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Outside Cross Academy

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Town, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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The Cross Academy lies in the outskirts of a small but busy town. It has a distinctively victorian feel to it, and there are a few less nice areas with a lot of ruined and run-down buildings where danger peeks.
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Outside Cross Academy


Town is a part of the VK universe.

4 Characters Here

Kurou Kurosawa [0] Kurou is a demon called a devil bringer... as a child, he was a slave to vampires, but when he turned 14 he escaped, because of his deep hatred for vampires, he became a rogue vampire slayer.
Florence Jay [0] Florence is unearthly. Very unearthly.
Maria Kurenai [0] Maria
Rena Fujikawa [0] A shy clumsy and innocent minded vampire girl with a terrible sense of direction

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