Allen Surblood, AKA Gawain

Leader of The Afterlife coven. Has severe anger issues, though no one knows why.

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a character in “Vampire Wars”, as played by Doomsinner


Standing at a massive 6 foot 2, Allen, though he doesn't like to be called that since his accident, is a very muscular person, a result of being a construction worker most of his life. Has a bushy mustache that he likes to keep trimmed and clean looking, a bald head, which he shaves every morning, and is a deeply tanned. He wears a t-shirt, with the arms ripped off, usually has dirty looking jeans on, and doesn't have any fat on him. Allen's piercing stare, which is made more intimidating by his red eyes(No matter how much he feeds, his eyes always stay red, making him stand out more.) tends to paralyze people, and is hard to break his stare.


Quick to anger, Allen tends to be loud, bossy, and rather intimidating. He always has a scowl on his face, no matter how happy he seems, and only has one friend, who knows almost everything about him. He snaps when he takes, is generally loud, and hates most everything, but especially vampires that aren't in his coven. General approach to anything? Hit it, smash it, burn it, or rip it apart. If that doesn't work, get more vampires to help him hit, smash it, burn it, or rip it apart.


Axes of sorts. Has an entire cabinet full of them. And several closets. And possibly a basement full. Noone knows. They don't go in his basement.
Also wears a blood-red and black set of leather armor, though the blood red blends in to the black so well, it looks mostly black.
Has a skinning knife in a sheathe to his left side.


Allen has had a rough life. He lost his wife, found what killed her, tried to kill it, and failed. Instead of killing Allen, the vampire decided to punish him, by making him live forever. When his son found him, the only thing he had left, the one thing he loved above all else, he had to stay away from him. He was afraid of biting him, killing him, or worse yet, turning him. He told his son to stay away, to never look for him, or the vampire kind. He then fled into the night.

It's been several years sense his change. Allen, or as he likes to be called now, Gawain, learned of his powers quickly. His eyes, which turned blood red after his change, never went back to their normal brown color, even after feeding. But he noticed he could "paralyze" others with his stare. Depending on the vampire's power though, it could be hard to paralyze them.

Though he is a "new" vampire, his strength, power, and intelligence are that of a much older vampire. He quickly used everything at his disposal to get a group of followers, who all believed in the same thing. They were monstrosities, and should be destroyed. Indeed, Gawain hated what he was, and how he lost everything. He quickly decided that before killing himself, he would kill all the other vampires in the city. He could at least make it so future generations wouldn't have to suffer the same fate he had.

After forming The Afterlife coven, the first vampire that believed in what Gawain did, and decided to help him, quickly became his best friend, learning Gawain's secrets. Everything that made Gawain sad, upset, or feel hurt, he hid behind his mask of anger.

Only has one friend, other then that, tends to be bossy to most others.

So begins...

Allen Surblood, AKA Gawain's Story