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Summanus A.

With my fists I will touch your heart

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a character in “Variant”, as played by JEDH3


Summanus means, "before the morning."


[ Name ]
Summanus Anderson

[ Nicknames/Aliases ]
The Life-giving Fist

[ Age ]

[ Gender ]

[ ID Number ]

[ Occupation ]

Reflected Image


[ Hair Color ]

[ Eye Color ]

[ Skin Tone ]

[ Height ]

[ Weight ]

[ General Description ]
Summanus is a young man of average height with medium length spiky brown hair in the back and some hanging in the front on the sides and brown eyes. He usually wears a dougi, chainmail underneath, Bandages on his hands and Kung-Fu Pants and shoes as well as his wrist guards. Each of these articles reflects an aspect of his martial art ability, and was designed by his Masters to be suited to his advantage.

Physically, he looks much like a normal person. He stands at average height and although he is slim, his muscles are very defined due to his body density as well as his insane training. He has some scars from the war, his body criss-crossed with lines from the worst moments where he came close to death.

Inner Soul


[ Likes ]
✔ Plants
✔ Reading
✔ Martial Arts

[ Dislikes ]
x Violence
x Bullies
x Cowardice

[ Weaknesses ]
☠ He is reluctant to use his Ki to fight to his full potential.
☠ He is a slow starter in fighting. It takes time in each fight for him to use his potential.
☠ Although he is resistant to direct physical damage, he is still burns and freezes and is hurt by anything non physical.

[ Abilities/Skills ]
âœļ Ki control. He can harness the life energy of his own body. He can use it to strengthen himself, ranged attacks, heal others, ect.
âœļ Extensive martial arts training
âœļ His body's density is roughly five times greater than a normal human, meaning that he is much heavier, stronger, and more resistant to damage.

[ Personality ]
Although he is a great martial artist, Summanus is good-natured, timid and polite, constantly tries to befriend former enemies and always acting friendly towards them. It is because of his kind nature that he lacks killing intent due to his desire not to kill others. Due to his time in the War, he holds a deep loathing of violence despite his mastery and love of martial arts. However, that is not to say that he refuses to fight. he is determined to use his skills to help others whenever he can. He believes that it is the responsibility of the strong to help the weak, and that even the weakest of individuals can rise to become the strongest.

He has a habit of constantly watering plants and tending to his books when he gets excited, usually after flirting with a cute girl or otherwise. He also is very knowledgeable in types of plants, such as knowing how they work, grow, their names and considers them some of his closest friends. Although a very sane person, he has a strange habit of speaking to his plants while he tends them, or is exceptionally worried about something, even claiming to hear them reply and offer advice. Also, because of his strict code of morals, he is not exactly proud of the fact that he is not above being a bit of a pervert, and spying on girls.




[ History ]
Summanus earned his name from the fact that he was on the battlefield during the darkest time of the war, and just before it ended. As he grew up, he had an extremely difficult time learning how to control his Ability. So in order to aid him, the greatest martial artists in the world were hired to train him, and help him control his Ki. As a result, he learned many different martial arts, including Karate, Muay Thai, Ken-Po, Jujitsu, and multiple original techniques. It took several years, but through hellish training that to this day he claims was worse than any horror he saw on the battlefield, he finally mastered using his Ki. But unfortunately for the war his masters also taught him the path of the Fist of Life, instilling in him the belief of value in all humans. As such, he had some difficulty when he first arrived to the warzone, and refused to kill anyone, capturing enemy combatants. But in one event that he would much like to forget, he was left with no choice and took the life of an enemy soldier when a squad-mate was about to be killed. After that, He lost his regard for Life, and killed the enemy indiscriminately. It was during this time that he found solace by studying and tending plants. no matter where he was, he always had a garden as a sort of self therapy. This coupled with the fact that he grew almost bloodthirsty, made it so that no one would speak to him, or befriend him, so he spoke to and befriended his plants instead.

Once the war was over, he gladly took up his new job as a gardener, and tried to forget about his old life. Although he returned from the war relatively unharmed, he is ashamed of what he has done and made a secret vow to himself that he will never take another life and still has moments when he acts out his old Standard Operating Procedures, avoids places that would normally be seen as a trap, loathes crowds, ext. He does not have PTSD, but his mind is forever formed to how things were. in his heart, he will always be a soldier.

So begins...

Summanus A.'s Story


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#, as written by JEDH3

The sun bore hard down on the flower bead, the petals spread out like solar panels soaking up as much light as possible as Summanus cared for them. He was planting some new flowers along the road in an attempt to brighten up the dismal road. He was in the lower ring, and the rows of bright colored petals and lush green leaves and stems were quite out of place along the dull grey and brown surroundings and the street filled with litter and mud. That was how it always was. his job was to keep the grass alive and clean, but Summanus always took gardening a step beyond. Wherever he went, his area always stood out from their surroundings. He worked steadily and patiently, enjoying the sound of his spade dig out areas to place the new flowers he was relocating from another section of the lower ring where the flowers he planted were too dense. As he placed them, he spoke softly to each one, "Here is your new home, I promise that you will like it. I will come here each week to take care of you. It is your job to brighten these streets, and lift the spirits of anyone who sees you." He gently patted the tops and gave each one a bit of water.

"See, there he is." a voice sounded from behind him. "They say that he cares more about his precious flowers than he does real people, I heard that he even talks to them!" Summanus ignored the voices, and continued his work.

