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Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight


On the side of a mountain lies the Van Helsing Academy, a school created to keep mankind safe from the night, and all the creatures who call darkness their home.

3,781 readers have visited Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight since Shi-chan created it.


On the side of a frozen mountain lies an old castle. It's been there for centuries, but much unlike what anyone would expect, this particular castle is full of life. Teachers and students spend their days here preparing for the inevitable, studying, practising and honing their skills. In this world, things like witches, vampires and all those things are absolutely real, and they pose a very big threat to humans all around the globe.

The Van Helsing Academy is one out of thirteen schools that specialise in creating soldiers to combat these creatures of the night. These soldiers are normal people with extraordinary skills, and each and every one of them are handpicked after having been carefully observed trough a long time.

No students are under the age of fifteen, and there isn't actually a maximum age for students. Not many manage to survive to adulthood, and those who do rarely stay long with the schools. Some become teachers, some form their own squads and hunt monsters on their own. This however, is the story of the students of the academy, and the war that looms on the horizon.

There's a rumour that the creatures of the night are organising, and moving beyond just attacking villages and stealing sheep. Word has it that an army is taking its shape, but exactly what is happening is unknown.

As a student at the school there are several areas one can study. All students have several classes they must attend, such as English, physical exercise/self defence, maths, geography and history. Besides these, a student must choose which direction they'd like to go.

First off is the biggest group, the Soldiers. These are the students that are trained in actually killing supernatural creatures. They are able to use the standard weapons they are equipped with, and also using commonfound objects to fight and defend themselves with. Soldiers must attend the following classes:

- Armed and unarmed fighting.
- Supernatural lore. A subject in which students are taught to differentiate between different creatures, and how to kill each different type.
- Survival. Here the students are taught how to survive in case they cannot get to a safe location/run out of food/are trapped in a blizzard, and all such things. Lessons in hunting and basic first-aid are included.
- Tracking. Tracking animals, monsters, humans, just about anything that leaves a print behind.

The second group is generally referred to as the Brains. Oddly enough, Zombies tend to be very attracted to these students. The name pretty much gives their function away, although they also serve other purposes than reading books and remembering crucial information at just the right time. They're divided into two sub-groups, the first being those who organise, archive and remember every little bit of information that pass through their hands, and the others being the ones who collect new information. Both can also serve as Medics. The Brains must attend the following classes:

- Medicine. Finding and using herbs to help injured teammates, should medical kits not be available.
- Advanced first-aid.
- Disguising. This includes covering up tracks, making oneself and teammates blend in, and similar things.
- Spying. This one is a little odd, but basically the things that are taught here a methods of gathering information. This includes things like monitoring suspects, placing microphones, and so on.
- tactics and warfare. A class where the students are taught how to fight and wage war without being involved in the actual fight.

The third and last group are called The Backup. These are the students who have skills that cannot be pooled in with the two other groups. The Backup are not an absolute necessity, but they're damn good to have anyway, seeing as one might quickly regret not having a Backup handy. A Backup must attend the following classes:

- Chemistry.
- Explosives and bombs. Here the students are taught how to use explosives to anything from clearing paths to making surprise attacks and threatening people to blow them to bits.
- Mechanics. This class is about teaching students how to fix engines, how to investigate and use unknown equipment and things along those lines. Hi-jacking vehicles is also included.
- Diplomacy. This subject is for the students who would rather try to talk their way out of a conflict, should it be possible and necessary.


- No godmodding, metagaming and such. No one likes it.
- Romance is NOT a key part of this roleplay, please keep that in mind.
- You CAN die. But perhaps a vampire or witch decides to revive you to join their cause?
- If you join, please stick around. No on likes it when people vanish without a word.
- After you've posted, you must wait for at least two other people to post, before you do so again.

And that's that! Now, the following is the CS I'd like you to follow, although it's not a strict demand that you do. If you feel like it, you can add things like themesongs, favorite books and so on. This should go in the first area, and the rest should also be filled out.

Country of birth:
Soldier, Brain or Backup?:

Here's a list of some of the enemies (or maybe allies) one can meet.

This is an introduction to the most common foes one might meet in the VHA-verse.

Vampires are ancient creatures, and reports of them come from all over the world. As most people know, they sustain themselves by drinking the blood of humans, and they cannot survive exposure to sunlight.

They can be killed in many ways, and many weapons can be utilized against them. Religious things, such as bibles and crucifixes can actually hold them at bay, but only if faith in the objects is true and pure. Grabbing a cross and pointing it at a vampire will have no effect if one does not believe in the god it represents.

