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Quinn Glanz

A Trigger Happy, Joke Cracking Guy with a Love for Weapons.

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a character in “Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight”, originally authored by Bugbuster, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Quinn Glanz
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Country of Orgin: Germany (Slight German Accent)

Quinn is more of less your averege 18 year old, in appearance. He stands at exactly at 6 feet tall fairly well built above averege strength. Medium Length Black Hair which just barely rest on the ends of his eyebrows and light blue eye's. He is also seen wearing red tinted Sunglasses over his eye's since he has a problem with his eye's adjusting to light and it helps him see better in the dark aswell. He is usually seen wearing a Thin Black Leathor Jacket with lining inside to keep him warm with Black Pants a Knee Pad on his right knee and Black Fingerless gloves on both hands. He can speak both the German an English Languages.

He is a Soldier


He is described as having a Trigger Finger, being a Loud Mouth, Head Strong and Out Going but he is usually always seen smiling and cracks jokes even when its not the right time. However he is always focused on the assignment. When he's stressed or angry Quinn talks/mumbles to himself in German so most people can't understand him or his troubles or he meditates. He tends to give students nicknames since he can sometimes never remember peoples names gets himself into trouble because of them. Quinn is hard to anger and is quick to forgive but never forget. He is sensitive to others feelings but it doesn't always show his own feelings. He tries to use his head first in situations but that doesn't always work when his ego gets in the way.  


Quinn deals with your long range weapons liking to deal with Monsters at long range but that doesn't mean he can't handle himself in Hand-to-Hand.

As a hobby he makes and keeps a Repeater Crossbow. ready.

Other Weapons:

Mk14 EBR

-Extended Magazines
-Sniper Scope
-Heartbeat Sensor


-Holographic Sight
-Extended Magazines
-Heartbeat Sensor

Beretta 9mm

11 Inch Long Bowie Knife


Quinn grew up with both of his parents in Berlin tell he turned 15 when his father died of 'Cancer' and his Mother had taken her own life. He had no family to go too but was contacted by Officials from the Van Helsing Academy. He had accepted there offer as he had no where else to go. He has never talked of his past after joining the Academy. 

So begins...

Quinn Glanz's Story


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Timothy couldn't sleep, not that it was night when people usually slept. He had more then enough excuse however. His muscles dropped from fatigue, any strength and energy burned out by dragging his corpse and Jones' body back from their mission. After returning to his room he attempted to let his body rest, his mind could not. Every time he lets his eyelids drift shut, recollections and imaginations painted themselves in the darkness. Screams and horrors keeping him from sleep. Instead he could only lie, letting time filter away, and give his body a chance to rest. When the dullness overwhelmed he took to wandering, exploring the halls and corridors he knew well enough anyway. He ignored the curious looks at his slightly shattered features. Although freshened and clean the red scratches and purple bruises stood out marvelously. It wasn't the worse of his injuries, as the bandages hidden beneath his clothing suggested.

He walks took him through the cafeteria multiple times, each subsequent visit providing yet another cup of coffee and a light meal to accompany the feast he had consumed his first visit. This was his fifth foray and he supposed that if it wasn't for his tell-tale condition and the rumors already circulating he would've been bared from further consumption. Word of the failed excursion and the conditions of those who were on it. Many were largely exaggerated; Several deaths; Infection and turnings; Betrayal. None really strayed close to the terror of what happened, the sight of the dead, undead and the adrenaline of fighting and running for your life. Timothy never made eye contact with those watching him with several expressions, he didn't really know as he didn't look. It was a relief to see someone who's attention wasn't on himself. Yet it was curious that the person in particular was familiar.

The girl from earlier, the one with the journal. Jones' friend. Timothy paused for a moment, he was curious about what the book had said. He wondered if she had yet checked it. In a way he felt he should also withdraw his request to know. It seemed they were close, she may prefer to feel that whatever was passed on to her was a little more special between the two. A favour to the dead. A favour the Timothy knew he owed. The moments of hesitation that most likely brought this upon them. At the very least he ought to know her name and let her know his. He moved over to the table where she was gather in what seemed almost conspiring nature. He set the coffee down on the table. His eyes boasted dark rims of lethargy and there was no joy in his dull frown. However he squeezed out a kind enough greeting.

"Hello again." He addressed Anna but his gaze passed over the other three and nodded politely to each of them in turn. "I would think you heard about Jones?" His voice dropped as he brought up the man and he looked away with a little sadness.
"We never introduced ourselves. I'm Timothy Arden, a soldier. I hope you don't mind me joining you." The later phrase was addressed to the group as a whole, although he expected they wouldn't find him contributing to the conversation. He waited for a dismissal before setting down his coffee cup and taking a place opposing the girl next to one of the others.


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Character Portrait: Quinn Glanz Character Portrait: Viktor Lucair Character Portrait: Timothy Arden Character Portrait: Anna Hellsang Character Portrait: Callen McDugal
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Timothy was glad when the general consensus allowed him to remain. He actually recognized some of the faces, just people he had spotted before and otherwise had no connection with. The academy wasn't the biggest institution, the clients awere difficult to come by. It seemed that these people were friendly enough and they didn't particularly seem to hold anything against him for no reason, as some people seemed to. Either they ignored the rumors for what they were or they hadn't heard. He chose to hope for the former. There were far better vibes emanating from them then from himself. They seemed at least a little cheerful. Timothy wasn't, his mood had improve but a sour after taste remained, poisoning his countenance and leaving him unmistakably dour. He didn't try to paste a smile on his face either, he probably wouldn't get away with it anyway.

Anna's query piqued Arden's interest.
I expect you would like to know if I took a look at the book?" She said, seeming brought back down by the mention of her friend. Again Timothy felt the conflict of interests, Anna's personal feelings and his own curiosity. It seemed the situation was weighted against him. Seeing as she brought up the subject around others indicated that she was willing to share it. Also Timothy couldn't help but assume that whoever the others were, Viktor and Callen, they knew already. Still he felt bad, prying into what seemed like personal details.
Well if you are willing to tell the, yes..." Timothy dropped off, as if looking for something more to say. Yet all that he could think off drifted back to the village, Jones' death, his own fault. None of those would be a welcome subject to bring up so the young man left off, awaiting a reply.