Drake 'The Mouse' Surblood

One of the few humans who knows of the "other beings". Master thief, and very reclusive.

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a character in “Vampire Wars”, as played by Doomsinner


Standing at five foot ten, with his shaggy brown hair, and dusty brown eyes, Drake has no notable features. He isn't muscular, nor overly skinny. He's average. The crooked nose on his otherwise childish-looking face is the result of a broken nose, and he has a bit of a lisp. He usually wears jeans, and a t-shirt, and covers himself with a brown coat that seems a bit too large for him. At certain parts of the coat, there are notable odd bulges. Always has a small leather bound book in hand.


A bit reclusive, he doesn't tend to talk much. He's shied away from people, and being a person of unnoticeable features, people don't tend to notice him, which is fine by him. He's a bit above average in intelligence, and tends to over-analyze everything. Doesn't like meeting new people, and is uncomfortable around strangers. Jumpy, and a bit emotional, he seems timid to most. With his many personality issues, Drake has turned out to be a master thief.


Brown coat which holds several stakes, a silver dagger with a cross etched on the blade (Family Heirloom), several bottles of liquids, some rags, a bag of salt, some holy water, a set of lockpicks, and his book.


Being of a poorer life, all Drake really had was his Family. After his mother was 'murdered', and his father went psychotic looking for her murderer, he pretty much lost everything. He became more and more reclusive, while his father stayed out late hours, combing the city, looking into every lead he could find. Then one night, his father never returned. One night urned into 2 nights, which turned into 5 nights, which turned into a month. Yeah, Drake tried looking for his Father, bu his shy reclusive ways prevented him from finding out as much as he would have liked. Then, one evening, while Drake was out looking for theft targets, he ran into his father. Only it wasn't his father. It was a monster. The monster recognized what was once his son, and told him of the "other world", and o stay away away from i all. Then his father told him to not bother looking for him, and fled into he night. Since then, Drake's wondered if His father and mother were both Vampires, and has dreamed of finding a "cure", if such a thing were to exist. He doubts as much, but has always been searching. In his search, Drake heard rumens of an ancient vampire that like to collect information, who lived in a cemetery.

So begins...

Drake 'The Mouse' Surblood's Story