A stake (Anything sharp and pointy, preferably silver or oak.) trough the heart, and separating the head from the body is a certain way to kill a vampire, and the one most commonly used. Other than this, sunlight and lack of human blood can also be very, very effective.

A vampire cannot cross oceans or running water (rivers and the like) without carrying soil from their homeland.
A vampire does not have a reflection. (Be it in mirrors, windows, or water.)
A vampire will have severe allergic reactions to garlic.
A vampire will not be able to heal an injury inflicted with silver.
A vampire can potentially live forever.
A vampire does not age.

Should a vampire bite a person, there are three possible outcomes. One: They die from loss of blood. Two: They contract the vampire's illness through their poison, and die. Three: They contract the vampire's disease and die, only to come back as a vampire.


Werewolves are old creatures too, originating from the Germanic regions of the world in the middle ages. They spread across the globe as travel to the new world and Asia became possible, but have been able to live low-key lives. Some Werewolves can live an entire life without ever murdering any humans, and as such only hunting animals, but some get moon-crazy, and might attack others.

Spotting a werewolf is relatively easy, but it is also easy to mistake a normal person for one. A were-animal will most likely be unusually hairy all over their body, with bushy eyebrows, they will act strange around the time of the full moon, and they will have an insatiable appetite when it comes to meat, especially red meat. Also, any injuries either form gets will carry over into the other form. (Cut the ear off a were-animal, and you'll have your culprit the next day)

Were-animals, of which wolves are the most common (bears can also be encountered,) differ from shapeshifters in the sense that a shapeshifter can change at will, while a were-animal cannot control their transformations. These will occur when the moon is full, and at night.

Any werewolves will have a weakness towards silver, and if they get wounded enough by a silver weapon (or has silver powder tossed in a wound) they will react as if their blood is poisonous, and might kill themselves, or attempt to outlive the poison. They usually can't. Also, a were-animal does not have any healing ability beyond that of a human, so tossing them off a cliff should also do the trick.

A were-animal is very strong, and very fast. Depending on the animal, they will have different strengths and weaknesses, but a tip is to always attempt to disrupt their sense of smell and hearing.

Witches are odd, since they come in so many different sorts. Voodoo, wiccan, pagan, and so on. Not all witches are evil, and many of them aren't even magical, but there are some who are extremely dangerous. Witches are masters of deception, and can very easily blend in with others, making them formidable opponents. They can use a wide array of weapons, including summoning servants, using humans as puppets, potions and poisons, divine connections and a whole lot more.

A witch however, is very easy to kill, since they're only humans. The problem is to get through all their defenses.

Sub groups of witches include, but are not limited to the following: Cult members, male witches, warlocks


Banshees are, per definition not really evil. They're messengers of death, and should be considered as omens. Although they appear ghostly, they have bodies, and can be touched, even attacked and damaged. They are always female, and come in a variety of types. They originate from Scotland and Ireland, but can be seen all over the world.

They often appear as beautiful young women, with red flowing hair, and captivating eyes, but they can quickly change and become old hags in dirty clothes. Many of them are seen either weeping and screaming, and when approached will scream the names of the dead, before fading. Other times, they can be seen by rivers and streams, washing bloody clothes. If asked, they will tell you the names of the dead, where the battle will be, and when.

They have many times been spotted before huge catastrophes, or when a famous or important person is about to die.

Banshees often carry things to comb their hair with, using this as a way to lure people closer, or perhaps abduct them, if they're malicious (very rare). Banshees can fade at any point, and are almost impossible to catch, but with common courtesy one might be able to ask them three questions, in return for answering three themselves.


Horses of ancient origin, known all over the world. Inspired the word "Nightmare". Gracious beings, mainly nocturnal, and very, very dangerous. They got a bad reputation when they begun appearing in villages at night, posing as ownerless or abandoned horses that various drunkards could hitch a ride on. Often the horses would gallop to the nearest cliff or well and throw the person riding them to their death. Was there no cliffs or wells, they'd simply throw them off and stomp them to death instead.

The mares have poisonous glands by their hooves, and their poison has been known to cause paralysis, and death in bigger doses. They are highly intelligent , and have no problem understanding human languages. They cannot speak them though. Mares will kill when they get the chance, and they cannot be reasoned with, or bought. They cannot be tamed.

