I can tell when your lying

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a character in “Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged”, as played by Lotsalove052



* Name: Joshua

* Rank: Not in the clan

* Race: Vampire

* Ethinicity: White

* Age: 3

* Height&Weight: 3'6'' 60lbs

* Eyes: Blue

* Hair: Brown

* Wearing: Ratty T shirt and jeans

* Jewelry: A family crest around his neck

* Makeup: none

* Tattoos: none

* Skills/Powers: Hiding, he can become invisible. He can force people to tell him the truth and can detect when people are lying.

* Phobias / Fears: Being left alone

* Quirks: He snorts when he laughs and he tends to cling onto people.

* Best Qualities: Cute and sassy. He acts like a loner but he loves to be around people.

* Worst Qualities: A little too clingy. He can't control himself around humans. He tends just to bite any human that moves.

* Crush:

* Sexual Background: (Orientation, etc)

*Other Important Details: He was abandoned by his parents after he was bitten because he continued attacking humans. He had no control over his bloodlust.


Josh had wandered into Springside a while ago and made it his home with his new parents Ian and Ari. He was happy, they all were. Everything seemed to go well until he woke up in a strange place with stranger creatures. He was nice to them because he remembered wolves like his Auntie Jen. These wolves were very different. He was allowed to stay with Ari for a time before they ripped her away for blood letting, they drained her blood and then revived her just to do it all over again. They just shoved Josh in a cell and sometimes he would get glimpses of what was happening. Ari mostly spoke to him telepathically, she watched over him the same way. There was a time he thought they had killed Ari because she stopped talking to him but then she came for him. Ari broke him out and told him to run back home, she promised she would be right behind him and even though he knew she was lying so he would run Josh left anyway. He needed to get help, such a small boy couldn't face off against them all alone. So Josh ran as Ari commanded him to do, he ran and ran only stopping to feed. It took him weeks to find his way back to Springside but eventually he did. He is hoping to find Ari and Ian waiting at home for him just like he remembered it.

So begins...

Josh's Story