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Anna Hellsang

A strong but shy girl, who is very talented when it comes to melee combat with weapons.

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a character in “Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight”, originally authored by Shi-chan, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Anna Hellsang
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Country of birth: Ireland

Anna is an elegant girl, with long dark hair, steel-grey eyes and a slender frame. She isn't very tall, since she stands at 1.64 (5 feet, five inches (roughly!)) at her full height. Usually, she can be seen wearing thick clothes, often with fur edges, due to the cold. She dresses in a practical way, to ensure that long robes and whatnot won't get in the way, should she find herself in trouble. She has full lips, but rarely smiles, even when she finds things funny or is otherwise having a good time. Being a Soldier, she cares very little for appearances, and more about results. She always wears boots (without high heels), made of brown leather.

Her once stunning face has been ruined due to an acid attack, which changed almost the entire left side of her face. Scarred and reddish, her skin is covered in bumps and burnscar-like lines, she cannot see with her left eye, and now wears a standard black eye patch to cover it. A bit of her upper lip is also gone, meaning that even when her mouth is closed some of her teeth can still be seen.


Anna can a lot of the time be overwhelming, and she can be both cruel and jealous, but also kind and giving. She is intelligent, but is not above either revenge or retaliation. She has the mind of a warmonger, but she if also fiercely loyal. She has her mind on the assignment, and she knows that she'll never be ordinary, or capable of leading a "normal" lifestyle.

She still retains many of the traits commonly associated with being "girly", but buries them deeply within herself, knowing that being too sensitive only brings trouble, and essentially is one of the biggest weaknesses one can have. Anna isn't a girl who argues much, nor does she often try to reason with others. She is quick to snap into anger, and can be furious over nothing for days. If she has her mind set to hurt someone, she will. Often, it takes time for her to warm up to others, and come to think of them as her friends.

Anna is fearless, due to incidents in her childhood (look under history) where she was forced to always be brave. She backs down from no challenge, and will face any foe without hesitation. The only thing that can make her stagger is her family, and rightfully so.

Favourite song:
Favourite colour: She likes things that remind her of the ocean, which is also why she has a great knowledge of deep-sea creatures. The colour she likes the most is an odd mix between blue and grey.

Bonus info (May or may not be important): Took horseriding lessons for three years (began when she was ten) and can still remember how it's done. Anna's also a very slow reader, and doesn't spell all that well.


Anna's talents lie with sharp weapons such as swords and knifes, and usually she has a knife tucked away in her boot. Right now she is armed with one axe, one broadsword and one shield.


Anna was born in Ireland to a pair of somewhat nice parents, and a few years later, they all moved to England. However, for reasons unknown to Anna, her parents divorced each other when she was eight, after having quarrelled for years, and neither of them really wanted custody of her. Like that, she ended up on a boarding school, where she was contacted by officials from the Van Helsing Academy, who described her as being full of potential. She enrolled at the Academy when she turned fifteen, and has not spoken with her parents since then.

Her father's father was originally a Van Helsing, but due to a family feud that broke out over a question of money and land, broke off from the family, and changed his surname to Hellsang. Her grandfather had, like the men in their family often has, a talent for business (both in legal and illegal ways) and managed to build a huge business empire, which Anna is currently the heir to.

Anna, however, does not have a good relationship with either her mother or her father. She blames her mother for much of what she had to endure during her life, and she is angry with her for not helping her when she needed it the most. They do not speak.

Anna resents her father, in fact, she downright hates him. Through the early years of her life, he ignored her for the most part, leaving her to be raised by her mother. Then, around the time she turned six, he decided to get in some serious parenting. As a child, Anna was scared of a lot of things, and her father believed that confronting your fears is the way to inner strength. To rid her of her fear of water, he threw her in a lake, and demanded that she'd swim. To teach her that she shouldn't be afraid of the dark, he tied her to a tree and left her for the night. Finally, to make her unafraid of large animals, he strapped her to the cruellest and most dangerous horse he could find. (she broke an arm and a leg during this particular incident.)

Her father may be rich, but he doesn't intend for Anna to get any of the money. He waits and hopes that she will someday give birth to strong sons, some he won't be ashamed of. Anna is in fact unofficially engaged to a young man, whom she's only met on two occasions. They don't like each other. At all. She is determined to never let this man get anywhere near the family fortune, as this is a thing she wants for herself.

So begins...

Anna Hellsang's Story


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Timothy nodded in agreement with her, Jones was certainly exceptionally skilled with a blade. That he was the one to fall was a testament to the ferocity of the attack, but no excuse.
"It was the same here, although he wasn't the only one." There was still a slight in his words, as if the lost of a skilled rival angered him. Possibly one could misinterpret. He mutated sadness to anger but it was not true that he felt no sorrow. "I bested him once, but that was sparring and we bent the rules a little. I outlasted him." He stopped, realizing the poor choice of words. Once again he had outlasted Jones but in this case it may have been the last time. He watch Anna careful, prepared to apologize if he had overstepped some boundary. She seemed ready to break apart. His comment about the book even seemed to surprise her, as if her thoughts were occupied else where.