Ghosts are, much like witches, extremely versatile. Many of them don't wish to harm humans, but instead, they simply want to rest in peace. There are a multitude of reasons why a ghost could still be roaming, such as things like unfinished business, strong emotional connections, improper burials, and much, much more.

Ghosts can kill humans, and they're quite good at it too, mainly because a ghost has no body that can be harmed. The only sure way to get rid of a ghost is to right the mistakes made, and allow them to pass on. This can be a long and extremely difficult task to accomplish. Some ghosts can be grouped though, such as those who died while searching for their mothers. These will naturally be attracted to females, and wish to protect them, which in many cases can cause the death of the female, since ghosts are incredibly cold.

Dhamphirs are the middle thing between vampires and humans. They are relatively new, but are very easy to figure out. Like vampires, they need blood, but not in the same degree. They can eat normal food without problems, although garlic seems to make them somewhat ill. Religious motives have absolutely no effect on these creatures, but silver and stakes are known to be just as useful against dhamphirs as they are against vampires.

A dhamphir is capable of reproduction with humans, and age at the same rate as these. They are usually faster and stronger than humans, but no where near the level of vampires.

A special skill these guys have is hypnotism of the opposite gender. Commonly, they'll have to focus on a single subject to make it successful, and when it is complete, the dhamphir will have a human to influence as they please. The hypnotism can be broken with a thorough beating.

(Credit for this last part goes to Nevermore90! He helped out a lot.)

If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, please direct them to me, or post in the OOC thread. :)

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It suddenly intrigued Timothy, causing him to put off eating. He looked down at his full plate for a moment, recalling the last time Clive had turned up. It didn't put him off the meal, but he paused. Infiltrators? How did you infiltrate among robots? He thought for a moment, chewing. He should have been there, he finished off his mouthful, irritated again. So they knew that the safe house was possibly no longer safe, yet they were going to just up and leave. Let everyone else to whatever fate was in store for them, none of the possibilities seemed good. This Clive had as much gall as Mr Helsang if he expected that they should leave everyone else behind. Timothy sighed again, taking a moment before responding with a hardly reassuring smile that disappeared in moments.

"No injuries. Besides we've had worse." Of course they'd had worse, flirting with death. "I just don't like this," he kept his voice quiet, hiding it beneath Callen's meaningless cover conversation. The tone was somber "We're expected to simply disappear, now not just at your father's behest but Clive's too. We're leaving these people here in possible danger. We can't just sneak out, people have to know. We have no right to keep quiet, no matter what these people ordering us about think." He lent back, sighing again, aware of how intense he had gotten. He had to just leave it alone, otherwise he would probably breakdown. A cautionary glance back to his food and he began to eat again.

"I have enough of an appetite. Who knows when we'll get a proper meal again." He glanced at Callen as she mentioned calls, a strange expression crossed his face. Regret, sadness, surrender. He looked back at Anna, family didn't matter to him anymore. It hadn't for a long time, not since he decided his own future. A decision he stuck to. "Whatever happens, I promised. So expect me to be with you whatever happens." He returned to consuming more of his meal. Pretty much ignoring the banter between Viktor and Theo, although he did pick up a few things. Mostly just how opposite the pair seemed, he could fully see Viktor picking apart the insecure kid. He didn't mind them, he had no one to call.


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"What do you expect us to do?" Anna answered Timothy, for the moment ignoring the conversation about phones. "Whisper a rumour and you'll start panic among the students. Mr. Hellsang will find out, trace it back to us, and then we'll have to account for how we got the information." She paused, hoping that he could understand her logic, after all, there was no guarantee that there was even a spy or anything in the first place. All they had was Clive's suspicions, and none of them could say if any of it was true. Anna trusted him though, and his story about their purpose.

She looked at Timothy with a piercing glance. She wasn't trying to intimidate or manipulate or anything along those things, it was just difficult to look calm. "Tell him you've been through the kitchens, snooping about and it's collective punishment for everybody, tell him about Clive, and that's going to be an even bigger problem. He is, you know, actually a infiltrator. In house Hellsang that is punished by getting starved to death in the basement... Hence why we don't get infiltrators that much."

It was reassuring to hear the promise that he would go with them no matter what.

"We've only just sat down for dinner, it shouldn't even be eight yet." Callen said, in response to the matter of time. "There should be plenty of time to call when we're done here." Of all the three, she seemed the less anxious to call home. It wasn't that she didn't worry or miss them, she just knew how isolated the village was. They'd be safe for a little more time.


