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Riaze Nightroad

Of an ancient line of lycans, Raizen is a wanderer. He is a hunter of any vampire he comes across, striking without warning.

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a character in “Vampires V.S. Werewolves”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Riaze' Theme
Nicknames: Dire, One-Eye, Hunter, Rai
Occupation: Vampire Hunter
Age: 36 (21 in appearance)
Sex: Male
Status: Single
Sexual Choice: Straight
Height: 5'7" (5' at the shoulder while changed)
Weight: 183lbs (318lbs while changed.)
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Grey streaked with brown (Midnight black while changed)
Complexion: Pale, Caucasian
Other Distinguishing Marks/Items: Eyebrow piercing, three piercings on his right ear, and an eyepatch over his right eye. Scar tissue is visible at the extreme edges of the patch.
Other: Smokes, tends to be quiet unless approached.


Riaze is a calm, collected sort of man. He tends to be more distant than most, preferring solitude to company, but is never one to turn down a conversation. To his friends, he is the loner, the cool person who is always in the background, but more than willing to step into the front and fight for what he believes in and those he cares for.

To vampires, though, he is a ruthless, cold slayer. Utterly hostile to them as a result of an tragedy within his past, he will stop at nothing to destroy them. But even then, he kills cold, never viewing vampires as beings, merely as monsters to be destroyed.

Positive Attributes: Calm, even tempered, loyal.
Negative Attributes: Ruthless, extreme prejudices, distant.
Ambitions: To destroy all vampires he comes across.
Life's Goal: To live his life through, destroy vampires, and die in peace.
Alignment: Lawful Evil


Riaze is a lycan, but of the line of Nightroad. Being a pureblood of the line, his changed form is different, that of an immense dire wolf. In this form, he is a very large, very powerful and swift wolf, midnight black with burning red eyes. In addition to this unique form among werewolves, his line has several unique talents.

Silver Resistance is the primary talent of the Nightroad line, members are able to physically touch silver without risk of harm. It is only when they are pierced with silver that it causes them harm, yet it does not have the paralyzing effect that silver usually has on other werewolves. Additionally, poisoning through silver is only half likely to kill them, but assured to have the paralyzing effect as stated before.

Beast Sensory is the second among the Nightroad's talents. All werewolves has heightened sense, but those of the Nightroad line have theirs superior to the point where it often seems as though they are telepathic.

Elemental Manipulation is the final of their talents, when in their human form they have control to manipulate an element. In young ages, they control all of them with basic skill, but with age one in particular develops and they become adepts within their own area. Riaze controls earth.


Riaze began life with his clan, living life in relative bliss with his brother, his best friend, and his soon-to-be mate. There was nothing more he could have wanted in life, his entire future ahead of him filled with ease, with caring, and with friendship.

But then it changed.

On a hunt gone wrong, a large group of vampires ambushed Riaze and his then wife, his brother, and friend. The battle was fierce, but left one survivor, Riaze. He traveled for weeks in a fever induced nightmare, reliving the occurrence over and over again. But even as he lived, the hate in him began to fester, and burn out all but itself. Cured of his illness but now in possession of a deep pit of darkness, the lycan ventured forth alone, killing any vampire he came across.

He's joined packs before, allying himself with them on his way through his path of dread murder.

So begins...

Riaze Nightroad's Story