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Iris Smith

"Do I want to know what's going on here?"

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a character in “Vanderbelt High”, as played by Forensic_Anthro



Iris β™« Smith

♝The Basics β™—
β™« You can call me: "I go by Iris."
β™« I’ve blown this many candles: "I'm 16."
β™« I am a: "Are you blind? I'm a chick."
♝ Getting to Know Me Better β™—
β™« Sometimes I act like this: Iris is blunt to the point of rudeness and her favorite word seems to be 'idiot,' which she calls her friends a lot, though it's actually quite affectionately. She's often quiet, but when she has an opinion she's not afraid to speak up. She often gets lost in her thoughts and has been known to hum melodies while she's distracted. She doesn't seem to notice that she hums them anymore and gets rather embarrassed when somebody points it out. She's very stubborn, but extremely patient. For some reason unknown to her, young children tend to flock to her. She can sing rather well, though she does her utmost to avoid anyone knowing that since she thinks that it's embarrassing. She gets very annoyed when people point out her poor eyesight.
β™« Give it to me:
β˜‘Composing music
β™« Throw it out:
β˜’Her poor eyesight
β˜’Rude people
β˜’Being embarrassed
β™«Crush: "Hah! Like I'd tell you that!"
♝ Other Information β™—
β™« Occupation: She works part-time at a bouldering gym.
β™« Other: "No additional information for you!"
β™« Theme Song/Voice: "Well, this sounds moderately okay."
β™« Username: Forensic_anthro


Extra useless information that you don't need to read about if you don't want to.


Handedness: Right

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 105 lbs.

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown


Parents: Kara Smith (mother) and Will Smith (father)

Siblings: None

Relationship status: Single

Friends: Unknown for now.

Enemies: People she doesn't like.

Ethnicity: Scottish-American

Religion: Agnostic


Education: High school student.

Degrees: N/a

Vocation/occupation: She works part time at a bouldering gym.

Employment history: N/a


Fears: Needles and falling.

Eating habits: She gets takeout most of the time.

Food preferences: She's not a picky eater, though she doesn't like seafood.

Sleeping habits: She often stays up late working on her latest composition, but is somehow always up for school.

Book preferences: She'll read almost anything.

Music preferences: She'll listen to most anything besides for most rap and hip-hop. She's not a big fan of metal either.

Groups or alone?: She likes being in small groups.

Leader or follower: She can be a leader, but she prefers to follow and hide in the background.

Hobbies: Composing music, reading, listening to music, bouldering, and cooking.

How do they relax: Composing music, bouldering, and listening to music.

What excites them: Finishing a song and teaching someone how to boulder.


Birth date: February 22nd

Time of birth: 12:31 AM

Western astrological sign: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Dog

Handwriting: Slightly messy cursive.

General health: She's rather healthy, but occasionally gets headaches and stomachaches from overstress.

Objects kept in:

Pocket: Cell phone, money, library card, and ID.


Talents: Composing music, singing, and cooking.

Drugs/alcohol: She isn't fond of either.

Prized possessions: A blue stone bird charm that she wears on a silver chain around her neck.

So begins...

Iris Smith's Story


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Bzzt, bzzt, bzzt!

"Ugh. Shut up, you stupid thing. I get it. I'm up, I swear." the tangled mass of blue and green blankets on the bed began moving, unwrapping itself to reveal the girl that had been laying in the midst of it all.

With a yawn, the girl sat up and hit the 'dismiss' button on her phone to silence its insistent buzzing. Standing up, she quickly showered and dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a red tank top, and a black vest. After finishing getting ready, she jogged downstairs.

"Iris, you're going to be late for school if you don't leave now!"

"I know, mom!" the girl, apparently called Iris, called back as she finished buttering the pieces of toast she had made.

Dousing the bread slices in cinnamon-sugar, she grabbed her button-covered messenger bag, pulled on a pair of turquoise Converse, and ran out the door. Within a couple minutes she was at Vanderbelt High and jogging inside to go to her first class. Of course, while she was quietly laughing at several of the people standing outside trying to impress those of the opposite gender, she walked into someone else coming into the school.

"Oh! Sorry!" she blushed, since it was her fault.


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"Alright guys, we got about 10 minutes before those bombers rain fire down on these mountains! Lets get in, get out. Keep your shots clean and in the chest. LET'S MOVE!"

"Jacob, its time to wake up," a young man heard while in the midst of battle.

Jacob awoke from his dream of war and fighting, just to be blinded by the small beam of light protruding from his window. He quickly bushed his medium length brown hair down over his eyes to shield them from the evil outside. He looked around his bedroom that he thought of more as a prison cell. He got up and got dressed for school. Today he was thinking he would wear dark blue jeans, an old AC-DC shirt, and his leather jacket. He walked sluggishly down the stairs and walked straight over to the pantry. He grabbed the cereal labeled 'Jacob' and went to the kitchen. While eating his dad lectured him on the right way to do everything Jacob was doing wrong... which apparently was everything. "Jacob! We do not pay the amount of money we do just for you to be late to school! We feed you, clothe you, and give you a place to sleep! Now get out that door and don't forget your keys!" Yelled his father.

"You know who else does all that, minus the keys? A PRISON!" Jacob grabbed his bag and keys and slammed the door shut.

Jacob got to school and parked the car as far away from the door as possible. When he got up to the school, he saw all the girls and boys just standing on the steps looking at him. He bowed his head and walked a little faster each step. When he got in the door he felt something run into him. He turned to look at this girl that took his breath away. She apologized and he was very quick to smile, "Don't be sorry, you were here first. It was my fault."


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"Ah, but I ran into you." Iris wasn't entirely sure what to say along with that, so she changed the subject. "You're... Jacob, right? I think we're in a couple classes together."

She found herself blushing a little more as she finally got a good look at his face. She had to admit he was handsome, but she quickly shook the thought out of her head. Now certainly wasn't the time for that- she was going to be late for class if she didn't hurry!

"Ah. Shoot. As much as I'd love to talk, if I don't get to class Ms. T is going to kill me." she laughed, grinning mischievously. "Maybe we'll see each other between classes or at lunch or something?" as she spoke, Iris slowly started heading in the direction of her first class, making sure not to move so fast that she'd miss the boy's response.


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Character Portrait: Iris Smith Character Portrait: Jacob Boston
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"Yeah, that's me... I find it kind of... weird that you actually paid attention to who I was. Thanks for that," Jacob felt a feeling of happiness consume his entire body. He listened to the girl talk in what sounded like a very urgent tone. "I was just heading to her class myself actually. Would you mind if I walk with you?" He stood there, for what felt like hours, waiting for the girls response. "If not, that's fine too. I'm used to walking by myself by now," He managed to give out a small smile while he pushed his hair out of his eyes.