He noticed her glancing at his hand, red still adorning the area that make contact with the unyielding wall. He shook his head.
"Don't worry about me, I'm okay. You could say I've been through worse." Even though the lines were slightly humorous the boy's tone didn't inflect that. His heart wasn't into lightening the situation. Rolling his shoulders to test his back he proved his point. A little numbness in his hand couldn't really contend with the sharp pain of rent flesh. "Well, he gave it to you. I suppose its yours to read. I won't intrude, unless there is something relevant to us in there. I'll see you again." He couldn't quite leave with a smile, not in this situation. So it was almost a awkward moment as he turned and walked off, wrapped in bandages and carrying his sword and weapon harness in one hand.


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Timothy couldn't sleep, not that it was night when people usually slept. He had more then enough excuse however. His muscles dropped from fatigue, any strength and energy burned out by dragging his corpse and Jones' body back from their mission. After returning to his room he attempted to let his body rest, his mind could not. Every time he lets his eyelids drift shut, recollections and imaginations painted themselves in the darkness. Screams and horrors keeping him from sleep. Instead he could only lie, letting time filter away, and give his body a chance to rest. When the dullness overwhelmed he took to wandering, exploring the halls and corridors he knew well enough anyway. He ignored the curious looks at his slightly shattered features. Although freshened and clean the red scratches and purple bruises stood out marvelously. It wasn't the worse of his injuries, as the bandages hidden beneath his clothing suggested.

He walks took him through the cafeteria multiple times, each subsequent visit providing yet another cup of coffee and a light meal to accompany the feast he had consumed his first visit. This was his fifth foray and he supposed that if it wasn't for his tell-tale condition and the rumors already circulating he would've been bared from further consumption. Word of the failed excursion and the conditions of those who were on it. Many were largely exaggerated; Several deaths; Infection and turnings; Betrayal. None really strayed close to the terror of what happened, the sight of the dead, undead and the adrenaline of fighting and running for your life. Timothy never made eye contact with those watching him with several expressions, he didn't really know as he didn't look. It was a relief to see someone who's attention wasn't on himself. Yet it was curious that the person in particular was familiar.

The girl from earlier, the one with the journal. Jones' friend. Timothy paused for a moment, he was curious about what the book had said. He wondered if she had yet checked it. In a way he felt he should also withdraw his request to know. It seemed they were close, she may prefer to feel that whatever was passed on to her was a little more special between the two. A favour to the dead. A favour the Timothy knew he owed. The moments of hesitation that most likely brought this upon them. At the very least he ought to know her name and let her know his. He moved over to the table where she was gather in what seemed almost conspiring nature. He set the coffee down on the table. His eyes boasted dark rims of lethargy and there was no joy in his dull frown. However he squeezed out a kind enough greeting.

"Hello again." He addressed Anna but his gaze passed over the other three and nodded politely to each of them in turn. "I would think you heard about Jones?" His voice dropped as he brought up the man and he looked away with a little sadness.
"We never introduced ourselves. I'm Timothy Arden, a soldier. I hope you don't mind me joining you." The later phrase was addressed to the group as a whole, although he expected they wouldn't find him contributing to the conversation. He waited for a dismissal before setting down his coffee cup and taking a place opposing the girl next to one of the others.


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Timothy was glad when the general consensus allowed him to remain. He actually recognized some of the faces, just people he had spotted before and otherwise had no connection with. The academy wasn't the biggest institution, the clients awere difficult to come by. It seemed that these people were friendly enough and they didn't particularly seem to hold anything against him for no reason, as some people seemed to. Either they ignored the rumors for what they were or they hadn't heard. He chose to hope for the former. There were far better vibes emanating from them then from himself. They seemed at least a little cheerful. Timothy wasn't, his mood had improve but a sour after taste remained, poisoning his countenance and leaving him unmistakably dour. He didn't try to paste a smile on his face either, he probably wouldn't get away with it anyway.

Anna's query piqued Arden's interest.
I expect you would like to know if I took a look at the book?" She said, seeming brought back down by the mention of her friend. Again Timothy felt the conflict of interests, Anna's personal feelings and his own curiosity. It seemed the situation was weighted against him. Seeing as she brought up the subject around others indicated that she was willing to share it. Also Timothy couldn't help but assume that whoever the others were, Viktor and Callen, they knew already. Still he felt bad, prying into what seemed like personal details.
Well if you are willing to tell the, yes..." Timothy dropped off, as if looking for something more to say. Yet all that he could think off drifted back to the village, Jones' death, his own fault. None of those would be a welcome subject to bring up so the young man left off, awaiting a reply.