that they were pretty. But looks didn't make the person. Besides, she already had her own pretty hero... even if she considered him to be her brother. Then again, her pretty hero was in the night class too.

"I will be right back, okay?" Aurora asked, causing Michelle's thoughts to snap back into reality. The girl nodded her head slightly, giving another soft 'mhm', though this time it seemed to be less vacant. She was actually listening. Once she heard the door shut and was all alone, she let out a soft, sad sigh.

"Hey, little sis... what'cha doing mopping around like that? Doesn't seem like you at all," she could heard a familiar, cheerful voice behind her. Instantly, her face lit up slightly as she carefully turned the wheelchair around to look at her brother.

"Kaito..." she said softly, smiling, and for once her smile did actually reach her eyes. It always did when he was around, because then she was genuinely happy.

He laughed and gently placed a package on her lap, winking at her and speaking before she could inquire. "Open it and see what it is, little sis..." he said softly, gently ruffling her hair.

Michelle smiled weakly and very carefully opened the package with her tender pulls, her smile widening when she saw what was inside. "T-thank you," she said happily and then paused, her brow furrowing slightly as she glanced up at Kaito. "But won't you get into trouble for sneaking in here?" she asked quietly.

Kaito smiled contently at her reaction. "Yeah, I brought you a new skis book and that manga you were talking about... glad to see that you like it," he said with a slight nod of his head. When she asked him if he would get into trouble, he just winked at her, sitting down on her bed and shrugging his shoulders. "If they catch me...yeah. But since they haven't yet I don't see the problem..." he said with a slight nod of his head, chuckling.

"I see... you have to be careful, though..." Michelle said gently, carefully reaching out her hand and touching his cheek.

"I will," he said softly, gently taking her hand in his hand placing the both of them back on her lap, "and soon I will take you out, kay? Just gotta figure out a good way first..." he trailed off and frowned as he noticed his little sisters expression.

Michelle grasped hold of his wrist and brought it into the light, revealing small blood stains all over it. First then she noticed there were actually small blood stains all over his shirt. She narrowed her eyes and glanced up at him, and although her voice was still soft, there was a slight firmness to it now. "Kaito, what is all the blood supposed to mean? Are you injured?" she asked, glancing up at him with her dark purple eyes.

He quickly pulled back his hand and averted her gaze, actually blushing slightly. "No, of course not... I'm fine. Stop fussing over me, little sis... that's my job to do to you," he said, looking back at her and smiling slightly, "understood? No need to worry."

Michelle shook her head, not looking convinced at all. "Kaito... what happened?" she repeated her question from before, "if the blood is not yours, then who does it belong to?" she demanded, though it hardly actually sounded like a demand at all. She sighed as he didn't reply and looked down, feeling her stomach knot itself slightly. She knew how troublesome Kaito could be, and she knew that the way he treated her was an exception. This carefree way of showing affection was not characteristic for him at all, and he often got into fights or trouble. She was afraid for him, or possibly somebody else he might have harmed... though Michelle never thought he would actually go as far as to harm anyone until they bled... right?

"It's nothing, don't worry about it," Kaito repeated, not looking at her though his expression hardened, "honestly. I got into a little fight, that is all," he said and gave her a small, reassuring smile, letting his expression soften again. He tilted his head as she studied him carefully, looking as though she was trying to make up her mind about something. After a while, she gave a slight nod and smiled back at him weakly.

"Okay, if you say so..." she replied softly, noticing that he instantly relaxed. Michelle wasn't stupid, she knew there was something weird going on with him... but she knew she wouldn't be able to get more information out of him, even if she tried. "How was your day?" she asked softly, wanting to change into a subject that maybe wouldn't make him as uncomfortable.

He looked thoughtful for a moment, before smiling and shrugging his shoulders. "Got up not so long ago... there hasn't really happened much yet," he replied, his carefree attitude restored.

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Erin threw Zero and Yuki a cold look as they left without her. It wasn't fair! She smoothed out her skirt as she walked. She could see the Night Class as she walked. Erin was frustrated. She knew that. It was obvious in the way that she huffed as she exhaled. She turned the corner and continued to walk. She could hear talking in the school building nearby. Shadows showed that somebody was in trouble, cowering perhaps. She couldn't quite make out what the other shadows were doing. She ignored it and continued on her way.

Erin got back to the dorm and saw that the girl in the wheelchair that was in some of her classes with her. She was talking to one of them. A Night Class student! She blinked slightly and shook her head, pushing open the door and falling onto the bed. It was one of two. She bit the pillow and tried not to scream or cry in frustration. It wasn't fair, and she didn't understand why those two got to stay up all night. Oh, Erin could guess, though. It was because they were both under the wing of the Headmaster. Of course that was why. She rolled her eyes to herself, and decided that she needed to give up, and just...Let it go.