Lux Starleaf

What doesn't kill you just seriously pisses you off

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a character in “Vampires and Werewolves 2: Unhinged”, as played by Lux_Disraeli


* Name: Lux Starleaf
* Rank:Lieutenant
Race: Werewolf
Build: Thin but toned
Eyes: Image
Skin Color: pale
Hair Color: blonde
Age/Age Appearing:25/16

Marks/Style/Appearance: She tends to stick to jeans and tee shirts, when the mood hits her she likes to dress up with the best of them. Her strong southern accent tends to give off the idea that she is timid or weak, or in worse case slow. She has a faint scar on her collarbone from her bite. She looks a bit tomboyish when she plans to change. Her feral nature shows clear in face, her eyes tend to unsettle people along with her need to keep eye contact at all times when talking. She has a crescent moon tattoo on the nape of her neck.

Relations & Friends: She never tends to stay around long enough to make friends. She doesn't know of any family members still alive. She is loyal to a fault once someone makes their way into her life she will do what ever it takes to keep them safe. Her need to please and protect loved ones has chased off a few guys, as it makes her appear needy and controlling. She has a silver tongue that tends to get her in lots of trouble, or out of it. She know what she wants and will go out of her way to get it once she sets her mind on it.

She is shy and very standoffish. She takes a while to warm up to people. She is fiercely independent. She is un-trusting, learning at a young age that no one really gave a damn about her other then her alphess.

Theme song/Quote: What doesn't kill you..Just really pisses you off.
History: She was born in a small town in Tennessee, her father died before she had a chance to know him at all. When she was seven her and her mother went to Springside to see a northern fall. Her mother took her to a part of the forest she had loved at her age down to one of the streams she learned how to fish. A werewolf jumped onto her just getting a bite on her collarbone, her mother distracted the wolf, who left Lux for dead. Once she recovered from the bite she woke up to find her mother had been murdered, she didn't know what to do so she ran back to the little cabin her mother had bought just that summer for them.

Lux taught herself basics until she was found, when she was ten years old dirty and digging in the trash behind one of the dinners in the small little town.

After she left Springside she tried to attend NYU but after a fight at a frat house, left a guy in a coma for six months she set off to get back away from people. She never could be comfortable as a human her motions felt so wrong to her on two legs, she started to stay a wolf till she had to change into a human. She heard of Moon Bay but after getting shot at more then once something had spooked the humans. She found her way back to Springside.


So begins...

Lux Starleaf's Story

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Ian mused and mulled over the question in his head. 
"Well. The idea of taking out a bit of...insurance seems like the best choice in this scenario. Just to make sure we get exactly what we need. Plus, I owe it to Oren. We've been through some hard times and it's my way of showing her that I actually give a damn about something. Hayley," He snapped in her direction, drawing her out of her mind. "put up the forcefield on these two." He continued talking before she could respond. They were nearing the border and he was beginning to grow anxious just at the sight of it. 
Smirking broadly he leaped easily over the running water and beckoned for E to catch up with him. 
"Just make sure Jenson is still in the house if it's possible for you to pull her from the rest of the crowd." He called to Ari.
He already had caught the scent of a nearby wolf and sped off down the greenery a bit, finding her without a problem. And she looked as though she were about to pass how. Too perfect. 
He quickly scooped up the large wolf in his arms, awakening her immediately, but with his grip already surrounding her, it was pointless to struggle. He had Lux right where he needed her. 
He squeezed for a moment, hearing the crack of ribs breaking and he laughed alloud, almost manically at the sound. 
"Good evening!" He joked, before throwing the wolf over his shoulder. She was hardly moving and it would be simple to get her to the dungeon and back in a couple of minutes. 
"E, Ari. Go up to the door and demand to speak with Rick. You only let them visible when he is outside and in the open and you're sure that they are out of harms way. I won't be long." He adjusted the dog's weight and flew off, wings erupting from his back. 

. . . . .

Hayley desperately wanted to protest about taking the field away from herself, but even she knew that Arileana was more important than her own life and she agreed, using her force to surround them and the two vanished immediately. Completely concealed from all sense. Even Jenson mind reading bull. She sighed and stepped towards the wolf home and knocked on the door quickly, disregarding the other mutt vacating the front porch with her. She glared at her out if the corner of her eye and shook her head, praying that someone came quickly to the door. 

. . . . .

Jenson let him take charge and let her arms be thrown upward the be pinned back. She couldn't help but to smile as he kissed her and gave her all of his attention as he always had.
She heard him think back. Back before she had arranged the pack or even give herself morals.
She hated thinking about those times. It made her disgusted in herself and compare herself to her brother.
"My head?" She asked warily never truly sure if what she said was good for in the moment. She always felt out of place. 
"You wouldn't understand my head. I hear everyone's truthful side, I see how they believe that they are and truly think that they are humble, cotrolled individuals." She shook her head. "No one is a saint and I see the real darkness in everyone's hearts. You don't even want to begin to hear my opinion on things." She groaned, complaining in her head that she had just said everything. 
She sighed and shook her head, turning on her side and looking away from him. 
"I want to be yours as well but I honestly don't even know if I am stable enough to support a relationship. Much less give the title to another of being Alpha..." At this point she was upsetting herself. 
"Can we get some drink or something." She growled and pranced to the door, holding up a finger to say she would be back quickly and went to her room. 
Her mind was solely on what she had just been talking about, disregarding the knock at the door, knowing someone else would get it.
She snatched the bottle of rum she had hidden away in the back of her closet and came back to the room with the cork already off and a few gulps down her system. 
"Want some?" She asked, coughing lightly. 

. . . . .

Ace crinkled his brows and came up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders and lightly beginning to rub away knots and kinks in her muscles. 
"You don't deserve any pain. You have been through a lot. And as for my cousin. Well, he's just psycho. But I know it is because he cares. He probably wouldn't even go to this extent for me. He'd mumble something about just getting up and brushing myself off and get back out there." He stopped touching her and pulled away, shrugging. 
"I just hope they all come back okay...."          

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Gabby walked to the door her eyes going a little wide eyeing Saffir. "Hi um can I help you?" Gabby took in her look, she had heard the stories of the women fitting her look before but thought it was just stories. She felt her throat go dry, trying to compose herself she held the door open for the wolf. "Welcome Sister." She said in a measured even tone "Do come in I will go find Jenson for you I am sure she is whom you want." She all but tripped walking back towards the stairs.:Jenson?"
Lux's ear flicked to the left her groggy brain fuzzed awake with the sense of danger. Just has her head snapped up she sucked in a breath as Ian's arms wrapped around her body. She bit back a yelp as her ribs cracked under his arms. She mental beat herself "bloody brilliant Luxie." she thought to herself bitterly. She thrashed against his arms his grip only getting tighter on her. The pain of the rib snapping was enough to push her to sleep.


Victor kissed her hand as she went to get a drink. He laced his fingers together behind his head looking at the ceiling, when she walked back in his room he watched her take a few shots. "I wasn't intending to upset you. As for being titled your Alpha I dont care for that role, i would be that if you asked but that isnt my end goal, I just love you Cherie thats all." He heard Gabby calling for her. "but it seems your favorite is looking for you now and I should get that door thats two knocks in the last hour odd for us." He got out of bed and pulled a shirt on walking past Gabby tilting his head towards his room. He eyed the blue haired new comer in the living room. He made his way to the door opening it to find the redheaded vamp. He stepped on to the porch. "Did you get lost little red?" He said as he narrowed his eyes at her.