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Kennedy "Kenzi" Phelps

Nothing can hold me back. Not death, not life, nothing.

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a character in “Vanilla Dream”, as played by Everscale


Name: Kennedy “Kenzi” Phelps
Age: 20
Role: Lead Singer
Appearance: Image
Kenzi is of average height for a boy, maybe a little bit smaller. He has chin-length hair, mostly black but streaked in blonde, cut irregularly with part of it covering his face. His eyes are a dark blue that, in the right lighting, seem almost pitch black. He almost always wears black, usually long coats and jeans. He wears eye-liner and mascara, and his ears and lip are pierced. He almost always wears black gloves.
Personality: Kenzi is not the most normal person in the world. He is like a time-bomb, though not always in a bad way. Charismatic and somewhat sarcastic, intelligent and remarkably creative, there is only so much time at any given moment before he comes up with some crazy idea. Most of those ideas are fine, a great deal of fun. Some of them can be a little… dangerous.
In spite of his wild creativity, Kenzi is a responsible person. He always carries through with what he says he is going to do, never breaks a promise. He walks with an easy swagger, carries himself with the sort of self-confidence that can pass off as incredible arrogance. Really, he is just sure of himself, and he likes to have a little fun with it. He can act a little over-dramatic at times, mostly to entertain himself and others. He loves to play, loves to have fun, and is willing to go along with pretty much any option.
Perhaps Kenzi’s biggest flaw is his intense attraction to power. He likes money, he likes influence, he has ambition. He has had his heart broken by many people – men and women both – who never loved him, and whom he only loved for their beauty and their wealth. There is no knowing what he would do if presented with the opportunity to rise higher than he could with the band. It is always a possibility that Kenzi will pack up and leave if he is offered something better. Especially for something he believes is true love.
For now, the most important thing in Kenzi’s life is Vanilla Dream. And he honestly hopes that won’t ever change.
Likes: Vanilla Dream, adventure, adrenaline, dancing, singing, acting, art, creating, taking care of people, cooking (though he’s bad at it), touring, performing, rehearsals, fooling around, animals, clothes, make-up, power, lust, love, money, fancy hotels, fooling around in hotel rooms, pillow fights, making home tapes, sunny days, rain storms, thunder storms, snow, spicy foods, Asian foods, learning languages, diamonds
Dislikes: Being betrayed, being abandoned, realizing someone doesn’t really love him, realizing he doesn’t really love someone, being bad at cooking, being bored, sitting still, cleaning, looking like a slob, being out without make-up, things that are too sweet, being too cold, being too hot, fighting with the members
Dreams: He wants to perform on every big stage in every country that he possibly can before he dies. He wants to find true love.
Fears: Being abandoned, or hated by anyone he loves. Dying alone and unwanted. Dying early.
Quirks: He loves windy days, and will always go out dancing in the rain. He tends to ambush the others to start pillow fights. He always has a video camera on in the hotel or in the dressing room, to capture every little moment of their lives as Vanilla Dream. He will randomly break out in dance and force the others to have a dancing competition. He is always starting games of truth-or-dare, or other sorts of fun little competitions. He doesn’t like to be bored, and he loves to play with his friends. It may seem childish, but it does keep life interesting.
History: Kennedy has his reasons for being just a little bit messed up. His family wasn’t exactly the family of his dreams, and he spent most of his childhood fantasizing about what it would be like to have a family that was whole. His father, Jeremy Phelps, was the only member of his family that survived to see Kenzi succeed. His mother died in a car crash when he was six. It was Kenzi’s older brother, James, who practically raised him. Kenzi was more attached to James than he had ever been to his own mother, or would ever be to his father. He dreamed of someday standing on the big stage, singing for his brother.
Until the day James killed himself, and left a note addressed to Kenzi. A note apologizing that he had to leave Kenzi so suddenly, telling him he just couldn’t take it anymore. That he would be waiting on the other side, watching Kenzi succeed.
Kenzi was ten years old. He has never really been the same since then, though he did not nearly react in the way which was expected. He didn’t shut down, didn’t grieve, didn’t try to join his brother. He seemed… immune to it. He cried on the night of James’ death, and he never cried again after that. There has been concern as to his health, but he has never shown signs of anything but ambition. He wants nothing but to reach his goals. Nothing will ever stop him from succeeding in that. Maybe someday he will snap, but not until he has done what he has set out to do.
Kenzi and his father never really had a connection. Kenzi doesn’t know why, he just didn’t connect with his dad. Instead, he found solace in his friends as they worked together to create Vanilla Dream. The only thing he really ever had with his father was the chance for success that he was given. His father runs a little bar in town, and when his band did not show up for the night, he hired his son’s band to fill the gap. The agent for AU Entertainment heard Vanilla Dream at that bar, and the life Kenzi always dreamed of began.
The months since their success have been the best. Only a little more than a year has passed since they debuted, but already their fame is raging, and Kenzi’s dream seem to finally be coming true. He can only prey that something will not come along to ruin what he has finally achieved.

So begins...

Kennedy "Kenzi" Phelps's Story


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Making sure that Kay was behind them and wasn't being mauled by a bunch of insanely obsessive fans (seeing as you couldn't be too careful these days.. ) He followed closely, as their bassist was still all in one piece and living; Stef looked at the building in a dazed, sort of intricate interest. When they had passed through the doors without much trouble, his eyes was locked on their new surroundings, carefully analyzing the room that they'd be in after make-up crew did their wonders.

Stef sat still in his chair, smiling widely as the stylist was trying to give a touch up on his appearance. Carefully swinging his guitar case on the side of his chair to hang, he took a book off the counter - some sci-fi novel that someone had left. Looking through it, he skimmed lightly. However, it was a silent battle between the stylist and him, his eyes would stop his rapid eye dance on the pages and would look up, as he'd lessen the smile and look on in a facial expression similar to distaste when the stylist would try to do something that he absolutely knew would completely clash with his outfit. When they finally met common-ground, Stefan allowed him to work away at his face, occasionally looking at just what he was doing, sharp eyes watching even with his constant still figure on the chair, with only his hands turning the page.

As the book's content began to bore him, he looked up towards the rest of the gang, closing the book and placing it back on the counter. He absorbed the atmosphere in, feeling a sense of anticipation. The stylist had left his face in light make up - focusing on the smaller details and contours of his face that brought out a more overall frighteningly stronger sense of friendliness that his smile brought. This also meant that when his smile dropped, his serious look had a stronger effect. These results weren't all that bad - he deemed it acceptable.

"Everyone ready for whatever they might throw at us out there?" Kenzi called to the rest of the band. "This is the show where they take requests and questions from the fans, so keep in mind there's no telling what our tasks will be."

His attention was brought up towards Kenzi, carefully watching their leader, as whenever the singer was brought into this serious mode, he found it quite chilling and fascinating. Despite the coldness and almost empty-like nature that this part of Kenzi's personality brought, he couldn't help but call out back in a playful, happy manner, holding his hand up in salutation. "Aye-aye, sir."