Lina Ray

Oh did that hurt? *Giggles*

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a character in “Vampires and Werewolves”, as played by Lotsalove052


β€’ Manditory Picture:

* Name: Lina Ray

* Rank:

* Race: Vampire

* Ethinicity: Mixed, half asian, half english

* Age: Appears 18

* Height&Weight: 5’9’’ 130lbs

* Eyes: Brown

* Hair: Brown

* Wearing: See picture

* Jewelry: None

* Makeup: None

* Tattoos: None

* Skills/Powers: Ability nullification in presence, and mapped learning (Can learn skills from contact.)

* Phobias / Fears: Missing a shot.

* Quirks: Giggles a lot. She always has a lolly in her mouth.

* Best Qualities: Do assassins have best qualities?

* Worst Qualities: Services go to the highest bidder.

* Crush: (Announce it later)

* Sexual Background: (Orientation, etc)

*Other Important Details: One of the many vampire operatives that do Cray’s bidding.


She is a little sick in the head, and really enjoys killing things. That about sums it up.


She can use just about anything.


Works for Cray tying up loose ends.

So begins...

Lina Ray's Story