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Theo sat down and sighed, deflated by Callen's response. "Well... thank you, still, then. Uh... yeah." Mamma lives in a house full of guns with a bunch of super-superstitious men... They'll be fine, I'm sure. He got more food and continued eating, gaining an appetite but losing it every time he picked up his fork. There was so much suddenly going on...
There was a crazy girl who acted like she was his older sister, a maimed girl who hated him for his (he guessed?) dickish compliment, which was actually an insult in girl-talk, a Russian that seemed rather eager to see him physically hurt, another older, larger man that he knew little about, a giant force of evildoers ready to kill him, a very pissed off quasi-god with the power to cheat death at-will, and an airplane ride waiting for him to send him to somewhere he'd never been before to face the majority of his aforementioned fears. The food was great, but his stomach was churning like a washing machine.

Viktor sat more stoically. "Thank you," he mumbled, the fire in him dying as he knew he would have to wait to speak to his sister. I have not heard her voice in so long... He picked at his food, only eating every three or four stabs he took at his meal. "Still, though, to pass the time, are cards not a good idea?"


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Timothy considered Anna's argument again. Has it been anyone he respected less he doubted he would have even listened. Her words made sense and she should know mote than anyone how to act under Mr Helsang's roof. He still didn't like it, someway he had to let someone know, at least as a precaution. Maybe he could avoid specifics, generalise the threat. He didn't notice how he was automatically taking the responsibility. He didn't expect the other three to be concerned and Anna had already voiced her opinion. He sighed, nodding his surrender or the semblance of it. Yet he didn't let her have the last say, she deserved to know what he planned to do. It involved all of them according to her "I'm not going to change my mind on this." He continued before she could retaliate. "Before we leave I'm going to tell someone, or leave a message. No specifics about Clive or his suspicions. A general warning to be cautious wouldn't go astray and is better than leaving an illusion that they're safe."

He considered who to actually contact, the members of the group who accompanied him down. If anything, in that trip they had certainly grown to trust each other. Even with no prior history. He was confident that they would listen. Of course the problem was most of them were almost as bad as he was and had no cheats to get them up and running. So far he only knew that Michel was allowed outside the medical wing. Looking around the elder soldier found it odd that he couldn't catch the French boy among the tables. He was rather certain that he had spotted Michel earlier and in fact the table he thought the kid was sitting at had a free seat didn't get missed. Uncertain, Timothy left it for later, he couldn't relax but at least he could try for now.

"Theo, you said something about a board game earlier." Arden glanced from the younger boy next to him to the opposite seat. The offer was directed towards Anna. Though Timothy was in two minds he wouldn't want to intrude. Yet he prefered the option of a board and dice over card games. "I'm not keen on card games, never played them much." He did neglect that this was due to the fact his poker face was quite good, so moat people didn't keep playing with him. The whole reason he didn't want to play was he had spent far too much time being dragged into them during his childhood. Calls or cards, both brought back the none to brilliant reminders of his family.


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She was hardly surprised that he wasn't going to back down. Even if she wished he would, she known that there was no chance of it. As long as his warnings weren't too obvious, she wouldn't object. A matter such as this was not worth a fight, especially not since a fight would draw far more attention than silence. "I don't care if it's a board game or cards. As long as it doesn't involve long words, I'll be happy to play."

This girl had, in her lifetime, not played many games. Growing up alone gave her the unfortunate opinion that she ought to be the center of attention and receive praise no matter what. A messy divorce had soon revealed that this wasn't so. It's a common belief that children are capable of blaming themselves for every flaw in the family, that they can always come to think that they are at fault. This was not the case for Anna. The divorce had left her as a very angry and hateful child. The meeting with Callen had changed this.

A part of her now thought that the fact that the two of them had become friends wasn't a coincidence. It was fate. Clive had said that the two girls had known each other in every single other life, and they'd always been by each other's side. That explained that curious emotion she'd felt when she first saw the redhaired girl, who then had an accent so thick that people gave up talking to her, because they didn't understand her. It had never been pity, moreso it was two words shouting out to her in her own mind.

"You must."

She wondered if Clive had planted those words there. She hadn't stopped eating at all, and even though her bites had been small and calm, she had emptied her plate. Her body had calmed, but she could still feel how everything was hard at work, patching her up.

"I'm with Tim on the boards," Callen stated, lazily leaning over the table, in the process managing to dip her elbow in a saucepuddle on her plate.