"Ignore them." he whispered the his flowers, "I know that you are all important. more than anyone realizes." he smiled, continuing working.

He heard two pairs of footsteps approach. "Hey, what's that?" one asked as they ben down and grabbed a jasmine vine from his box. the man picked it up sideways and let it hang.

"If you hold it like that, you will damage it." Summanus offered politely.

"Who cares?" the second man laughed.

"Yeah, it looks like a weed anyway." It was in fact a plant that Summanus was planning on taking home and planting in his personal garden, and growing for tea. Before Summanus could explain that, the man threw the vine to the ground and lifted his boot over it. But as he tried to stomp down, his foot strangely stopped above the vine. Looking down, he saw that the gardener had caught his foot and was holding it in place. Gently, he reached under and retrieved the vine, placing it back in his box with the rest of the uprooted plants.

"This is the only time I will say it." Summanus said firmly as he let the man's foot drop, "Do not harm any of these plants."

The men laughed, "Or what?" one of them mocked, "You will plant some more?" without any hesitation ,the other man kicked the box, sending flowers, dirt, and vines flying through the air. But Summanus could not let them fall. as quickly as he could, he caught the box, and snatched five of the twelve plants from the air. unfortunately the remaining seven fell to the ground. He gently picked those up to, as the men's confusion dissipated.

Once they were all safely in the box again, Summanus stood and stared hard at the two men who decided that the gardener was crazy, and slowly began laughing, assuming that he missed the last seven plants because he was clumsy. "Instead of harming defenseless objects, why don't you challenge something that can fight back?" The men both smiled, and one threw a punch at the gardener. Summanus lifted his hand, and placed his palm on his opponent's fist. However, instead of catching the punch, he twisted his own wrist, and his arm slithered like a snake around the man's own arm. with a slight flex, his opponent's arm was bent outward in a painful position. applying a little force outward to the side, the man fell on his back. From here, Summanus had the option to dislocate the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. However, he decided to let go of the man. Looking at the other man, he silently challenged him, raising his hands up, palms outward, fingers only slightly curled. The man grimaced, but he understood that they made a mistake. Instead, he bent down, helped his companion up, and they slinked away. "Fools."

Kneeling down, Summanus finished his work, planting the rest of the flowers. He had no time limit on his work, as he simply worked until he finished that day's section. then the next day, he would move on to the next area he was in charge of. Seven in all, it was a one week rotation. He worked as if the incident did not bother him, Something similar happened every couple days or so. Most of the Variants steered clear as they heard of his reputation from the war, but civilians never really learned. they only heard about the crazy gardener who talks to flowers. They were like children, waiting and looking until they found him, then pushing his buttons trying to make him angry as if it were all a game. Vile people.

Once he was finished, he placed his tools in the box with his jasmine vine, and walked home.


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Night had fallen, the soft tickles of pink and sneezes of orange in the sky had long since faded to the navy of twilight and silence had begun to wrap itself around the Lower Ring. There was a false sense of security in the air as gangs retreated back to their homes for the day, done collecting their payments and raiding other gang bases. Blood was being blasted off of the streets by sidewalk washers and mothers were calling their children in from minuscule front yards, telling them that it was time to come inside for the evening.

At the police station, Sin was angrily buttoning up her shirt. She had been given the duty of rounding up all Variants tonight and begin to send them to the Upper Ring for whatever it was the government needed them for. Suspicion was high, there were whispers flitting across the halls as she made her way downstairs with the two other Variants that would be assisting her. In Sin's hand was a small device, a reader that could find the bar code of a Variant within three hundred feet. They were not going to take anyone in by force, no their job was to simply inform and point them in the right direction; should there be resistance however, they were allowed to subdue, but nothing more.

It was a long night, Sin had gone into bars, knocked on apartment doors, and had crept through alleyways in order to inform Variants of the mandatory report. Only one had resisted, but Sin had stopped him before he could do any damage and brought him in to the police station so they could perform the transfer.

Currently Sin stood in front of Medical Research building A113A, her hands shaking a bit as she wiped them on the pant leg of her uniform. She strode into the lobby, the last one to arrive and the doors locking behind her. The deadline had passed and Variants were standing in the entrance of the building. A few Sin recognized, a blond that owned a bar she had frequented and his purple haired girlfriend who could often be found there, a stripper Sin had given a ride home to once on a cold winter night. There were others, the gardener she had seen beat up humans who stomped on his plants, Wilson and Christopher from the police department, the private detective Pandora she had helped solve a case with once, as well as the talented mute seamstress, and... Wait, was that a human? The person was handcuffed and two armed guards stood on either side.

Confusion rode her expression for a moment, but it wasn't any of Sin's business if the government wanted a human here. Unless they were actually a reporter that had gotten into the building for a quick scoop? She shook her head and turned to face the man standing on a mini stage at the front of the lobby. He cleared his throat, the sound coming over the loudspeaker. "I'm sorry to have to gather you all on such short notice, but-" he paused, hesitating. "War has broken out once more between the Americans and Koreans. I'm afraid you've all been recommissioned for a new assignment in Hoshii. You're all going back to the battle front."

Sin's heart sank, her knees began to shake and she felt weak. Someone in the room threw up, another few burst into tears. The Variant leaned against the wall, her head spinning as she digested this news.

They were going back to the war.