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This is a list of locations that can be found in Vampire Mansion Trap.

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         Zerax Xiozak
She grabs the string on her neck that is tied to a red stone.
"Oh thank god. It's still there..."
She turns around to see the girl try to open the door and a boy with brown hair and a white coat say there's no way out.
"Oh really?" She walks down the stairs fire now appearing in her hand.
"Say that again?"

Xoriaz Xilaw
"Fire charm... I need to somehow get that off her..."
He watches Xavier glance at him asking for a bit of backup. Xoriaz signals to get ready to dodge some fire.
Xoriaz teleports onto the chandelier above her.


In the Mansion

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         Roxy Fray
Roxy hears the door slam and lock "Shit" she looks at the man who seems to fade away into the shadows of the room. She takes a deep breath and thinks of a way out. She checks the door first to see if there is a dea bolt and then makes her way around the room looking for a key. She then comes to a stop at the desk and starts skimming through the pages of the journal the white haired man was writing in.

Emily Willowood

After she had filed herself with the last of the life essence away from one of the leftover livestock in the basement Emily heads upstairs towards all of the commotion. "Boy's quit playing with your food" He voice is hear throughout the household. She then walks into the grand hall "Please show our guests to the dining room and make sure they are well fed"

You are in the mansion.