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(I'll be taking over the roles of Theo and Viktor for the moment, at least until the situation can be resolved. Bear with me, I'm trying to mimic the originals as much as possible.)

Theo smiled slowly and looked at Viktor. My idea was better, he thought rather smugly. Viktor just shrugged. "I don't know where we'd find a pack of cards, anyway... or for that matter, any boardgames. It's not like Mr. Helsang keeps a room full of Candylands, though, right? How are we going to get a game?"
Theo's smile faded and he looked at Anna. "Uh... I don't know. Do you?" The two boys went back to eating to give her a chance to respond. They both finished at about the same time and did not ask for more; they pushed their plates aside for the servants to take them. "Not that my vote is for Candyland, by the way," Viktor added rather hastily. "It's not incredibly becoming of a crack-squad of Witch Hunters."
"I beg to differ. You know Sherlock Homes spent his early days doing as childish a thing as any of us. George Washington liked playing Sticks."
"Fair enough." Last time I played "Candyland," Isabel put all the stickers on wrong. Ruined the board. A waste of money, that was. Could have gotten dinner, but no, it looked like so much fun, she said.


"There will be some in my old room," Anna said, her head tilted to one side. "I never opened them, but there's some in the cupboard. We can pick them up when we make the calls. The phone is in the same room."

"That's terribly convenient," Callen remarked, wondering why Anna would have such things, when she had no siblings. It wasn't easy finding a board game one could play alone. Then again, that was probably why they hadn't been unwrapped.

The other girl for a moment carried a sly smile, before muttering to herself "Such is my life."

Callen looked around, a brow raised. "People are finishing up, those guys are leaving," she pointed to a group moving for the door, obviously with bellies full. "Are you done yet? I don't want to be here any more."

Anna was the first to rise from the table, a calm but unsettled look in her eyes. "Follow me, please. Try not to look suspicious."

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Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

Hi everyone! This is BeautifullyBroken, I'm passing along a message. Nevermore90 has managed to get himself banned again. So, if Shi-Chan could please message him at It's very important.

Thank you, and to the moderators, please don't shoot the messenger, I'm just passing on this message for my friend!

Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

Of course you can join up. ^^

I'll shoot you a pm, and we can work something out. You can also just put up a character that you think would fit in, and I'll be more than happy to take a look.

Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

Hello. I've read a few posts from the most recent one of your roleplay, and it looks like you are about to come to a very exciting chase-down of this evil sorcerer man.
With the scene change and departure of the temporarily banned player, I believe now will have no rival when I say now is a great time to ask to join the RP, late in as it is. I've finally found an RP without sparkling vampires, super-zombies, or other ewh wannabe creatures of the night.

My intention is to either play one of the sorcerer's henchmen or someone ready to help the characters when they arrive in London. I'm sorry if it doesn't fit into the GM's plans, but at least being considered is nice. :)

Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

Also: Did anyone click Nevermore's youtube link, to the explosions and music and stuff? I didn't like one of the song choices (the helicopter fight was really long with little happening, Never!), but the rest of it was pretty awesome.

Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

Alright. Thank you, Shi. Being a stickler to the "Basic Mythology" makes creativity a little difficult, though. At least it stops us from being Stephanie Myer mistakes...

Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

Well, as the introduction states, a werewolf only changes when the moon is full. Someone who can become a wolf at their own will is a shapeshifter.

Should a vampire bite a person, there are three possible outcomes. One: They die from loss of blood. Two: They contract the vampire's illness through their poison, and die. Three: They contract the vampire's disease and die, only to come back as a vampire. No one survives.

Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

What do you mean he alw-
Oh yeah. He does have a reputation for that XD

But, yeah. So two important questions:
In this RP:
Can werewolves change on command, or only in the presence of the full moon/some kind of amulet/artifact/item/magic?
Are vampire bites (that don't kill their victim) 100% infectious, or can you be bitten, live, and not turn?

Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight


Are you serious? Why does he always do that?

Oh well, everything goes on I suppose. :3

Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

Nevermore got himself banned until the 20th of next month, February. I'll be posting for us, for a change.

Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

THIS is the product of 2 weeks of frustration, 3 total restarts, and about 230 total recorded clips. *twitch*

Re: Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight


Craz-ass. I don't even

Is the problem that your wittyness can not fully bloom, or is it that I sometimes move too fast?

I'm trying to adapt to everyone's paces, but I know that If I don't force things along every once in a while, this is going to die. The problem with all previous VHA rps (Which were not by me, this is my first attempt) was that things muddled into constant conversation and angst, and nothing ever got done. Then we got into arguments, and everybody got girly-mad and left. And then we came back and started all over, just to have the same thing happen again.

I want to complete this, so that's why I prefer to not linger much. I understand that it hinders a lot of character development and such, and if it's such a big problem, I'll slow it down. What's everybody's opinion?

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Another issue is, though, that even if we were to "Take initiative," what the hell would we post about? Some butterfly flying into a lawnmower? There's hardly ever shit to do becuase it's always two lines of dialogue, then some craz-ass shit happens and WHAM they're in a new location, so whatever witty reply I had in mind is entirely void >.>

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I'm very sorry that I've been putting you in boxes, I had it fact noticed the problem myself. It feels like it mostly (=solely) occurs when I'm the one on the other end, but I'm not sure how to fix it. I won't mind if you guys go ahead and take initiative with these things, you're free to do so. I don't count it as any sort of godmodding, so no one gets penalties for it. Does that help?

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My posts have been short for 2 reasons. Plagiarism shares the same problem. We apologize if these sounds like an excuse..

1: (The shared problem)
As mere players, we're both scared of overstepping bounds. Our posts also happen in incredibly tiny time frames; we have to wait for you, Shi, to say "They go to the cafeteria" before we can say, "On the way there..." And even then, we can't say more than, "They walked quietly" because any RPing we try to do in the intermittent time can (and does!) interfere with what you already have posted or are planning. It's frustrating; we wan't to give the RP better quality, but we're both in a box.

2: (My problem)
I've been working for about a week on a 4 minute, 50 second video for youtube. My editing software is SUPER FUCKING STUPID... So, yeah. All sorts of stupid crap has happened this week, stopping me from getting it done.
There's also midterms, done Friday. Had to make a video game in 100 minutes, did French, and did Math today... Nothing hard :)

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Backpacks can be one of two styles, colors of their choice:
The "Day Pack" is a lightweight backpack worn when a soldier is expecting to operate independently an entire day, providing water, medical supplies, food, ammo, and equipment for 24 hours without being too large. They tend to have a lot of "Ports;" little pieces you can clip extra bags onto without them falling off, like something for a canteen or a cellphone pouch.

Or they can go with a "Cross-strap," which is lower profile but less efficient. It's commonly used with "Freerunners" because the one strap can be pulled tight, as not to swing and throw them off a building. Image

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So the truth comes out eh? Suddenly people are paying a lot of attention to Anna now that she is disfigured. Romantic attention that is. Though don't worry too much about the linebacker (ugh, awful American context). He isn't one for fighting over the girl. Of course he'll be watching, not expecting Theo to get up to anything she can't handle.

Well i'm mostly on the same page as you. I hardly know anything. Supposing they'll be dressing as backpackers or something to hide it all. It'll be cold for sure, they would need jackets. They'll have personal preferences in weapon choice.

How are they travelling? Private I guess, how else would they get their stuff in the country.

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Is everyone on the same page with weapons?

Vektor .45ACP in the backpack SMG.
.40cal pistol hidden in the jacket.
Bad-ass trench knife on the belt.
Survival knife in jacekt?

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East Coast, USA, like Plagiarism. Every Canadian we meet is in that accursed French part, so they're on the same coast... Shi, I met another Scandinavian last night while RPing on another website. Her keyboard had macros for accents. Mine doesn't :(

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You know, I usually post in the early morning and about 10pm. I know that Never and Plag usually post during my night, and then they mostly have time to post just before I go to bed, so writing to you guys are often one of the first and last things in my day.

I will also give you all an early heads up, later this month I'm starting up school again, so I'll have less time, but I will do my best to make everything fit together. :3

Also, it's been brought to my attention that there's some confusion about exactly how bad Anna's face looks. I'm just going to post a picture here, to make sure that everyone's one the same page. Please keep in mind that a bit of her upper lip is also missing, so there's a constant window to her teeth.


In case you don't know the face (which I think is highly unlikely... But still) This is Freddy Krueger, bad guy in the Nightmare On Elm Street films. The first came out sometime during the mid-eighties, and a good number of films have since been made, all suffering from the horror-franchise curse. They aren't that good. Freddy K is still an icon though, and loved by many all around the world.

(If you're going to go on a rant about how it doesn't match acid burns and it's totally unrealistic yadda, yadda, yadda, just know that I'm not listening, so you needn't bother. :D)